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Return Of The Former Hero - Chapter 82


Return of The Former Hero ch.82


Hi guys, Raizu is here.

Here is your new chapter of Motoyuusha~

The MC on this chapter is very likeable. That's why I enjoy working on this novel.


Translator: Ashenwind &Raizu

Editor/TLC: Ascending_Flame


Chapter 82: Former Hero - Goes all in



I was in darkness, then awakened.

And on one of my arms laid. . . Celes, sleeping while hugging me, and only wearing the pair of pants we had bought earlier today.

Dangit. I fell asleep without noticing.

Curses, this little bad habit of mine.

Anyways, this one was quite on the pleasant side, waking up with a girl in your embrace. It's really enjoyable to just lay like this.

Now, what time is it?

I shouldn't wake Celes up, so quietly. . .


[Tsu . . ] (Celes)

Moving away, I inadvertently touch Celes' breast, which elicits a small whimper from her.

At least, that didn't wake her up.

Celes' breast are a bit small, if I have to say.

I don't know if it's due to that, but the sensitivity was excellent. Thouth there was at first some fear when I touched it, she later became more used to it, and her reaction was much more interesting after that.

But, the embarrassed Celes kept muffling her voice, even though some sounds still escaped her lips occasionally. They filled my heart with rapture.

With just a little bit of training, she's going to be amazing. . .

Fu. . .

Anyways, I took out the wristwatch from the pile of clothes, and confirmed the time.


Ah. . . Oh my.

Exactly like someone who stayed up all night.

And the lodging fare is. . .

Maa. . . It can't be helped. Now, what should I do.

I reset the alarm to 7 o'clock, then crawled back to the bed.


I tried to get myself to sleep for the second time, while enjoying the sight of Celes in my embrace.

[Nnn~. . . ] (Celes)

Celes' body stirred, then her feet tangled with mine by chance.

Such a wonderful feeling, this intertwining of feet.

Even so, I came to feel sleepy when I keep looking at Celes' sleeping face.

I did not resist it, so I quickly fell back to sleep.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

[A weapon craftsman?] (Haruto)

That evening, everyone sat around the table, listening to Rithina, while having supper.

The meals were superb in the dining hall next to the hotel.

Anyways, what mattered most now is about the weapon craftsman.

[Yes. I suppose I need to explain this before I forget. I only want some good and strong weapon material.] (Rithina)

I was trying to take some of the contents of the salad platter in the middle of the table, and managed to scoop up something that looked like cabbage.

[I see. Ara? Didn't Haruto buysomething made of mithril the other day?] (Sharon)

Rithina was listening intently, even as she was sipping her soup.

Amazing, nothing can be heard.

Even on my Earth, the proper table manner was to drink the soup without making any sound. I guess such customs also exist in this alternate world? This is kind of interesting.

[Aahh. . . Yes, I did buy it, and come to think of it, I chipped the edge a bit the other day.] (Haruto)

[Is that so?] (Rithina)

Rithina seemed content with my answer.

And this sausage. . . This sausage is so troublesome to take.

The sausage was placed on a pan just across the table.

Serving the meals in a division of platters, is easy and proper, while also being frugal at the same time.

On the other hand, Sharon was eating voraciously with a mess. Are you some caveman or something?

Even so, Mina's manor-style of eating trumps over all of this.

[Though it's a given with how many demons we had to fight back then, I feel the need to obtain a better kind of weapon.] (Rithina)

I tried to mimic Rithina's way and tried to drink the soup silently, but ended up making sounds anyway.


How come you could do it without making any sound at all?

[Speaking of excellent weapon craftsman, I suppose there is one?] (Rithina)

[Yes, I think there is one.] (Mina)

Rithina glanced at Mina who was sitting next to her, in which Mina answered with a smile.

So there was that lead after all.

Mina, who had become accustomed to eating together with us, was now eating pasta slowly.

It's been decided to dine together at one table, but since Rithina seemed to still hold back and not touch most of the dishes, I kind of wish that Rithina will eat like us normal people for once. If she keeps acting that humble, it might've been better to make it an order to eat normally, so that all of us can enjoy the food while talking like this.

[Where?] (Haruto)

Feeling that it's too troublesome, I finally drop the act and drink the soup as I pleased.

I'm too lazy to do that if there is no one who will be mad at me.

[Anhel of Aquapolis] (Rithina) {1}

Seemingly dejected at my improper eating, Rithina answered.


That sounded exciting somehow.

[Ah, I've also heard about it. The amazing craftsmen of Anhel.] (Celes)

Despite what we did last night, Celes is calmly eating pasta at her side of the table.

The craving and curiosity for knowledge and technology, does it exceed the shame from last night?

Celes' eyes were sparkling at the chance of going there.

[So it's a craftsmen town. I see.] (Haruto)

Craftsmen of this world, though I don't know much about them, if rithina and Celes say so, then it must be correct.

. . . . Speaking of Aquapolis, that means the sea.

Though I don't know about how far it is yet, chances like this don't come every year, either.

If so, since it's near the sea, the girls should use bathing suits. . . Ku fu.

. . . .

Are? Doesn't Sharon usually become the tsukkomi at a moment like this?

I've been expecting it from the start, and got betrayed like this.

[. . . . ] (Sharon)

Looking at Sharon, who by the way was sitting besides me, lacking her usual cheery self, was gloomily eating rice.

Does. . . Does this morning still bother her?

This morning, when I returned from the hotel with Celes, Sharon lost it when she saw Celes. I was in the way, and was unintentionally on the receiving end.

A hammer was dropped without waiting for any excuses.

It might hit Celes, who was behind me if I avoided it, so I steeled myself and received the blow, then explained the thing about Celes, so that the misunderstanding can be cleared.

Sharon abruptly apologized, and admitted that it was a hasty conclusion. Though I said not to think about it too much, it seems Sharon is still dragging it around with her all day.

[Hey, Sharon. Cheer up, will you? I prefer the energetic Sharon the most.] (Haruto)

I said so while patting Sharon's head.

[Ehh. . .!? Waah waa. . . Un, ah. . . Thanks.] (Sharon)

Sharon's face reddened for a second. . .

Ahh, such cuteness.

I think she didn't hear me, but with the pat on her head, it seemed Sharon quickly noticed.

The gaze of every other female at the table, except for Tanya, was focused on me and Sharon. Their hands even stopped moving.

Only Tanya continued to carelessly gnaw her food.

Mnn? Everyone, why did you stop?

[Unfair.] ( )

Who said that was not known.

But then, the females began talking one after another.

[It's not fair, since it's only for Sharon. Haruto-kun, you rarely show any favor or appreciation.] (Rithina)

[That's right~. You only talk to a handful of us.] (Laurier)

[But, but I didn't mean to.] (Haruto)

[Just disregard Haruto-sama's words.] (Mina)

Uooooo. . . ?

Causally speaking, this attack from the united front of women is too amazing.

In, indeed I rarely say what I like about things.

First, it's because it's quite embarrassing, and I also had to be elaborate too. Though, I guess that only serves to make them worry. . .

I, I see. I'll start to be fair to all of you from now on. I must reflect upon myself.

The ladies then began to complain about the lustful me, that also lacks delicacy. Stop, please stop. This is embarrassing.

Anyone? Did anyone put any concern over where we are now?

Our surroundings were looking at us.

At this point, [Die!], and also, [Bastard!], can be heard.

Dang. To be this exposed in front of many.

All the while, since everyone seems to have finished with their meals, the conversation ramped up.

[Di. . . Dinner is done, let's go!] (Haruto)

I tried to forcibly stop the conversation.

Determined to leave the settlement, I called out to the Oji-san.

The old clerk of the dining room grinned at me.

Oi, this Oji-san, do you still want to live or not?

No more. I can't live in this town anymore.

Though it was decided to do the journey slowly, let's leave the town early next morning.

The ladies were taken along, and left the hall.

Every man in the periphery kept sending me a murderous gaze.


However, however.

The me tonight has long been a different man.

Even as all the men stare at me murderously, it still can't beat that day in Arcadia village.

Afterall, I was having an affair with Celes.

In other words, there will be no more lonely pillow in a single room, like every other night.

Oh, right. Everyone wanted me to tell them how much I adored them.

If so, then tonight, I'll say it as many times as they want.

I returned to my hotel room, and took out a small bottle from my luggage.

This is a tonic made from the tree Tanya had knocked down.

This thing, according to what people say, could give a huge amount of energy.

It's so powerful, that even I hesitated to use it.

However, I cannot help to use it.

After all, it's one against six.

. . . . . . . When I think about it, this will be amazing.

However, this tonic strengthening effect will exhaust my body.

I pick up some soil from the vacant lot behind the hotel to make tentacles;also, I grab some tools I have from the King's palace.

And, let's not forget to bring the cosplay costume that I bought.

Today, I shall use my everything to obtain victory.

I gulped down the tonic.

Soon after I felt that my body grew hot.

Energy! Energy began to circulate!

I hold the soil filled barrel, while the other luggage was slung on the shoulder, as I leave my room.

Afterward, I sneak to the room where the ladies are staying.

Just you wait, ladies.

I'll show you all the real me.

Do you all think you can get away so easily after today?

And so, I finally arrived.

The utopia that I searched for. The door slowly swung open.

Six nymphs were waiting over there.

The other side might have expected that I'll come.

Gazes filled with both hope and fear were focused on me.

While I bravely took the gaze, I slowly strode inside.

I finally started my climb.

Of this endless height, of the greatest of all men's harem mountain. . . . . .


Yet not complete.

{1} ED: It's kind of been decided to call these translations as ’’Aquapolis’’, though ’’Marine City’’ or ’’Underwater City’’ are just as apt. As for the ’’Anhel’’, though it sounds remarkably like ’’Angel’’, since it seems to be referring to a location, rather than a person, I will leave it as is for now. Also, when you google ’’Anhel’’, the first few images are of a really nice cliff waterfall in Russia (I think). .


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