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Return Of The Former Hero - Chapter 8


8. Former hero・battle against goblin


The goblin dies with the sword stance unleashed by Sharon.

’’HAaa......HAaa......I, I did it......’’

’’Great job. It's a big deal for the first time.’’

I passed a towel to Sharon who was panting as a reward.

Actually, it was amazing for the first time.

As for, it's already okay now.

’’Thank you.’’

’’A wound. Treat it so that germs don't enter.’’

’’Un, I understand.’’

Still, she wasn't unhurt, having received the blow from the goblin's club several times.

In the first battle, there is no spirit in her voice as expected.

It would be good if I can use recovery magic, but unfortunately I am unable to use it.

Even if we return to town and treat it, the search today still continues.

’’Let's go on after taking a little break.’’

’’Un. Thank you.

However, Haruto is great really.

Without something such as hesitation about entering the forest, a goblin is found immediately.

When I was fighting, you gave skillful instructions too.’’

It was due to search magic that a goblin was found,

and because Sharon herself is quite strong, I do not have to give that much instructions ether.

’’That isn't much. After getting used to it, you will be able to have the composure while knocking them down.

I think Sharon has talent.’’

’’Is, Is that so? Ehehe’’

I successfully took her into my strategy of raising her favorability through my praises, and Sharon blushes.


Lowering myself to face Sharon while treating her injured hands, I asked.

’’You wanted to receive this goblin subjugation request by all means was whatMs.Etna said, but what is that about?’’

’’Eh? Ahh, that was because of Hero-sama's request.

To help people, I wanted to help the hero who is on a journey to defeat the demon king.

For me too, it's because become a person who helps others was what Grandma said all the time.’’

The hero's request?

As an outrider of the hero's passage, I think it isn't a request given by the hero separately.

Well, is the place important when it helps the hero?

’’I see.’’

For my journey too, I wondered if I was helped by people who thinks in this way in an unknown place, I am thankful despite this late hour.

’’Well, I'm okay already! Let's go searching!’’

Sharon stands up.

The condition of her voice seemed to have recovered considerably too.

’’Alright, then it's this way next-’’

I stand up when saying so.

And magic exploded behind our back.


Sharon notices the excessively large gush of magical power too, and looks back.

There was a goblin standing there.

However, it has a huge body 3 times the size of normal goblin.

A thirst for blood is overflowing from that huge body and is spreading an image of death intensely.


A cry was made with a fiendish voice without taking it's sight from here.

That's absurd!?


I was not able to grasp it's existence by search till just now.

It's as though it was born here just a minute ago.

Is there such a thing?

No, concentrate on defeating this fellow more than such a thing now.

Although considerable power is felt, but I am not a particular opponent that can be defeated.


The huge body goblin raises its fist.

What it's aim at is Sharon who is in a place nearer than me.

That's bad!

Rushing over in one go, I fling Sharon behind.

The goblin swings it's fist without caring.

My stance is bad and it's unavoidable.


Although I guarded in time, I was sent flying.


My arm is tingling, but there are no broken bones.

However, Sharon would have died receiving that.

I stood up immediately and rushes over to Sharon.

’’Sharon! Are you okay?’’

’’Th, That....What? Suddenly...... fr,from behind......’’

Being unable to grasp the circumstance, she is in a daze.


The goblin bellows and is coming towards here.

Sharon starts to tremble with a start to the roar.

’’Sharon! Pull yourself together! Get up!’’

I pulled Sharon who was terrified up.

Having blood drawn, her face becomes ghastly pale.

And then, teeth clattering and trembling, a liquid runs down her thigh in trickles. that.......?

She was incontinent.

Just a while ago, for her who had just finished her first battle with a normal goblin,

it can be said that it's inevitable.

However, I was surprise at the event on hand and just stared at her thighs.

Meanwhile, the goblin approaches from behind.

’’Haruto! Behind!’’


Looking at the goblin that was drawing near from behind, Sharon yells and I pull myself together.

What am I doing at such a time!


’’This bas..!’’

I catches the goblin's fist and kick back with all my might.


Billowing, the goblin flies off while breaking breaking who knows how many trees.

’’Sharon! Fall back slightly before it's too late.’’

’’B, But then Haruto alone......’’

’’It's okay! One of me is enough for that fellow! The Sharon now is no more than a drag!’’

Although the words are a little severe, there was no time to gently persuade her.

I had considered returning to town, but if such a goblin is generated again on the way, I cannot defend it.

If so, the way to do it is to be in the range where it is visible.

’’I, I understand.’’

’’Sharon! You can't get distracted by the combat here.

See that other goblins do not approach.’’

’’Un, Leave it to me!’’

Saying so, she obediently falls back.

This is fine for now.

I just have to settle that guy afterwards.

Standing up, he that knows little often repeats it, the goblin comes towards me in a straight line.

I took a deep breath, and solidify the image.

’’Binding of the earth!’’

It's not on the level of stopping the thieves the other day.

The ground in the area rolls up completely, and the hardened soil intertwines with the whole body of the goblin.


Breaking the restraint with all it's might, however, the goblin doesn't stop advancing.

Binding of the earth is a very useful magic,

but it will be broken by brute force for demons above a certain level.

If that is the case, I will mince it till movement is impossible.

Pulling the short sword from my waist, I charged it with magical power.

While wielding the sword, I sneaking to the side of the goblin going linearly.

For the sake of stopping it's movement, I cut its leg.

I was unable reach the stage of severing it completely, but I didn't mind.

The arm approaching me to attack was cut by me too.

There was damage to it's fist and wrist.

Foot, arm, foot, arm-

Both limbs were torn to shreds.

The goblin stops moving.

I took a distance temporarily.

It's the finishing blow.

I was going to break into the goblin thinking that, but I stopped.

This is because some lump of energy came flying from the back of the goblin.

An explosion occurred when that energy struck the goblin.

It's magic.

Although I don't understand it well, something like an energy bullet flew and exploded, a magic of this kind.

The goblin who was in a critical condition, died with a single blow immediately.

Search revealed that a person was coming here.

Delayed by the magic, the person arrives.

’’Are you okay?

I felt an abnormal magical power and rushed here.’’

Wearing a pure white armor that seems to be high class, his golden hair matches nicely with his well-featured looks.

And then, a refreshing smile rose on the face of the Ikemen. (Handsome guy)


Although I worked hard with great pains, the ikemen walked away with the finishing blow!


Well, although it was good separately.

’’Well, I was saved. You are?’’

It's certain that he came to help.

I thank him and asks.

’’Excuse me. I am Leon.


With a peerless refreshing smile, the man answered.


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