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Return Of The Former Hero - Chapter 78



Chapter 78: Former Hero - Gets Help


[Ha. . . Ha. . . .] (Haruto)

I'm beginning to lose my breath.

From when the battle against the Golem/Dragon began, 30 minutes have already passed.

Frankly speaking, this doesn't look good.

The Golem/Dragon has quick movements that don't match its huge body. Especially its tail attack. It's very troublesome, and makes it hard to be approached.

If there is some distance between us, it will do the breath attack, even when it'll also burn other demons that dare to approach.

Although I was able to get in some hits with great difficulty, it will simply regenerate any damage.

I've been wanting to try attacking the Golem's main body that was buried inside the dragon's head, as I supposed that it will change the tide of battle if I succeed. But, the Golem/Dragon has been really careful in defending itself, to the point that I can't even cut off its neck.

I still haven't exhausted my stock of magic power yet, as I've been saving it in case I want to try a great magic.

In contrast, the Golem/Dragon seems calm and composed, as it can easily take magic power from its surroundings.

It's difficult fighting this thing on my own.

I do not want to put those girls into the face of such a danger. A lot of coolness has been inserted here.

[Damn!] (Haruto)

I've begun to think that I should've made my escape before long.

[I must set the limitation. I'm indeed at an advantage in a prolonged battle, but escaping won't be tolerated. Here we go, let's begin with this.] (Golem/Dragon)

The Golem/Dragon spoke as it raised one of its arms.

Apparently, it also has the same thoughts as me.

The Golem/Dragon's position is not that far from me, thus it doesn't let out its breath attack. But at the same time, the arm's swing distance doesn't seem to be able to reach me, either.

But, magic might just reach.

I became vigilant, focusing on the swinging arm.

What followed as the arm swung lower was beyond what I expected.

The arm shakes as it is going down towards me, and suddenly extended into multiple tentacles that are shot at me.


So. . . So that's how it is.

This thing was a mass of tentacles before taking the shape of a dragon.

Then, it should be of no surprise that it can morph parts of its body back to tentacles like this.

Ten tentacles were coming toward me with great momentum.

[Uorya!!!] (Haruto)

I tried to fend it off, cutting down as many as possible.

However, the tentacles quickly grew back, and split into an even higher count.

As a result, I couldn't keep up, and was quickly restrained.

[Shii. . .] (Haruto)

Before I knew it, the tentacles expanded to all sides, and have restrained my legs as well.

Kuh. . .

In one corner of my mind, I remembered that using {Earth Bind} to restrain my enemy has become somewhat of my modus operandi, so this is somewhat like karma to me.

This is bad!

[Gununu. . . ] (Haruto)

I exerted both my energy and magic power to release myself, but the restraint was too strong. It's almost impossible to break out from the inside, even when I used both.

This is it, I have no choice but to focus on protecting myself.

As I strengthen my determination, the Golem/Dragon began releasing its breath attack.

At that moment.

[Deei!!] ( )

A blue silhouette appeared in the air above, striking the Golem/Dragon's head.

Thanks to it, the Golem/Dragon's breath landed just in front of me.

The breath raised clouds of dust, and along with a roar, the Golem/Dragon retracted its tentacles back.

I used that chance to release myself from the restraints, while slashing at the remainder.

An. . . And now. . .

[Haruto! Are you okay?] ( )

From within the dust cloud, a blue figure walked out.

[Laurier! It was really bad. That saved me.] (Haruto)

[Umu. Thank you.] (Laurier)

To Laurier, who came to my side, I profusely bow in gratitude.

But why did she return?

Isn't it too fast for Celes and Sharon to escape back to the town already?

[Thanks aside, what about Sharon and Celes?] (Haruto)

[Those two are safe. Maybe.] (Laurier)

Ma. . . Maybe. . .

[Oi, 'maybe' is not okay.] (Haruto)

[Ah, those demons won't give them any trouble.] (Laurier)

Laurier absentmindedly explained about the two.

To summarize it, Laurier had rather forcefully sent the two back to the town by using the reflective power of her {Air Shield} to throw them upward.

Because the magic was not meant to be used that way, the landing might be somewhat rough for the two.

. . . . That's so irresponsible. . . .

Afterward, she quickly made her way back here.

[So. . . That's how. . . Perhaps it is indeed okay. . . Right?] (Haruto)

[I know, right?] (Laurier)

Laurier was puffing her chest out proudly.

My nice judgement was praised again, that's what her expression tells.

If we manage to get out alive, I'll praise you to your heart's content.

It might be a little harsh to Celes and Sharon, but surviving is good enough already.

I'll try to appease those two for a bit later.

[Oh my. So Steinhart returned? Troublesome.] (Golem/Dragon)

The Golem/Dragon said calmly while showing itself after the dust cloud cleared.

A while ago, the tentacle arm was destroyed due to Laurier's interference, but now it's already completely regenerated.

[So, how should I put it. I do not really have a method to deal with Steinhart.] (Golem/Dragon)

[Fufufu. Relax. I won't interfere further in this man-to-man duel.] (Laurier)


Laurier, what are you talking about?

[Well, it's not that I don't want to help, it's just that I don't have any reserve energy left.] (Laurier)

[What do you mean?] (Golem/Dragon)

Laurier, in the eyes of the Golem/Dragon, seemed to have superiority over it, and it began to step back.

Well, I don't understand what she means either.

Did Laurier exhaust herself while trying to get here?

[Hey, you, do you think we cannot get exhausted? This is unfair in a duel, that's what I think. Otherwise, do you think Haruto would make such a blunder like earlier?] (Laurier)

Laurier declared with a clear voice so it can be heard by the Golem/Dragon.

To think you would put so much trust in me, I feel like a real man.

[Laurier. . .] (Haruto)

To my murmuring, Laurier glanced at me and gave me a wink.

Oh no. . . That's too cute. . . .

[That's why, fully recover yourself, so Haruto can fight to his best.] (Laurier)

Laurier said while clasping my hands with hers.

Her palms felt so smooth and soft, comforting.

At such a time, it caused my heart to beat faster involuntarily.

And in the next moment, I can feel a large amount of magic power flowing from Laurier to me.

This. . .This is. . .

As it appears, Laurier could transfer her magic power to someone else.

Moreover, unlike Sharon's, I don't feel any strengthening effect, just raw magic power being transferred.

[Fuu. . . I have transferred most of my magic power. It was a fair amount too, yet it seems a full recovery is impossible. As expected of Haruto.] (Laurier)

Laurier said as she passed her magic power to me.

For certain, although my magic power was not fully refueled, I think it is enough as it is.

With this, I can apply some more strategy during the fight.

[Laurier. . . This is very helpful of you. I thank you.] (Haruto)

[What? It doesn't matter. I'm not the type to help. Just do me this favor, will you?] (Laurier)

[E. . To. . Ah. . .I'm on it.] (Haruto)

Laurier joking around at a time like this isn't really helping.

After I was done talking with Laurier, the Golem/Dragon, who was silent all the time, opened its mouth.

[. . . Ma. I see. . . . Good then. However, can it really allow you to defeat me?] (Golem/Dragon)

[Of course. This woman has given her grace to me, so how could I not do so?] (Haruto)

I release Laurier's hand, and draw my sword toward the Golem/Dragon.

[Yes, that's how to do it, Haruto.] (Laurier)

[Che, leave it to me.] (Haruto)

Laurier took a little distance from me while saying so.

[Let's begin round two] (Haruto)

As I said that, I was imagining a magic.

Not some magic like {Ragnarok Blade Break} or some second level magic, but one magic I know the most.

However, I'll need my whole magic power to fuel it.

Tentacles began to spread from the Golem/Dragon's arm.

However, before the tentacles could reach me, the image of the magic has been completed.

[Earth Element, {Earth Restraint}!!] (Haruto)

As I called out the name of the magic, I stabbed my sword to the ground.

Beginning from where the sword was stabbed, cracks opened up on the ground right under the Golem/Dragon.

[What!?] (Golem/Dragon)

With an expression of amazement, the Golem/Dragon fell into the opening that appeared suddenly.

{Earth Restraint} is basically a magic that controls the soil.

Not only extending spikes, it can also be used for other applications.

However, it requires quite a huge amount of magic power to open up a crack in the earth like that.

If I didn't acquire magic power from Laurier, this will be impossible to do.

While making a loud noise, the Golem/Dragon fell into the small abyss I created.

The depth is about five meters.

That's much deeper than the height of the Golem/Dragon, and it's head normally cannot physically reach out from inside.

Naturally, even when the Golem/Dragon is trying to climb up, the effect of my magic is not done yet.

Huge pillars made out of soil shoot out, effectively restraining the Golem/Dragon while making a 'dosun-dosun' sound.

That's the payment for earlier.

It's only temporary though.

The Golem/Dragon might likely slip out of the hole with surprising swiftness.

So before then, it's time to end this!

I pulled out my sword from the ground, and ran straight toward the Golem/Dragon.

At that time, the head of the Golem/Dragon can be seen slightly out of the hole.

And, it opens its mouth in my direction.

It's going to do the breath attack.

However, I have expected that.

If I avoid this, it will most likely slip out of the hole.

From the mouth of the Golem/Dragon, a vast amount of magic is being expelled.

Without caring, I stabbed toward the stream of magic.


The power was more than what I imagined.

Though I managed to withstand it, I can feel my skin burning.

My clothes and hair are scorched.

This was some intense streaming of light magic.

My view became white, and I couldn't see anything.

The Golem/Dragon that I need to strike down with my sword was no longer visible in my eyes.

. . . However.

However, I simply know.

Inside the head of the golem, I can sense the presence of a gem.

Without seeing nor using magic, only relying on my instinct.

I stabbed there, giving my best to pierce it.

[This is iiiiiitt!!] (Haruto)

With a shrill 'gaakiiin' sound, my sword pierced it.

Recovering my eyesight from the previous breath attack, I saw my sword had stabbed the Golem/Dragon's neck.


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