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Return Of The Former Hero - Chapter 76


Return of The Former Hero ch.76

20 JULY 2016 ~ RAIZU

Hi everyone! Raizu is here.

Sorry for the lack of updates. The super long holiday is ended and so many things need to be done afterward.

Also, I have two good news, firstly first, I got some illustration for motoyuusha. I'll share them later during this weekend.

Second, there is a friend of mine interested to help with this project. I gave him a portion lines to do on this chapter and the result is not bad. Let's see if he have a guts to continue it! xD

Anyway, enjoy your chapter! ^^

Translator: Raizu &Ashenwind

Editor: Ascending Flame

ED Note: Sorry guys for the delay. Things should get back to normal now, so edits for releases will be back on a regular schedule.



Chapter 76 - Former Hero - Fights Seriously

[It finally came.] (Haruto)

When the sun made it's appearance over the horizon, the wave of demons finally made it's appearance.

Even though they are still far away, I can tell that they are quite numerous.

Though it's a little early, it's still within the estimated margin on the time of arrival.

There is a little more time before they reach the ambush area.

I check in on the state of the other three.

Laurier, as always, has an air of superiority.

This fellow doesn't have a sense of danger.

Sharon and Celes have a tense look.

Though they both have some experience in battles, is it impossible to not be nervous before a large army?

[Sharon. Celes. Though they are many in number, they are still only demons from a dungeon. If you two fight calmly, you will be alright.] (Haruto)

As I called out to the two.

[Yes! I will work hard!] (Celes)

[Yes!] (Sharon)

I received answers from the two and turn my eyes back toward the army of demons.

Currently, we are waiting on one of the hills that the demons will cross over.

It's a strategy of hitting with a preemptive strike before retreating.

This is no time to dive in forcefully.

Looking at the demon army approaching in the distance, I understood one thing.

This time, the overflow of the demons from the dungeon is not an accident.

It went to Malt Town, because it's the nearest town. I thought it was by chance, but it doesn't seem so.

As for the demon troops, I can see various types in it.

Is it because they are demons from a dungeon? There are no demons that can fly.

However, demons are fast on their feet. Though there are slow demons, they group up and move as a unit. I expect that there is a fellow in command of them.

For example, could it be the Golem? This time, it could be completely different from the one I know. (ED: He's referencing how the body was different between the underground and when with Tanya)

In the meantime, the demon army has moved about considerably.

[It will be in range soon;all members, hurry and prepare yourselves.] (Haruto)

I speak to the three one more time.

[Un!] (Sharon)

[Umu!] (Laurier)

[Yes!] (Celes)

Each one answers respectively.

[Yoooshi! GO! Laurier! Celes!] (Haruto)

[Understood!] (Laurier)

[I will do my best!] (Celes)

Laurier, Celes, and I begin to chant arias.

[{Burning Flame}! {Explosive Flame}! {Flame Bullet(Ball)}!] (Haruto)

[By my name, roar! {Blast Bomb}!!] (Laurier)

[Spirit of water, freeze all things! {Freeze Bomb(Blast)}!] (Celes)

I usually don't need to chant, but since I want the {Explosive Flame} to spread, I'll supplement it with the others this time.

It's just that saying it all is a bit troublesome.

The magic of three people plummets into the approaching demon army.

First, we will lead off with long ranged attacks.

Fire, wind, and ice attack magic arrived in the midst of the demons and exploded.

In one blow, between 10 to 20 demons vanished.

The number can be reduced as much as possible with this.

Not missing a single moment, we throw our attacks in intervals.

However, after the spells stop, demons begin showing up one after another.

How many do you have?

As for the main force in this world, the elites having magic is one of the basics.

Even then, they can be crushed when confronted with a huge number of enemies.

These tactics might be a little too much to bear.

With these kinds of numbers against us, I cannot miss the moment to escape.

The demons confronting the vanguard charge forward to attack us.

Inside of the magic attack, the demons start to let out a long distance breath attack.

[Laurier!] (Haruto)

[Yoshi! Defend us, expansion of air! {Air Shield}!!] (Laurier)

The distance attack from the other party is prevented by Laurier.

The breath attacks are stopped by a wall in front of us which can't be seen.

The magic from the demon's side is prevented. I'm not worried by an attack on this level.

As usual, she has such a tremendous defensive power.

After a while, demons finally start to get close.

The long distance attacks dwindle off.

[Next battle formation!] (Haruto)

I provide support for the other three.

After hearing the command, Laurier and Celes move to the back.

Meanwhile, Sharon goes to the front.

Celes is covering the rear and taking charge of recovery.

Laurier will then provide defense for Celes, by putting up {Air Shield} to prevent interference from a surprise distance attack.

Sharon and I will take it from here.

[Restraint of earth, {Earth Bind}!] (Haruto)

Close combat begins with a signal from my magic.

Ivies grow out from the soil in the ground and cling around the demons one by one.

[HAA!] (Sharon)

Sharon pierces their vital point and kill the stopped demons in one blow.

The structure of the demon is the same as the one in the Iris Dungeon.

The demon dies without leaving a corpse, and it turns into magic as it is dispersed into the atmosphere.

The demons that escaped from my magic prepare to attack Sharon, but she avoided and splendidly counter-attacked.


Compared the blow given by me, is this the difference between actual combat and practice? Her speed is quite refined.

If this is her max speed at the moment, then it may be faster than even me.

If I was to bestow Sharon a second name, should I name her Red Whirlwind (Tornado)?

Ah. I thought about something shameful for a moment.

. . . . . Well, there is no room for discussion about it right now.

I dodge the attack of the Treant facing me and cut it's thick body.

As expected of a mithril blade. The Treant is easily cut in two and dispersed.

Celes is supporting us by shooting magic from the back, while Laurier is taking care of any demons who try to perform sneak attacks.

This is the first time all four of us are cooperating together in battle, but we are doing quite well.

The balance is probably quite good.

Speaking of cooperation, Laurier is perfectly protecting Celes with {Air Shield} while going around and attacking.

. . . . When thinking about it, Sharon is also a little high spirited.

[Sharon! Don't move forward too much!] (Haruto)

[Y-yes! Sorry.] (Sharon)

After I called out, Sharon returns obediently.

Even though she can knock down one demon after another, sooner or later she might enter into the center of the enemy formation.

[Onii-san! Let's withdraw soon.] (Celes)

She advised after she confirmed that Sharon returned.

Certainly, the rate of our extermination is slowing down.

The demons are showing up left and right;if this keeps up, we may get surrounded.

[Understood. Let's retreat according to schedule.] (Haruto)

As Celes advised, we began our retreat.

[Spirit of water, frozen earth! {Freezing}!] (Celes)

[{Earth Wall}!] (Haruto)

Celes's magic froze the ground, and any demons who set foot here froze similarly.

With my magically made earthen wall, the movements of the demons become duller.

In this chance, we can retreat all at once.

[Ooita, it seems that the demons have become attracted to us.] (Haruto)

Most of the demons were heading to us when I confirmed the surroundings with {Search} while withdrawing.

We have done well here.

It looks like I can fight easily before retreating into the pre-made magic circle.

We run to the hilltop first and shower long distance magic on the approaching demon army.

Though the demons have decreased in number dramatically, they are still charging ahead foolishly.

I thought there must have been a commander demon. Was I wrong?

Perhaps there are too many demons, and it can only manage a small number of them?

Well, anyway, It's convenient here.

We continued to hammer the approaching demon army with magic.

After that, we retreated several times, and diminished the number of demons for three hours.

[Haa. . . . . Haa. . . . .] (Haruto)

Indeed, breathing is becoming harder and harder.

I seriously hate these guys.

I would like to use {Search} to examine the remaining demons, but I can't concentrate here.

[Uwa!?] (Sharon)

Sharon, who is fighting next to me, got her foot tangled and our movements stop.

From the rear, the demons are approaching.

This is bad!

I make use of magic immediately.

[{Earth Bind}!] (Haruto)

Because it is in a hurry, the image was only done halfway.

However, the lump of earth extended and disturbed the demon's attack, preventing the attack from hitting Sharon.

I shorten the distance and cut the demon's neck, making it's head drop.

[Sharon! Are you safe?] (Haruto)

[Ah, Thank you, Haruto. . . .] (Sharon)

To my question, Sharon answers back while regaining her balance.

However, her expression is dyed with tiredness.

If I look carefully, innumerable cuts have appeared on her body.

[I'm sorry. . . . My body isn't moving well anymore.] (Sharon)

Did she run out of magic power?

Though I'm still fine, Sharon doesn't seem to have any magic power remaining.

Also, looking back, Celes seems to also be almost empty on magic power as well.

She has used a considerable amount of long distance and support magic.

[Withdraw back to Celes and have her treat your wounds. I won't have you go forward anymore. Please wait by Laurier.] (Haruto)

[Eh. . . . But, then Haruto will be alone. . .] (Sharon)

Sharon is having a worrisome expression.

[It is fine. You don't have to force yourself particularly. Before it becomes dangerous, I'll run away.] (Haruto)

I say so and slap Sharon on her buttocks.

[Kiya!? Uu~. . . . Mou. . . .!] (Sharon)

Sharon wanted to say something, but she went back to Celes silently.

This situation has become quite troublesome.

Even if she wanted to retort, she doesn't know that she herself has already defeated enough demons to hit triple digits.

Have you not fought enough?

Well. . . . What to do now.

There are still quite a few demons left, but the number has quite drastically fallen.

Still though, when they line up all together, there are so many that I can't see an end to them.

The demon attacks have become irregular;I would like to think of a way to deliver a considerable blow.

Should I have Sharon and Celes return through the transfer circle, while Laurier remains behind with me?

No. Despite the short distance transfer, it still uses a considerable amount of magic power.

Even if I remain, it will become a situation where my magic power will run out as well.

Originally, our purpose is not complete annihilation.

It might be safe now even if I entrust it to the adventurer and knight corps, which are waiting in town.

Our work should be accomplished now.

Is this an opportunity?

[Is this an opportunity?] ( )

The same word came from the rear about my withdrawal thought.

The voice is muffled;I can't identify the place of origin.

I start to feel shivers down my spine.

Because I was concentrating on the fight, I overlooked this sense.

I have heard this voice before.

It is, of course - - - -

The robe wearing Golem, which was missing from Iris's underground labyrinth, appeared from between the demons.


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