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Return Of The Former Hero - Chapter 7


7. Former hero・got to know a fledgling adventurer


6 am in the morning.

The alarm of the watch placed beside the pillow sounds.

’’Fuaaa......Is it morning?’’

Stopping the alarm, I toss and turned, squirming about on the bed for the first time in a few days.

I want to quickly have the life of waking up while holding a girl on both sides.

Enjoying a girl's touch immediately after waking up......

Or as a standard, the lower part of my body is somewhat warm? Oi, what is being done? Development.

I long for it.

And then after that...... Gufufu.

Alright, I woke up refreshed.

Having erotic delusion when waking up, I am wide awake immediately.

Though it was confirmed in the first few days when I wandered,

this may ...... not be Andalugia huh.

Anyway, a day of this world seems to be the about the same as 24 hours on Earth.

That being the case, the watch which I bought will be a very convenient OOPArt (out of place artifact.)

With a solar battery, alarm, LED light and others, it's full of handy functions.

In addition, smartphone and radio and various others are brought along too.

Solar battery and something like a hand-cranked charger have been prepared for charging too.

Returning to the topic, I head to the cafeteria on the first floor of the inn to have breakfast.

’’Oh, you are up early. Did you sleep well yesterday?’’

Entering the cafeteria, the landlord of the inn address me.

It's also an uncle.

Ah, Is there only Ms.Etna for the hope of this world?

’’Yeah, the bed after a long time was pleasant.’’

In fact, the bed was comfortable.

However, the first face seen for the day was an uncle.

’’Is that so. To receive those words, Ka-chan is delighted too.

Other than that, it's breakfast I guess? What would you like?’’

’’Well....... then-’’

Ordering a simple breakfast of bread and salad, I ate.

Incidentally, the lunchbox for noon is also made.

The meal of this cafeteria is quite good.

The Oyakodon-like thing ate yesterday night was considerably delicious. (TN: Mother Son rice bowl, with chicken and egg. Stop eating the whole family together, you beast!)

Shall I eat pasta at night?

Come to think of it, I also grasp the value of coins of this world.

There are 4 types of coin: white, gold, silver and copper.

It becomes 100 000, 10 000, 1000, 100 cols.

Intuitively, 100 cols is around 100 yen?

Roughly, there seems to be a gold ingot on the white coin, it is not something you see usually.

Combining the reward and merchant's gratitude yesterday, it would be around 150,000 yen.

One night stay at this inn without meals is 4000 col.

The short sword I bought from the weapon shop is 30,000 col.

Although food cost is separate, but money will last for the time being.

Thank you for the meal. Then I will take a boxed lunch and get going.’’

’’Ou! Work hard!’’

Returning to my room once, I hang the short sword on my waist and left the inn.

Even walking leisurely to the guild, I arrived 30 minutes ahead.

I'm a can-do man.

With such a honest appeal, I'm going to raise Ms.Etna's favorability for me.

However, the figure of Ms.Etna is not within the reception of the guild.

I'm disappointed.

Is it out of the time now, there doesn't seem to be someone on reading duty by the request board too, and there is nothing to be done.

As it can't be helped, I decided to sit down on the chair at the meeting place and wait.

There is about 10 more minutes to 8 o'clock.

The weather is also good today huh..

’’Good morning! Please treat me well today too!’’

OWaaa, what!?

Because I was in a daze, I was super surprised.

It wasn't a loud voice specifically directed at me.

In a foolishly loud voice, it was directed to the entire guild.

Looking at the origin of the voice, without knowing when it entered, there was a girl with fiery red hair.

She has a short and simple hair cut.

However, only one side burn is a little long.

With a healthy tan on her skin and the greeting not long ago,

she could be understood with impression from a glance to be an active girl.

She was wearing plain protective gears such as breastplates,

and similar to me, a short sword was hanging on her waist.

Is she an adventurer?

And above all, she's cute.

While I was looking at the girl, Ms.Etna who heard the voice of her greetings appeared from inside.

’’Good morning, Ms. Sharon.

It's alright even if you don't give your greetings so loudly.’’

’’I'm sorry! The greeting in the morning is energetic! That's what grandma said!’’

Every word of the girl called Sharon is loud.

What is it?

At the end of her speech! If it's not, will this girl die?

’’Ah, Haruto-kun came too. Good morning.

This way please. I will do an introduction and distribute the supplies.’’

’’Good morning, Ms.Etna.’’

I returned greetings to Ms.Etna.


Introduction of this girl's matter?

Incidentally, yesterday she say saying something about being relief if attached to me.

Is the goblin extermination done by 2 people?

Though I'm more comfortable alone.......

Me and Sharon, we were led to the same table as yesterday and seated.

’’Then, formally again, Good morning everyone.

Ms.Sharon, this is the adventurer Amagi・Haruto Kun.

Similar to Ms.Sharon, he just became an adventurer.

He's an amazing person who caught 15 thieves alone the other day.

In addition, because he can use magic too!’’

Ms.Etna introduces me.

With absolutely no track record as an adventurer, is it safe to trust me so much?

However, I felt a little of the familiar good feeling.

I want you to do that for me too.

’’As many as 15 thieves! Amazing! And magic in addition! How respectable!’’

It's good to be respected by a cute girl.

However, this fellow is noisy.

’’Haruto Kun. This is Ms.Sharon.

She only became an adventurer a few days ago, and is still doing some light work in the town till now.

However this time, she wanted to gain experience during the request for goblin subjugation no matter what,

as I was worried about her going alone and other adventurers were busy too, it was decided to go together with you this time.’’

Is Sharon a novice adventurer like me?

’’I am Amagi・Haruto. My best regards.’’

’’I'm Sharon! Thank you in advance!’’

Sharon does not have a family name, I wonder is it because she was born in a village.

Although it was so in Andalugia too, the people with family names born in somewhat affluent families.

People born in villages only have names, and there are quite a lot of them.

That reminds me, Ms.Etna had a family name.

After mutual greetings has ended, a map of the area around the highway and a compass are handed over as supplies.

The range of search is filled in on the map.

To prepare to carry out goblin extermination, this means that examining every nook and cranny within that area.

If there is a too large-scale nest, it is reported, and it seems that a subjugation corp will be gathered another day.

Well, because the area in charge is just outside of town and nearby,

there might not be such a nest.

Receiving the explanation, I departed on my first job.

’’Well, then......Sharon. Shall we go?

For me, Haruto is fine. We are about the same age, it's okay to drop the honorific.

But, please follow my instructions as it seems like you do not have actual combat experience.’’

’’I, I understood! Ah, No, Okay, Haruto!’’

Thus, my first job began.


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