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Return Of The Former Hero - Chapter 59


Chapter 59. The Former Hero・Examines the world

[This is awesome]

The books which extend before my eyes, books, books.

Literally walls of books.

The entire wall of the huge hall is completely covered by books.

Isn't it up to 20 meters from the floor to the ceiling?

How would you get the book on the top shelf?

The bookshelves are spreaded on the other walls, there are books on every sides.

I saw this in a movie long ago, it's like the library in a country of magicians.

I am currently standing in the school library of Irisu.

As expected, a royal school's library from a different world of sword and magic, what an amazing intensity! Fantastic.

Is this kind of atmosphere the real deal?

[In comparison with the library in the Royal Capital, the amount of books here is on a different level. The books in here, are from personal collections]

Acting as my guide, Celes proudly gives me an explanation.

It's charming.

However, I kinda understand why she boast about it so much.

Certainly, the amount of books here were collected from across the country.

Also, the atmosphere is nice.

In here, I feel like I can calm down my mind in this place.

Quite the solemn feeling.

[So, what kind of book is Onii-san looking for?]

[Etto, is there any history book of this country?

I also want to examine the myths too]

I said my reason why I came here.

Even though it might be unrelated, I don't understand anything at all, I want to examine various topics from of this world.

Up till now, I was helped by many people: the fellow merchants, Sharon, and I heard things from Rithina, but I am still unable to comprehend many things about this world.

Listening to the advice of others, but I want to be able to draw my conclusions based on my own understanding.

Although I knew there was a library in the Royal Capital, I have been unable to make use of it since we are staying at the royal palace.

The Royal Capital is too wide.

After remembering that I am now able to use magic, I relied upon it to ’’Search’’, especially since i have a horrible sense of direction. (TN: Search magic).

Even when I use ’’Search’’, roaming around in town was hard due to the amount of people and buildings. So troublesome. (Ed Note: No, you're just a lazy kid with a magic GPS and still complaining a travel function is not integrated.)

So, that is why I asked Celes to guide me to the royal school's library once our practice ended.

[Related to history.... Something that include the myths too, etto...]

Celes check the guide map of the library.

The layout of this building... it's way too big.

It's spread like newspaper.

I was looking from her back.

This character is written on a room inside of this building.

I'm sure that character is means that something is prohibited.

Once every 2 days, Sharon teaches me reading and writing, so I'm now able to read and write simple things.

Why do I remember the character for ’’Prohibition’’?

Aa, yes, I remembered to think on searching erotic books in the bookstore.

To be able to search for erotic books in the bookstore obviously.

Back then, I studied enough English so I could translate the erotic books. Perhaps I'm misremembering...

.....Te, it's too late now, there are no 18+ rated erotic books in this world.

[Etto, it's here]

I, guided by Celes who is familiar with the place, am moving further towards the interior of the Library.

For the greatest library in the country, there are so few visitors.

Can only the people authorized by the school use this library?

After a short walk, we arrived at the desired shelf.

[The book is close to the top.]

Celes said while looking up.

Following her sight, it seems to be out of my reach as well.

Does no one read history books around here?

It should be placed on a shelf that one can easily reach.

While I was complaining in my mind,, Celes brought over a ladder.

There is a ladder prepared for each shelf.

Oh, amazing.

It feels surreal.

Is this real? I don't understand it at all.

And then, Celes climbs the ladder without a hitch.

It can't be helped, I could climb the ladder myself but I wouldn't be able to read the title of the book when I got up there.


I notice something watching Celes climbing from below.

This angle is wonderful, isn't it?

Celes is not wearing a skirt.

Because she is wearing shorts, so she can climb up without worries.

However, those small hips are ascending right before my eyes.

The hips in my line of sight stop for a moment and then shake a little while Celes is searching for the book.

The crack of the ass in the shorts is so erotic.

Her panties aren't visible due to the shadow, but the crack is so erotic.

I am staring closely at that crack.

I can't see it well because of the shadows, I can't see it well... but it's white, isn't?

They are white-ish, i see it.

It must be white.

My hope and dream are packed on that crack.

Where were my solemn feelings from a moment ago?

Thank you Librarian-san for putting the history book so high up in your hurry.

Climbing back down the ladder is difficult.

If Celes was to miss a step, I would cushion her fall. I'll also rub her breasts a bit too, I promise.

Should I shake the ladder, or kick it ?

... No, never. I won't do it.

[For the time being, this one should do it.]

In the end, nothing happened. Celes gets off the ladder holding the book.

I don't regret anything.

[Thank you. Then, do you mind reading it aloud?]

[Sure. Shall we go find a free desk?]

The library is quiet, even though there are only a few people in the library it might be more polite than standing around and whispering.

We moved to an open desk. Celes and I sit next to each other.

As Celes reads from the history book, I will get the general idea. (TN: Celes will read the outline summary of this book to the MC)

[Etto, I'll start reading.from this book,

’’The Genesis of Arudogisu’’, is that good with you?]

Woops, that surprised me.

I have never heard about Arudogisu.

Based on the title, is it the given name of this world?

No wait, the word Andarugia is quite similar.

Perhaps the slight differences due to different regions?

Even on Earth, the name for Japan and the name it's people use are different.

After telling me about the structure of this world, Celes explain the history of the Milis Kingdom.

In the end of result, based from the history and the myth, I heard nothing about Andarugia from either word nor place name..

In the end, I can't find anything close to Andarugia, neither from a place, an event nor a famous name from the history or the mythology.

As I expected, I can't help but conclude that this world different from my world of Andarugia.


However, in that case, why I have come to this world?

This is not Andarugia, after thinking about it constantly, I have looked over the papers which contain the methasis formation, and I'm pretty sure the theory is right.

Is this the cause of the deviation that occured when I corrected that mistake?

If that's so and it's different world, even with the differences in world history, magical power, magic, and the outlook of the world, the level of civilization here is similar to Andarugia.

Or is it that?

The history diverged somewhere?

Isn't this somehow like SF? (TN note: Science Fiction. El Psy Congroo!) (ED note: No shit Charlie, you went from Earth to Andarugia and back but you never thought that maybe there were other possibilities?!?)

Ah whatever.

I don't have any particular interest in Andarugia. It may be another world but this is clearly convenient.

It's because I was known as the Hero.

I would have had to be cautious of the Nobles who sent me back to Earth.

.... well, if only a little, I want to meet with the old man who traveled with me, I would like to meet my ’’grandpa comrades’’ again.

... I see.... So, I can't meet again with those old man, eh?


Celes calls me while I was lost in thoughts.

[E? What? What's wrong?]

[.... No, somehow Onii-san, you are making a very lonely face....]

Celes' voice is extremely worried.

Lonely, eh? Am I?

N~no, there is no such thing?

Certainly I may have hoped to meet the old mens again and been a little sad, but that's all.

Does it look like I'm lonely?

Nope nope no.

[It's alright it's alright. There is no such thing]

[...Is.. that so?]

I answered her cheerfully.

However, Celes do not agree with me.

W, why?

Why you have a such very worried face?


[It's true, I am alright.

Moreover, thank you. I was able to learn various things]

[Y, yes. I'm glad I was able to help you]

This time I manage to change her mood.

Actually, I admit that I was regretting not being able to meet them again, but that's all.

The moment I was sent back to Earth, the other party might have reach it's own conclusion on the matter.

It's not like that I want them to feel bereavement.

They are them, I hope they can live on happily as the Heroes who saved the world.

Afterwards, we return the book to its proper place.

While returning the book, I enjoy that ass as it climbs the ladder again. I'm thinking of bowing down to it.

I want to fool around with Mina in this quiet library. Mina who endures holding in her erotic voice.

In the case for Laurier and Rithina, I somehow get the feeling that it wouldn't be so good.

Sharon is way too serious, she would most likely reject the idea.

So Mina would be the most suitable to play with in here.

Although i'm thinking naughty things, I won't really do anything.

It's just a delusion.

Trying to conceal her voice, but still having it leak, ending her sentences with ’’Nyaa’’...

Uha, it's so wonderful, isn't it?

No no, it's bad, right?

This kind of situation might look like the best, it lacks common sense.

Un, it's tempting.

Wh.., eh? Celes?

Why does it take so long to put back the book?

I check on her after coming back to my senses. Celes is in tears up the ladder.

She is completely frightened.

O, oh no.

Even though I've taken great pains to maintain my self-control, I lowered my vigilance a little bit.


I try my most reassuring smile.


She became even more frightened.

I'm shocked.

Of my smiles today, which one was the scary one!?

I felt more depressed than about being unable to reunite with the old man.


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