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Return Of The Former Hero - Chapter 32


32. Former hero・exceeds his limit


I just became a sage.

And, I'm greatly troubled.


Across me who is sitting on the bed, Mina is asleep.

She is captivating with her disorderly hair and skin moist with sweat.

At the beginning, was it because of her nervousness for her first time, although her actions were stiff and awkward, I think she became more assertive along the way.

No, that's not it.

What should I do?

Isn't this completely just as I expected?

But still, Mina was cute.

After all, Mina is my responsibility,


...Ha, Haruto-shyama......t,there....!?’’ she had called out such things.

With Shyama.

And Funiyaaa.

I could feel my chest tightening up just from recalling it.

Yours sincerely didn't have enough at all.

No, it's already sufficient.

It can't be helped that she's exhausted when I think about it.

In for a penny, in for a pound. (TN: If you are eating poison, make sure go as far as eating the plate.)

I gently stroke the head of Mina, who was sleeping.

Although she perspire so much that her hair is sticking to her cheek, the sensation of touching her is silky smooth, and it feels good.

Like this, I enjoy feeling the genuine cat ear.

When I was doing so, Mina woke up.

’’Nyaa...... Haruto-sama......?’’

’’Ah, Sorry. I woke you up.’’

’’N, No, it's.....alright.’’

Mina who have awaken, with various meaning, sees my face with a refreshing shine, and was it due to recalling the events up to just now? She blushes.

And, I pin down Mina who was trying to get up and continue stroking her head like that.

’’U, Ummmm......Haruto-sama......’’

’’I, Is it no good?’’

Just for a little, I act as a cowardly listener.

This situation is no good, please stop it. If she says that, I will wet the pillow with tears.

It will be so until we leave on our journey.

’’No, please go ahead.’’

Mina says so, and holds the hand I am not stroking her with, weaving our fingers together.

I'm the fellow holding hands with fingers interlocked.

And as it is, while appearing to be feel good, she closes her eyes.

This is dangerous.

My heart-wringing doesn't stop.

My hands that was patting her head for a while moves down, caressing her cheeks and towards her lovely chest.


Mina stirs a little and opens her eyes a little, looking at me.

Her eyes are a little moist, with a feeling similar to anxiety, but with anticipation.

I cover Mina once again, and kisses her.


’’Aaaaaaaaah!? Haruto! Sleeping with Mina-chan!?’’


It's the morning.

While hugging Mina in my sleep, I was awaken by Sharon loudly.

D, Damn.

I intended to wake up before Sharon's group came back, but I did my best too much for the 2nd round.

No, well, it can't be helped.

Even if I hide it, it will only become difficult to open my mouth later.

However then, why did I say I intend to wake up before Sharon's group came back?

For someone aiming at a harem, it's important to be defiant.

What excuse am I saying?

’’Mina-chan! Are you okay?’’

Sharon who have climbed onto the bed calls out to Mina.

Hey Hey.

Are you okay? What kind of thing are you saying?

’’Because Haruto is the king of lewdness.

Did he order you forcibly? Are you alright?’’

’’, Sharon-sama. ......t, this is from me.......’’


Aren't you making me to be too heartless?

No, while she is not around, it's inevitable for me to bring other girls huh.

Rather than just being indignant, should I be grateful?


Haruto, did you finally make a move on Mina?

You are okay during the time with Sharon, and okay with Mina, aren't you a fairly late bloomer?’’

Aaa, Ms.Laurier thinks about nothing and speaks plainly, I am saved.

’’He is not a late bloomer at all, Laurier-chan!? Don't just say it indiscriminately!?’’

Although Sharon without an ally sounds angry, I wonder if she is not really mad?

As for me who originally wanted to make a harem, Sharon might have vaguely understand it too.

After that, I explained last night's event with everyone seated on the bed.

I didn't say anything related to Rithina.

Mina didn't particularly say anything as well.

Although I think Rithina isn't related to this matter, I wonder how it is?

Apart from that, because 4 people are sitting on the bed, Mina is awfully close to me.

What is it?

That is, does the relation of a man and woman progress visibly after sleeping together?

Is it just a honey trap, and acting affectionate?

Hahaha, I give up.

I am seriously too easy.

’’Haruto-sama, me who was doing it for the first time, he did not think of treating me like a maid, th, was gentle.’’

Totally acting affectionate.

This is the result of 1 month of appeal. (TN: se* appeal)


If this is the first day, it couldn't have gone this way.




Sharon, even with that glance of yours, I have already matured into pleasant person.

’’Well, Sharon.

Although it was so during our time too, Haruto is such a fellow.

That is something you understand too right?’’

’’T, That, that's so but........Haaa........’’

Laurier's nice follow-up.

Your help was really good for me at that time.

I am sorry to have chopped off your right arm.

Sharon is going 'is it better to resign, or better to get angry', and sighs with a complicated expression like this.

’’Look, Haruto.

Sharon is more worried about you making a move on other girls rather than herself.

I am the same too. Now, let's see a man.’’

Laurier says so and clings onto me.

And, now that you mentioned it, her hand is groping my body which was clad only in my undergarment, and her hand reaches into it.

e, EEeh!?

’’W, Wait Laurier-chan!?’’

Sharon is, similar to me, surprised as well.

’’Look, despite doing something every night here, it seems that we didn't do it yesterday?

There is still time till morning!’’

Uwaa, are you serious?

But I was feeling super good to her soft actions.

No, but, because I was doing my best with Mina until dawn, I think I have not recharged so much.

’’I will help.’’

Mina also seemed to have flip a switch, and is somewhat enthusiastic.

’’Eh, but, such.......W, Wait Mina-chan!?’’

Mina takes off her clothes and approaches, and Sharon goes bubbling.



I was a man who was formerly a hero.

I am a guy who can do it, can't I?

Embracing the 3 of them, I steal their lips in turn.

The kiss is different for each of them, and I am able to enjoy myself.

Although Sharon is passive, I like it when our lips touch each other.

Conversely, Laurier likes to proactively tangle our tongue.

I do not understand Mina's preference yet while having insufficient experience, but I know she is trying to please me.

And, I am enclosed with the skin of the girls.

Feeling the comfortable palms touching my body, I push the 3 of them down onto the bed.

I, the walls of my limit,

Today! Here! I shall exceed it.


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