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Return Of The Former Hero - Chapter 31


31. Former hero・is toyed with by seductive technique

It is already one week from the talk with Princess Rithina.

After that surprising event, Rithina appears frequently at the Leon's coaching.

It isn't the case of coming daily, but it's an abnormal rate if you think about it so far.

In the aforementioned secret meeting, was it because she was unexpectedly pleased with me? or did she try to entice me?

I have no doubt that it's the latter.

However a beautiful girl, furthermore a princess-sama, and even more, it feels good to be spoiled by a girl with huge breast.

T,This is exactly a honey trap!

Although I was not necessarily entrap in a terrible situation, if it's no more than giggling and chuckling, I want to enjoy it.

Am I not already on the verge of being entice?

As for the matter of not being able to see through the princess's purpose, I put it on hold.

Apart from that, I more or less investigated Leon's situation.

Although I say investigate, but it's just to the degree of asking the person himself indirectly.

First of all, his birth.

As what Rithina said, the matter of not knowing his past before becoming a hero.

During a chat while having a break, I asked about each of their hometown.

As for this, although it would be a troublesome topic to go too deeply into my own history too, it's all right for the time being as I've heard a story about Mild village from Rithina.

It's crucial for Leon, but there seems to be a loss of memory for the events before becoming a hero.

Memory loss.......

Though it didn't seem to be a lie.......

If, assuming he was summoned, I wonder if there was some kind of influence?

However, Leon can read and write the characters.

And, although I have been doing magic translation at an unconscious level, I tried turning it off deliberately.

It's horror to suddenly not understand a single thing everyone around is talking about. (TN: Horror = genre for horror movie)

It was horror to the extent of feeling fear slightly even with Sharon and Laurier whom I was familiar with.

I never want to do it again.

No, that's not it.

But for Leon, he didn't understand the words I said.

It means that something like magic translation isn't being done.

In other words, he wasn't summoned from a different world, isn't that the situation?

Well, but there is certainly the possibility of studying, however......

In the end, I do not understand the reality well.

Next is the holy sword.

Rithina seems to have investigated it's origin and history, and there is nothing I can do.

Therefore, I asked Leon to let me touch it.

Even more than the sword itself, the magic dwelling within the body of the sword is amazing.

For something like weapon and armor, although the thing itself that is produced is important, what should be more highly regarded is its material.

By loading magic, that offensive ability and durability sky rockets.

Every material has a different amount and efficiency of loading.

Therefore, even if it's the same short sword, compared to magic loaded into iron or so, a large amount of magic loaded into a Mithril one will turn out superior.

Speaking conversely, even if the other party has superior weapons, if magic is not loaded skillfully, it becomes possible to fight even with lower ranking weapons.

Furthermore, weapons made with rare materials holding magical power itself, are called cursed sword.

Judging from that premise, this holy sword holds considerable magical power.

Because Leon couldn't handle it currently, it was blocked by Laurier's shield of air, Air・Shield, and the magic was repelled.

However, the result will surely be different if he can handle it perfectly.

It's an article exactly suitable to be called holy sword.

And, the master of the holy sword is Leon.

For example, even if I receive this holy sword, I am unable to use the magical powers inside.

Although I do not understand the theory, but was it that my wavelength doesn't match?

Anyway, I drew out magical power and was not able to load it in successfully.

Only Leon, with a matching wavelength, can use this sword.

He's exactly the master of the holy sword huh.

But, after all, I only know the holy sword is amazing and nothing else.

As for this, I do not understand things such as its origin still.

Finally, the reason Leon is in the royal family, but he doesn't know even if asked.

From Leon's words, right after the church, he was told to head to the royal family.

After all, with the trust in the royal family, was a favor sold?

Having understood that in this week, such a thing came.


’’HAAAaaaaa.....I'm tired.’’

I am immersed in the bath, talking to myself.

What was I thinking of today? Challenging Sharon and Laurier to a game of tag.

Was it the result of my guidance? The 2 of them, as opponents being toyed around with by my disgusting movements, they responded befittingly by avoiding me with reckless abandon.

There was no room to se*ually harass them.

No, although after Leon's group came, I have restrained myself.

And, now.

I am alone in the bath.

I am told that the 2 of them have gone to Aura's place to stay and play today.

Initially, there was even some kind of quarrel, but although relations were bad, they reconciled before I knew it and seemed to have become friends conversely.

I do not know those details well.

Perhaps, as the reason for the fight, Laurier might have said a insensitive thing about Leon.

Anyway, because of that, I have to bath and sleep alone today.

Well, it's fine to be alone occasionally too.

While being absent-minded in the bathtub, that came.

’’Haruto-sama. I will wash your back for you.’’

The door is opened soundlessly, and Mina enters.

Different from her appearance before, she is completely nude.

e, Eeh!?

Ever since the first day, she has not approached the bath and bedroom at all, why?

’’Mi, Mina? W, Why?’’

For the time being, I covered myself and asks Mina.

’’I heard that you are alone today.

Therefore, I intend to carry out my original duty.’’

’’Or, Original duty!?

T, That, what is it?’’

No, just from hearing that, I could roughly understand.

I understand, but surely not?

I looked at Mina after settling down slightly, and her face was stiff.

I wonder if she is nervous?

’’Y. Yes. I, am told to assist everything with living here.

If it's desired.......t, that, even at a order to do that.’’

Uwaa, working as a maid in the royal palace, is such a thing really done......?

’’Umm, Haruto-sama. Fo, For me, because it's the first time I am doing such a thing, I may do it inadequately, but please let me service you to the utmost.’’

Saying that, Mina enters.

Service, a certain part reacts to that word.

This cannot be helped.

Wait, Wait, Wait.

Certainly I'm alone today, but I didn't request for it particularly.

No, perhaps this too, is related to the seductive technique from Rithina?

If that's the case, this may not be too good.

While I was in my thoughts, Mina comes in front of me.

An important place is completely visible though.

Here, saying such things as I did not request for it, and not going out of the bath, is it the nature of men?

Mina suddenly embraces and snuggles up to me.

Uwaaa, this is bad.

Although I understand that it's bad, I can't take my eyes off her.

Mina is touching my body with her soft hands.

Whenever she moves her hand, the cat ears on her head twitches and shakes with [PikuPiku].

I am seized with the impulse to hug her closely.

Even though I understand it's not good afterwards to make a move on her, I understood the feeling of men in the world who had an affair.

How can one not eat a meal placed in front of him?

Because I should be able to manage somehow after this matter, I want to make a move on the girl in front of my eyes, it's fine right? It's such a mood.

I gently reach out to Mina.

Hugging her slim body closely, I pat her head.

For a moment she quivered with a flutter, but she embraced me tightly.

Aaa, the honey trap is scary.

There is no way for me to resist.


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