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Return Of The Former Hero - Chapter 30


30. Former Hero・is healed

Thank you Dennis Chau for this chapter

.......The reward is myself, what is this person saying?

But even as a joke, it's the 3rd princess of a country.

Although I don't think she is very serious.

’’How about it?’’

Rithina's eyes are looking at me.

To her eyes, what the heck are you seeing from me now?

This girl. Does she really only vaguely see the thoughts of a person?

A weird chill ran down my spine.

To have a thoughts of getting close to princess-sama, and having a development just like mentioned by the other party.

However, I could continuously feel fear rolling on my palm receiving this invitation.


I do not understand the Rithina's real intention.

’’For now, I know that Haruto-kun doesn't find me credible and doubts me.’’

Rithina averts her eyes from me.

’’For me......even though it may appear that I am evaluating Haruto-kun.

This one month, from observing the coaching of Hero Leon, I understand that you have an wonderfully immense capability.


’’And, you are probably not related to the church too.’’


’’Therefore, I want to have you as our ally, if possible.’’

’’......Our, means that, not of the church, and of the royal family?’’

’’That's right. I have no problem with you thinking that way.’’

For some reason, I understood what she was saying.

However, to submit myself for that, that is to say.......

’’Can you understand?’’

’’.......Yes. Very much.

For the reward, I will not say Rithina-sama particularly, just the usual money will be fine.’’

’’Does it mean that you can do the investigation?’’

’’Yes. That's no problem, but.......’’

A short silence arises between Rithina and me.

’’Is that so...... I understand.

However, if Haruto-kun cannot trust me, to the extent that I am scheming something, I should be oblige to let you have your desire.’’


That reason is strange?

No, isn't it strange?

Is there really no problem if I really do so?

That? How about it?

Rithina looks at me and smile.

That smile is very pretty, and I feel shocked.


For the reward, let's put it on hold for now.’’

After all if that's the case, I still have to prepare other things.’’

Saying so, Rithina rises.

And approach me.

Stupefied and only watching, Rithina came before my eyes and placed her hands on my face while bending forward slightly.

Her hand is warm.

And, due to bending forward, her chest is in front of my eyes.

It's a immensely splendid view of her breast.


R. Regrettable.

I am already not an inexperienced virgin.

S, Such seductive technique is.......

However, even more than her breast, my eyes are drawn to her lips nearby.

This is that, isn't it?

Commonly called, the course of event for a kiss, isn't it?

No No, wait wait, calm down.

I think calmly.

Rithina-sama is pretty.

AA! I can't think calmly!

Rithina's face approaches.

And, Chuu, she kisses my forehead.


Is it the forehead?

I am slightly disappointed.

No, the problem isn't there.

Rithina separates from me.

That face is somehow embarrassed.

’’M, Me too, to anyone, s, such things are not said.’’

Her face is red.

Probably, mine too.

’’N, Now is just a prepayment or something similar.

When you feel like receiving the reward, please talk to me again.

To contact me, it's okay to leave a message to Mina.’’

Rithina says so and went out of the room.

I do not understand what's what.

For the matter of investigating the church, did I have you just hand me money?

Until the princess presented herself, although I think it's not necessary to win me over.

Or, is there an even more different purpose?


It has become troublesome to think.

It's already fine.

Anyway, I want to check up on the situation below the church too.

I can't go marching in rudely and get a result from the investigation.

For that, I think I'll use the power of Rithina.

At worst, I will escape.

Yeah, that will be fine.

I leave the room too.

’’Aah! Haruto, there you are!’’

When I walked on the road to the residence, Sharon was there.

’’Mou! Despite being time to study, Haruto is not there!

When I asked Mina-chan, she said that there was a task and you are not around now!

Where did you go?’’

Sharon says in a huff.

I see, that reminds me, it's already such a time.

More time has passed than I thought.

Recently, I am taught to read and write by Sharon.

Although I say that, there was no result at all.

It was to the degree of learning my name and simple single character words.

In a dreadful event, there is something corresponding to the Kanji in this world.

When I was in elementary school, it was difficult for foreigners to learn Japanese on the net. I have read such an article, but that is serious.

Even if the meaning is remembered with great pains, although exclusive kanji-like characters exist, the meaning changes even though it's the same word.

I didn't know how many years it took for me to learn that.

No, this doesn't matter now.

How about telling Sharon the talk with the princess just now?

It would be better to refrain.

Sharon is poor at lying.

It would be troublesome too with a strange strain.

’’Sorry sorry. It was a little something.’’

’’It can't be, to look for a pretty girl.......’’


What kind of eyes are you using to look at me?

Though it can't be denied.

’’Mou! Haruto is the king of lewdness!’’

K, King of lewdness.......

Are you a elementary school student?

Aa, as expected, I am healed by sharon.

Although Rithina is pretty, I am tired from guessing something like her purpose behind the scene just now.

Like Sharon, it's more comfortable to throw out our feelings straight.

’’I was bad.

Look, there is probably still time? Let's go.’’

Saying so, I hold out my hand to Sharon.

Then, Sharon colors up and grab my hand timidly.

Fufufu. Cute.

I will put Rithina's matter on hold for now.

Although I cannot clearly see her purpose, I don't think she is a bad child either.

There is no choice but to let nature take its course.


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