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Return Of The Former Hero - Chapter 28


28. Former Hero・secret meeting with the princess

Coaching of Leon's group began.

’’Okay, then first of all, to verify the ability for each of you, I am thinking of having a round robin event with 5 people.

Of course, not with magic, just using wooden sword.

Laurier, will you be using a weapon?

’’No, I have no need to.’’

’’I see.’’

For Laurier who uses excellent magic for both attack and defence, she has the basic style of socking the opponent.

Particularly, the shield of air, Air・Shield is said to be especially powerful.

When that magic is activated, the opponent who doesn't have the offensive power to even break it can't do a thing literally.

Well, but the magic doesn't seem to stop me.

However, Laurier's magic is quite strong.

Although her usage is still rough, body strengthening from that strong magical power is fairly amazing.

In the past, even encountering the magic of the holy sword used by Leon with all his might, she was able to brush off the hit like a trick.

The base stats of the demon race is high.

Sharon is someone with future promise.

It's impressive growth for her to have reached the stage where she can use body strengthening consciously.

She watches me do it carefully, and has the aptitude to carry that out in practice.

To be frank, I didn't expect her to become so strong.

Nonetheless, because she cannot particularly use magic, when looking at it as a whole, she probably wouldn't be Leon's match.

Although I have not yet seen Ms.Aura fighting directly,

just from looking at Laurier's case, it isn't the situation where she is stronger than Leon, is it?

Me and Laurier aside, how long Sharon can engage Leon and Ms.Aura is something to be seen.

And the result.

With Me, Laurier, Leon, Sharon, Ms.Aura, the ranking was decided.

Well, it was an acceptable place.

Looking at the fight between Leon and Laurier, I had a thought.

’’Leon, once more with me.’’

’’Ah, Yes. I understand.’’

Once again, I face Leon.

After crossing swords several times, I flick Leon's sword.

Leon who became bare-handed after his sword was flicked off has the mood of resignation drifting around him already.

Becoming barehanded, it's already......

No, it isn't a joke.

It was accidental.

’’Look, Leon.

Why do you easily give up?’’

’’Huh?...... N, No, the reason for giving up......

However, I can't use magic.......’’

What are you saying, this fellow.

’’Leon, it's better to change that straightforward thinking of yours.


I throw the wooden sword that was in my hand to Leon with a [Poi].


When Leon receives it, he consciously turned towards his preference and rushed over, and was sent flying with a kick.


Leon tumbles over loudly.

’’I am able to attack even without having a sword or magic particularly.

You can induce discomposure by talking, making a chance to throw something, that's something that can be done right?’’


While Leon is standing up, I picked up Leon's sword that was flicked off just now.

’’Look, a weapon lost can be obtained again too.’’


Leon is thinking about something.

It's cowardice like this, is he thinking about that?

No, he is considering properly what I said with that feeling.

’’The 3 of you too, don't only simply face your opponent, think more about the preferred method of attacking even if it's unnatural.’’

’’Yes! Master!’’

’’That's right.’’

’’......Y, Yes!’’

I said so sternly.

Like a master.

When it was just with Sharon and Laurier the 2 of them, I didn't do such a direct thing like this.

Although it's bad to Leon, he will have to bear the damage.

I am strict with boys.

For the latter half, it's the relationship between magical power.

To handle magic smoothly, and to increase it's aggregate amount, I spent it discharging all their energy.

It might have been hard considering that it's the first day.

Laurier aside, Sharon was also exhausted, and Leon and Ms.Aura is too exhausted to even stand up.

The black hair of Ms.Aura sticks to her skin due to sweat.

It's se*y.

Combing up her hair, I want to see her nape with sweat. Kufu.


Sharon's sight is painful.

Not saying anything, it's more painful.

And, after 1 month with such feelings.

I think everyone have became stronger smoothly.

On such a day, I am led by Mina and is walking in the royal palace.

Because of a task, I was to come alone.


For this 1 month, I think that I was able to make friends with Mina fairly well, but it's fairly well.

However, to be summoned alone, are you actually terribly in love with me?

W, What will it be?

When you came to observe, have you fallen in love with the gallant me?

Was it high points from helping to clean the residence?

Or, for Mina's cooking, should I have praised it if it was delicious?

No, That is...... This is......

While thinking of this and that, it seemed that we have arrived at our destination.

Here, wasn't it the room we have been guided to when we came for the first time?

Mina opens the door.

’’Haruto-sama. Please.’’

Prompted, I enter within.

Thereupon, princess Rithina was there.

Huh? Not Mina, but this!?

For Rithina, it's the extent of passing each other occasionally, but there's no interaction at all, it couldn't be.

’’Haruto-kun. It's been a while.

Please, sit down.’’

’’Ah, errr..... it's been a while. Rithina-sama.’’

I'm slightly nervous to the situation that I haven't imagined.

Rithina-sama huh. The reason why Rithina-sama would fall in love with me......

’’Now, it's private here.’’


Come to think of it, the butler and maid from sometime ago are not around.

It's just me and Rithina in the room.

Regrettably, I was too carried away to notice the surrounding.

I used search secretly.


There really isn't anyone.

Even Ms.Mina left after guiding me here.

There doesn't seem to be secret guards hiding.


No way, right here like this?

’’Private? That, by any chance......’’

’’Yes...... A little, there's some words I do not want others to hear.’’


Is it a thing like this seriously?

Haa, my heart is pounding.




Rithina is staring at my eyes motionlessly.

I also watched Rithina's eyes without moving.

’’.......Actually, it's concerning Leon-sama.’’


About Leon?

’’For a month, you had observed and spent time together, how is Leon-sama?’’


eeh, it's a talk about this matter?

No, is that so, that's right.

It's simple as this.



Aa, he listens to my words diligently, and is a honest, nice fellow.

I think he has become strong smoothly.’’

The tension fell in a breath, and my words became a little curt.

What is this?

When I'm pleased to receive Valentine's chocolate, 'Actually I hope that you can pass it to your elder brother', this sort of event?

Rithina is aiming at Leon?


’’Is that so?’’

Although Rithina hears my answer, she is watching me quietly.

It's like she can see through my inner thoughts.

And like she is trying to ascertain something.



Is something strange?

In the first place, why is the room private to hear about the affairs of Leon?

Leon is this country's ......No, was it acknowledgment from the church?

......Church huh.

Harmonia Church.

The largest religious faction in this country, they seem to do a wide variety of things.

Did they advocate peace beyond the race?

Actually, for this month, I have been investigating the church.

Although I say that, it's not because the church is particularly suspicious or that they are doing something bad.

The headquarters of the church is in this Imperial Capital.

There is something beneath the ground.

Apparently, when using search to search, there is a basement of 3 levels.

I can roughly grasped the structure.

However, I do not know what there is in there.

To begin with, I do not understand why I'm bothered by it.

But, I feel like I have to check what's there no matter what.

Though I do not understand the reason myself.

.......Oops, my thoughts deviated.

But Rithina was still looking at me quietly.

W, What is it I wonder? I'm uncomfortable.

’’Actually, I know Haruto-kun has tried to investigate the church for this one month.’’

Eh? Seriously?

Have I been marked?

’’With all due respect, I also investigated on your background.

Haruto-kun. You had registered your birthplace as Mild village at the adventurer guild in Torres, but there doesn't seem to be such a person in the Mild village.’’


Was it investigated?

W, W, What should I do?

Is it natural to be investigated if I get into the royal palace?

Damn it.

Having been blinded by the maid, it has backfire.

’’Ah, No, Well, That is how do you say it......’’

I became flustered without answering.

Well, what's to be done?

Because there is no helping it, should I run away?

’’No, I'm sorry.

I do not intend to bring up that matter in front of everyone.’’

Huh? Is it different?

Or rather, the talk isn't seen.

What on earth is it?

’’Well, in other words, I do not know whether there is some story but......’’

Let me hear it frankly already.

’’I'm sorry.

Actually......earnestly, there is something I would like to ask of Haruto-kun.’’


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