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Return Of The Former Hero - Chapter 20


20. Former hero・fired up at sea

It's the sea!

The 3 of us came to the sea!

From Torres, it's 2 days from here to the north village.

I had no problem with the escorting of the merchant.

Although we met with demons several times on the way, but in front of Sharon who had picked up magic strengthening, they were scattered without any means of succeeding.

I didn't get to do anything and was free.

And then, on the 2nd night. We arrived at the village and stayed overnight.

For the free period today for 1 day, we came to the sea as intended.

’’Waa! This is the sea huh!

It's great! And besides, it's refreshing somehow!’’

Sharon is in high spirit being at the sea for the first time.

’’Hmm. It's the first time I'm seeing it too, but it's a rather spectacular scene.’’

Laurier seemed to have liked it too.

Come to think of it, the last time since i dropped by the sea too, was during the 5th year of elementary school for coastal studies.

The sea breeze is comfortable.

’’So, what are we going to do at the sea? Training?’’

Is Sharon a trainee monk or something?

Why do you want to train so much?

’’That's not it. There's only 1 thing to do when you come to the sea in summer.

And that is......’’

I declared loudly.

’’Sea bathing!’’

’’Sea bathing?’’

’’That is, the thing said about swimming in the sea?’’

’’That's it!’’

The two of them did not seem to understand very well, but I decided to quickly put it into action.

’’Okay, let's go swim!’’

In a flash, I took off my clothes on the spot.

’’Ha, Haaa!? Eh!? Ha, Haruto, what are you doing suddenly!??’’

I continue taking off my clothes although Sharon exclaimed in protest.

It became one-piece underwear in no time.

Laurier was not fazed.

’’W, Wait a little Haruto! S, Suddenly taking off your clothes in front of our eyes!’’

’’What are you talking about? Since I'm going to swim, isn't it natural to take off my clothes?

It's fine particularly even if I'm completely naked, you know? Because I'm going to swim.’’

I pointlessly emphasize the matter of 'taking off clothes because I'm going to swim'.

’’Eh? Eeh!? B, But I didn't think that I'll be swimming, and I didn't bring clothes for swimming......!’’

It would be so. Because I didn't say it.


Really, didn't I leave the preparation to the 2 of you?

There is no reason to come to the sea if we don't swim, isn't it?’’

I try my best to create a atmosphere of being troubled and disappointed.

’’Eeee〜!?...I, If you say such words...’’

’’Well, are you happy? To swim in the sea? Things such as the necessity to purposely change clothes? There isn't you know?’’

’’Eeh? N, No, such a thing, that is, is’’

While Sharon is confused, I keep attacking relentlessly.

’’Look, there isn't other people around here too, you do have to mind the public eye?’’

’’No, but Haruto's eyes are the number one problem.......’’

Fuu. That's right.

She is stubborn indeed.

In conformity with democracy here, we will decide by the majority rule.

’’Hey, Laurier? Clothing are not needed for swimming in the sea right?’’

If it's Laurier, she will certainly take it off!

’’Hmm. Well. that's so.

If the only man seeing it is Haruto, I do not have a problem!’’

Saying so, Laurier begins taking her clothes off.

Ooo! I did it!

Laurier undresses and her white skin is revealed.

Surprisingly or should I say naturally? Somehow Laurier was not wearing a bra-like thing.

With her upper body completely naked, and just the slight swelling of her chest can be seen, but before that a cosy pink emphasis is......

And furthermore from there, her skirt is taken off and her lovely white underwear becomes exposed.

Extending from that underwear are the curves of a slightly fleshy thighs, and I gradually feel dizzy with sweat clinging on to me due to the summer heat

....For me now, there is a raging passion!

’’Wait a minute Laurier-chan!? E, even if you take it off, your c, chest! Hide your chest!’’

Sharon's face turns bright red.

’’What are you saying, Sharon.

Since it's Haruto, I can be naked?’’

’’B, BB, Boys and Girls are d, different!’’

’’I am alright taking off the bottom too, but Haruto is also wearing it, so this will be fine!’’

Th, That's right.

Now, if I pull down my bottom to swim too, I may have do a left turn. (TN: to hide something)


Sharon gave a voiceless cry.

And, doesn't stop covering Laurier.

’’Well, if Sharon insists, it can't be helped.

Look, Haruto. Let's go swimming with the 2 of us? ’’

Saying so, she went into the sea with a splash.

Although it's fine if you don't swim, we're going to enjoy ourselves and you are alone in solitude.

Saying so is a way to fan the feeling of uneasiness in human.

Although it's doubtful whether the actual person is aware of it.

’’Ah〜, well, there's no choice if you dislike it.’’

I get on it too.

Well, being the Japanese that I am, I have confidence to learn of the afore-mentioned if it's this situation,

but what about Sharon who is a person from the different world?

’’I......I, I also.......swim......’’

It's here!

It's here!!

My excitement doesn't stop.

Sharon begins to undress with a face almost as red as her hair.

Removing her breastplate and shoulder pad, it became an appearance similar to an obscene shirt. (TN: Sample)

She glance towards my direction while taking of her clothes.

I'm confirmed to be staring fixedly at her.

Haa, she breath a sigh of resignation and proceed to expose her clothes swiftly.

Normally, performing the guild's request energetically with the color of a healthy tan on her face and arms,

the portions of untanned and comparatively whiter skin that are hidden ordinarily by clothes appears seductively.

Hidden by clothes and breastplate, a long thin cloth is wounded around her chest, pressing down slightly on her swelling chest, and I could feel it's softness.

From there, taking off her skirt, a modest underwear is exposed.

Sharon who is usually full of energy and sometimes mannish, with the difference of her figure standing and wearing only an underwear, I already couldn't take my eyes off her.

Sharon is already completely down to just her underwear.

Although her body is hidden from my sight with her hands, that gesture is also lovely. It's indescribable.

’’Ha, Haruto...... That, looking for such a long time is too much......’’


Coming to this world, I have never done such a detailed observation before.

I want to push her down just like this.

Slowly, I draw close.

’’Ha, Ha, Ha, Haruto......? W, Wh, What are you creeping up for?

Sharon becomes frightened.

But, already, is it okay even if I go!?

Already, I cannot endure it!

’’Oi, Haruto. although you are getting excited selfishly,

it won't do to leave me alone.’’

Just on the verge of becoming berserk, I was called out by Laurier from behind.

’’Haa! The first time with 3 people!?’’


Sharon express a look of shock at my words that leaked out instinctively.

’’That's not it, you fool.

Because I came to swim today, it's swimming.

Look, Sharon has undressed to swim too.’’

’’That's right! Leave Haruto who only thinks about ecchi stuff, let's play! Laurier-chan!’’

And like this, the 2 of them entered the sea for the first time, and started being noisy.

Re, regrettable.

I'm being isolated, what to do?

’’O, Oーi, I'm coming to joinー’’

Because that guy is too healthy, I head towards the former 2 while slouching.

’’Beー, da. (TN: Sticking out tongue, sample)

Eechi Haruto should just swim alone all the timeー !’’

Sharon sticks out her tongue and does a cute thing.


Well, don't say that, Sharon.

That fellow is a man too! Although the one that is not excited to see my figure in underwear, deserves to die 10000 times!

......Ah, no, although that fellow likes to fiddle around with sleeping girls.’’

’’Eh!? Laurier-chan, have you always been doing such a thing?!’’

’’Aa, the other day, while I was pretending to sleep......’’


And, did you pretend to sleep!

I'm surprised!

Because I'm at fault, please don't establish a strange fetish!

......and as for us, we got along well again as one with such feelings. .....I think.

In no way is it the case, that only Sharon and Laurier whose relationship deepen.

Such a day in summer.


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