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Return Of The Former Hero - Chapter 19


19. Former hero・hits on a good idea

A week has passed.

Sharon has gotten the hang of magic strengthening, and is devoted to mastering it everyday.

Presently, she can move up to 10 minutes with her full power.

From here on, she has to work hard to increase the aggregate amount of magical power, and saving magical power on the unused portion so that she can cope with unexpected incidents, there are many things to do.

Among those things to do, the strengthening of speed is the main focus.

Being able to move fast allows you to avoid the attack of your opponent, attack faster than your opponent and increases the number of moves you can make.

After this, there is also the advantage of reducing moving time when we are on a trip.

And above all, being able to attack and hit me has become the number one target.

Do you want to hit me so much?

No, I understand.

It isn't particularly grudges and hard feelings, that is only a major target set for Sharon.

However, I'm a former hero too.

I do not intend to stop my se*ual harassment on Sharon so easily.

I intend to avoid with my best efforts in the future.

Being a former hero is not related at all.

I teach chant less magic to Laurier.

Even if I say that, there's no way to express it - the magic that you usually use, imagining that it's invoked without saying it.

That fellow, although she should be able to have the same knack for other magic because magic strengthening is mastered, but she is after all a person of the different world. She has a hard time casting away the common sense that magic is something to be chanted.

As advice for the time being, I told her to shorten the chant little by little.

The element of surprise for not chanting is good, and although it was a little unpopular, but because I'm saying it as a step for that purpose, I wanted her to follow it.

It isn't something that can be done suddenly.

Because even if I practiced desperately, I only reached the point of being able to use it for some of them.

Come to think of it, I tried asking her about the aforementioned magic strengthening transfer to another person.

’’I don't understand!’’

A very pleasant answer came back.

I understood that it was useless to ask Laurier.


Now, I'm practicing a certain magic.

I'm doing image visualization for that purpose, but......

It's hot.

It's a different world but summer is hot.

I, for some reason, even if I can produce water from magic, ice doesn't appear?

Even if I manipulate the air, only lukewarm wind is raised and the effect is lacking.

Although it's definitely better than not doing it,

it's bothersome to operate magical power continuously.

Sweat is forming on my skin, and I could feel the disgusting feeling of my clothes sticking to me.


It's hot.

I want air-conditioning.

’’......That's won't do. I can't concentrate from the heatー’’

I drop onto the bed.

Currently, I'm alone in the room.

Sharon and Laurier, the 2 of them have gone out for the work of repairs on a building.

Work, according to my instructions. Although Laurier feels that it's troublesome, but it was hands down victory after I allow her to buy and eat sweets with the money earned,

Using up her allowance given by the next day, and only with the 3 meals a day I provide, she cannot possibly be satisfied, i guess.

Well, I took advantage of this because I can practice magic alone.

However, it's hot.


Summer・Hot・Girls・what would you do?

That's it, let's go to the sea!

I hit on a good idea.


’’I intend to go to the sea.’’

During that night, I declared to the 2 of them in the dining room of the inn.

’’The sea?’’

2 people raises a voice of doubt.

’’Yes, the sea.

Well, hasn't it been really hot recently?

My concentration doesn't last long too.

Therefore, I intend to go to the sea.’’

’’It's hot, and why the sea?

’’It's because it's the sea when you speak of summer.’’


Sharon and Laurier both doesn't understand the meaning, and tilt their head slightly in puzzlement.

Although my explanation is bad too.

’’It isn't understood well, but I do not mind it.

If Haruto says he's going, I will just follow too of course.’’

Laurier, well, seems like she will be coming together.

Giving a sidelong glance at us who finished eating our dinner, she answered while munching on the omelet rice that was ordered additionally.

By the way, Laurier's right arm has already recovered to it's original form.

Although I saw the moment it recovered, somehow the wound is glowing with a [Shuwa] and gradually it becomes the shape of her arm, reconstructed it.

I saw a truly interesting thing.

The mystery of life in the different world.

’’Sea huh....I have never seen it before, should I go too?’’

Sharon is subtly worried.

If you do not come, most of the pleasure is lost, you know.

Ms.Etna refused because she is working.

Somehow, I cannot get acquainted with her easily . Damn.

’’......In fact today, I went to the guild, and the map and request have been confirmed,

but apparently the place 2 days west of here is a port and there seems to be a beach that passes through the shallow waters along the way.

In addition, I undertook a request as the guards of a merchant from there to a village in the place a little north.

’’You are sufficiently prepared.’’

’’Somehow, Haruto's face is similar to the face during training.’’

W, What?

Though I thought I have a poker face, is it reflected on my face that much?

’’E, Err. so, well.

As the number of people requested is 2, if Sharon doesn't want to go after all, we will work with 2 person, me and Laurier.

If Sharon comes too, Laurier only needs to come along.

How about it?’’

’’Sharon! We must definitely go together!’’

Oops, backing from Laurier huh.

This fellow, she just doesn't want to work.

’’Eh? U, Uun.That's right.

The sea is interesting to me too, let's go together.’’

Alright! It has been decided that Sharon will come too.

’’I got it. The request is from the day after tomorrow.

Tomorrow, Sharon and I will undertake and apply for Laurier to follow along, and ask for the preparation for 2 people with the other party.

As we will stay 1 night at the actual place, we will request for about 6 days 5 nights.’’

I confirm various matters and we are dismissed after that.

Even if I say dismissed, we are next door neighbors, and Laurier is in the same room.

By the way, I left the preparation for the trip to the 2 deliberately.


Two people who do not understand what to do going to the sea, but prepares to go to the sea.

Then, naturally a situation will occur.

It's really a worthless plan.

However, I believe there are merits to it.



It's the first time I'm looking forward to enjoying a plan like this.


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