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Return Of The Former Hero - Chapter 16


16. Former hero・is pleased to touch the chest and thigh of the demon race

The next day after the fight with magic race Laurier.

Presently, I'm in my own room within the inn.

There is neither a toilet nor a bathroom, and furnished with only a table and bed, it's truly a one-room without pretense. And it's small.

Like that, in a space where I truly only sleep, a girl from the demon race had come to live, and is sleeping on the bed while snoring now.

Should I attack her? Though I thought of that, with the state of her shredded left arm and right arm severed from the shoulders, it was not possible to get excited after all.

Though it was me that did it.

However, should I clear the grudge that was left behind from being kick from the bed in the middle of the night?

Sitting at the edge of the bed, I massage and hold those modest breast.

’’Nnn...... Nn〜’’

She didn't wake up.

Getting carried away, I feel her chest and legs while recalling the event yesterday.

Yesterday, after the battle with this demon race and being told that she was in love with me, although it was bewildering,

I decided to accept it as Laurier herself is pretty and my harem plans contains the demon race too.

Of course, Leon's group did not have a pleasant look.

However, I persuaded them there.

And bringing out the matter of her not acting violently in town, coming along obediently until the plains, shows that she is not such a bad fellow.

Although there is also punching of Yunikram's stomach and involving the spectators, I properly receive their consent there by saying I will take charge of the troublesome stuff.

In addition, there is the actual fact that they are not able to do anything about her.

It's not me who is finding fault. And, they caved in and accepted.

In the world, there is always someone stronger.

Leon is a hero.

If he trains without forgetting that, he will become even stronger from here onward. And it was followed up.

’’Disappointment is also good, isn't it.’’

And, Laurier who was saying that was knock on the head.

Although the heroes was like that,

Sharon also drops a boo.

Rather than helping the demon race, she seem to not like the part about her falling in love with me.

Oh Oh?

This situation is basically saying?

When I'm grinning

I was punched while saying 'it's not like this!' and blushing.

I was completely careless.

However, it's completely ok because it's cute.

I see that I'm progressing steadily.

Laurier is surprised to see the exchange.

’’What! To inflict a blow of that standard to Haruto!

Girl, you are wonderful too!’’

Saying so, she approached Sharon and extended her left hand.

A girl that was chopped into pieces is approaching. It's horror. (TN: Horror movies)

Laurier is given a light kick because of that.

I surpassed the present Laurier with a single blow.

As for Sharon, her momentum died and she falters.

Although Sharon may have hold on more if it was complete hostility, because Laurier was extremely friendly, it wasn't possible to do it bluntly.

After all, it's not me who is making Laurier out to be bad.

And she resigned herself.

And then, Laurier came to live in my room.

According to the conversation heard last night, Laurier seems to be around 12 years old still. Does her age correspond with the appearance?

I had thought that she would have a fantastic age of hundreds of years old surely.

There are no parents for the demon race. It seems that when she realized, she was among the sea of trees to the south.

Speech seem to just happen somehow.

Laurier may be a reincarnation of a demon race who died previously.

The person in question doesn't remember it at all, but she doesn't seem to mind it.

She seemed to have lived while defeating demons and demon races in a nearby place after that.

And when she heard of the existence called hero, she came along until the town of Torres.

Then, as there was a guy who seems to be strong, and wanting to try his strength, she gave her magic to a demon, and she seem thinking this could be expected as he had defeated it in no time at all.

Hearing the talk in sequence, she was a fellow who was speaking properly.

And, isn't this conversation about the incident of that goblin?

It's probably because of this fellow!

And during the first time meeting her too, somewhere.......something like this was said.

Remember it properly!

Well, it's good that it's already over.

Understanding the cause was refreshing.

So she entered the town of Torres that was merry making while searching for the hero.

Tension rising after seeing the bustling town for the first time and pilfering food from the street stall, she was deeply moved by the delicious taste.

Laurier who was addicted to the cuisine forgot about the matter of the hero completely, and seems like she had been eating food these 2 months.

She was seriously a fool.

But seriously, I also understood that she is not a bad guy.

If she was properly taught the common sense of humans, she would likely be able to adapt herself to the human's society sufficiently.

By the way, I who had been thinking back for a long time, was touching her chest and legs with abandon all the while.

But Laurier doesn't wake up.

Massaging while chatting.


This......should I stretch my hands for the panty?

Since she said she fell in love, if it's a little, is it ok?

A demon race or whatnot, Laurier's skin has the sensation and softness like a girl.

With just this much touching, that guy is completely energetic too. (TN: That Guy.)

Losing all restraint, Laurier woke up when my hand was reaching straight out for her panty.


Sleep there obediently for a little longer!


You, what are you doing?’’

’’......errrr, what to say, just......’’



KYAA! and getting kick was what I thought, but such a thing did not happen.

I was asked calmly.

Conversely, this may be harder.

When I was trying to withdraw my hand, it was held firmly by Laurier's thighs.

N? What? What is it?

Is my wrist broken just like this?

Although I trembled with fear, that was not the case.

’’Really, somehow saying that you are not excited by a kid who doesn't have an arm last night, and to be stimulated with me as your plaything while asleep.......Are you a pervert?’’

I'm sorry.

’’However, it's good!

I had yesterday, decided to become your property.

You should make me a toy you like whenever you feel like it!


Her behavior doesn't correspond to the contents said.

Or rather, seriously?

It's fine even if I go seriously?

I had aim for a harem in the different world, but now it has appeared before my eyes for feasting, my heart is pounding!

Somehow, not eating the meal placed in front of my eyes is ?

Al, Alright, Here i go.

With determination in my chest, I, I am!

At that moment, BANG! A sound of the wall being hit.

UWAA, I was surprised!

The sound came from the room next to mine.

Ah, Ms.Sharon is next door.

The walls are thin in this inn.

And this demon race has a loud voice.

And, the door of my room is thrown open.

Uh.....keys, although I had closed it...?

And at the place for the knob, but it has become squashed.....?

Of course Sharon came in.

’’Ea, Ea, Early in the morning, W, Wh, What are you doing!?

Ha, Haruto! It's already time for today's training!?

Hurry up and prepare!’’

Rattling on with a crimson face, and BATAAN! The door was shut and she went out.

Scarily cute.

’’What's up with that guy? Energetic from the morning.’’

Laruier who doesn't understand well, was surprised at such a face.


Anyway, leaving aside climbing the stairs to adulthood now, let set out to Sharon's training.

And Laurier, some other time.

I'll enjoy after her arm has recovered at least.


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