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Return Of The Former Hero - Chapter 13


13. Former hero・watches the development of the situation

After seeing off the girl who collapse from overeating, I head towards the adventurer's guild.

Conversing with Ms.Etna is the dose of camphor in life.

’’Ah, Hello Haruto-kun.

Didn't you go and see the parade today?’’

Thanks to the daily visit during these 2 months, this way of talking has been broken into considerably.

It's just honorific for other adventurers.


What is it, I wonder?

’’As there is still time, I came to meet Ms.Etna.’’

’’Mou! Though you are meeting Sharon-chan afterwards, really, to say it so impudently.

But, thank you. Hehe.’’

Similar on good terms with Sharon who visits daily, they had a relationship similar to sisters.

When I became aware, the method of addressing had a -chan attached to it.

Unlike the girl who set her target as the topic of hitting my face, I was healed by that smile.

So as to not disturb her work after chatting, I headed to the meeting place.

I arrived 15 minutes before the appointed time.

After that, I just have to wait for Sharon.

was what I thought, but Sharon had already come.

Sharon wasn't wearing her usual breastplate, and had come in a pretty dress.

Surprised by the unexpected appearance, I stared at her.

’’H, How is it? Ms.Etna said that, having such clothes too, it would be better for me to choose them.’’

Sharon fidgets while asking.

Of course, it's pretty.

’’A, Ah........It suits your very well and looks pretty.’’

’’Re, Really!?

Gee, because I have not made such an appearance, I am not certain whether it suits me or not.

That's great. Thank you!’’

Sharon is bashful.

Aaa, she's cute.

Can I just take her home like that?

I wonder is it alright to hold her hand?

It's probably good. O, Okay.

’’Then, Haruto. Let's go!’’

Before I can reach out my hand, she was walking off briskly. Wait .

After that, the timing for holding hands was lost and we went to look around the stalls like that.

Was it because it's the second time, or she was favoring clothing,

Sharon look around slowly without shooting forward like a rocket similar to last time.

In the meantime, the heroes made an appearance at the main gate.

In an attempt to glimpse that figure, people gathered all at once.

They came!

It's here.

With a here, Sharon is gently pulled......



Suddenly, laughter resounded on central avenue.

That voice, or rather, laughter sounds familiar.....

The sudden resounding laughter stirred the crowd.

Although everyone looked around, the owner of that voice isn't there.

No, it's different.


The owner of that laughter.

The girl who collapse from eating too much just now was there.

In the air right above central avenue.

Fl, Floating......

The people in the area notices too, and it became noisy.

The heroes too, look up wondering what's happening.

’’Ahem. Who's the hero?

I am Laurier・von・steinhart!

Demon race.’’

The girl who collapsed from overeating casually introduces herself.

The murmuring from the crowd became louder.

Demon race?

That Loli Baba is?

Properly speaking, I should only be listening to a child's nonsense, but abnormalities such as floating in the air with a 'fuyofuyo' holds a persuasive power.

But why?

Assume she is really from the demon race, why collapse from overeating while moaning, and in this town, make a declaration while facing the heroes?

’’Hey, Haruto. That girl, just now, said demon race.’’


Sharon is hiding behind me.

’’Hmm? What? The reaction is bad......

Aren't there more like, WA or KYa ?

Well, fine. FINE! HAAHAHAHAHA!’’

The self proclaimed demon race Laurier laughs.

If she is not floating in the air, it's a cute 10 years old girl.

It's not scary at all. Saying such a thing isn't very dignifying too.

Everyone doesn't understand what they should do.

Me too, although it might be better to be vigilant, but I'm troubled with that judgment.

That is because there is not much feeling of danger towards that girl from the demon race.

Is this the peril of negligence?

While I was troubled in such a way, the current hero made a move.

’’I am the hero. Hero Leon・Van・Lowell.

Ms. demon race. Like this in town, what the heck is your business with me?’’

’’Oo, so you are the hero huh!......hero......n〜?’’

Laurier observes Leon critically.

’’......Well, okay. I don't understand from only looking!

Hero. I challenge you to a duel.’’

’’Duel? With me? I see.

Do you want to erase my existence as a hero?

Be that as it may, a duel coming from the front.

It's gracious for the demon race.’’

’’Nn? Well, anything is fine. Anyway, fight against me.

it's fine even if all your separate members come!’’

What's up with that fellow?

Fair and square, did you come now for an ordinary match?

However, if a fight begins in such a place now......

’’I accept the duel! But it's impossible in the middle of the town like this.

Outside the town. Let's go to the square east from here, is such a thing OK?’’

As Leon thought of the same thing, a change of venue was suggested.

’’Hmm. That's fine! Then, lead the way.’’

Laurier lands on the ground directly.

The crowd scatters with a 'waah' to make space.


The human mass is closing in.

Wa, Wait.

’’Then, this way demon race.’’


While I am not pulling Sharon in, she was washed away by the surging crowd.

Leon accompanies Laurier, returning the way he came from.

Naturally, Yunikram and the other 2 beautiful members follows too.

What should I do?

Do I follow secretly?

While Laurier the demon race acts as a decoy to draw away the heroes,

other demon race attacks the town or something like that, should I be cautious of such a thing?

No, the hero came today.

It would be better not to especially wait for today particularly to strike.

If that's so, is it better to follow after all?

If there is an emergency, apart from me, people of this world would be in trouble.

The first thing in front of my eyes is to get up.

Within the range my hands could reach, I thought that I had to avoid such a situation.


Sharon who was washed directly away by the human wave, returned unsteadily.

’’Haruto! Are you going to see by any chance?’’


’’I, I am going too!’’

I thought she would say that.

’’......I don't particularly mind. Will you abide my instructions?

If I say run away, you must absolutely run away. Okay?’’

’’Un. I understand. I'm a burden huh.’’

These 2 months, during subjugation type of request that we attempted in a pair, that was a confirmation I said every time.

Although it has not fallen to such a situation up till now, this time is a demon race.

Although I will not need to fight in particular if there is nothing, unforeseen circumstances occur.

I pay firm attention more than usual.

’’Ok, shall we go......and, you, isn't that a dress.

Since I will go first, change your clothes before coming back.’’

’’Eh? Ah! is that so.

U〜n......Un, I understand. Change and come back......’’

Wondering whether it was alright even with this appearance, Sharon meekly obeys.

She doesn't even have a weapon.

’’Since it's Sharon, I think you will have allowance even if you are alone for the demons around here, but be careful when coming.’’

’’I got it. Then, I'll go and come back.’’

Saying so, Sharon hurries back to the inn.

Me too, as the figures have already disappeared, I chase after the heroes and demon race running towards outside of the town.


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