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Return Of The Former Hero - Chapter 11


11. Former hero・becomes a master

Those who saw off the parade, or slipped out of work to come returned, breaking up to continue enjoying the festival merrymaking.

Naturally, as the congestion is resolved to some extent,

my time in paradise also came to an end too.

’’Haaa. Hero-samas were full of handsome man and beautiful woman huh.’’

’’Yes. It was flashy.’’

’’it was something like, HERO! kind of feeling!’’

Sharon, though you did not notice until you saw it.

’’I have to return to work soon.

Please enjoy with just the 2 of you after this.’’

Leaving those words, Ms.Etna went back to the guild.

Is there no rest in the afternoon?

Afterwards, the tension rises above as I went to look around the stalls with Sharon.

It's surely a date. Is what I wanted to say, but because Sharon dashes here and there, I become similar to a babysitter for a child.

’’I, only because I came out from the village, it's the first time I'm so active!’’

Is that so. It's the first time for a festival of this scale huh.

The Sharon whose spirit seem to be excessive from her core.

Is it also inevitable to make merry with reckless abandon too?

We window-shopped roughly all the street stalls opened on central avenue.

On the way, we had something similar to lunch together.

And because she was saved, I think that Sharon who tried to treat me is a good kid.

Gradually, it's the time when the day gets dark.

Where I was thinking that we should already return for today, Sharon addresses me once again.

’’Haruto. You know, truly thank you for today.’’

’’The incident of goblin is already fine. In addition, I had fun from noon onward too.’’

’’Un! I had fun too!

...and, it's different from that again. Or rather a request for Haruto, there is something I want to depend on you for.’’

’’......? Depend? What?’’

Actually my village is occupied by bandits! or something like that?

No no, a festival wouldn't be enjoyed in such a situation.

’’I want you to teach me swordplay and how to fight!

Because I am still a novice,

I do not have so much money, but because of that I will work for work seriously!’’

Ah, I see. It's such a thing.

’’Okay. However, it doesn't mean that I studied particularly under some kind of school too.

Because I sort of worked my way up with actual fighting, can you not have expectation for my guidance?’’

’’Really!? Hooray! Thank you!

Ah, but I really have not much money......’’

Sharon is delightfully pleased, then bashful, and became uneasy after thinking for a moment.

Really, expression that changes frequently. Adorable.

’’It's okay.

That will be fine because Sharon will not take it to an unreasonable extent.’’

The truth is, it's also fine even if it's free of charge, but I feel that it isn't good for the sake of both of us.

So, how much then? The reward that I decided to get without fail.

I do not have surplus gold too.

’’Un! Thank you!

Ehehe, somehow I am giving nothing but thanks to Haruto today, right.’’

Yeah. How many times have you said it?

A bashful Sharon was seen.

’’Wh, what? But it's embarrassing when I'm stared at......?’’

Sharon with nothing to do fidgets about.

This is......being in love huh?


No, still it's not even one day.

But I feel like thinking that I fell in love with Ms.Etna and Sharon immediately.

The person that makes me feel anxious. Bring it on.

I am the type that does everything thoroughly.

The matters for us to act together will increase due to training from tomorrow, it's a matter of time for love to develop too.


’’Haruto, somehow your smiling face is disgusting.’’


To receive divine punishment immediately after getting carried away huh.

I must reflect.


From the next day, for 3 hours in the morning, I taught Sharon how to fight.

Earning an income, we perform request from the guild mutually in the afternoon.

Occasionally we set out for subjugation in a pair too.

It's training of the sword, but because I do not have a good understanding of something like swordsmanship too, there is no guidance in that area.

You are swinging widely, or you are not paying attention to your feet, it's that kind of standard.

So, basically I repeat something similar for the mock battles with fake sword.

Sharon is talented.

During training, my way of movement and evasion,

is fully observed and implemented after thinking about it.

It's enjoyable watching her become visibly stronger in a short period of time.

After that, I feel that mutual trust is steadily built.


’’Master is making a disgusting face again.’’

When I am having an wicked fantasy, Sharon who seemed to have decided to call me master during training quips immediately.

She really observes well, this person.

Concurrent to training with the sword itself, I was thinking of teaching Sharon one magic.

Among the few magic that I can use, the most important one is body strengthening.

In the different world where magic exist, although it's a magic people working hard in the martial art uses unconsciously to some extent,

to master body strengthening specifically, intentionally and efficiently, several dozen years of honest training should be done before the above-mentioned effects can be expected.

I am the source.

I do not know how much magical power capacity Sharon has,

but if I know my limit and manage it skillfully for her, she can become stronger in one go.

’’Magic of body strengthening? There's such a thing?’’

’’That's right. Currently, Sharon should also be using it somewhat already. It's at an unconscious level.

Let's use it consciously. That's the situation.’’

The training ended after moving for 2 hours, and facing Sharon who was still panting a little with flushed cheeks, the lesson started.

’’Yes! Master!’’

’’Yes, Sharon kun.’’

’’It's something that I've heard, that magic only activates after chanting.

However master seems to be able to use it without chanting. Still, the name was mentioned before the magic activates right?

Can you do it unconsciously?’’

’’Sharon, look at my right hand.’’

Pointing my right palm upwards, I lifted it to a spot where Sharon can see it easily.

And, I imagine it.

Poof, a fireball is produced in my palm.

’’Wa! I was surprised!

Huh? The magic activation just now, even the name........?’’

Sharon shows a look of surprise.

’’The extent of magic raised depends on the image of that phenomenon.

Chanting and saying the name of the magic too, are only assistance to put together that image.

As long as you are able to clearly imagine it, magic can be used even if not expressed separately.’’

However, it's easier said than done.

Because I was brought up on earth without magic,

although that theory was accepted somehow, the people who uses magic with the assistance of chanting since childhood,

they don't seem to be able to abandon that awareness of activating magic by chanting too.

Speaking of that point, those who grow up in the country side are not familiar with magic, and Sharon who seemed muscle-headed doesn't appear to have that awareness and may be able to learn chant-less magic control without trouble. I think.

’’Anyway, body strengthening is a matter of imagining a high physical ability of yourself consciously!

Self confidence comes from training naturally of course, and that confidence leads to further body strengthening unconsciously!

Move your body consciously! With an image to gather magical power to that movement! Constantly be aware so that you can move even more skillfully!’’

’’Yes! Master! As I do not understand it well, please explain it once more!’’


Afterwards, I had to explain it four more times until Sharon understood the theory.


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