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Return Of The Former Hero - Chapter 108


Chapter 108

Chapter 108. Former Hero. Witnesses Romcom.

Yo, Pops. What's up?

Just kidding.

At the arranged time with Leon, I'm entering the restaurant located across from our hotel while thinking about random things by myself.

Since the place is quite popular, there are many guests inside the restaurant. It's clearly full. It seems like they're really flourishing.

[Welcome. I am sorry, customer. Right now, we're fully booked so you will need to wait until there are vacant seats.]

The clerk, who noticed us, rushed over in a hurry with light footsteps and greeted us.

The clerk's way of speaking is fairly long.

As we have seen already, it's really packed.

[Etto, you see, I think there was a reservation made... By Leon... Did he come here? I am Amagi Haruto] (Haruto)

For the time being, after checking the surroundings and with no sign of Leon's group in sight, I try asking the clerk.

Still, if Leon hadn't made a reservation in this restaurant, it'll be really embarrassing.

In the worst case, I plan to impose on Leon a suitable compensation.

[Ah! You are Amagi-sama, right? Yes, we have been told about you. They're waiting for you in the private room on the second floor.]

Thank god. Leon and his group really came and made a reservation here.

Sorry Leon. I had my doubts in you.

However, the clerk seems exhausted by the way she's talking. It doesn't matter to me though.

[Well then, I'll guide you. Please follow me]

As we are guided by the clerk, she leads us towards the stairs inside the restaurant.

On the way, we pass by the other guests who were waiting for vacant seats.


I suppose it does feel somewhat good.

After you guys wait while being hungry for the vacant seats which you don't know when they will become available, you will then need to wait until the food that you've ordered arrives.

On the other hand, we are being guided to the seats immediately after we arrive.

And since Leon group had arrived early, I think they must have ordered some dishes already.

This is probably the result of a personal request. Hahaha.

What a superiority complex. (Referring to the feeling of superiority)

I'm such a small man.

Is this how the people with this mentality think?

[This is the room.]

While I'm still lost in my delusions, we have arrived at the private room.

The clerk readily opened the grand door with a ’’gacha’’ sound.

The clerk still has a long way to go. If it was Mina, I'm sure she wouldn't have made any sound.

And then we enter the private room.

There are 4 people inside the room: Leon, Yunikram, Aura, and Caron.

Uwaa, it's been a while.

[We have been waiting. Go, please take your seat] (Leon)

After giving a greeting in a hurry and being urged by Leon, we move to sit down at our seats.

I wonder how we should sit. (ED note: Referring to seating arrangement)

The seat in the innermost part seems to be vacant. Is it the seat of honor?

Even if I don't understand it well, I guess it should be okay if Rithina sits there.

And then, the seat next to her will be me? Is that fine?

Un... I wish I could trivially ask Rithina beforehand what to do in such cases.

... Can we sit in any order?

In our party, we don't have any hierarchical relationship or differences in social status.

While I am still thinking about it, everyone moves quickly to sit without caring about the seat order. Nuu.

[Haruto-kun] (Rithina)

Rithina called out to me. She is not sitting on the seat of honor, but on the one next of it.

Eh? Why didn't you sit on the seat of honor? Is there something wrong with my memory? No, it's most likely that the laws of earth and the other world are different. (TL Note: Person who has a high position usually sits in the seat of honor)

Although I don't understand it well, but I guess I can go sit on the place where Rithina motioned me to.

In the end, I am the one who sits on the seat of honor. Leon sits down on the opposite side.

[Let me say it again: it's been a long time since we met, everyone.] (Leon)

[Yeah, it has been long time.] (Haruto)

After all of our members sit on their respective seats, Leon and I greet each other as representatives.

This signaled the start as everyone began to exchange greetings among themselves.

Sharon, Laurier, Rithina, and Mina have been their acquaintances so they said their greetings.

As for Celes, Tanya, and Kagura, it's their first meeting so I introduce them.

Celes, who knows about the title of Hero feels tense. Meanwhile, Tanya and Kagura seem not especially interested in Hero.

After everyone is done exchanging pleasantries, we start to eat the large dish that has been ordered by Leon while having a pleasant conversation;all while we order the dishes we want to eat and wait until it comes.


I wonder why. I'm curious about something.

This is the same uncomfortable feeling as when Leon visited our hotel room before.

... What is this? Why am I somehow becoming anxious?

[What's wrong?] (Rithina)

When I'm still having this uncomfortable feeling, Rithina asked me from the side.

Oops, my bad. Was I showing a serious face?

[Etto... No, it's nothing] (Haruto)

It's a reunion after a long time.

I'll put aside the feeling of discomfort for now.

.... Let's try consulting about this with Rithina at night.

After that, our ordered dishes arrive and we began to talk about our parties' recent adventures while we're eating lunch.

It seems that after we left the Royal Capital, Leon's group went towards the large forest in the south.

In that place, they fought against one of the four Heavenly Generals of Demon King Army and defeated it.

However, it was narrow victory. Thus, for the sake improvement, they wanted to come to Odysseus to participate in the tournament this time, where every strong people gathered from various places.

One of the Demon King Army's Heavenly Generals;they just fought against a big name. Amazing.

In the big forest, was there such a fellow?

[Laurier. You... No, never mind] (Haruto)

[What is it?] (Laurier)

[No, it's nothing really. Sorry] (Haruto)

[?] (Laurier)

Even if she knows, I doubt she will remember this guy. Yes. Even I have learned my lesson.

Afterwards, we're talking about the progress of our travels.

[A golem that can nullify magic. I heard about this story when we returned to the Royal Capital] (Leon)

It seems that Leon's group has also heard about that Golem.

[Is there something that strikes as odd to you about it?] (Haruto)

[I'm sorry but there's nothing in particular... It's just that there was one among the Demon King's Heavenly Generals, who is completely immune against magical attacks. Although I'm not sure if they are related...] (Leon)

Hee, is there a such fellow? That sounds troublesome.

[If we were fighting against someone like that, our present selves wouldn't be able to win, perhaps...I don't know the reason but it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that we narrowly escaped against that kind of enemy.] (Leon)

The Heavenly General who's immune to magic attacks seems to have given him a bitter experience

Leon, who talked about the situation at that time, seemed to despair after realizing his lack of strength.

Uwaa... The mood of this place has become really heavy now.

More like: after destroying one of the Heavenly Generals, is he saying that they cannot lay either a hand or a leg on another similar Heavenly General?

Despite being Heavenly Kings, it's looks like there is a difference between them.

That fellow might've been the weakest among the Heavenly Generals.

.... But this mood, I wonder why?

I wish I can say something to him but what would be a good thing to say?

[Leon-sama! We are still alive! Even for this battle tournament, everyone has became stronger, so let's defeat that demon next time!] (Caroin)

[Caroin... Yes. You're right] (Leon)

Before I say something, Caroin encourages Leon in a full voice.

Good job. I was surprised that Caroin being able to make a quick response like that.

Did you want to encourage the depressed Leon that much?

[She is right. I'll show you that my weapon skills have become stronger too. I believe..... I can stand in line beside Leon Therefore, cheer up.] (Aura)

[Aura... Thank you] (Leon)

Aura suddenly talked and encouraged Leon even more.

[Y-Yes! My magic too... I'll show you that I can surely support Leon without fail!] (Caroin)

Caroin recalled something and gave an additional reply.

[Yeah, Leon and I.... We will be fighting with our all so please take care of us] (Aura)

[E, ee...! Yeah I guess?] (Leon)


What's with this?

Is there something like this?

Is it youth?

Is this what they call a love comedy?

There are two beautiful girls who give their best for the Hero?


[E... Etto, thank you both of you! There is no need for me to brood over it anymore, right?]

Toward the sudden words from Aura and Caroin, Leon put an end to his story while showing an embarrassed expression.

I see.

I've managed to learn a lot of things.

This guy must have had a hard time as well.

Despite that, it should be fine to him to obtain both of them.

That would be the case if it was me. I'm doing so already.

Well, it's because Leon is an earnest guy for better or for worse.

Since he has an obligation as a Hero, he can't afford to be distracted by something like love affairs until the Demon King is defeated! That's what he's surely thinking.

In a way, Aura and Caroin might have hard time as well.


Putting Leon's intentions aside, being in the Hero's party seems extremely fun. I'm jealous.

I also wanted to have such troubles during my time as one.

Well, I had my cup full when I was a Hero back then. If I was in Leon's position, I might've been unable to keep someone close and make light of that person.

[Haruto-sama. The method of defeating the Golem which can nullify magical attacks, can you teach it to us?] (Yunikram)

Yunikram, who might be the one who hase the most awkward position in Hero's party, changed the topic of the conversation.

This guy must've had the hardest time.

[Yeah! By all means, please!] (Leon)

After Yunikram throws a lifeboat, Leon immediately gets on it. It is amusing. Leon should be older than me.

[Etto, even if you ask me to teach you.... You just raise your level and hit it with physical attacks. Something like that...] (Haruto)

As a matter of fact, I've defeated one with just brute force so I can't explain it clearly.

[.... I see. If that fellow is able to nullify magical attacks, the simplest and most effective plan might be to knock it down with overwhelming physical attacks] (Leon)

Leon seems satisfied with my answer. Is it really good?

Since the person in question seems content, it's good I guess?

[As expected, a physical attack...] (ED Note: Not sure who this is)

However, Aura seems to have made a small triumphant pose while Caroin threw me a resentful gaze.

Eh? Wait a minute.

Although it's good to change the mood, it will be troublesome if I'm the target now.

[T-to raise our physical attack power, it might be effective by having Caroin's support magic be applied on Leon!] (Haruto)

[Yeah it is! Yes! I'll work hard!] (Caroin)

Following my opinion, Caroin's expression changed into a gentle and cheerful one.


Oi Leon.

Why am I the one doing a follow-up for those girls?

You should do it, you know. They are the girls who have fallen in love with you.

[Power, technique, magic... We need to raise everything higher...!]

My silent pressure doesn't seem to reach Leon at all.

Damn this guy, I'll remember this.


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