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Return Of The Former Hero - Chapter 104


Chapter 104. Former Hero. Looks back on his journey.

Two months have passed.

We've stayed in Angel for half of a month, earning money by helping Sharon with her work, and we've saved some of it.

Though I say that we've saved money, the amount can only be considered pocket money.

There was also the matter with Kagura-san that happened due to her discussion with Rithina before. Kagura-san easily moved out of her workshop which was also her rented house, and secluded herself in the workshop/home extending from behind Kurato.

When I asked her [Are you alright with deciding on this so quickly?], her answer was [Starting a business in a new town is not bad].

In addition, she also grumbled things like [The people here don't understood the benefits of clocks].

Her shop appears to have little to no business.

However, even if her shop is questionable, she can be called an excellent weaponsmith. Despite that, does she think that she'll be fine after leaving town and migrating to another country?

For a technician to be scouted, I feel that it might cause a problem for us...

Though I was worried, Rithina said [I have planned for this in advance].

I am bit anxious about what she discussed and with whom but since it's Rithina who said it, it should be alright.

It's true that I don't want to stick my nose into those kinds of things. I have also given plenty of instructions to Rithina during the punishment time that she has to talk to me so the discussion can move forward with my power.

Therefore, since Rithina has decided not to speak to me about it, I'm thinking that the matter only stayed on the level of them talking about it.

As for Kagura-san, she is being herself. It seems like she isn't mostly concerned about migrating.

Moreover, there was also the condition that I would show her my wristwatch if she participated in the race. While looking at it with glittering eyes, she seized it and went away.

I'm just showing it to you but it doesn't mean I'll give it to you, okay?

Don't break it and make sure to return it safely. Okay?

In addition, she also took away several items that I had brought from Earth.

As for these items, they are not the type which were necessary to bring in particular. Although I say that I don't care about them, it doesn't mean I'm not concerned about them so I considered whether it's reckless to give them to someone.

However, when she drew her big breasts close and said [Please? Can I see them?], I just couldn't say no to her.

With the recent events and a few others, Kagura-san and Celes ended up staying often in the workshop together.

I don't know if it's thanks to that, but Celes, who was previously working on the smartphone, managed to obtain good results in powering the smartphone with magic.

There is a huge conversion device stuck to it and the size has become around that of a handycam, but she said that it will fully charge the smartphone during a single night by using magic in the surrounding area.

In a way, she has completed an object that exceeded the technology from Earth.

Honestly, I was surprised because I could never imagine that she would succeed.

[Onii-i-san! I did it! I have made it!], said Celes when she came to report to me in high spirits.

It might have been my first time to see Celes in such high spirits.

The usual Celes is always reserved and well-behaved, so I can only say [Amazing] at that time while looking at her shining face.

And then I verified it by filming a movie with the smartphone while calling it a ’’performance inspection’’.

The target was obviously Celes.

My ambition which I thought had disappeared like a dream but now I got her to make a home video.

Though I got her to make it, I have a feeling that I more or less tricked her.

While she was dumbfounded, I took a video of Celes, who doesn't understand the function of recording, without her permission.

It's not ’’more or less’’, I've tricked her completely.

Oh well. However, it's better than I thought.

Even though it's fun with just watching, there's worth in seeing her reaction when I will show Cecil this movie that I took.

While she seems interested in the video recording function, it looks like a ’’shame play’’ where one's silliness is being washed away.

Of course she probably won't go as far as to break the smartphone. On the other hand, in the current situation where she's too interested in the concept of video recording to just run away, Celes who was watched her recorded figure while she panics is really cute.

When it comes to Celis being my partner, it seems like I become really sadistic.

I kind of regret it now. Maybe I was a bit too cruel.

But I know.

One day, Celes will look back and watch this video by herself.

Moreover, only by herself...


When I was thinking about it, I couldn't stop grinning.

As long as its capacity allows, I'll continue recording lots of videos.

Sharon is working hard during training as usual.

Not only during the morning practice but also in the afternoon. When we were traveling, she said that she would run as part of her training. I am concerned about how far this girl would go.

As a result, she now has the power to control the distribution of her magical power for long periods of time. It also seems that her stamina has increased as well.

She also continues to train her speed which was already fast to begin with. In addition, she has increased the duration of her temporary top speed. It's not like a big deal anymore when I fail to land a hit on her during the practice.

Before long, with the way she's going, she might start truthfully saying [That's just my afterimage].

Even for me, I cannot create an afterimage.

I do not know whether it's possible for people to do such things in reality with the speed a human can bring out.

The other day, I asked Sharon of her objective.

[Do you want to aim as the strongest in the world?] I asked her.

Then she answered, [I want to be able to stand next to Haruto].

It's not to defeat me but to stand next to me. That's very lovely of her.

However, her target is still me though.

Although you said it like that, I think that's bothersome to aim for me like one would aim at the strongest in the world.

Oh well, it looks like Sharon is having fun when she is training, so she will likely make it happen someday.

Tanya is becoming more bashful lately.

Is it because I completely overwhelmed her during the race? I'm not sure whether she would keep her promise of becoming my woman if she had lost to me before the race, but she is acting bashful.

No, rather than saying she has become more bashful, saying that she has embraced her own emotions is more appropriate.

So far, she stuck close to me under the pretext of absorbing magic. There were lots of times when I argued with Laurier about changing that position but recently, it seems that she's satisfied with just holding hands.

Her tone with which she usually said [Oi] or [Ha] has now changed to calling my name [Haruto] directly.

Recently, when she dared to raise her voice like a spoiled child saying [Nee Nee] to say something and then calling out to me with [Haruto Haruto] with a soothing voice.

It's so damn cute.

When I think about it, when she enlarges her body after consuming the magic power at night, she devotedly entwine her big breast which are as big as Rithina's.

But because of that, I would like her to stop to seeing Rithina as some strange rival and throwing a strange line such as [My breasts are bigger] into that fire.

Thanks to Rithina's and Tanya's breasts, the confrontation of whose breasts are bigger broke out. Sharon entered the war with saying [What's most important is that Haruto said that he prefers my size which fits completely in his hand]. Celes insisted that her breasts were [Growing bigger recently] while appealing modestly. As for Mina, she absent-mindedly said [The form matters]. And Laurier, she didn't say anything unusual and seriously fell to the ground.

With me being who I am, after me saying an excessive line like [I have heard breasts are rubbed by man, it will make them grow bigger], I was ended up massaging the breasts of that female group throughout the whole day.

Hyaa, that was fun. I want to do it again.

Eh? The opinion and the conclusion does not match. Oh well, whatever.

By the way, Rithina won the size measurement against Tanya by 2cm.

Rithina has shown satisfied expression, does she feel relieved to have identity as the owner of the biggest breasts in the harem?

As for the things afterwards, it seems Laurier has been actively growing the size of her breasts recently.

Just the other day, she just went and asked Tanya about how to make the body grow by using magic with serious face. I was surprised at that time.

Usually, Laurier is so self-centered towards the whole world. It is terrifying that she becomes utterly desperate when it comes to the size of her breasts.

Therefore I've already said to her that:

[It is fine to have small breasts. It's no worse than having big breasts]

To that, Laurier answered [It's all good if it's a girl, right?] while feeling satisfied... which I'm not really sure about.

No, it's not that.

I just wanted to say to her that I like her the way she is.

It's not as if you are a girl, then it'll be alright.

Though I can't fully deny it.

The way I talk is extremely bad.

As it can't be helped, I explained to her just how much I liked small breasts too, thus managing to deceive her.

Having done that much, Laurier should've been satisfied. I was satisfied too.

As for Mina, it's much more serious.

With the addition of the so-called ’’hikikomori’’ Kagura-san, her workload has been increased.

When I realized it, we have become a large family of 8 people.

The amount is amazing whenever I'm thinking about it.

Regarding the cooking, she said that [It's not a big deal to increase the portion for one person], but I still think it's tough on her.

Regarding place to secure the ingredients, the space has been increased because the workshop was added to Kurato, so it seems that there is room on the contrary to my expectations.

However, this doesn't look like the same applies for washing and laundry.

The person herself said that there is no problem, but I still think that it's not good to leave it be.

Although we've implemented a ’’helper’’ styled system before, I proposed for the implementation the full cleaning duty styled system instead of it just being a ’’helper’’ styled. I've also proposed to put some days during which Mina doesn't have to do work at all.

And then Mina asked [Does that mean that I am no longer needed?] with teary eyes.

I got flustered.

As she had been living as a maid, I wonder if she has pride as a maid? It looked like she has accepted it like being made to quit her job by her master.

Although It was supposed to be a proposal of goodwill, there is no way but for me to reflect on my meddling with my sense as the earthling.

I quickly take back my previous remarks in hurry, while emphasising to Mina how she is necessary and she always helps us.

When I'm face to face with Mina who says [Hic.... Is it true?] with teary eyes, wouldn't it be natural for me to instinctively hug her closer?

When I tell her that I have no intentions to let her go for my whole life, Mina who is in my arms says [Yeah.... Thank you very much] with moistened eyes holding, yet another meaning as she turns a feverish look at me.

And then, our lips overlap with each other.


I was slightly flustered a moment ago, but it's all's well that has ended well! (ED Note: ’’All's well that ends well?’’)

As the result, the proposal for the duty system has been revoked.

We've settled it down by increasing the number of helpers from one person a day to two people.

But, the number of people might increase in the future.

That's why, I told Mina that she should take some time to talk to me and not to do anything unreasonable when she thinks that things become unmanageable alone.


Summer will end soon.

Although the lingering summer heat is still severe, but doesn't it seem like it has become colder? The sunshine has also increased.

Regarding the bandit extermination and the acquisition of the territory in the Millis Kingdom, I've requested the kingdom to make some preparations.

It shouldn't take such a long time. In the meantime, we are heading to the city as planned which holds the battle tournament to participate in it.

Even with the normal Kurato, it's impossible to cross the forests and mountains, and it has become even bigger now.

Therefore, we're moving through the highway, thus our movement takes more time.

However, we will likely be able to arrive one week before the tournament begins.

According to Rithina, if I gain fame at a battle tournament even though it's held in a foreign country, I'll have a good reputation when I become a lord.

Well, rather than an adventurer with some unknown origin rising in the world, a powerful person will have more persuasive power.

I was disqualified in the race of Angel, but since I am going to participate, I will win this time for sure.

I try to renew my determination while looking at the drying laundry of everyone.

[So Haruto is unconditionally drying up the underwear, isn't he? However, his smile is terrifying] (Sharon)

Sharon, who was hanging out the laundry together with me, watched me with scornful eyes.

[Before you're aware of it, it will dry up. It always happens like that] (Mina)

Mina continues her words.

N? Is that so? Isn't that not the case?

I didn't consider it as such at all.

But I'm just watching the laundry drying up though?

Is it just by chance?


Is it... natural...?

It's definitely not just a coincidence. It's inevitability.

It is not?

[Pervert] (Sharon and Mina)

Sharon and Mina, both of their voices are resounding in the blue sky.


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