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Return Of The Former Hero - Chapter 10


10. Former hero・obtaining victory against the current hero

We who had returned to the town of Torres, decided to go get a change of clothes for Sharon first.

I heard from Sharon that the inn she was staying at seems to be the same one as mine.

Destiny .......I do not sense it.

Sharon was only introduced by Ms.Etna too.

However, to the incident that her room was next to mine, I felt destiny.

This must be the revelation of God to get close.

Well, that aside, I headed to the guild together with Sharon who changed her clothes.

On the way, Sharon talked nervously.

’’Say.....Haruto, you will be reporting what happened just now to the guild after this right?

’’Hmm? That's right, and?’’

’’That, what will you say......Er~r......’’

Sharon is mumbling, hesitating to say something.

What is it?

Ah, I see.

’’It's okay. Because I will not mention unnecessary matters.

So don't worry about it anymore and forget it.’’

As expected, I do not mean to report such a thing.

THAT, should only be engraved into an album in my heart just for me.

’’Ah, Thank you....... Haruto sure is kind.’’

Bashful and blushing, she gives her thanks with slightly upturned eyes.

Damnnn, cute.

Although I have only met Sharon for a few hours still, I feel like I have seen various expressions.

I seem to have fallen in love with her relatively seriously.

No, rather, I already fell in love with her.

Aside from that, now that we have arrived at the guild, I reported to Ms.Etna.


’’Is that so. Such a thing huh...... It's terrible. Thank you for your effort.’’

’’Yes. It's a problem to not understand the cause clearly though.’’

Perhaps, even if I asked about the possible things to be seen in this world,

Ms.Etna would not have heard of such a case either.

The body of a normal goblin disappearing.

As for the act of someone such as a necromancer,

I also conveyed the main causes I could come up with.

’’I see. However for the guild, we will examine and observe the place that the goblin sprang forth.

Then, the request this time ends with this. Thank you for your hard work.’’

’’Eh? But I have only just started searching?’’

The time is still just before noon.

Not even 2 hours have passed from setting off.

’’Sharon aside, even I alone can continue to search within the range?’’

’’No, it isn't such a thing.

A while ago even though it was ahead of schedule, hero-sama has arrived.

Therefore, the request this time will be closed.

As the reward is paid properly with the full amount, please do not worry.’’

Has the hero arrived already?

By any chance, could it be......

’’Very soon, hero-sama will pass through the central avenue.

I think I'll go and see too.

Why don't Haruto-Kun too, go and see it together with Ms.Sharon?’’

’’Hero-sama!? Haruto! Let's go take a look!’’

Ms.Etna too, Sharon too, they get excited to see the Hero.

I mean, does Sharon not notice anything?

No matter how I think ......

I remain silent as it will be embarrassing just in case I'm wrong.

’’Then, won't Ms.Etna come along together too?’’

I invited Ms.Etna with great effort.

’’Ah. Is it good for me to go together?

but the 2 of you seemed to be getting along well?’’

’’Un! Haruto is amazing and strong and kind!’’

Sharon answers energetically.

Though I'm happy to be praised and trusted, it isn't such a thing.

’’I don't mind. Sharon is also okay right?’’

’’Of course! Ms. Etna! Let's go see together!’’

’’Thank you, Ms.Sharon. Haruto Kun.

Then, let's go see it everyone.’’

It has been arranged so that 3 people went to see it.

It's a flower in both hands. (TN: Flanked by 2 beautiful women)


’’As I will go and report the previous talk, please wait a moment.’’

Leaving with those words, Ms.Etna entered into the back room.

Sharon and me sat at the meeting place of the guild to wait for Ms.Etna

Now that you mention it, the town is bustling.

As the adventurer's guild is not facing the main street, it's a place entered single-minded.

Voices of the crowd on the main street can be heard.

Merchants and the like seems to be hurriedly preparing to put out street stalls at this opportunity.

Ms.Etna came along soon.

’’The both of you, sorry to keep you waiting. And I forgot a little while ago.

The reward for the request this time.’’

’’Ah, thank you very much.’’

’’Thank you!’’

Each of us received 2 gold coins from Ms. Etna.

Although I feel that it was insufficient for Sharon who could have easily died due to the sudden encounter with the goblin with the huge body,

it became exceptional as the reward for something a little less than 2 hours.

It would be 10,000 yen per hour.

’’Well them, please put a thumbprint here on the receipt.’’

I push my thumbprint in the said place.

Sharon did a signature.

Can Sharon read and write?

’’Yes. Thank you very much.

Then, shall we go?’’

Passing the paper over to other officials, Ms.Etna left the guild.

Sharon and I followed subsequently too.

’’Waa, this is great. There are already so many street stalls out.’’

’’Ah! The armor shop over there is having a bargain sale!

Haruto! Ms.Etna! Let's go and see! I want a gauntlet!’’

The 2 of them seem to be enjoying the street stalls and sale in their own way.

Sharon especially, is going full throttle noisily.

! There is insufficient vigor no matter how much I have.


The main street is approximately 10m in width and passes across north, south, east and west of the town of Torres, and various shops line along that street.

Focusing on one of those street and entering it, there are establishments such as various guilds, training place and sports park etc., and next to those is the residential district in the middle.

There seems to be slums, red-light district, slave market etc in the northeast area and the public order is a little bad.

The slave market, I would like to go and see it soon.

I put that thought away.

There are mansions of noble and the lord in the western main street earlier, and the eastern gate is the main gate of the town.

Therefore, the main street from the east heading to the west is called the central avenue.

The main street to the north and south are known as the north main street and south main street respectively.

Currently, the hero-sama is meeting the nobles and the lord, and there seems to be a parade in the central avenue after this.


’’Heyhey! Haruto! This gauntlet of the Wyvern is amazing! Although it's very tough, it's soooo light!

20,000 cols huh, what do you think? Is it cheap!?’’

The gauntlet of the Wyvern, it's amazing if it's the real thing.

However, Sharon-chan. Unfortunately, I do not know the market price.

’’It's no good, Ms.Sharon. It'll be ruined as soon as you get wet in the rain.

If so, that type of lightweight iron gauntlet is better. It's rather cheap at 8,900 cols.’’

Ms.Etna gives an advice from the side.

Before I notice, meat skewers and noodles such as yakisoba were held in my hand.

Am I being a glutton......

However, 8900 cols.

Even if the world changes, gradually I have a certain price setting like this.

Cheers went up in the distance when I was considering whether I should buy any protective gears too.

’’Ah, seems like it's coming.’’

’’That's right. Shall we go too?’’

’’Hey! Quickly the 2 of you!’’

Sharon who was looking at the gauntlet until a while ago calls out.

She's fast.

We are also waiting for the hero among the noisy crowd who have gathered to catch a glimpse of the hero.

To not lose sight of the 2 in the tightly packed crowd, it has become a posture of me holding their waist.

It's in no way deliberate.

Uoo, th, this is good!

As the congestion is intense, the 2 people whose waist is being held doesn't say anything.

Rather, I'm being pushed continuously and forcefully by bodies and people.

It's soft......

Because of her breastplate, there was an angular pain at Sharon's important place.

Ms.Etna seems to be just a little shy when I look at the faces of the 2 people.

Sharon doesn't particularly care, having excitedly turned her face towards the direction the hero will probably come from.

After finally arriving at the town for only 1 day, and this!

This is a wonderfully good omen, isn't it!

While I passed some time in paradise, the figure of hero-sama's party was seen.

Standing on the roof of the horse drawn carriage, the hero is answering to the cheers.

As expected according to my guess, it was the refreshing ikemen Leon.

I see, so he's the hero huh.

The mysterious energy bullet might be the power of the holy sword.

’’Huh? That was from just now......Errr, Le......on? Leon was the hero-sama!’’

Sharon notices.


’’Oh? Then as expected, were the 2 people met in the report just now the hero-samas?’’

’’It seems so.’’

I answer Ms.Etna.

Naturally, Ms.Etna seemed to have expected such a thing.

’’For both of you too, it was good to be able to become acquainted with the hero-sama right away.’’

’’Un! That's right!’’

Ms.Etna was smiling sweetly.

Was it good?

Sharon is delighted, but was it good?

I took another look at Leon on the carriage again.

Yunikram is naturally by the side too, waving his hands to the spectators.


Behind them would be the other companions who were mentioned at that time.

2 beautiful women were standing there.

Even though one was wearing a strict atmosphere, a gentle face was turned towards the spectators.

It's a female knight with long hair.

Another person who seems to have a discernibly kind aura is a woman dressed like a priest.

A smile of affection which can certainly be called a goddess is returned to the spectators.

If I look again properly, there is a small fairy (female) too, isn't there.

What's that?

The party when I was the hero,

it was me, an uncle, an uncle, an old geezer, and a beast (male).

On the other hand, the party of ikemen heroes,

is ikemen, ikemen, beautiful lady, female goddess, fairy (female)?

I could feel the different world disparity.


I am presently holding Sharon and Ms.Etna is both my arms.

I am not defeated.

Instead, on the part of embracing them, it can be said to be my victory.



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