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Reincarnator - Chapter 389


Chapter 389

Reincarnator - Chapter 389: Flameless Land (3)

'It's been a while, but... it's really a sight . '

Hansoo continued to look around as he headed inwards .

At all the broken down Dragon God Armor .

At all the starships destroyed from the result of a hasty landing .

'It seems they really escaped in a hurry . '

The Reyunion's weapons .

Hansoo looked at the ships that had crashed due to the lack of the Flame's strength .

He'd never thought of going against the Flame in the past, so he had never cared about it, but he knew now .

As to how powerful the Flame's strength was .

A strength that was strong enough to go against the Transcendents who'd crossed the wall .

And that was still a small fraction in comparison to the true strength of the Flame sleeping inside the planet .

But inside this area, all of that strength was forbidden .

Because of the existence of the External Flame divine Tool .

At first, no one knew who had created this tool .

There were no traces of the creator .

But Hansoo knew after going back into the past .

As to who'd shoved that Flame into this planet .

And who'd hidden the tool to control the Flame in this land .

' . . . Nerpa . '

The Nelkipa that orbited Angkara and that existence hidden inside the Nelkipa .

Hansoo could deduce many things looking at the Nerpa who'd gone off to Angkara the moment it woke up .

Of course, this didn't answer every question .

'Why is he coming here, though?'

Hansoo thought of the Kalkuroun Fleet that should be slowly approaching this place .


Inside the giant starship .

R-Koronaita Nell was dumbfounded as he listened to N-Aroel's words .

’’You... you gave us the Flame?’’

R-Koronaita Nell shouted out in rage .

’’Don't lie! What kind of words are those?!’’

Although they gave it the simple name of <Flame>.

It was not just a simple ball of flame .

The small sun that was sleeping inside the planet .

The <Flame>, hidden inside the shell of this planet, was something to be revered and feared .

Everybody could see the red sun of their planet through the <Valley of Retribution>between the continents .

It was the source of life for their planet, which had once been doomed to freeze to death after their previous sun had died out .

Giving their race the power to control the fleet and travel through the universe .

They only called it a <Flame>, but in reality, it was more like a sun .

N-Aroel, the Nerpa, chuckled .

’’Yeah? Then is it logical for a sun to stay trapped within a tiny planet? To release that kind of energy without control, you guys clearly know that it should've long since reduced your entire planet into a blazing ball of flames . ’’

’’ . . . Ugh . ’’

R-Koronaita Nell fell silent .

Those words were correct .

That was a question that no researcher on Angkara could answer .

A ball of energy trapped within their planet that should've been tens of thousands of times larger than what it appeared .

Maintaining a very calm state that wasn't causing any harm to their planet that surrounded it like a thin shell .

Very illogical indeed .

The Nerpa chuckled towards Angkara that had now appeared before his eyes .

'I didn't know this would happen . '

The <Blazing Jade>that the Nerpa had bestowed upon them thousands of years ago .

They had stepped out and bestowed the <Flame>to a planet that was about to freeze due to the death of their sun .

Although it wasn't as big as the original sun, the Nerpa had dug out the insides of that giant planet which was already many times larger than a normal planet and placed the <Blazing Jade>inside it .

When his race had been in their prime, something like that wasn't difficult nor was it a problem .

But not anymore .

The simple gift that they had given away was now his only hope .

A flame that they had given to save the dying dying race .

The beings of this planet didn't have the right to complain if he were to take it away .

'It's a bit childish to give something and then take it back, but what else can I do... Anyway, where do I even start?'

The Nerpa frowned .

A chaotic planet .

The only toy he had was a fleet, which had a few ships he couldn't even use anymore their engines had overloaded when he destroyed the crystal .

Although this was more than enough to destroy countless cities and shake an entire nation, that was not enough to go against his enemies .

According to N-Aroel's memories, his enemies had built their entire civilization from the <Flame>.

They would struggle with every last ounce of their strength to not lose the Flame, which meant that he would have to go against the entire planet .

'It would've been easier if I had the Nelkipa... tsk . '

He missed his stolen body and Nelkipa at this point .

With the Nelkipa, he could easily erase their entire civilization within a day and take over Angkara .

At least he had stopped Melchizedek and the aliens from taking it over .

'The fastest way to control the Flame is acquiring the controller . '

If he could take the three controllers spread around the planet, then he would be able to control the Flame as a whole .

Game over .

Although he didn't have his blue armor or his powerful body, the power to control the Flame was embedded deep inside his soul .

He would gain the chance to stand up again .

'It seems our savior has failed... I must at least try to save our fallen race . '

The Nerpa thought back to the man who'd left with a heavy burden on his shoulders .


While the Nerpa was heading towards Angkara .

Hansoo was also heading towards his destination .


Hansoo smacked away another Abyssal monster and then chuckled at the aura he could feel around him .

'What to do...'

He couldn't see them because they were so far away, but he could he could clearly feel them .

The people who were watching him from the distance .

Despite seeing his group for the first time and to still maintain their distance like that, it meant that they knew about Transcendents and how strong they were .

'They're used to Transcendents . '

He could also deduce another thing .

That the Transcendents inside here were around the 3-Star level .

If they felt that Hansoo's power was that of a 2-Star Transcendent, then they wouldn't be keeping such a long distance from them .

'At least a 3-Star... hmm . '

He didn't know how many there were, but they weren't weaklings .

As Hansoo looked into the distance


an aura quickly approached them from the far distance .

And Kiriel said softly to Hansoo as she felt this:

’’Not quite gentle, huh?’’

’’Right . ’’

The being was approaching them at an incredible speed .

Although the vehicles of Reyunion were easily moving at a speed above 300 km per hour even without the Flame, the mysterious Transcendent easily left those vehicles in the dust as they approached Hansoo's group .

The meteor-like being crossed multiple kilometers in an instant and soon arrived before them .


The man smiled as he looked at Hansoo and said in greeting:

’’Long time no see, Mr . Hansoo . I'm called John Stone . ’’

' . . . Who? I've never seen him before . '

Hansoo was confused .

But John Stone whistled as he looked at Hansoo .

'The world really got much better, huh?'

Hansoo was a being who was so powerful that he couldn't even imagine his strength in the past .

With a power so overbearing that being on the same floor as him was unbelievable .

He shone even more because he used that strength to fight at the very front lines .

Achieving things nobody could even dream of .

Back then, he'd thought that Hansoo was mankind's savior .

Until he turned the world upside down and disappeared two years ago .

'Well, I've gotten much stronger thanks to you . '

He'd managed to quickly rise up to the 6th to the 6th Zone and gained a tremendous amount of strength .

Although Hansoo was stronger than him, he was still confident .

Intel was more important than strength .

The reason why Hansoo had been able to lead them was not just because of his strength, but mainly because he knew what to do .

But not anymore .

He wouldn't know anything since he'd just come up .

It wasn't Hansoo that was setting up the playing field anymore but him instead .

'Good . Good . '

’’Do you know what's going on around here?’’

Hansoo chuckled as he looked at the confident John Stone .

'I can already guess where your confidence comes from, but... things won't play out the way you want . '

Information was important indeed .

If he was going to speak on his own, then there was no reason to refuse .

John Stone giggled as he said:

’’You wouldn't . If you did... you wouldn't be this carefree after knowing that the man you raised has already betrayed you...’’

'Heheh . '

John Stone smiled .

................................................ .

'Tsk . I knew this would happen . They're already swarming around them . '

The Nerpa was at a loss as he looked at the data from inside the Kalkuroun Fleet .

They had left behind three controllers .

But flies had already gathered around two of them .

Especially large flies .

'One... is the Neropa Union . Another is the Pompeion Empire... I see . '

He'd been initially surprised because the technology should've been beyond their comprehension, but it looks like they'd solved a part of it .

That was probably the reason why the two forces had been able to crush all others .

Because they had a secret weapon that the others didn't .

'I guess this fleet would be nowhere enough . '

The Nerpa pondered for a moment and then changed his destination .

'The last one should be easy . The flies around it seem weak enough . '


The fleet started to move again .

Towards the Reyunion's territory .

The Flameless Land .


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