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Reincarnator - Chapter 382


Chapter 382

Reincarnator - Chapter 382: Nerpa (5)



Elis Valentine rolled on the floor after Kiriel kicked her .

'This damned b****...!'

While she was focusing on the crystal, she had been caught off guard by an attack that rose up from beneath her .

Elis tightly clenched her teeth as she looked at the long scars on her body .

' . . . I've used all the strength I've saved from my Trait as well . '

Her body wasn't healing anymore .

Of course, her Trait was changing some of her pain to aid in healing, but it was no longer to the point of keeping her immortal like before .

A desperate situation .

The ground, which had once been filled with a vicious aura as it undulated in waves, had long stopped moving .

Of course, this wasn't the best for her .

Since there was one less variable .

Variables disappearing meant that calculating the future would become easier .

And at this rate . . .

That girl would kill her .

At this rate, of course .

'But I... am not alone . '

Elis thought of the soul fragment inside her .

Borrowing strength from Taehee hurt her pride, so she hadn't used it up until now .

But this wasn't the time to maintain her pride .

'I must... survive . '

Elis smiled at Kiriel as she clenched her teeth .


She shook the soul fragment inside her .

A cross-dimensional signal .

'Good . '

Elis saw that the soul fragment was working properly, and she spoke to Kiriel, waiting for her response .

’’I... really did not want to use this . I will kill you as painfully as possible . ’’


Elis tightly clenched the spike in her hand that had been modified to inflict as much pain upon oneself as possible .

It was a spike made to use her Trait in the most efficient manner .

Various sharp objects like saw teeth and fish hooks were attached to it .

The spike had been a great help in her use of her Trait up until this point .

But unlike herself, who cannot feel pain, it would be a horrifying experience for Kiriel .


'Right, I have to blow it up as well . '

Kiriel looked at Elis who had stood up and was now on guard .

'Damn... I was wondering why she wasn't using it . '

Hansoo had told them...

To be careful of something that the siblings had called a soul fragment .

Kiriel had assumed Elis hadn't received one since she hadn't used it up until this point, but it seems that wasn't the case .

'My situation isn't that great, either . '

Kiriel looked at the various parts of her body currently flowing with blood and frowned .

The Dragon God Armor had countless holes and broken parts .

And that spike that pierced through her armor was made in such a way that it took away a huge part of her flesh everytime it stabbed her .

Although she had the more advantageous situation, if Elis used her soul fragment then Kiriel would get killed no matter what .

'Damn... Do I need to run away?'

Kiriel clenched her teeth .

She couldn't do that .

Elis wondered why the attacks from Nelkipa's skin had stopped, but Kiriel knew .

Enbi Arin .

She was suppressing the crystal .

The crystal that was radiating a terrifying amount of energy .

If that girl's brother was at a similar level as her, then Enbi Arin would be in a bad state as well .

No, she might even be in a worse state .

And she was suppressing the crystal in such a state .

By herself .

'Damn... Her body is going to overload . '

She could not let Enbi Arin take on that burden by herself .

Winning wasn't the main priority .

If she ran away and Elis started to blow up that crystal, then the burden on Enbi Arin will become twofold of what it is now .

She had to drag it out as long as possible .

Kiriel clenched her teeth and tightly gripped the fang in her hand .

And Elis laughed at this sight .

’’Hahaha! You want to fight?’’

The soul fragment inside her was growing inside .

Proof that Taehee had received her signal .

And the next steps would be simple .

Taehee would give her strength .

And she would crush that damned b**** .

Very simple .

There were some hurdles along the way, but this was it .

She just needed to go up afterward . .

'Taehee... Did she become even stronger? Well, it's good for me . '

She was envious of Taehee who had climbed up to a level she couldn't catch up to, especially when they had been at a similar level in the past . But she was happy about it at this moment .

Since she would soon attain that strength, allowing her to solve the situation .

But as Elis was smiling at the vibrating soul fragment inside her .

A change occurred .


’’Huh? . . . Uhhhh?’’

Elis exclaimed in surprise .

The tremors inside her were calming down .

This only meant one thing .

Denial .

Taehee had denied giving her strength .

’’What... Why?!’’

Her disappointment was as great as her anticipation .

Elis was at a loss .

'Damn... Did something happen?'

No matter how she and Taehee disliked each other, not lending her strength in a situation like this didn't make sense .

That meant there was only one answer .

Taehee was in a situation where she could not lend her strength .

There was no other reason for Taehee to deny giving her strength otherwise .

But soon

Elis realized that there was an even worse issue .

'F*** . '

’’Oh my . It seems that things aren't going according to your plan?’’

Elis looked at Kiriel who was walking towards her with a cold smile .

And she realized .

That this was her grave .

Her body was broken beyond the point of return, and she had lost her final ray of hope .

And her killer was raging with bloodthirst .

There was no way for her to survive .

'...Did you make me struggle this hard just to get killed off in a place like this? Clementine, this goes against our promise' .

<Follow me . We will leave this hell of a place and... find our own promised land . Atop the <Noah>>.

Noah .

The boat of their dreams that would take them to their land of dreams that Clementine had promised her .

But after losing all hope for the future, the reality she faced was crueler beyond anything else .

'Shit... I hope you find a way up at least, Ares . '

Elis looked around at the vast empty plane around her, and then and then her eyes locked onto Kiriel .

Her expression was full of endless despair .



Hansoo charged at Melchizedek, which smashed him away and laughed .

’’Hahahaha! I told you, you won't be able to win!’’


The area of the blue armor that Melchizedek had attacked cracked apart and made a strange noise .

But Hansoo ignored the force of the impact as he swung his hammer at Melchizedek .

But shockingly

despite the hammer flying towards it like a meteor .

Melchizedek had no thoughts of resisting as it continued to smile and only focused on attacking Hansoo .


The Mjolnir smashed into Melchizedek's body and made a huge noise .

The bright blue armor blew apart, revealing the flesh inside .

It shredded the Nerpa's body as bones broke and muscles exploded .

A force strong enough to crush his organs and his heart .

Nobody would be able to laugh at a giant hole in their body, but Melchizedek did .

’’Hahahaha! How many times is it now? Are you even counting?’’


The hole on Melchizedek's body was regenerating at an insane rate .

It wasn't even absorbing the bits of flesh and blood around the body to heal .

It looked like the body was creating something out of nothing .

Flesh grew back, veins reconnected, and bones regenerated .

Like an immortal .

And Melchizedek looked at this scene with satisfaction .

'Why do you think I gave up my previous immortality for this body?'

Although this body was needed, if the body itself was extremely weak and would become a factor that tied Melchizedek down in the upcoming war, then it never would've come here .

But it did .

For one reason .

This body provided an even better form of immortality .

'Amazing . '


Melchizedek smiled as it looked at the Nelkipa's vast energy flowing towards itself .

Melchizedek's previous body was a mechanical lifeform, but if all the systems and structures on top of Nelkipa were to be swept away, it was as good as dead .

But this body was different .

It continuously received all energy and matter from Nelkipa and regenerated itself .

As long as it was on top of Nelkipa and the Nelkipa was still alive, it could not die .

The battle against Hansoo proved this all .

No matter how

No matter how similar their physical aspects are .

There was no way that Melchizedek, which had no battle experience before this, could beat Hansoo who had tempered himself through countless battles .

But not here .

Above the Nelkipa .

It was a god .


Nelkipa's skin started moving up and down again .

And the cannons in the distance started to light up again .

Melchizedek laughed at this scene .

’’Hahaha! It seems your friends at the crystals are finished! . . . What shall you do?’’

If, in this already advantageous situation, they took back Nelkipa's controls?

There was nothing else to talk about .

Melchizedek smiled .

’’You don't need to hate yourself so much . Even someone like you wouldn't have been able to predict a situation like this . This is probably the first time anyone has seen an existence like me . ’’

'Watch what I do... with this power . '

It would be a great scene once he put Hansoo inside a test tube and placed him on the highest point on Nelkipa .

An even better viewpoint for Hansoo .

Of course, it'll only be his eyes that could move .

But at that moment

Hansoo chuckled as he said:

’’How can it be a first?’’


Hansoo smirked and spat out .

’’I've seen countless beings regenerate like a cockroach . Just like you . ’’

In the Abyss, there were beings that were even more like cockroaches than Melchizedek .

Beings who truly deserved the name 'Immortal' .

But the one who had stood up tall in the end .

The one who smashed them apart one by one and descended the Abyss .

Was him .

And as he finished his words


the thing he had been saving up until this point .

The thing he'd saved up by twisting all the muscles and mana inside his body started to squirm violently inside him .

<Yes . That . Do it . Squeeze your body . For every drop . Until it blows up . >

The final seed inside Hansoo .

The consciousness stored within the Nine Dragons Strike shouted out in joy .

And with that shout


the thing he had been continuously spinning and charging around inside him quickly started to spread throughout his body .


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