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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 92-93


Chapter 92-93

Chapter 92 - Virtual Reality

Inside a finely decorated office, a robust man with thick eyebrows sat in an office chair as his fingers tapped on the desk. In his other hand, he was flipping through a thick stack of resumes.

Dang! Dang! Dang!"Enter," the man with the thick eyebrows said in a deep tone.

"Brother Zhang, I've done the thing that you asked of me." Wu Yi gently opened the door and carefully entered. He then stood, panicked, in front of the desk.

Although it was not his first time meeting Shadow's person-in-power, Zhang Luowei, he still felt an intense pressure every time they met. He was always scared and on edge whenever he spoke with this person.

In Shadow Workshop, aside from Lan Hailong, Zhang Luowei's authority was the highest. Moreover, Zhang Luowei was the champion of Jin Hai University's fighting competition. He was also one of the hot contenders for becoming the champion of Jin Hai City's fighting competition. Even Lan Hailong was respectful before this person, as one of the main reasons why Shadow became so popular within the university was due to Zhang Luowei's personal fame."Sit. Tell me about it." Zhang Luowei placed the resumes to a side, his finger pointing towards the leathered sofa in front of his desk.Although Zhang Luowei looked like an amiable person, Wu Yi knew that, below that appearance, there was an abyss-like horror. Zhang Luowei's personality was both vicious and merciless. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to suppress fighting experts like Zhou Yuhu and others.

After some thought, Wu Yi slightly organized his words before saying, "Brother Zhang, the others have already agreed. It is only that Blackie that is a stone inside a latrine pit, both smelly and hard. He wouldn't agree, no matter what, and he had joined a newly established Workshop called Zero Wing. He even said that it was beneath him to join a trash Workshop like Shadow."

"Not willing to join, is it? He's even joined Zero Wing Workshop?" Zhang Luowei displayed contemplation as he smiled. However, inside his eyes, a cold glint flashed, "What is the origin of this Zero Wing Workshop? Why haven't I heard of it before?""Brother Zhang, Zero Wing Workshop was established by a Year Four student named Shi Feng. I heard that this Workshop has nothing at all. They are also buying their gaming facilities only today. However, that person is quite rich. He offered Blackie a basic monthly salary of 20,000 Credits. He even wanted me to bring back word to Brother Zhang, telling you to stop trying to poach members of other Workshops and take care of your own land." Wu Yi was very angry while he spoke, "When I heard this, even I couldn't bear to stomach it. They are just a greenhorn Workshop, yet they dare to challenge Shadow. Brother Zhang, how about I take some men to extinguish their overwhelming attitude?"

"Shi Feng, is it? I seem to have heard this name before." Zhang Luowei wrinkled his brows slightly, trying to figure out where he heard this name. However, after thinking for some time, he still could not recall. He shook his head, saying, "Don't bother with them. In a few days, the school will be holding the annual Fellowship Party. This is a great chance for Shadow to have a meteoric rise, so we don't have the time to waste on these little Workshops.""Right, you organize the newly recruited members and have them quickly level up. The Guilds in White River City will be starting the competition over the honor of getting the First Clear for the twenty-man Dungeon very soon. We also have to fight for the fame obtaining the First Clear of a Level 5 Dungeon.""Yes! You can rest assured, Brother Zhang. I will help them quickly rise to Level 5," Wu Yi clapped his chest, assuring.

Elsewhere, Shi Feng brought Blackie along to purchase two advanced virtual gaming helmets.

Although the current virtual reality technology was very advanced, the basic helmet was a cheaply made in consideration of the general masses. Its degree of synchronization was just 80%. However, the advanced version of the helmet could reach up to 90% synchronization, and the user's five senses would become much more sensitive. Although the difference did not seem too great, during a battle between equal strengths, this small difference would be the determining factor of victory or defeat.

The battles in God's Domain were always life or death battles. Moreover, the penalty of a single death was a great amount of EXP and Skill Proficiency. Hence, most large-scale Workshops would allocate an advanced virtual gaming helmet to all their official members .

Previously, Shi Feng did not have the money to purchase even a basic gaming helmet. Now that he had the money, however, he naturally would not fall behind in this aspect.

After purchasing the advanced gaming helmets, Shi Feng found a good restaurant and ordered some high-class nutrition meals. He ate with Blackie as they talked about the future development of their Workshop.

Such a situation made Blackie feel like he was in a dream.

God's Domain had only been running for slightly more than three days. Not only had Shi Feng solved the problem of the gaming helmets, but Shi Feng also brought him to a high-class restaurant for a meal and discussion of the matters of developing their Workshop.

The more unbelievable thing was that Shi Feng unhesitatingly gave him a salary of 20,000 Credits. Just how many university students' dream was it to have a monthly salary of 20,000 Credits? On the other hand, he hadn't even helped Shi Feng out much, yet, he was able to obtain such a salary. Although Blackie did not voice it, inwardly, he was extremely moved. He felt extremely apologetic to Shi Feng, so he silently swore that he would work hard to be of help to Shi Feng.

Shi Feng and Blackie conversed for a long time. They properly discussed the matters regarding the future development of their Workshop. They also prepared to officially recruit Lonely Snow and the others, establishing a real Workshop. The remaining matters were to find a location to set up their Workshop, purchasing facilities for the Workshop, and the Workshop's administration."Brother Feng, leave these to me since I'm usually doing nothing during the day. It is already hard on you just to level up and earn money. Anyway, I am an Economy and Management major, so it is a great chance for me to display my specialty. I guarantee that you will be satisfied," Blackie assured. He couldn't help but want to start his work immediately.

"Good, then I'll leave it to you," Shi Feng smiled. He felt extremely relieved with Blackie managing things.

After the two parted, Shi Feng sent a message to his parents. He then sent them 3,000 Credits, telling them not to send him living expenses any longer. He told them that he had already found a good job, and that he was able to support himself financially.Shi Feng was still not ready to tell his parents about everything. If he were to tell them that he had earned over 200,000 Credits in just a few days, they would most likely not accept it. So, he might as well take it slow, gradually increasing the money he sent them. That way, his old folks would be able to gradually accept it, thinking it reasonable and fair.At 7 o'clock in the evening, after having his meal, Shi Feng drank a bottle of C-rank Nutrient Fluid. He put on the newly-bought advanced virtual gaming helmet, starting his conquest in God's Domain.Upon entering God's Domain this time, the sensation Shi Feng felt when he stood beside the large pool was completely different.

The cool breeze blowing... The sounds water flowing into the pool… The scratches and rust that were clearly visible on the steel walls… The faint smell of machine oil… Even the feeling of manipulating his own body had become much more relaxed.

Shi Feng flexed his body on the stairway. He then pulled out his swords, slashing out streak after streak of beautiful sword images. The sword images kept flickering in and out of existence, giving an unpredictable feeling."Eh. The feeling I had while playing God's Domain in the previous life is finally back," Shi Feng stopped waving his swords, extremely pleased with his current condition.

In his previous life, Shi Feng was used to using the virtual reality cabin. The virtual reality cabin's synchronizing rate could reach up to 97%. In God's Domain, if the System Interface, Status indicators and other such things weren't present, players would be practically unable to differentiate between the real world and the virtual world.

After getting used to his body, Shi Feng felt that he should start searching for the Titan's Heart.

Chapter 93 - Dark Clown

The spiral staircase led directly to the core control area on the highest floor.

After climbing an unknown number of steps, Shi Feng arrived at a winding corridor that led towards the core area. Ancient magical runes were carved into the walls on both sides of the corridor, and even though almost a millennium had passed, this corridor was still gleaming with light. Only some parts of the corridor had decayed, damaging the magical circuits etched in it and plunging those particular areas into darkness. Fortunately, not many parts of the corridor were badly decayed, so Shi Feng was still able to clearly see the entirety of the long, narrow, and maze-like corridor.

Just after Shi Feng set foot into the corridor, the alarm once again rang out."Alert! Alert! The intruder has already invaded Area A of the fortress, the Magic Corridor. Activating Guardian Statues on duty!"

Shi Feng then heard loud booming noises coming from the corridor, as if some gigantic machine had started moving.

Shi Feng no longer dared advance slowly. He immediately used a Speed Scroll, dashing through the Magic Corridor at flying speed.

After taking several turns in the Magic Corridor, Shi Feng discovered a machine that had a flashing red light. Although this machine was just the size of a football, it was constantly producing alarms, as if it were a tool meant for guiding the Guardian Statues.

[Sentinel Guard] (Common Monster)

Level 10

HP 200/200

Shi Feng immediately understood how he was so easily discovered. This Sentinel Guard was just like a radar. It could detect enemies within a range of 500 yards, and after discovering them, it would set off an alarm. The distance between the entrance of the corridor and this location was roughly around 500 yards, so the Sentinel Guard was able to immediately discover Shi Feng. As long as Shi Feng could get rid of it, then he would be able to rid himself of the alarms of this area.However, this thing had very sensitive reactions. It would not let any enemies get within 30 yards. Also, if it were attacked even once, it would try to retreat with all its might. Simultaneously, it would increase its speed of calling for its allies, and it would absolutely not give the enemy a second chance to attack. It was extremely hard to deal with."I guess I've no choice left. I can only give it a try." Shi Feng unsheathed both of his swords. He could already hear the angry roars of the Guardian Statues coming from behind him. Based on his strength, fighting in this narrow area would only lead to his own death. His only chance of throwing off those Guardian Statues was to get rid of this Sentinel Guard.When Shi Feng was nearing the 30-yard range, just as the Sentinel Guard was about to break into a run…Shi Feng's eyes locked onto the Sentinel Guard, the muscles in both of his arms bulged, and with the strength of his entire body, he cast out both swords.Xiu! Both swords flew towards the Sentinel Guard.

Precision Throw!

The throwing distance of the skill was just at 30 yards, and it caused 150% of his weapon's damage.

The Sentinel Guard was extremely vigilant. It rapidly moved its body, immediately dodging the Crimson Blade that flew at it. However, the Sentinel Guard's dodge had, in turn, placed it in the flight path of Shi Feng's second sword, the Abyssal Blade.


The Abyssal Blade pierced through the Sentinel Guard, causing -211 damage and instantly killing it.

System: Level 10 Sentinel Guard killed. Level difference of 4. EXP obtained increased by 400%. Obtained 800 EXP.

Shi Feng activated Windwalk, his speed once again increasing by a notch as he rushed to pull out his swords that pierced into the ground. He then rushed towards the Magic Corridor's exit. Without the guidance of the Sentinel Guard, the Guardian Statues were like flies that lost their eyes. They ran around all over the place, completely unable to find Shi Feng.

More than a dozen minutes later, after getting rid of another three Sentinel Guards, Shi Feng finally escaped the Magic Corridor, arriving at the control room.

There was a barrier in the central region of the control room. A dark grey colored sphere of iron was placed inside the barrier. This sphere of iron was the heart of the Steel Fortress, and it was the fortress' source of energy. It was the Titan's Heart.

"I never thought that, after so many years have passed, there would still be somebody who would come to this place."

Before Shi Feng could examine the entire control room in detail, he heard a deep sneer coming from the entrance of the barrier. This sound was bone-chilling, and no human was capable of producing such a sound. Only a puppet or a corpse would be capable of sounding so emotionless.

"Welcome to my Steel Fortress Barrutia! In order to celebrate your arrival, I've decided to use your fiery flesh and blood to feed my baby! Come out, Hellhound!"

Shi Feng could faintly see the outline of a humanoid lifeform inside the barrier. However, the figure seemed to be currently absorbing the energy of the Titan's Heart, so it did not have surplus powers to deal with Shi Feng, sending out its pet in its stead.

"Ao! Ao! Ao!" A large black dog, its entire body covered in flames, rushed out from the barrier.

[Hellhound] (Elite-rank)

Level 15

HP 6,000/6,000

"Crap, did I come at a bad time?" Shi Feng's brows slightly wrinkled as he observed the Hellhound. According to the information in his previous life, there were definitely no lifeforms or monsters in this place. The person that did the Quest was able to safely take the Titan's Heart away. So, why was it that, when it was his turn to do the Quest, a mysterious character appeared here, trying to steal the Titan's Heart's energy.

However, Shi Feng also thought of another possibility.

This mysterious character stole all the energy of the Titan's Heart first. Meanwhile, the player who came here had merely taken away the Titan's Heart that was empty of any energy. On the other hand, Shi Feng had coincidentally run into this energy thief. However, unfortunately for Shi Feng, he wasn't even capable of defeating the pet of this mysterious character, not to mention the person, itself.

"Since you want to battle, then come!" Shi Feng pulled out his swords, his attention affixed on the slowly approaching Hellhound.

As the Hellhound's distance from him continuously shortened, Shi Feng could feel his surroundings become exceptionally hot, causing his mouth to feel parched. Shi Feng thought of taking out a Cold Beverage to enjoy, but he currently couldn't carelessly move about. He would immediately reveal a weak point as soon as he moved. As a Level 15 Elite monster, the Hellhound's intelligence was already extremely high. It was the reason why it leisurely walked towards Shi Feng.

That was because the Hellhound knew the best time for it to launch an attack. As long as Shi Feng revealed a gap, it would immediately bite at him with all its might, not letting go of Shi Feng until he was completely dead.In the confrontation between the two, after all was said and done, the Hellhound was still the more powerful. So, naturally, it would not simply wait. Its legs immediately pushed against the ground, leaping high into the air and transforming into a ball of fire. It then opened its flaming maw.Shi Feng rolled to a side, dodging the Hellhound's pouncing attack.

However, immediately after the Hellhound landed, its flaming claws slashed horizontally.

Shi Feng had long since prepared for this, so he used both of his swords to Parry.

Peng! Although Shi Feng did not receive any damage, his entire body was throw.

The Hellhound immediately opened its large mouth, spewing scorching-hot flames. The flames wrapped around Shi Feng completely, preventing him from escaping.

Shi Feng clenched his teeth. He used Phantom Kill, and at the moment of imminent peril, he swapped positions with his doppelganger in mid-air.

Shi Feng's doppelganger was immediately swallowed by the flames, instantly turning into a pile of ash. Meanwhile, the System Notification showed a damage of up to -3,000. Even if Shi Feng were to take the hit with his HP full and all of his Life Shield[1] activated, he still wouldn't be able to shoulder this attack.Shi Feng clearly felt how powerful the Hellhound was. Such damage was definitely not something a Level 15 Elite monster could dish out. Its strength was greatly increased because of the Quest's Story Line. According to his experience, Shi Feng estimated the Hellhound's actual level to be over Level 30, and it should be a Lord-rank Boss.

If the pet were already this powerful, then what about its owner?

Seeing that the Hellhound's flaming claws were about to slap down at him, Shi Feng used Abyssal Bind. Even if the Hellhound were any stronger, it would still be restricted for 3 seconds. Following which, Shi Feng rushed into the barrier at the center of the room. Currently, the best option Shi Feng possessed was to snatch the Titan's Heart and swiftly depart.However, just after entering the barrier, Shi Feng immediately became shocked upon seeing this mysterious person's true identity.

"Dark Clown!" Shi Feng immediately recognized the identity of this mysterious character. His heart could not help but be surprised, "Why is such a bastard here?"

TL Notes:

[1]Life Shield: Effect 2 of the Silvermoon Set Equipment (mentioned in Chapter 81)


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