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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 88-89


Chapter 88-89

Chapter 88 - Advancing to Intermediate Rank

After inserting the obsidian key, there was no reaction from the steel gate. It was still as unmoving as ever.

At this moment, a message arrived from Gentle Snow. She told Shi Feng that the Mechanical Knights had suddenly stopped chasing her and were quickly returning.

"Crap, it can't be, right? The key really doesn't work?" In a fit of rage, Shi Feng abruptly sent a punch towards the keyhole.

Since he could not use the simplest way to enter, then he could only use the more dangerous method to enter.

Di… Di… Di…Suddenly, a dazzling golden light radiated out from the keyhole. Countless energy runes flashed on the pair of three-storied gates. After which, the gates slowly opened, letting out ear-piercing creaking sounds.

Seeing that the Mechanical Knights had already hurried over, while a gap fit for a person had opened between the pair of gates…

Without hesitation, Shi Feng pulled out the obsidian key, and the gates stopped moving instantly. Following which, Shi Feng squeezed himself through the gap between the gates.

System: You have discovered the Steel Fortress Barrutia.

The two-storied tall Mechanical Knights tried to rush in through the gates. However, the gap between the gates was just too narrow for them to pass through. In addition to the gate's immense weight, the Mechanical Knights could only bombard attacks at the gate outside. Unfortunately, their actions were not one bit useful."I'm inside." After Shi Feng sent a message to Gentle Snow, he carefully headed forward along the gigantic steel pathway.On the other side of the Ruined Lands...

"Snow, how is he?" waiting by the side, Zhao Yueru asked when she saw Gentle Snow running in her direction.

"No problems. He's already inside.

"However, this Quest is truly dangerous. I've roughly estimated the Mechanical Knight's strength just now, and I've discovered that these Mechanical Knights are completely different than other Special Elites. They can swiftly block my attacks, in addition to instantly returning with a counter attack. If it wasn't for my quick reaction, I might have died just now."

"If we do not possess a skill that could continuously deal large amounts of damage, even if we could kite them around, we would still be helpless against these Mechanical Knights. Instead, we would just be piling up our own corpses." Gentle Snow sat down and took out some refreshments, eating and drinking to recover. Currently, her mind filled with the battle scenes from before. It was truly a thrilling situation. Just by receiving the shockwave, which resulted from the Mechanical Knight's pike striking the ground, she lost over 200 HP. If the weapon hit her directly, the consequences would be inconceivable.

After listening to Gentle Snow's words, for reasons unknown, Zhao Yueru released a relieved breath.

"Alright, stop dreaming. We'll be grinding Birdmen in the canyon. The loot and experience here are quite good, so we should be able to quickly surpass those top-tier experts," After recovering, Gentle Snow stood up and commanded.

Meanwhile, inside the Steel Fortress, Shi Feng was advancing carefully. Signs of rust and corrosion covered every inch inside the fortress. There were only flashing fragments of light inside, barely allowing Shi Feng to see the path clearly.

After walking for quite some distance, Shi Feng did not discover any danger. There was only the occasional sound of dripping water and the rumbling sounds of machines operating. Even though more than a millennium had passed, a majority of the machinery here still functioned normally. One could clearly see just how advanced the techniques the Dwarven civilization possessed were.After passing through the large hallway, Shi Feng arrived at an area with a humongous smelting furnace. The surrounding steel walls around the furnace were linked together with steel stairs, and at the bottom of the furnace was an endlessly deep pool of water.

However, Shi Feng did not head along the stairs towards the next exit. Instead, he leaped and jumped towards the pool.

Halfway down, Shi Feng activated Gravity Liberation. His falling speed sharply reduced, his body slowly descending like a feather.

During his descent, Shi Feng suddenly noticed a passage on the walls. The passage could barely allow a person to enter. However, the information Shi Feng had collected in his previous life did not mention such a passage. Hence, Shi Feng slowly floated over, accurately landing in the hidden passageway."There is actually a Treasure Chest here! Did none of those people notice it last time?" Shi Feng discovered that, in the deepest part of the passageway, there was a large pitch black steel chest. Many runes were carved onto the chest, and a glance was enough to tell it was not just a simple chest.

After observing it in detail, Shi Feng determined that the chest was a Mysterious-Iron Treasure Chest. However, Shi Feng did not rush to open the Treasure Chest. Instead, he used Phantom Kill, allowing his doppelganger to go over and take a look.

Just as the doppelganger started activating the Treasure Chest, the surrounding steel walls shot out countless flying arrows. The doppelganger was killed in an instant, giving Shi Feng a scare. Fortunately, Shi Feng had made it a habit to be cautious and prudent when in God's Domain. Otherwise, he would have really died.Such types of traps were normally one-time uses. However, Shi Feng did not rush. In any case, the chest wouldn't run away, so he might as well wait until Phantom Kill's Cooldown finished, then use his doppelganger to open the Treasure Chest.This time, the doppelganger had managed to open the Treasure Chest safely. With no more dangers present, Shi Feng walked over to the Chest and took out its contents.

Inside, there was a Mysterious-Iron ranked Blackstone Shield. It was absolutely a top-tier Level 10 Shield.

[Blackstone Shield] (Mysterious-Iron Rank)Level 10

Equipment Requirement: Strength 25

Defense +69

Defend Rate 29%

Strength +7, Endurance +10

HP +200

After equipping, all damage received from the front will be reduced by 10%.

There was also a Mysterious-Iron Mastery Book. When used, players would randomly receive 10 to 50 Free Mastery Points. This item was several times rarer than the Blackstone Shield. That was because Mastery Points could last a player forever, while the Blackstone Shield could not.

"Hopefully my luck won't be too bad," Shi Feng slightly prayed before selecting to use the Mastery Book.

Following which, the System started displaying a pile of random numbers ranging from 10 to 50. As long as Shi Feng yelled 'Stop,' the final number to appear would be the number of Mastery Points he would obtain. It was something similar to Russian Roulette.

In Shi Feng's previous life, many experts collected various kinds of Mastery Books to increase their Weapon Mastery. However, Mastery Books were just too rare, and even with money, one may not necessarily be able to buy it. Most players that obtained a Mastery Book would use it instead of selling it. After all, it was extremely hard to obtain a single Free Mastery Point.Shi Feng had once seen a person who was fortunate enough to obtain a Fine-Gold Mastery Book. Many players looked at that person with immense envy, and some were even willing to spend a million Credits to buy the Mastery Book from that person. However, that person refused to sell and instead, used the Mastery Book for himself. The range of Free Mastery Points provided by the Fine-Gold Mastery Book was between 30 to 200. Originally, everyone thought this fellow had very good luck. However, that person only obtained 31 Free Mastery Points, in the end, becoming a laughing stock to everyone. The points he obtained was no better than a Mysterious-Iron Mastery Book.

Looking at the numbers constantly spinning, Shi Feng's heart madly thumped, not knowing what number would come out.

"Stop!" Shi Feng shouted.The wheel of numbers abruptly halted, and Shi Feng peered open his eyes and took a look.

32 points.

A relatively good number. Shi Feng had just effortlessly obtained 32 Free Mastery Points, which was the equivalent of the Free Mastery Points he would obtain by leveling up to Level 20.

Shi Feng opened his One-handed Sword Mastery Window.Currently, his One-handed Sword Mastery was still at 20 points, placing him at the level of Basic Swordsman and increasing his Base Damage by 10%.

If including the 8 Free Mastery Points he obtained for leveling up to Level 5, and the 5 points he had remaining from before, he now had a total of 45 Free Mastery Points.Shi Feng immediately added 30 Mastery Points to his One-handed Sword Mastery. Instantly, his One-handed Sword Mastery rose to the level of an Intermediate Swordsman, increasing his Base Damage by 15%. As for becoming an Advanced Swordsman, he was still 50 points away from doing so.

Although it was just a 5% increase in Base Damage, it should not be taken lightly. This Base Damage would be magnified many times after factoring in the bonuses from Skills. Often, the gap present between a top-tier expert and a normal expert was due to the difference in Base Damages. At this stage of the game, there might only be a fragment of experts who have reached Basic Mastery. Shi Feng had already reached Intermediate Mastery, leading them by a lot.

Just as Shi Feng was about to continue advancing deeper into the Steel Fortress, the fortress' alarm rang out.

Chapter 89 - Barrutia's Core Area

"Alert! Alert! There is an intruder in Area F! Activating self-defense system!"

Before Shi Feng could celebrate his gains, a bucket of cold water dumped over his head by this loud voice. He did not think that there would be such a trap after opening the Treasure Chest.

Just after arriving at the passage's exit, Shi Feng discovered that the passages leading to the other areas of the Steel Fortress were all sealed off, preventing him from entering. Meanwhile, the water level of the pool below started rising, and according to its speed, it would not be long before the passage flooded.

Without hesitation, Shi Feng took out a bottle of Underwater Breathing Potion, drinking it. The potion allowed players to breathe underwater for 20 minutes. Following which, Shi Feng immediately leaped into the pool, diving towards the deepest region.After swimming down for over ten minutes, Shi Feng finally saw a dark passage. However, the water currents from there flowed rapidly, and it would not be easy for Shi Feng to approach the passage. After spending a long period, and drinking a second bottle of Underwater Breathing Potion, Shi Feng managed to crawl his way towards the passage entrance with much difficulty.Following which, he was washed away by the rapidly flowing water, his body unable to move as the current continuously pushed him along the passageway. After flowing along the water currents for several minutes, Shi Feng was thrown out of the passage and landed in another large pool.Near a wall of the large pool, some stairs spiraled upward. As long as he went up these stairs, he would arrive at the core of the fortress.

Shi Feng swam towards the stairway. He then looked at the time. It was almost 8 o'clock in the morning now, and since locating the Titan's Heart was not accomplishable in a short amount of time, Shi Feng immediately called out the System Interface and chose to log out.

Upon waking up early in the morning, the first thing Shi Feng did was train his body. This action had long since deeply ingrained in his bones.However, he could clearly feel that his body was different from yesterday. His body no longer felt stiff, and instead, it felt extremely refreshed. The positive effects of the C-rank Nutrient Fluids he drank were evident. The fluid was slowly altering his body's condition.

Strike the iron while it's hot.

Shi Feng then started working out, doing sit-ups, pushups and other muscle-strengthening actions. After working out for over an hour, Shi Feng still did not feel tired. On the contrary, his body felt comfortably warm, as if there were an inexhaustible amount of energy within him.However, he did not continue training his body. Instead, he went downstairs to have a meal. Desperately working out was not necessarily a good thing. It needed to be done in moderation, as overworking his body would only yield opposite effects.After going through a night's struggle, the Gold Coins he sold and the Credits he obtained from Gentle Snow filled his current bank account with over 200,000 Credits. A night of his efforts was worth two months of salary of an executive from a big company. This was the power of God's Domain that had turned around the virtual economy. After a year, becoming rich overnight in God's Domain was not a strange affair whatsoever.Unfortunately, not many enterprises had discovered this fact yet. By the time they did discover it, they would have lagged far behind those companies that invested in God's Domain in the beginning.After eating, Shi Feng made a trip to the bank. He specifically retrieved 30,000 Credits, intending to buy the virtual reality helmets he rented. Otherwise, if he were to leave it and forget about it, he would eventually be forced out of the game. At that time, he would have to wait until the next working day before handling the necessary procedures and only after could he continue playing. Currently, the game was in a sprinting stage. If Shi Feng were to fall behind by a day, it would be extremely difficult for him to catch back up.

It was also a good chance for Shi Feng to invite Blackie out for a stroll. If Blackie always hid inside his dormitory, his body was bound to have problems.

There were very few people on the streets of the university early in the morning. There were only some sports societies doing their morning exercises, warming up for their work out later on. Watching these university students that radiated youth, Shi Feng felt an unreal feeling. It was as if the ten years he spent battling in God's Domain were just an illusion, an illusion that would vanish with just a touch.

Walking along the roadside, Shi Feng admired the university campus as he headed towards Blackie's dormitory. He was experiencing the sceneries on the campus that he paid no attention to in his previous life.

As he was about to enter into Blackie's dormitory, Shi Feng heard sounds of laughter coming from within.

"Blackie, weren't you extremely confident in getting into Shadow Workshop before? I've been waiting for you for several days now, so why haven't I seen you there yet?"

"Wu Yi, haven't I already said it before? I joined another Workshop, so I didn't participate in Shadow's test."

"Blackie, don't try to trick me. Where in the entire Jin Hai University is there another Workshop? What is it called? How many members does it have? Who established it? Can you tell me that? If they treat players well, I might even decide to join!"

Being asked in such a way, Blackie suddenly realized that Shi Feng did not actually tell him the name of their Workshop. As for the number of members… taking everything into account, there were exactly 6 people. Not to mention having a Workshop to play God's Domain, they possessed absolutely nothing right now and were even riddled with debt."Blackie, stop being obstinate. I know that you didn't pass Shadow's test. If it really is no good, then let Brother Wu plead for you. In any case, Brother Wu is currently an official member. Who knows;you might be able to become an outer member of Shadow. At the very least, you could continue playing God's Domain, and earning two thousand Credits a month should not be a problem. Don't forget, the trial period for the virtual gaming helmet is only ten days. After this period, you will not be able to continue playing the game," Blackie's fellow dorm mate sneered."It can't be, right? What kind of Workshop can't even afford an official virtual gaming helmet? Isn't that just too pitiful?" Wu Yi pretended to be shocked. He then clapped Blackie's shoulders, saying with a sigh, "Even the outer members of Shadow are given an official helmet. Official members even receive an advanced helmet that's worth 20,000 Credits. Your Workshop is just ripping you off. Who started the thing? I'll demand justice for you."Why don't you mingle with me from now on? I can guarantee that you'll obtain an official helmet. By the time I become a core member of Shadow, I guarantee that you'll be able to live in luxury. You should know that Young Master Lan has already invested five million Credits in Shadow. I heard that he has invested another two million now. If you enter Shadow, your future will be limitless."

"Wu Yi, I've already said it. I won't be joining. I'm currently getting by very well," Blackie quickly rejected.

"Blackie, you should know that there aren't many such chances. Shadow Workshop is the best Workshop in Jin Hai University. If it weren't for the fact that you're already Level 5 and we're classmates, I wouldn't even be looking for you." Wu Yi patiently persuaded, "You keep saying that you've joined some other Workshop, but you have to tell me at least the name, right? Must you keep lying to a classmate in such a way?"What? Don't tell me that this Workshop doesn't even have a name?"Even if it doesn't have a name, you must know which person established it, right? Nowadays, even nobodies dare to make Workshops, so you musn't be tricked. Shadow Workshop has an upright business sponsoring it, and there is also a contract to ensure that you won't starve to death at the very least."Wu Yi was all praises about Shadow. It was as if one would become an elite in society just for entering Shadow Workshop, becoming the envy of others.

However, Blackie had long since seen through Shadow. He did not have even the slightest favorable opinion towards Shadow. He only blamed himself for having a big mouth, showing off to others that he had already risen to Level 5. As a result, the information was found out by Shadow Workshop, and they had sent Wu Yi, his classmate, to recruit him.

However, how could he so easily betray Shi Feng and join Shadow? He was only able to obtain all of his current achievements by relying on Shi Feng. Even if he had to suffer hardships right now, he still believed that Shi Feng would lead him towards the path of success.

At this stage of the game, all the Level 5 players were experts. To Shadow Workshop, which was currently lacking experts, Blackie was an alluring beauty. So, naturally, they were itching to try and recruit him, turning him into one of the their belongings.

At this moment, Shi Feng opened the door, taking a step into the room.

"I am the nobody that established the Workshop. I wonder what kind of opinion you have?" Shi Feng looked towards the robust Wu Yi, speaking coldly.


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