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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 694


Chapter 694: Zero Wing's Strength

Chapter 694 - Zero Wing's Strength

Stoneclaw Mountains, outer region:

Currently, over 400 finely equipped Red Names pushed deeper into the Stoneclaw Mountains'inner region .

However, as they approached the area, not only were the monsters they encountered stronger, but the number of monsters they encountered also increased . Moreover, the more players there were on the team, the easier it was for monsters to discover them . As a result, battles occurred quite frequently .

Initially, the group only encountered two to three hundred Level 35 Elite Half-orcs and a few Special Elite and Chieftain Half-orcs . Now, however, the group frequently encountered groups of four to five hundred Level 38 Elite Half-orcs led by Level 39 Half-orc Lords . The battles were twice as difficult now .

"Our luck is terrible . These Half-orcs respawn so quickly . "

"If we had known that their respawn rates were so fast, we would not have wasted so much time on recruiting more members and let Traceless Blood get ahead of us . "

Many team members envied Traceless Blood's team .

To have better chances of defeating Zero Wing's main force, they had spent a lot of time trying to recruit more members . Yet, now, they had to deal with all of these Half-orcs . It would still be some time before they would catch up with Zero Wing's main force .

"I heard that the battle has started already . I wonder if we can make it in time?"

"We'd be more effective if we arrived late . After all, this is Zero Wing's main force we are talking about . If Traceless Blood cannot wipe them out completely, we can pick up the scraps . "

"Hey, that's Traceless Blood you're talking about . With him on the offensive, do you really think many will get away?"

"I guess that's true . Let's hurry, then . Otherwise, this trip will have been pointless . "

Realizing this, the team began to fight with more fervor .

In God's Domain, dark players and light players rarely interacted as both sides looked down on each other . To dark players, light players were merely a group of players with little to no combat capabilities . They were only good at grinding Dungeons . How could such players compare to their intense lifestyles of blood and blades? Hence, no matter how famous and powerful a Guild expert was, in the eyes of Red Names, these experts were insignificant existences . Red Names thought nothing of Light Guilds .

"There's a large group of players heading our way,"a Ranger suddenly reported .

"It can't be Zero Wing's main force, right? I didn't think that they would give up so quickly . It seems that Zero Wing only amounts to so much . Those rumors about how powerful the Guild is are all just a bunch of lies,"many Red Names began to ridicule and mock the Guild .

"Alright, enough . Get ready . Do not let a single player from Zero Wing escape . "

They were quickly approaching the Stoneclaw Mountains inner region . Aside from Zero Wing and the ambushing Red Names, this area was empty of players . Since these players approached them from the inner region, they were, without a doubt, members of Zero Wing .

Immediately, the 400-plus Red Names spread out and waited for Zero Wing to stumble right into their encirclement .

Seconds ticked by . Very quickly, several dozen players emerged from the forest, each and every one of them looking miserable . These players panted heavily as they emerged . It was obvious that they had exhausted their Stamina from running across a long distance .

Just as the Red Names, who lay in wait, were about to rush forward and surround these exhausted players, they suddenly realized that something was amiss .

"Huh? Isn't that Berserker Three Knives, the person ranking 91st on the Red List?"

"Aren't they members of Traceless Blood's team?"

"Why do they look so miserable?"

A series of questions popped up in everyone's minds .

However, they soon found their answers . Suddenly, dozens of arrows and Spells burst from the forest . In the blink of an eye, several of the escaping Red Names fell to the ground and dropped several pieces of their equipment .

Meanwhile, Three Knives, who ran at the forefront of the team, desperately blocked and dodged the incoming attacks . However, two arrows still found him, his HP instantly falling by nearly 3,000 .

"You think you can get away with provoking Zero Wing?"Minor Wind, who appeared at the treeline, coldly demanded as he glared at Three Knives . Behind him, more of Zero Wing's members followed .

"Since I can't escape, I'll take you to the grave with me!"Three Knives, who was exhausted from running, stopped as he resolved to fight to the death .

The fight with Zero Wing's main force had been one-sided punishment . Even their strongest combatant, Traceless Blood, had been easily defeated, not to mention the rest of their team .

Less than five minutes since their battle with Zero Wing began, they had lost over half their numbers . On the other hand, Zero Wing had not suffered a single death . It was simply inconceivable .

At that point, each side's strength had been obvious . They were on completely different levels .

Following which, he had issued a command to retreat immediately .

When they started retreating, they still had more than 100 players . Now, however, only a dozen or so were alive . Minor Wind had claimed the majority of their members'lives himself . Not only were the Ranger's arrows extremely fast, but he also had ranged AOEs at his disposal . Even Three Knives, who ranked 91st on Star-Moon Kingdom's Red List, could not defend against all of Minor Wind's attacks, much less the members of his team .

"Mutual destruction?"Minor Wind could not help but laugh . "Unfortunately, you are not capable of such a thing . "

Although Three Knives was strong, superior to even a few members of Zero Wing's main force, the Berserker's Skill Completion Rates were not high . After taking into account the difference in their equipment, Three Knives would rank roughly around 56th in Zero Wing's main force . Of course, this was not taking the Power of Darkness into consideration .

As Minor Wind said so, he nocked his longbow and shot dozens of arrows in quick succession at the remaining Red Names .

Although Three Knives and the other Red Names tried to approach Minor Wind, over 40 yards stretched them and the Ranger . There was not enough time for them to reach the Ranger . Moreover, of the dozen or so remaining Red Names, not a single one was a ranged class . Hence, the group had no choice but to weather the rain of arrows as they advanced .

However, the Tier 1 Weapon, Windchaser, was no trivial item . With it, Minor Wind could deal over -1,500 damage with his normal attacks alone . Three Knives and the others had, at most, a little over 7,000 HP . A few arrows were enough to finish them off . In . In addition, Minor Wind's arrows would occasionally trigger the Quadruple Stars effect . Before the dozen or so Red Names crossed 10 yards, only Three Knives remained alive . Though, the Berserker only had a thread of HP left .

The Red Names lying in ambush were all shocked .

With just his bow, Minor Wind single-handedly defeated over a dozen Red Names before they came anywhere close to him . Even Three Knives was on his last breath . None of the Red Names lying in wait could believe their eyes .

"Am I dreaming?"

"Why is that Ranger so powerful?!"

Suddenly, everyone realized that their fellow Red Names who had gone ahead to ambush Zero Wing were all dead . Moreover, the only survivor had no more than a thread of HP remaining .

The gap between the light players in their imaginations and the members of Zero Wing's main force was massive .

"Oh? You called for reinforcements?"Minor Wind shifted his gaze towards the Red Names hiding in the bushes . With Eagle Eyes, he noticed more than 400 players . Grinning, he said, "Since Big Sis Fire and the others are not around, let's use you guys to test out my true strength . "

When the Red Names heard Minor Wind's words, a sense of doom seeped into their hearts .

Minor Wind's Attack Power was simply too high . Moreover, none of them were confident in escaping his rain of arrows unscathed . Three Knives was the best evidence for the assumption .

Suddenly, the leading black-robed Elementalist jumped up from his hiding spot and shouted, "W-Wait!!"


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