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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 693


Chapter 693: 693

Chapter 693 - Magic Weapon Against Magic Weapon

Traceless Blood was extremely fast . Everything happened in the blink of an eye .

The Assassin had not given Violet Cloud any opportunities to activate her Skills .

Traceless Blood had investigated Violet Cloud, so he knew the Cleric was very strong . If he gave her even a breath of time, it was possible that his assassination attempt would fail . Hence, he had taken his time, slowly and carefully approaching Violet Cloud and using Shadow Steps at its maximum range . This way, by the time Violet Cloud’s senses reacted, it would be too late .

The dagger covered in engraved, black runes tore through the air, colliding with Violet Cloud’s back .

With his first strike landing successfully, Traceless Blood immediately used the most powerful Skill of Assassins, Absolute Strike, instead of a different Skill like Backstab . Unlike Backstab, Absolute Strike did not require any specific attack motions, allowing for a faster strike .

Suddenly, Traceless Blood transformed into a black light that pierced through Violet Cloud .

After arriving in front of the Cleric, Traceless Blood spun in midair, using his dagger’s most powerful Additional Skill, Flowing Light, on the Cleric . Flowing Light’s single target damage was even higher than Absolute Strike . The Skill was also much faster, the entire process ending in less than a heartbeat .


Traceless Blood’s eyes widened as he looked at his dagger in disbelief . No matter how much strength he put into his arm, his dagger could not pierce Violet Cloud’s pale golden robes . It was as if her robes were made of adamantine .

“You are quite impressive . If I hadn’t activated Absolute Space at the first sign of danger, I would have most likely been dead by now,” Violet Cloud said as she looked at the dagger with black runes . Those black runes looked very familiar to her . They were very similar to the runes unique to Magic Weapons . If the dagger wounded her, the consequences would be unimaginable .

Since his attack had failed, although Traceless Blood was shocked, he immediately turned and fled . He abandoned the idea of attacking Violet Cloud as he knew that he could no longer inflict damage on the Cleric . Moreover, he did not know the duration of the Cleric’s Absolute Space . While she had that protection, he was no more than a living target . His only options were to run and hide .

“You can’t escape!”

Violet Cloud did not dare give Traceless Blood an opportunity to escape . Absolute Space had a relatively long Cooldown . If she allowed the Assassin to get away, she would not be able to fend him off should he come back to attack her again .

Waving her finger, she used the Tier 1 Skill, Star’s Guidance .

Immediately, a powerful gravitational force pulled at Traceless Blood, dragging him back towards Violet Cloud .

What kind of Skill is this?! This was the first time Traceless Blood had seen such an unconventional Skill . He felt like small threads had wrapped around him, zealously pulling him towards his enemy .

As a last resort, Traceless Blood used his Control Removal Skill, removing the effects of Star’s Guidance .

“Sacred Seal!”

Seeing that her attack had failed, Violet Cloud used Sacred Seal, a Marking Skill of Clerics . Suddenly, a sacred light appeared on Traceless Blood’s forehead, preventing him from entering Stealth .

Damn it! She knows a Skill like this as well?! Traceless Blood began to panic . Not being able to enter Stealth was extremely disadvantageous for him . With this, he would not be able to sneak up on Violet Cloud later in the battle .

Shortly after Traceless Blood began to flee, a black figure dashed towards him .

“Don’t even think of escaping!” Shadow Sword lifted Tempest’s Breath and used Charge at the Assassin .

Since Traceless Blood had already used his Control Removal Skill, he had no choice but to use Wind Steps, utilizing the 1 second of invulnerability invulnerability the Skill provided to block Shadow Sword’s Charge . Turning around, Traceless Blood then flipped his dagger into a reverse-grip and plunged the weapon into Shadow Sword’s abdomen .

Kidney Strike!

As long as the Skill forced the Berserker into a Fainted state for two or three seconds, it would be enough for him to get away .

Realizing that he could not block the incoming attack in time, Shadow Sword activated Whirlwind Slash, swinging Tempest’s Breath at Traceless Blood . Shadow Sword fully intended to trade hit for hit .

Seeing this, Traceless Blood had no choice but to halt his attack and retreat immediately, evading Shadow Sword’s Whirlwind Slash .

He was merely an Assassin . How could his normal attacks deal more damage than a Berserker? Moreover, he wore leather armor, whereas Berserkers wore plate armor . Even if his weapon were a Magic Weapon, a head-on clash could end with mutual destruction . Moreover, he currently occupied the rear line of the enemy’s formation . There were no healers to recover his HP . However, Shadow Sword was different . He had the assistance of a healer like Violet Cloud . The Berserker had no fear of a battle of attrition . Hence, when Shadow Sword attacked, there was no fear in his eyes at all .

After evading Shadow Sword’s attack, Traceless Blood immediately turned and fled, having no desire to continue his clash with the Berserker .

His opponents included an expert Cleric and an expert Berserker . He had very little confidence in defeating either one in a frontal assault, to begin with, not to mention fighting both simultaneously .

However, Shadow Sword had no intentions of letting the Assassin get away so easily . Immediately, he followed his failed attack with Break and Thunderclap . When the Movement Speed Reduction effects of both Skills were compounded, Traceless Blood lost any hope of escaping the Berserker .

Traceless Blood had no choice but to enter a melee with Shadow Sword .


When the two weapons collided, dazzling collided, dazzling sparks scattered into the surroundings .

The impact forced Traceless Blood to retreat by three steps, a grim expression appearing on his face when he noticed his opponent still standing steadily in his original location .

Why does he have so much Strength?! Traceless Blood acknowledged that his own Strength Attribute was quite high, even slightly higher than an ordinary Berserker . Yet, against Shadow Sword’s attack, this Berserker’s Strength overwhelmed him . The Magic Weapon he wielded granted him a significant amount of Strength . Even if Shadow Sword was superior in terms of Strength, the Berserker’s attack should not have been able to force him back by three steps . Even now, his hand still felt numb from the exchange . Zero Wing actually possesses so many top-tier experts?

Smiling, Violet Cloud finished chanting her incantation . She then pointed her finger at Traceless Blood .

Tier 1 Spell, Black Coffin!

A pitch-black barrier suddenly wrapped around Traceless Blood .

Having no other choice, Traceless Blood used Vanish . After activating Vanish, he would become invulnerable to all attacks momentarily . The Skill would also place him in a Forced Invisibility state for three seconds, followed by a Stealth state . Even Sacred Seal would not be effective during Forced Invisibility’s three seconds, and these three seconds were more than enough to put a huge distance between himself and the two experts .

“Vanish?” Shadow Sword had no counter for this Skill either .

This was the most powerful Lifesaving Skill an Assassin, one of the twelve major classes, possessed . Unless one had a Silencing Skill, it was extremely difficult to kill an expert Assassin .

Three seconds later, Traceless Blood reappeared far from Shadow Sword . At this range, even the Berserker’s Charge would not reach him . Moreover, Assassin was an Agility-focused class . In terms of Movement Speed, an Assassin was much faster than a Berserker . In addition, Traceless Blood also possessed equipment that enhanced his speed . There was no way that Shadow Sword could catch up to him at to him at this point .

This was also why Traceless Blood had been able to escape after his assassination attempt on Galaxy Past had failed .

“What’s this?” Traceless Blood suddenly noticed a black magic array beneath his feet .

Although Traceless Blood struggled to get away, this black magic array was like a black hole . No matter how much he tried to struggle, he could not escape his fate of being devoured .

In the next moment, the black magic array swallowed the Assassin whole, his body vanishing without a trace .

When Traceless Blood saw light again, he was shocked .

“How is this possible?!”

He appeared a short distance from Violet Cloud once more . This time, however, he was surrounded by Mana Balls and Barriers of Light . The Berserker, Shadow Sword, also stood nearby . He had no options to flee the enclosement of the Barriers of Light .

“I already told you that you can’t escape . ” Wielding a pitch-black key in her hand, Violet Cloud smiled at Traceless Blood and said calmly, “You have a Magic Weapon . I, too, have a Magic Weapon . ”

To resolve a serious threat like Traceless Blood, Violet Cloud utilized her final trump card, Star’s Reminiscence . The Skill was also an Astromancer’s main weapon . One of the Skill’s effects was Spatial Imprisonment .

When activated, Star’s Reminiscence would lock a target in the specified space indefinitely . If the target wished to escape their imprisonment, their only option was to shatter the spatial barrier or have the user dispel the Skill . Meanwhile, the user’s Mana determined how much damage the spatial barrier could absorb . It was a Skill with terrifying effects . However, the Skill also had a very long Cooldown of two hours .

I’m actually going to die like this . Traceless Blood could not help but smile bitterly as he watched the Mana Balls that covered the sky and the Berserker that eyed him like a fierce tiger .


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