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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 690


Chapter 690: 690

Chapter 690 - Absurd EXP

The Top of the World is pretty nice . It’s no wonder why those experts in the past tried so hard to come here . Shi Feng sighed contently after he finished organizing the loot .

Among these drops, there were several dozen pieces of Level 50 equipment, two of which were Mysterious-Iron rank, 16 were Bronze rank, and the remainder were Common rank .

After reaching Level 50, even Elite monsters rarely dropped Bronze Equipment . Only Chieftains would drop Bronze Equipment with a 100% certainty and had the chance to drop Mysterious-Iron Equipment . As a result, players would have a far more difficult time obtaining Level 50 high-quality equipment .

To make matters worse, the Final Bosses of Level 50 Hard Mode Party Dungeons were only Chieftains . Only Hell Mode had Lord ranked Final Bosses . However, how many ordinary parties were capable of conquering Hell Mode Party Dungeons?

Moreover, Bosses drop-rates declined sharply after Level 50 . A Boss that would drop six or seven items at lower levels would only drop one or two items after reaching Level 50 .

Shi Feng could vaguely remember the time he had fought and grinded frantically, only managing to reach Level 50 after an arduous struggle .

Yet, what about Level 50 equipment?

After investing a ton of effort, he had only managed to obtain a full set of Level 50 Mysterious-Iron Equipment by the time he reached Level 50 . If he had worn that quality equipment when he was Level 45, he would have been considered as an ordinary veteran player at best . Even so, he had been the envy of Blackie and many of his fellow Guild members .

Back then, wearing several pieces of Level 50 Mysterious-Iron Equipment into a 20-man Team Dungeon had been a luxury, not to mention a full set of Mysterious-Iron Equipment . After all, one obtained less than a handful of Level 50 Mysterious-Iron items after clearing a Level 50, 20-man Hard Mode Team Dungeon .

This was also the reason behind forgers’ suddenly popularity surge .

Although it might be very difficult for players to forge top-tier equipment, they had a relatively high success rate for producing Level 50 and above Bronze and Mysterious-Iron Weapons and Equipment . However, the required materials were not so easily obtained .

On the other hand, after defeating a single wave of Stone Apes, Shi Feng now had so many pieces of Level 50 Bronze and Mysterious-Iron Equipment . It was mind-blowing .

Shi Feng continued to explore Mount Sogar’s core area . During his journey, he defeated any Stone Ape patrols that he encountered for EXP and equipment .

Humans had yet to claim Mount Sogar, so there were many Stone Ape patrols wandering along the mountain trail . It did not take long before Shi Feng encountered another patrol team . For Shi Feng, this place was a leveling heaven .

Against the Stone Ape patrols, the Purgatory Demon’s strength was simply overwhelming .

In less than three hours, Shi Feng easily reached 74% of Level 33 . If he wanted to, he could place in the top 20 of Star-Moon Kingdom’s Ranking List .

Previously, to obtain the First Clear of Level 30, 100-man Team Dungeons, the various Guilds had intentionally held back their levels . Meanwhile, some powerful independent experts or Workshop experts had not . Instead, they took the opportunity to level up rapidly, earning some fame for themselves . Hence, the current average level on Star-Moon Kingdom’s Ranking List was quite high, with the top three players at Level 34 .

Meanwhile, the top 20 on Star-Moon Kingdom’s Ranking List were all Level 33 and above .

If not for the Purgatory Demon helping him grind on Mount Sogar, he might have struggled to catch up to the top 20 players .

Mount Sogar was massive . It was almost three times times as large as an ordinary leveling map of the same Level . Hence, searching for Solomon’s Treasure was time-consuming . Shi Feng also encountered many powerful monsters throughout his journey, which slowed his progress further .

To explore Mount Sogar effectively, Shi Feng had used the Bible of Darkness and Magic Amplification Scroll once more to summon a Level 51 Tier 3 Curse Demon . Although the Curse Demon had similarly turned on him, Shi Feng had directed the Purgatory Demon to incapacitate the Curse Demon, allowing him to force it into submission .

Unlike the Purgatory Demon, however, the Curse Demon did not possess any Tier 3 Taboo Skills . It also only had 9,500,000 HP . However, as it was a magic-type Demon, its AOE capabilities were much stronger than the Purgatory Demon .

With two Tier 3 Demons under his control, Shi Feng could explore the area far more efficiently . He had no problems facing even two or three waves of Stone Ape patrols simultaneously . He no longer had to waste too much time hiding and killing monsters .


The Stoneclaw Mountains’ inner region:

“Cola, be careful of that Half-orc Lord’s Skills . Lure it away from the team first . Everyone else, focus fire on the Lord that Turtledove is tanking . ” Fire Dance fought while commanding her team to deal with two Level 40 Half-orc Lords .

Currently, players crowded the Stoneclaw Mountains . To secure more resources for themselves, Zero Wing’s main force had no choice but to distance themselves from the crowd and push deeper into the Mountains .

They were lucky if they encountered a Lord in the outer region . However, after reaching the inner region, the number of Lords wandering about had increased significantly . From time to time, players would have to face two Lords simultaneously . This was a huge challenge for teams . Hence, the various Guild teams avoided this area .


To Zero Wing’s main force, however, this area was just difficult enough .

Zero Wing’s lead MT Cola wore a complete Tier 1 Set Equipment . He also had the Bluefire Shield . He had no problems handling a single Level 40 Lord by himself . As for Turtledove, she had recently obtained the Epic ranked divine Frost Armor, so she, too, could tank a Lord without assistance . In addition, Ye Wumian similarly wore a complete Tier 1 Set Equipment for Shield Warriors . He was constantly ready to jump in when necessary .

If the MTs had no issues, there was no need to mention the team’s DPS . Whether it was Fire Dance, Rampant Blade, Shadow Sword, Minor Wind, or Violet Cloud, every one of them possessed superb Attack Power . They also wore equipment that allowed them to ignore more than ten of monsters’ Levels . Without any level suppression, their damage against Level 40 Lords would not be affected in the slightest .

Hence, the team was more than capable of taking down two Level 40 Lords simultaneously .

Currently, the members of Zero Wing’s main force were all at Level 32, leveling with impressive speed . There were a few reasons for their leveling rate . First, everyone’s experience bars had been frozen around 90% of Level 30 throughout their raid of the Frost Prison . After obtaining the First Clear of the Hell Mode Frost Prison, everyone promptly turned their attention to grinding in the Stoneclaw Mountains . They also managed to accumulate the Double EXP buff by resting in the Guild Residence’s Private Rooms while they had been offline . While they had focused on raiding the Frost Prison, they had accumulated more than one Level’s worth of the Double EXP buff . Thus, the moment they returned to leveling, they rapidly climbed to Level 32 .

In less than 20 minutes, the team had dealt with their latest Half-orc enemies, resulting in everyone’s experience bars rising experience bars rising significantly .

“Fire Dance, our Guild members have been ambushed in the Stoneclaw Mountains . Be careful . ” Aqua Rose suddenly contacted Fire Dance to warn her .

“Someone’s ambushed our Guild members?” Fire Dance was slightly surprised . “Which Guild is it?”

Stone Forest Town was Zero Wing’s territory now . For someone to dare target Zero Wing’s members in the Stoneclaw Mountains, they were simply asking to be banned from the town .

“I don’t think that it’s a Guild . The ambushed members reported that their attackers had not worn any Guild Emblems . After watching the videos they recorded, the ambushers didn’t seem like any Guild experts I’ve encountered . However, the enemy is moving in relatively large groups . The smaller groups have around a dozen or so players, while the largest one is a 50-man team . I’ve researched that team already . They do not belong to any Guild . Rather, the team belongs to a Workshop . ” Aqua Rose was similarly surprised when she received the report on these assailants . After all, every player currently grinding in the Stoneclaw Mountains should know Zero Wing’s reputation . Yet, there were still people who dared to ambush their members . “In any case, your team should be on the lookout as well . I’ll try to learn more as soon as possible . ”

If this really were the doing of a Guild, then she would destroy that Guild’s foothold in the Stoneclaw Mountains .

“Alright, I’ll make a note of it . ” Fire Dance nodded .

There would not be any other players in the Stoneclaw Mountains’ inner region . After all, the danger here was much higher than in the outer areas . Ordinary players could not set foot here and survive .

However, as soon as Fire Dance disconnected the call, she heard Minor Wind’s anxious voice through the team chat . “A large group of players is approaching!”


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