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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 689


Chapter 689: 689

Chapter 689 - Astonishing Leveling Speed

“So many Skills!”

Upon opening the Purgatory Demon’s Attribute Panel, Shi Feng discovered a list of tens of Skills . Among them, there were three Tier 3 Skills, one being the Tier 3 Taboo Skill . The remaining Skills were all Tier 2 The Purgatory Demon had more Skills than an ordinary player . Moreover, the majority of its Skills were AOE Skills . The Demon could play a huge role in a group battle .

In addition, the Purgatory Demon’s HP and Level were similarly shocking .

[Purgatory Demon] (Demon)

Level 51

HP 13,000,000/13,000,000

Among Level 50 Great Lords, its HP might not be considerable, but compared to other Tier 3 Demons with high intellect and a large number of Skills, the Purgatory Demon’s HP was very high .

Moreover, an ordinary Tier 3 Demon’s combat power was generally higher than a Great Lord of the same Level . If it came down to a battle, the Tier 3 Demon would emerge victorious .

Its Strength Attribute is outrageous . It’s several times higher than my Strength . It should rival a Grand Lord of the same Level . The more Shi Feng examined the Purgatory Demon’s Attributes, the more shocked he became .

Currently, he was fully equipped with Tier 3 Strength-Attributed Gemstones . He even wore the Fragmented Legendary ranked Heavenly Dragon’s Breath . His Strength was no weaker than a Chieftain of the same Level, yet even if he activated Twofold Berserk, his Strength would not reach even half of the Purgatory Demon’s…

With such a powerful summon, his exploration of Mount Sogar’s core area would be much easier .

At the very least, he would not have to run and hide from monsters constantly .

Following which, Shi Feng began controlling the Purgatory Demon to venture deeper into the heart of Mount Sogar .

There were many groups of Stone Apes patrolling the trail up Mount Sogar . Not only did each patrol team have over a hundred Elite Stone Apes, but the teams were also led by one Lord ranked Stone Ape Guard .

Shortly after exiting the cave, a Stone Ape Guard discovered both Shi Feng and the Purgatory Demon . The Lord released a roar and immediately, over a hundred Level 50 Elite Stone Apes charged at the two intruders .

“You guys can serve as a test, then . ” Shi Feng smiled calmly as he focused the majority of his consciousness into the Purgatory Demon while he hid as far away as possible .

However, the Purgatory Demon, which was over three meters tall, was like an immovable wall as it stood in the middle of the mountain trail . With its war axe held ready, the Demon managed to block the entire trail by itself .

When the Stone Apes arrived before the Purgatory Demon, the latter swept its massive two-handed war axe horizontally across the enemy group .

Suddenly, the six leading Stone Apes flew through the air, slamming into the mountainsides bordering the trail . Some of the Stone Apes’ rock bodies shattered when they met the massive war axe, damages of over -30,000 points appearing above their heads . If a player had received the Purgatory Demon’s attack just now, they would have died instantly .

“Such fierce damage . ” Shi Feng was momentarily stunned . He had never imagined that the Purgatory Demon could deal such high damage .

Compared to the Snow Lions, the Stone Apes’ Defense was much higher . Previously, he could deal around -1,200 damage to the Snow Lions with his normal attacks . Yet, the Purgatory Demon dealt over -30,000 damage, destroying over one-tenth of the Stone Apes’ HPs with one swing of its axe . Moreover, it even shattered the Stone Apes’ rock bodies, wounding the Elites heavily and significantly reducing their combat power .

In the face of of the Purgatory Demon’s Strength, the Stone Apes were no more than toys . They could not approach Shi Feng, who hid behind the Purgatory Demon, at all .

However, Shi Feng was also struggling to control the Tier 3 Demon . Shi Feng was already not used moving in the Demon’s massive body . Attacking only increased the complexity of his task . He could not exert his desired effects at all . At the moment, he was exerting less than one-third of the Purgatory Demon’s actual strength .

Suddenly, the Stone Ape Guard standing behind the group of Stone Apes jumped into the air and thrust its spear towards the Purgatory Demon . As if it were a venomous snake, the spear left behind three afterimages that struck the Tier 3 Demon .

With the Purgatory Demon’s usual standards, it could have dodged the Lord’s spear attack effortlessly . However, Shi Feng was unable to exert the Demon’s full strength, so the Demon received all three attacks .

-2,742 .

-2,802 .

-2,784 .

Three consecutive damages appeared above the Purgatory Demon’s head .

However, compared to the Purgatory Demon’s 13,000,000 HP, these damages were practically negligible . The Demon’s battle recovery alone regenerated 130,000 HP every five seconds . Even if Shi Feng allowed the Stone Ape Guard to attack as much as it wished, it would not kill the Purgatory Demon .

“I wonder how this move will fare?”

Shi Feng did not want to waste any more time with these Stone Apes . He controlled the Purgatory Demon and activated the Tier 3 Skill, Garuda’s Flames .

Garuda’s Flames dealt flame damage within a cone to all enemies within 50 yards . At the same time, targets struck would be forced into a Fainted state for five seconds .

The Purgatory Demon swung its massive war axe and the Stone Apes before it drowned in a sea of fire . . Even while standing behind the Purgatory Demon, Shi Feng could feel the scorching heat of Garuda’s Flames .

Against such a wide range attack, neither the Stone Ape Guard nor the Elite Stone Apes could avoid it . The Purgatory Demon’s attack swallowed every one of the Stone Apes . Suddenly, the hundred-plus Stone Apes lost their lives . Only the Lord ranked Stone Ape Guard still lived . However, the Lord’s body glowed bright red with heat, and of its original 2,800,000 HP, only around 2,100,000 remained .

Garuda's Flames dealt nearly 700,000 damage to a Level 50 Lord . Meanwhile, Shi Feng had exerted less than 50% of the Skill’s effect . If the Purgatory Demon were still self-aware, Garuda’s Flames would probably have devoured over half of the Stone Ape Guard’s HP .

It’s a pity that this Skill’s Cooldown is somewhat long . Otherwise, grinding with this Skill would be exhilarating . Shi Feng sighed as he glanced at his experience bar . Shi Feng had been at 9% of Level 32 . Now, his experience stopped at 20% . His experience bar had jumped by a full 11% .

After players reached Level 30, the amount of EXP they required to level up would increase tremendously . Even expert players had to grind for several days to gain a single level, not to mention someone like Shi Feng, who required twice as much EXP as ordinary players .

Any other player would have gained 22% . They would only have to defeat five Stone Ape patrol teams to gain a Level .

However, part of this was also because the monsters at the Top of the World provided much higher EXP than the monsters in Star-Moon Kingdom . Moreover, there was also the fact that the Stone Apes were Elite monsters and were 18 Levels higher than Shi Feng, providing him with ample amounts of bonus EXP . For an ordinary player, a Common monster a Common monster that was two or three levels higher would be their limit, let alone an Elite monster .

Normally, a party of ordinary players was required to take down a single Elite monster . After splitting the EXP six-ways, each player would only receive a small amount . Meanwhile, Shi Feng enjoyed the EXP from more than a hundred Stone Apes by himself . His leveling speed would be as fast as flight .

Following which, Shi Feng directed the Purgatory Demon to attack the Stone Ape Guard with more Skills .

The Tier 3 Skills’ Cooldowns were simply too long . Shi Feng intended to use them sparingly, so he only used Tier 2 Skills to deal with the Stone Ape Guard . Even so, each Tier 2 Skill dealt over -100,000 damage .

In less than 30 seconds, the Stone Ape Guard lay at the Purgatory Demon’s feet . Meanwhile, Shi Feng’s experience bar had risen by an additional 6% . The Lord provided more EXP than half of the hundred-plus Elite Stone Apes .

Other than providing Shi Feng with an abundance of EXP, these Stone Apes had also dropped a large number of items . Equipment and materials littered the mountain trail before the Purgatory Demon . The drop-rate here was even better than in the Stoneclaw Mountains . However, this place was home to monsters that were Level 50 and above . If Shi Feng grinded in an ordinary high-level map in Star-Moon Kingdom rather than at the Top of the World, he would not enjoy such a lucrative drop-rate .

However, Mount Sogar possessed a large number of powerful monsters . This was one major difference between it and ordinary maps . Surviving here was already extremely difficult for Level 50 players, not to mention grinding for levels and items .

Moreover, Shi Feng was only able to eliminate the powerful monsters here due to the Purgatory Demon .


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