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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 688


Chapter 688: Tier 3 Overlord

Chapter 688 - Tier 3 Overlord

Setting aside the Tier 3 Magic Scroll, Shi Feng stored the remaining items from the Treasure Chest in his bag . He then carefully took out the Bible of Darkness .

"You must succeed . "Shi Feng was not absolutely confident in being able to summon a Tier 3 Demon .

After all, the Bible of Darkness was a Fragmented Legendary item .

It was not an easy task to upgrade the Skill of a Fragmented Legendary item . Even with a Tier 3 Magic Scroll, the likelihood of success was low .

Unfurling the Magic Amplification Scroll, Shi Feng began to chant its incantation .

Suddenly, the Mana in the cave went berserk . An endless stream of Mana surged into the cave from outside, increasing the density within the cave to the point where it was visible to the naked eye . The dense Mana took the form of a multicolored haze that filled the cave, creating a beautiful sight .

Such dense Mana!

Shi Feng had become the heart of the cave as Mana surged into his body, forming a massive vortex .

"Emerge, Demon Gate!"Shi Feng activated Demon Summoning .


Suddenly, the cave began to tremble . In the blink of an eye, a massive pair of gates suddenly appeared out of thin air . This gate was twice as large as those that appeared when he summoned Tier 2 Demons . Shi Feng even struggled to move under the intense pressure this gate emitted .

Did I succeed? Shi Feng could not help his growing excitement as he watched the Demon Gate .

The combination of the Magic Amplification Scroll and the Bible of Darkness… If he could put this combination to use in a Guild War, it would definitely turn the tides of battle .

Regardless of the time or location, a Great Lord ranked monster was a massive threat to a player, not to mention a Great Lord that was under an enemy player's control . The threat level of such a Great Lord would be increased by at least tenfold .

As the Demon Gate slowly opened, a humanoid Demon wearing crimson scale armor and wielding a pitch-black war axe hovered out of the darkness . However, although the Demon had the shape of a human, it was much larger . The Demon stood over three meters tall and had a pair of blood-red wings that allowed it to hover above the ground .

"Such a weak little ant actually dares to summon me, the Purgatory Demon?"the Purgatory Demon snarled, ridicule flashing its blood-red eyes as it looked down on Shi Feng . With a single flap of its wings, the Purgatory Demon crossed the distance of ten yards in an instant, its speed surpassing even that of a Great Lord . The Demon then swung its war axe down towards Shi Feng . "Die!"

The pitch-black war axe suddenly emitted intense shockwaves, destabilizing the surrounding space .

As the war axe descended, Shi Feng suddenly discovered that he could not move…

This is the Tier 3 Taboo Skill, Spatial Suppression! Shi Feng was aghast .

He had never imagined that the Demon he summoned would be so powerful .

There were many kinds of Tier 3 Demons . Moreover, Tier 3 Demons possessed very high intellect, so there was a small number who could learn Tier 3 Taboo Skills . Among Tier 3 Demons, these individuals were warlord-level existences .

Shi Feng was only a Tier 1 class . He had no hope of breaking free from the suppression of the Tier 3 Taboo Skill . He could not even use a Skill . He could only watch as the massive war axe descended on him .


When the pitch-black war axe landed, the impact destroyed the entire cave .

"Hahaha! Such a weakling also dares to use the Bible of Darkness? With this, the Bible of Darkness now belongs to me,"the hovering Purgatory Demon could not help but laugh .

However, its laughter was short-lived as a serious expression suddenly appeared on the Demon's face, its gaze focused on the ruins before it .

"Why are you still alive?!"the Purgatory Demon stared in shock as it watched Shi Feng slowly climb out of the rubble .

Shi Feng looked somewhat miserable as his entire body was covered in dust . However, his HP was still full;he had not received any damage from the Purgatory Demon's attack .

"As expected of a Tier 3 Demon . If I hadn't used Phantom Kill as a precaution for the magical trap, that hit really would have killed me,"Shi Feng said, smiling as he turned to the hovering Purgatory Demon while dusting himself . himself .

The instant the Purgatory Demon had appeared, Shi Feng had noticed that he could not control it completely . Hence, he had immediately activated the Replace Skill, trading places with his doppelganger while he hid at the cave's entrance . However, the shockwaves from the Demon's Tier 3 Taboo Skill had still affected him . Fortunately, he was able to activate Defensive Blade in time, blocking the incoming damage .

"Lucky ant . But you won't be so lucky the next time,"the Purgatory Demon revealed a sinister expression as it swung its massive waraxe at Shi Feng once more .

In response to the fast and destructive attack, Shi Feng simply smiled as he said coldly, "There won't be a next time because your time is up . "

"Time?"Confusion flashed in the Purgatory Demon's eyes . Immediately, however, panic appeared on its face as it shifted its gaze towards the Bible of Darkness in Shi Feng's hands . Countless blue chains suddenly emerged from the Bible of Darkness . Like a pack of hungry wolves, the chains shot towards the Purgatory Demon . Defiantly, the Demon shouted, "No!"

The Purgatory Demon no longer bothered with its attack on Shi Feng . Instead, it was now fled from Shi Feng with all its might .

However, even if the Purgatory Demon was fast, it could not outrun the blue chains . The blue chains instantly pierced through the Demon and wrapped around its body, sealing its movements completely . It could only whimper and mourn painfully as it lay on the ground .

After a few seconds of whining, the Purgatory Demon's spirited eyes dimmed . As if it had become a walking corpse, the Demon slowly stood up from the ground and looked at Shi Feng as if waiting for a command . The blue chains binding the Demon began to fade .

"That was close . Luckily I used my doppelganger to buy some time . "Shi Feng finally released out a sigh of relief as he saw the Purgatory Demon's lifeless eyes . The Tier 3 Demon was finally under his control .

It was possible for a summoned creature to rebel . However, the chances of a rebellion were determined by the summoner's strength . Currently, Shi Feng was merely a Tier 1 player . If he used a Tier 3 Magic Scroll to forcefully summon a Tier 3 Demon, the chances of a rebellion were quite high . Meanwhile, when a summoned creature rebelled, its first target would be its summoner .

Of course, there was also a method to end a rebellion . For example, the Bible of Darkness was capable of eliminating a summoned Demon's consciousness . However, time was required to do so . After killing the summoned creature's will, it would become a puppet without any trace of autonomy . This would make it very difficult to control the summoned creature, sharply reducing its combat power .

Normally, after a creature was summoned, the summoner only needed to transmit simple commands . The summoned creature would then carry out the commands automatically . However, after becoming a puppet, the summoner would have to split a portion of their consciousness to direct the summoned creature's every movement . This would, in turn, impact the summoner's own combat power .

Most importantly, after a summoned creature lost its consciousness, players would face great difficulties when using the monster's Skills . When a monster was self-aware, it could achieve 100% of its Skills'effects . For players who had never used any of the summoned creature's Skills before, in addition to splitting their focus on controlling the monster, it would be a miracle if they exerted 50% of the summoned creature's Skills'effects .

However, Shi Feng couldn't care less right now .

Compared to a turncoat Tier 3 Demon, a puppet Tier 3 Demon was far more useful . Although having to control the Demon manually would greatly reduce its combat power, it was better than nothing at all .

I wasn't able to check its Attributes before because it wasn't under my control . I wonder just what kind of Attributes the Tier 3 Purgatory Demon possesses? Shi Feng was very curious about the Tier 3 Demon's Attributes . The fact that it could use a Tier 3 Taboo Skill showed that it was much stronger than ordinary Tier 3 Demons .


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