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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 687


Chapter 687: 687

Chapter 687 - Tier 3 Magic Scroll

There were many types of traps in God’s Domain, and any one of these traps could finish a player off easily .

The simplest traps were the ordinary, physical traps . Most players could resolve these traps .

A slightly more advanced trap was a magical trap . Even experts could lose their lives to these traps if they were not careful .

The most advanced traps were challenge traps . When triggered, challenge traps would seal players inside a barrier . Players were then required to undergo a challenge, and only after they cleared the challenge would they obtain the reward .

Although challenge traps were the most advanced of the three types, the former two were the most fatal when triggered . After all, players could simply choose to ignore the treasure if they did not wish to risk their lives, whereas the other two types would not offer players such a luxury . Hence, the physical and magical traps claimed the most lives .

Meanwhile, classes like the Assassin possessed Skills to disarm traps .

Hence, most solo Assassins could get by just fine in God’s Domain .

Although Shi Feng was a Swordsman without any Disarm Skills, he had Magic Scrolls that could do the job . This item had a very low drop rate . Moreover, it was only capable of disarming magical traps and challenge traps . Even with Zero Wing’s strength, the Guild had only managed to obtain slightly over 20 scrolls . Before coming to Mount Sogar, Shi Feng packed five of these Magic Scrolls with him . Although, he had not expected to use one so soon .

Walking up to the stone platform, Shi Feng did not hurry to open the Treasure Chest . Rather, he cleared away the thorns and moss covering the stone platform . He then took out a silvery-gray scroll, unfurling it and chanting the incantation recorded within .

This silver-gray scroll was none other than a Tier 1 Disarm Scroll . It was capable of disarming all magical and challenge traps of Fine-Gold rank and below Treasure Chests . However, the precondition was to locate the trap’s activation array . Otherwise, the scroll would be useless .

As the Disarm Scroll activated, gray smoke seeped into the trap’s activation array . The Mana within the activation array then began to corrode . Without any Mana to power the activation array, the magical trap could no longer be triggered .

“I wonder what items I will find this time?” Shi Feng shifted his gaze towards the Secret-Silver Treasure Chest once more .

Exchanging a Tier 1 Magic Scroll for a Secret-Silver Treasure Chest was a very profitable trade .

Moreover, he was in one of the maps at the Top of the World . This area was untouched by players thus far . In other words, the Treasure Chests throughout the Top of the World had yet to be opened even once . Their loot would naturally be somewhat more abundant . This was a similar phenomenon to obtaining the First Clear of the Dungeon, whereby the end rewards would be slightly buffed .

However, Shi Feng still did not hurry to open the Treasure Chest . He first activated divine Providence .

Immediately, his Luck increased by an additional 32 points for 30 seconds .

Only now did Shi Feng open the Treasure Chest .

Following which, a loading bar appeared above the Treasure Chest, filling gradually . Twenty seconds were required to open the Secret-Silver Treasure Chest .

The activation time for this one sure is abnormally long . Shi Feng was a little concerned when he saw the required activation time .

A Treasure Chest’s activation time usually ranged from 3 to 10 seconds . . Even Secret-Silver Treasure Chests didn’t usually require as long as 20 seconds .

The seconds ticked by slowly .

After the long and arduous 20 seconds, the tattered old Treasure Chest audibly clicked before its lid gradually opened . In the next moment, an array of colors escaped the Treasure Chest, illuminating the entire cave .

“There are so many items inside!”

After the rainbow brilliance dissipated, the Secret-Silver Treasure Chest’s contents were on full display before Shi Feng . Items filled the entire chest . This was definitely the fullest Treasure Chest Shi Feng had ever seen in his life .

He spotted more than ten Tier 3 Gemstones alone . There was also a large number of Magic Crystals and Silver Coins .

There were even three weapons and equipment inside the chest .

These items were all Level 50 .

Level 50 was considered a major milestone in God’s Domain . Although part of the reason was that players could apply for their Tier 2 classes at this level, it was mainly due to the difference in equipment .

Level 50 equipment was a lot stronger than Level 45 equipment .

Originally, the Attributes on a piece of Level 40 Secret-Silver Equipment was roughly the equivalent of a piece of Level 45 Mysterious-Iron Equipment . Only, the latter had slightly higher Defense . However, the Attributes on Level 45 Secret-Silver Equipment were only the equivalent of Level 50 Bronze Equipment . That was a difference of two ranks .

Because of this, the Attribute gap between players widened significantly .

However, after reaching Level 50, players would quickly discover that high-quality Level 50 weapons and equipment would become far more difficult to obtain . Moreover, the number of weapons and equipment that dropped from Dungeons would decrease significantly .

Nowadays, ordinary players could collect a full set of Bronze Equipment so long as they put in the required effort required effort . Many might even have a few pieces of Mysterious-Iron Equipment mixed into their sets . However, an ordinary Level 50 player walking around in a full set of Level 50 Bronze Equipment would be an impressive feat . Even Level 50 Mysterious-Iron Equipment would be rarely seen on a Guild’s normal members . Only elite Guild members could barely scrape together a full set of Mysterious-Iron Equipment . One could just imagine how difficult it was to obtain Level 50 equipment of high quality .

Currently, of the three pieces of Level 50 equipment inside the Treasure Chest, two were Secret-Silver rank, and one was Fine-Gold rank . He had truly hit the jackpot this time .

However, the item that demanded Shi Feng’s attention was a pale-gold scroll .

Even though the scroll sat quietly inside the chest, the frightening amount of Mana radiated distorted the surrounding Mana . If the scroll were activated, who knew what kind of power it could display?

This was an effect that only Tier 3 Magic Scrolls or above could display .

Tier 4 Magic Scrolls were as rare as a phoenix’s feather throughout God’s Domain . If sold, it could fetch for an astronomical price . However, nobody would be so foolish as to actually sell a Tier 4 Magic Scroll . Meanwhile, although Tier 3 Magic Scrolls could not compete with Tier 4 Magic Scrolls in terms of rarity, each scroll was still considered a strategic item to a Guild . Outside of an emergency, Guilds would never consider using their Tier 3 Magic Scrolls .

“I wonder what kind of Tier 3 Spell it contains?” Shi Feng eagerly picked up the pale-gold scroll and examined it .

[Magic Amplification Scroll] (Tier 3 Magic Scroll)

Forcibly upgrades the Tier of a Skill by 1 Tier up to a maximum of Tier 3 .

Cooldown: 1 hour

Uses remaining: 30

After reading the introduction, Shi the introduction, Shi Feng was momentarily stunned .

A Magic Amplification Scroll was no less valuable than an Epic item .

To ordinary players, this scroll could forcibly improve their Skills by a single Tier . This scroll could provide a miraculous impact if used at a critical moment .

For example, in a battle between two players who could both use only Tier 1 Skills, if the losing player could suddenly amplify one of their Skills to Tier 2, it could turn the tide of battle .

When fighting Bosses, the control effects of a Tier 1 Skill was incredibly limited . However, the skill would display a marked difference at Tier 2 .

And yet, this was still not the Magic Amplification Scroll’s greatest function .

Its true purpose lay in summoning!

It was particularly useful to the Summoner class . A Tier 1 Summoner could, at most, summon a Tier 1 monster to fight for them . After using Magic Amplification on their Skills, however, they could summon Tier 2 monsters . As for Tier 2 Summoners, they could summon Tier 3 monsters .

A Tier 3 monster was the equivalent of the Great Lord rank…

Whether it was out in the fields, a Dungeon, or a PvP battle, having a Great Lord ranked monster by one’s side would provide massive advantages . One such monster could easily decimate an army of ten thousand players .

Although I’m not a Summoner, I have the Bible of Darkness . I wonder if the Magic Amplification Scroll will have any effect on it? When Shi Feng thought about the possibility of summoning a Tier 3 Demon, he could not help but grow excited .

If he could summon a Tier 3 Demon, he would have a much easier time searching for Solomon’s Treasure .

With the assistance of a Tier 3 Demon, he could easily defeat even a group of Chieftain ranked Stone Ape Guards .


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