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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 684


Chapter 684: You Are Not Qualified

Chapter 684 - You Are Not Qualified


"Guild Leader . "

Startled, Aqua Rose turned to Shi Feng;guilt and embarrassment were written across her face .

Glorious Echo was also momentarily stunned . He had never expected Zero Wing's Guild Leader to actually appear . He quickly recovered, smiled, and introduced himself, "Good day, Guild Leader Black Flame . I am Twilight Echo's Guild Leader, Glorious Echo . This is Miss Exemplary Willow, Open Source Corporation's God's Domain Representative . "

Having been unprepared for Shi Feng's sudden appearances, Glorious Echo intended to use Exemplary Willow's identity to frighten Shi Feng a little .

Meanwhile, Exemplary Willow only glanced at Shi Feng indifferently . It was obvious that she was not interested in a conversation between ants . Rather, her interest in Aqua Rose grew .

Without much effort, one could predict this conversation's outcome .

OSC was a major, international corporation . It was also a giant in New Energy trading . Its industries covered the entire world . Now that the corporation was moving on God's Domain, there were countless people desperately trying to show off, vying for the corporation's attention .

An upstart Guild like Zero Wing would definitely react in the same way .

Only, Aqua Rose's decision had surprised her slightly .

Facing such pressure and temptation, Aqua Rose remain unmoved . Having an assistant like Aqua Rose by her side could be quite valuable .

Meanwhile, Shi Feng was unaffected by Glorious Echo's introduction . Calmly, he asked, "May I know what business Guild Leader Glorious has with me?"

Regarding OSC's financing of Twilight Echo, Shi Feng had expected this due to his memories of his previous life .

He was not at all surprised by this revelation .

He even knew plenty of major secrets that OSC had yet to discover .

Shi Feng's cool reaction unsettled Glorious Echo a little .

Upon hearing the name "Open Source Corporation,"any Guild in God's Domain would introduce themselves carefully to win Exemplary Willow's favor . Yet, without offering a single greeting, Shi Feng forged ahead and asked for the reason behind his visit…

Does he not know about OSC? Glorious Echo was inwardly stunned . Immediately, he said, "Guild Leader Black Flame, Open Source Corporation is a major, international corporation . The Corporation has both funding and connections in abundance . Currently, the Corporation has taken a liking to Stone Forest Town and wishes to purchase it . Hence, we've sought out Aqua to discuss the conditions of the purchase . Since Guild Leader Black Flame has made a personal appearance, our negotiations will be much simpler .

"Guild Leader Black Flame, state your price . As long as it is appropriate, I believe that OSC will agree to your terms . "

Exemplary Willow nodded in conjunction with Glorious Echo's words .

Although she had just come into contact with God's Domain, she already had a relatively good understanding of Stone Forest Town's importance . She had to admit that it was surprising that a mere upstart Guild had obtained such a town .

"I see,"Shi Feng laughed . He then looked at Glorious Echo, saying, "Then, Guild Leader Glorious, you may leave now . "

"Huh?"Glorious Echo was momentarily stunned . "What do you mean, Guild Leader Black Flame?"

"Isn't OSC looking for me to discuss Stone Forest Town?"Shi Feng countered with a question . "Then, why are you still here, Guild Leader Glorious?"

Glorious Echo sputtered, utterly speechless .

From the side, Aqua Rose could not help but giggle .

To her family, OSC was the largest source of pressure, not Glorious Echo . If she could settle a deal with the Corporation, she could relieve that pressure on her family .

"Miss Willow has only recently been introduced to virtual reality games, and there are still many things she does not understand . As the Leader of the Guild under the Corporation's management and someone who possesses a wealth of experience regarding the virtual gaming world, it is my responsibility to help Miss Willow with the negotiations,"Glorious Echo explained coldly .

"Since that is the case, I'll just tell you my price for Stone Forest Town,"Shi Feng laughed . Raising his index finger, he said, "I'll take a little loss on this trade and settle for 10% of Open Source Corporation's shares . "

As Shi Feng's words fell, the room became utterly silent .

Aqua Rose's little mouth hung open as she stared at Shi Feng .

His demand had gone beyond greedy . This was outright insane!

Meanwhile, Glorious Echo as well had thought he had misheard for a moment .

As for Exemplary Willow, she snapped her frosty gaze towards Shi Feng .

"Guild Leader Black Flame, your joke is not funny at all,"Glorious Echo said in a somber tone .

Even 1% of Open Source Corporation's shares could purchase multiple Zero Wings, much less 10% .

"Why do you say that, Guild Leader Glorious?"Pointing at Stone Forest Town through the window, Shi Feng said earnestly, "Stone Forest Town is the nearest town to the Stoneclaw Mountains . Meanwhile, the Stoneclaw Mountains is a Dungeon rich with Magic Crystals . I don't believe I need to inform you of this item's importance . Since you wish to purchase Stone Forest Town, this would be equivalent to cutting off Zero Wing's path of development . I only want a few Open Source Corporation's shares, so how is that excessive?

"Since Guild Leader Glorious doesn't qualify to make this decision, please look for someone who does to speak with me . You should know that I am a very busy man . If I make an appointment with every random nobody to discuss business, I won't even have any time to rest . "

Insulted, Glorious Echo's vision went red as he even considered Shi Feng's murder .

Shi Feng had actually dared to humiliate him publicly, calling him a "random nobody!"Even Super Guilds were not so bold!

Meanwhile, Aqua Rose could not hold back her laughter .

The Guild Leader of the almighty Twilight Echo had actually been humiliated to the point where he could not offer even a word of retaliation . This was the first time Aqua Rose had seen such an ashen expression on Glorious Echo's face . This comic moment relieved much of her pent-up frustration .

However, Aqua Rose realized that Shi Feng was currently venting for her, and her heart could not help but warm at this sight .

"Guild Leader Black Flame, are you being serious?"Finally, Exemplary Willow spoke . However, her tone was extraordinarily cold . She could not believe that the Guild Leader of such a tiny Guild would actually dare to underestimate OSC .

Although Exemplary Willow had not said anything threatening, the room's atmosphere grew heavy with tension . Even Aqua Rose struggled to breathe .

This was the aura of someone who had always stood at the top of the world . Despite being unimaginably weak, she could still make a top-tier expert like Aqua Rose feel anxious .

If Shi Feng answered poorly…

The consequences would be unimaginable .

At this moment, Aqua Rose was somewhat regretful . She should have stopped Shi Feng . At the very least, she could have prevented this .

However, as if Shi Feng was without a care in the world, he nodded leisurely and responded, "Of course . I am always a man of my word . "

Although Shi Feng was not loud, everyone in the room could hear him clearly .


This person was insane!

Glorious Echo's previous anger vanished, replaced by shock . With astonished eyes, he stared at Shi Feng .

Shi Feng had just intentionally provoked an international corporation just to help Aqua Rose get revenge .

Just how ignorant must one be to carry out such an action?

"Very well . I will convey your price to my superior,"Exemplary Willow said indifferently . She then turned to Glorious Echo, commanding, "Let's go . "


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