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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 671


Chapter 671: 671

Chapter 671 - True Form


Lightning Blade had been thoroughly defeated!

Nobody would have imagined that Zero Wing had such a powerful character as Violet Cloud .

The arrogance Heaven’s Burial’s members had displayed had been utterly extinguished .

Others might not realize exactly how strong Lightning Blade was, but they knew . In the entire Guild, nobody could win against Lightning Blade in a one-on-one match, let alone obtain victory so effortlessly .

“Does anybody from Heaven’s Burial still dare to challenge our Guild Leader?” Violet Cloud shifted her gaze towards Heaven’s Burial’s members, a faint smile appearing on her face . Provocatively, she said, “I really want to see just who among you qualifies to do so . ”

Nobody from Heaven’s Burial dared respond .

None of the spectators were weaklings . Through Lightning Blade’s battle, they could determine Violet Cloud’s standards . They would only be asking for humiliation if they tried to challenge her .

Unlike everyone else, however, Ghost Shadow revealed a look of interest . Unfortunately, just as he was about to open his mouth and speak, the woman beside him stopped his words . This woman wore a gorgeous red mage’s robe, which failed tremendously to hide her magnificent cleavage . She also wore a white beret on her head, covering her silky blue hair, which scattered around her waist . In her hand, she held an eye-catching, white-jade staff that radiated a faint golden glow .

“Daybreak, why are you stopping me?” Ghost Shadow demanded, dissatisfied .

Daybreak Fog was in charge of Heaven’s Burial’s affairs in Star-Moon City . Her position in the Guild was higher than even Flame Blood’s . Her strength could not be underestimated . If not for Daybreak Fog’s help, even with Lightning Blade present, Heaven’s Burial would not have cleared the Frozen Prison today .

“Don’t humiliate the Guild any further . You are no match for her . There’s too much of a difference in strength between your Skills . We have already completed our task here . You will have your chance in the future,” Daybreak Fog said as she raised an eyebrow at Ghost Shadow . She had not used a persuasive tone, but a commanding one .

Flame Blood nodded in agreement . Now that Heaven’s Burial had obtained the First Clear of the Frost Prison, their reputation flourished . However, if Violet Cloud defeated their several great experts, all of their efforts would go to waste .

“Zero Wing certainly has many experts . In the future, we will have many opportunities to clash with them . Today, we have other matters to attend to, so we will not keep you any longer . ” Flame Blood gave Shi Feng a cupped-fist salute[1] before turning away .

After watching Flame Blood and the others leave, War Wolf saluted Shi Feng before leaving with his team as well .

“Guild Leader, are we still going to raid the Frost Prison?” Fire Dance asked softly .

Now that Heaven’s Burial had obtained the Frost Prison’s First Clear, there was no point in raiding the Dungeon . Rather than obtaining some materials and equipment, grinding in the Stoneclaw Mountains for Magic Crystals and high-level equipment would be more effective .

After all, the Stoneclaw Mountains was a Level 30 to Level 49 Regional Dungeon . Not only did it drop much higher-level equipment, but it also offered higher quality equipment . By grinding in the Stoneclaw Mountains, they could prepare to raid the next large-scale Team Dungeon . It was more efficient than grinding for a bunch of Level 30 equipment in the Frost Prison .

“Of course, we’re going . They’ve only obtained the First Clear of Hard Mode, not not Hell Mode . My goal has always been the First Clear of Hell Mode . Even if Heaven’s Burial has obtained the First Clear of Hard Mode, it doesn’t affect us one bit . ” Shi Feng shook his head and laughed .

The materials for constructing a Stable were not that easily obtainable . The drop-rate for these materials in a 100-man Hard Mode Team Dungeon was very low . Sometimes, the materials he required would not even drop . If he wished to obtain the necessary materials to construct a Stable as soon as possible, he would have to clear Hell Mode .

By relying only on 100-man Hard Mode Team Dungeons, they would not gather all the necessary materials even if they raided the Dungeon 100 times . On the other hand, they could obtain what he needed from Hell Mode .

Team Dungeons refreshed once every three days . Raiding a Team Dungeon 100 times would require at least 300 days . Though, when players reached higher levels, lower-leveled Dungeons would become much easier to raid . At that time, the number of teams the Guild could form to raid these Dungeons would also increase . However, that was still a long ways off . Currently, Shi Feng was in a hurry to construct a Stable and nurture the Thunder Wolf . Nurturing a 5-star Mount required a lot of time and effort, after all .

He did not wish to see the Thunder Wolf still in the process of being tamed while the mainstream players had already purchased their own Mounts .

“This…” Everyone was rendered speechless .

“Guild Leader, with our recent improvement, we might be able to manage Hard Mode, but I think that Hell Mode is still out of our reach . ” Fire Dance refused to believe that Hell Mode was only slightly harder than Hard than Hard Mode .

“Indeed . In terms of techniques, the majority of the team is still far from qualified . Though, in terms of equipment and Attributes, everyone has already passed the minimum requirements . ” Shi Feng then grinned and said, “However, techniques can be made up for . ”

“Made up?” A light suddenly shown in Fire Dance’s eyes . “Guild Leader, are you planning on using the Hundred Berry Wine?”

If one spoke of a method to improve one’s combat techniques for a short period, then the only thing that came to everyone’s mind was the Hundred Berry Wine . Only, the Hundred Berry Wine was too rare . Currently, everyone could only obtain it through Shi Feng . They had not even heard of the beverage being available elsewhere .

“Let’s enter the Dungeon before we continue this conversation . ” Shi Feng nodded .

The Hundred Berry Wine was indeed extremely rare . However, some time ago, he had made another trip to District One’s Shelter and had obtained another 300 bottles . Hence, he had no problem wasting a few to obtain the First Clear of the Hell Mode Frost Prison .


Meanwhile, Heaven’s Burial’s successful raid of the Frost Prison had become major news throughout Star-Moon Kingdom . For a time, everyone in the kingdom knew of the Guild named Heaven’s Burial .

“Heaven’s Burial is too amazing! Even the two first-rate Guilds in Star-Moon City have yet to obtain the First Clear of a 100-man Team Dungeon . Yet, Heaven’s Burial succeeded . ”

“A 100-man Dungeon! That place is a goldmine for Fine-Gold and Dark-Gold Equipment . Our Guild has only managed to raid 50-man Hard Mode Team Dungeons so far . I wonder when I’ll obtain a complete top-tier Set Equipment for myself?”

“Top-tier Set Equipment? I don’t need so much . I only hope to only hope to wear a full set of Secret-Silver Equipment . My friends would die from envy . ”

“A full set of Secret-Silver Equipment? Just the Level 25 Secret-Silver Weapon my friend wields is already enough to make me drool . When he showed me the weapon, he even brought our friends and me into a Dungeon to show off that weapon in action . Bronze or Mysterious-Iron Weapons can never hope to compare to how cool his weapon is!”

“I heard that Heaven’s Burial is mass-recruiting right now . The benefits they offer are excellent . The Guild often brings newcomers with good potential into large-scale Team Dungeons . We should still make it for the recruitment if we hurry . ”

Players throughout Star-Moon Kingdom were talking about Heaven’s Burial on the forums .

For a time, Heaven’s Burial’s member count soared . Unlike Zero Wing, however, Heaven’s Burial did not have any financial issues . Players could join the Guild as long as they reached the minimum requirements . The Guild also began to show signs of becoming the number one Guild in Star-Moon Kingdom .


Meanwhile, inside the Frost Prison, Shi Feng and the others finally arrived at the Frost Giant’s entrenchment .

Compared to the Hard Mode Frost Giant, the Hell Mode Frost Giant was much larger . It was as tall as an eight-story building . Moreover, sharp icicles covered its body . Cold air also flowed from the Frost Giant’s body, reducing the mobility of those affected . Before the battle had even begun, everyone could feel the cold air wash over them, causing them to shiver .

Nobody knew that the Hell Mode Frost Giant was the Frost Giant’s true form .

[Frost Giant] (Elemental Being, Grand Lord)

Level 32

HP 60,000,000/60,000,000

TL Notes:

[1]cupped-fist salute:

https://previews . 123rf . com/images/rukawajung/rukawajung1507/rukawajung150700043/42559300-chinese-salute-greetings-sign . jpg


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