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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 663


Chapter 663: 663

Chapter 663 - Preparing a Town

After handing over 13,500 Gold, the NPC clerk handed Shi Feng a Deed .

With this Deed, Stone Forest Town would only belong to Shi Feng from this point forward . He could construct any building he desired within the town’s confines without restriction .

I finally have some capital . Shi Feng was inwardly overjoyed as he looked at the Deed of Stone Forest Town .

There were countless Guilds in God’s Domain . If a Guild wanted to stand on its own feet, it first needed its own Guild Residence . If a Guild wanted to develop and flourish, then it needed its own Guild Town .

A Guild was a massive machine, a machine that required a large sum of money to operate and maintain .

Although a Guild could earn a lot of money through trading firms during the early stages of the game, it was chump change compared to what a Guild Town could generate . However, as players reached higher levels, they would have more sources to earn an income . Hence, Coins would depreciate as time passed .

Meanwhile, Guild Towns were different .

A Guild could construct various establishments in their own town . A town also offered a wide array of business models for the Guild . Guild Towns were different from NPC Towns that only accepted Coins . In Guild Towns, the ruling Guild could even require Credits as payment .

In God’s Domain, NPC Towns were very restricting . For example, it was extremely difficult for players to purchase their own Houses or Shops . However, Guild Town’s did not have those restrictions . Only money was necessary .

Furthermore, Guild Towns were generally constructed off the beaten path, providing players on the frontlines a place to rest and reorganize without needing waste time traveling back to cities .

It was especially true for a strategic town like Stone Forest Town . It was very easy to lure players to the town . Most likely, once the town began operating, its player traffic would even surpass White River City . One could easily earn a ton of money just by opening a small Shop there, not to mention the money one could earn from controlling the entire town .

Unfortunately, in order to develop the town, Shi Feng needed to construct various buildings such as restaurants, an Auction House, an Adventurer’s Association, Shops, bars, hotels, and other establishments . The cost would be significant .

“I need more money,” Shi Feng could not help but sigh as he considered the cost .

The various large Guilds in Star-Moon City were of the mind that, as long as they obtained Stone Forest Town, they could easily earn a large sum of money . If these Guilds really had obtained Stone Forest City, most likely, the only thing they would have done was stare at it .

Aside from the construction cost of various lifestyle buildings, just the basic construction and registration fees were enough to bleed a first-rate Guild dry .

Even with Zero Wing’s financial strength, it would be extremely taxing to operate Stone Forest Town . Afterward, the cost would continue to climb as they prepared to open Stone Forest Town to the public .


Time passed quickly .

Unknowingly, two days had gone by .

For people in the real world, two days was nothing . To players in Star-Moon Kingdom, however, they had spent every waking moment grinding to reach Level 30 and enter the Stoneclaw Mountains for Magic Crystals .

During these two short days, the number of players that had entered the the Stoneclaw Mountains had increased significantly . Every Guild in Star-Moon City had fallen silent as they busied themselves with their own agendas, acting as if the war at Stone Forest Town had never occurred .

Shi Feng had focused solely on reconstructing Stone Forest Town, executing his initial plans for the town . Although Shi Feng could have relegated this task to Aqua Rose, for assurance’s sake, he chose to do it himself . After all, he had several carefully considered plans in mind . He was also more familiar with the town’s layout . Furthermore, he had his own plans for his Guild’s future . Hence, it was best if he dealt with the town’s reconstruction .

In the meantime, Aqua Rose tagged along with Fire Dance’s team to raid the 100-man Team Dungeon, Frost Prison .

As a 100-man Team Dungeon, ordinary Dungeons could not compare to the Frost Prison . The Bosses inside were all Great Lords . The least valuable items that dropped in the Dungeon were Level 30 Fine-Gold Equipment . There was also a high chance for Dark-Gold Equipment to drop . To current players, such equipment was among the best .

Hence, the various large Guilds desperately raided Dungeons .

Of course, they focused on these Dungeons for the fame of obtaining First Clears, but they also did so to prepare for the Stoneclaw Mountains .

As an Asura Mode Regional Dungeon, how could the Stoneclaw Mountains be easy? Even these Guilds’ main forces would find the Dungeon difficult to survive . Moreover, they could only grind in the Dungeon’s outermost region .

To obtain a large number of Magic Crystals, they needed to venture further into the Stoneclaw Mountains . Hence, the various large Guilds focused on avenues to improve their equipment . The fastest way fastest way to do so was through 100-man Team Dungeons .

Meanwhile, Zero Wing’s Dungeon progression thus far was quite efficient .

With the Power of Darkness and the improvements they had gained from challenging the Trial Tower repeatedly, Zero Wing’s main force had reached the Final Boss, the Frost Giant . At this moment, they only needed a little luck to clear the Dungeon .


“The basics should be finished by now . With this, I can finally launch Stone Forest Town . ” Shi Feng glanced at the time, feeling that construction of the town’s basic infrastructure should be complete .

Normally, after a Guild obtained a town, the town would have to undergo a construction period of two or three days . However, in truth, Shi Feng had spent most of the time completing Zero Wing’s Guild Residence in Stone Forest Town . Compared to Zero Wing’s Guild Residence in White River City, the Guild Residence in Stone Forest Town was larger and more extravagant .

While Zero Wing’s Residence in White River City could only accommodate a few tens of thousands of people at one time, the newly constructed Guild Residence in Stone Forest Town could accommodate up to 100,000 people . Moreover, as Zero Wing was a 2-star Guild, there were plenty of 2-star Private Rooms in the new Residence . In comparison, White River City’s Guild Residence did not even have enough Private Rooms for the Guild’s core members .

“Guild Leader, here are the materials you requested,” Melancholic Smile said as she entered the Advanced Forging Room and unloaded the collection of rare materials onto the large stone table .

By this point, Melancholic Smile had become an Intermediate Forger thanks to the large amount of resources that she had been given access to . Currently, she was very close to becoming an Advanced Forger . Advanced Forger . In addition, she was also one of the Eight Great Intermediate Forgers in Star-Moon Kingdom .

Among these Eight Great Intermediate Forgers, four belonged to the Candlelight Trading Firm . Throughout Star-Moon Kingdom, not a single trading firm could compete with Candlelight .

“Good . Notify Cocoa and the others . We’ll be going on a trip in a moment . ” Shi Feng nodded as he stored his plans . He then took inventory of the materials .

Melancholic Smile nodded in confusion . She did not understand why Shi Feng suddenly wanted her and the others to accompany him .

They were simply forgers . They had no combat capabilities whatsoever .

Gathering these materials sure took a lot of time . If not for Gentle Snow, who knows how long it would’ve taken . After confirming that nothing was missing, Shi Feng smiled satisfactorily .

These were the materials he needed to construct a Teleportation Magic Array . Every one of these items was extremely rare, even to large Guilds . Gentle Snow had only obtained these materials for Shi Feng after using her personal connections .

Following which, Shi Feng stored the materials and led Melancholic Smile and the others towards Stone Forest Town .


Arriving in Stone Forest Town…

The town was no longer a gathering place for Red Names . All around, one could see Level 150 guards patrolling the streets . Any player who wished to attack Stone Forest Town had to go through them first .

Level 150 guards… . Even a Common Guard at this level could kill current players instantly, not to mention Tier 1 and Tier 2 Guards . Even an army of hundreds of thousands of players would fail to capture the town now .


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