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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 659


Chapter 659: 659

Chapter 659 - Town Token

“What’s going on?”

Seeing the Three Great Leaders’ panicked expressions, the players in Stone Forest Town turned to Shi Feng, who stood on top of the Obelisk .

The Three Great Leaders were Level 60 Tier 2 NPCs . At this stage of the game, these NPCs could squish players like ants .

Yet, such powerful NPCs were actually afraid . What was going on?

After Shi Feng shattered the crystal ball, he switched the Seven Luminaries Ring to the Aura of Space and used Space Movement to escape the town .

In the next moment, a massive fivefold magic array appeared above Stone Forest Town, enveloping it .

Suddenly, Mana Rain began to fall on the town .

“Such a high Mana density! My Spell effects have doubled! This feels awesome!” Many magical class players in the down grew excited .

At this moment, the members of Ouroboros and the various large Guilds had stopped fighting as they shifted their gazes towards the phenomenon in Stone Forest Town . The fivefold magic array covered the sky above the town and currently released a colorful brilliance . Even from so far away, they could feel the dense Mana filling the city .

Suddenly, Stone Forest Town became a paradise for players .

The higher the density of Mana in the environment, the clearer and more active a player’s mind was . These areas were helpful for improving a person’s Skill Completion Rate . Unfortunately, locations with high Mana density were extremely rare in God’s Domain . Although the environmental Mana in the divine Colosseum’s Trial Tower was quite dense, it was nothing compared to Stone Forest Town .

Seeing that Stone Forest Town had such a valuable atmosphere, the various Guilds’ upper echelons began to drool .

Regardless of the sacrifice, we must have a Guild Residence in Stone Forest Town! Ruthless greed flashed in these echelons’ eyes .

Setting aside the Mana Crystals of the Stoneclaw Mountains, capturing Stone Forest Town for its atmosphere was worth every sacrifice .

If they possessed Stone Forest Town, they could send their Guilds’ elites here to improve themselves . Although development here would not be as efficient as in the divine Colosseum, they would not have to spend a single Mana Crystal on training . They could save a lot of money .

Moreover, if they allowed their members to train in Stone Forest Town for long periods, the rate at which they nurtured experts would definitely surpass the other Guilds . With a large group of experts, becoming even a super-first-rate Guild would be entirely possible .

Without hesitation, the upper echelons of the various large Guilds immediately reported this to their respective Guild Leaders .

“I never imagined that Stone Forest Town would have such a secret . ”

“I don’t care what it takes! We must obtain Stone Forest Town!”

Hearing this news, the various Guild Leaders gave their orders .

For a time, none of these Guilds paid Ouroboros or Zero Wing any attention . Their members began to surge into Stone Forest Town . Moreover, with the dense Mana surrounding the town, the closer these players got to the town, the stronger their combat power became . It was especially true for magical class players . Their combat power more than doubled . At this moment, it would be a piece of cake to clear out Stone Forest Town’s NPCs .

Although the NPCs in the city had also grown stronger due to the environmental Mana, only the magical class NPCs received a damage buff . Their Skill Completion Rates had not changed . However, that was not the case for players . The dense Mana created a conducive environment that improved both Spell effects and Skill Completion Rate . Players had received a much greater boost to their combat power than the NPCs . Hence, capturing the town became much easier .


“Guild Leader, just what did you do to Stone Forest Town?” Aqua Rose could not bring herself to believe what she saw . Stone Forest Town was practically a cultivating heaven for players now . In addition, there were also the Stoneclaw Mountain’s Magic Crystals . Any Guild that claimed the town would definitely become Star-Moon Kingdom’s overlord .

“Don’t ask . Order everyone retreat from the town this instant,” Shi Feng said sternly . He had long since distanced himself from the town .

In the past, when the Stoneclaw Mountains came into being, the Dungeon had incited a war between Star-Moon City’s large Guilds . Back then, however, nobody had claimed Stone Forest Town for themselves . Only after a long time had passed did the Star Alliance launch an assault on Stone Forest Town . Naturally, Stone Forest Town had not been a match for the first-rate Guild . However, just before the Guild captured the town, Sareya had activated the Obelisk .

Shortly after, Star Alliance’s army was obliterated .

Initially, when Shi Feng planned the attack on Stone Forest Town, he had intended to finish off Sareya quickly, giving him no opportunity to activate the Obelisk . However, since the situation no longer permitted that, he had no choice but to activate the Obelisk himself .

Under Shi Feng’s command, even though Aqua Rose and the others were reluctant, they quickly retreated from Stone Forest Town .

“Snow, let’s go . As long as we snatch the Town Token dropped by the Great Leader, Stone Forest Town will belong to us . At that time, even if the Star Alliance and the other Guilds band together, they will not be a match for us,” Zhao Yueru suggested anxiously as she watched the Guilds frantically surge into Stone Forest Town .

If the other Guilds obtained Stone Forest Town, Ouroboros would struggle to survive in Star-Moon City .

Glancing at Aqua Rose Aqua Rose and the others, who gradually fled the town, Gentle Snow shook her head and said, “Let’s retreat . ”

“But what about Stone Forest Town? With that many elite players, they could definitely exhaust the Three Great Leaders to death . Not to mention, the other Guilds’ experts are currently making their way here,” Zhao Yueru asked curiously .

“Black Flame told us to leave Stone Forest Town . He must have a reason . Otherwise, with Zero Wing’s strength, they could compete for the Town Token . Since they aren’t trying to fight over it, there must be something wrong with Stone Forest Town . Moreover, Black Flame caused this himself . He must know more than we do . It’s best that we retreat and observe the situation for now . ” Stone Forest Town tempted Gentle Snow as well, but she chose to maintain her calm because she knew that a calm mind was the strongest weapon in such a situation .

“Hah…” Zhao Yueru sighed . Although she was disappointed, her friend had never been wrong . In the end, she could only turn and retreat after glancing at Stone Forest Town .

Ouroboros’s other members also began to retreat .

Time passed little by little .

The battle inside Stone Forest Town grew more intense as time passed . The environmental Mana also grew denser . The players in the town fought madly in the thick Mana .

After more than ten minutes of frantic battle, the majority of the NPCs inside Stone Forest Town had died . Only a few Tier 2 NPCs remained, desperately fighting for their lives .

The elite players that surged into the town in waves were simply too much to handle, even for the Three Great Leaders . At this moment, the three NPCs each had less than 30% of their HP remaining . On the other hand, there were still over 150,000 elite players in elite players in the city . Victory was in sight for the various Guilds .


“Sareya only has about 1,000,000 HP left! Focus on avoiding his large-scale destruction Spells!”

“Guild Leader has issued the command . Whoever secures the Town Token will be directly promoted to a Guild Elder, rewarded with a set of top-tier equipment and five million Credits!”

The Guild’s upper echelons secretly sent commands through their respective Guild channels .

Aside from the Guild Elder position, owning a set of top-tier equipment was everyone’s dreams . In addition, there was also the reward of five million Credits . The Town Token’s importance was obvious . To ordinary players, five million Credits was an astronomical amount . If they had that kind of money, they wouldn’t have to work a single day for the rest of their lives . In addition to the position of Elder, they could enjoy a life of luxury .

Suddenly, everyone began attacking with even greater enthusiasm .


Meanwhile, Ouroboros and Zero Wing’s members, who watched from afar, grew anxious .

“Guild Leader, at this rate, some other Guild will claim the Town Token,” Aqua Rose said anxiously as she looked to Shi Feng, who maintained an extraordinary calm .

However, as soon as Aqua Rose finished speaking, Sareya, who was inside Stone Forest Town, suddenly bellowed, the sound waves sending all players within a radius of 30 yards flying .

Before anyone noticed it, Sareya’s white hair had become a lustrous black . As if he had grown younger by several decades, his appearance morphed from one of an old man to that of a handsome youth . However, unlike ordinary people, this youth’s eyes were pure black like two black pits . Those eyes contained no emotion, and just looking at them would send shivers down one’s spine .

“It’s finally coming,” Shi Feng grew serious as he watched the distant Sareya . “Aqua, have everyone prepare . ”


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