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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 652


Chapter 652: 652

Chapter 652 - Asura Mode Dungeon

“Miss Snow, long time no see . You look tired,” Shi Feng said, slightly surprised as he saw Gentle Snow’s haggard expression through the video chat .

Gentle Snow was a well-known superwoman in the virtual gaming world . She also had plenty of capable subordinates under her .

After not seeing each other for only a few days, Gentle Snow looked so exhausted . It was surprising .

It had been quite a few years since Gentle Snow had made her debut . She should be quite competent at managing a Guild by now . In addition, the majority of Ouroboros’s Elders supported Gentle Snow right now, so managing the Guild should not be difficult .

“I’ve been busy with Guild affairs these past few days, so I haven’t gotten much rest,” Gentle Snow laughed softly, sweeping the matter under the rug with a single sentence . Inwardly, she envied Shi Feng, who could push the majority of Guild affairs onto Aqua Rose . Moreover, he only had to focus on White River City . Ouroboros, on the other hand, was competing over dozens of cities, both large and small .

However, these cities were still the least of her problems . Star-Moon City was the issue .

Ouroboros and the Star Alliance had been consolidating their positions in Star-Moon City . In addition to several other powerful second-rate Guilds, things had become extremely hectic for Gentle Snow .

It was especially true for the three upstart Guilds that had recently appeared in Star-Moon City:

Cloud Nine .

Yin Yang Court .

Heaven’s Burial .

All three possessed extraordinary backgrounds . They even had multiple Guild Residences in Star-Moon Kingdom’s major cities . They were developing as fast as a plague . Among the affected cities, Star-Moon City received the greatest impact, and White River City was not far behind .

Particularly, the manager of Star-Moon City’s Heaven’s Burial, Daybreak Fog, was far more difficult of an opponent than even Galaxy Past of the Star Alliance . So far, Ouroboros had clashed with Heaven’s Burial dozens of times, the battles ranging from small skirmishes to large-scale battles . Although Gentle Snow still held the advantage, Ouroboros did not have only one enemy . Both Cloud Nine and the Yin Yang Court eyed Ouroboros like fresh meat .

Ouroboros had already been unstable due to Cao Chenghua’s theft of several of the Guild’s core and elite members . Now, before she could settle the turmoil within the Guild, she faced so much trouble . In such a precarious situation, how could set aside time to rest? She had not even upgraded her equipment recently .

As Gentle Snow knew that Shi Feng disliked playing with words, after their casual greetings, she got straight to the point and said, “We have discovered a hidden treasured land near Star-Moon City . The area is rich in Magic Crystals, and I wish to invite Zero Wing to pioneer this treasured land by our side . Are you interested?”

Before the divine Colosseum had been released, Magic Crystals had not been particularly valuable . Now, however, they were a strategic commodity that every large Guild fought over frantically .

Although every large Guild had a large number of players and was capable of dispatching many teams to raid Dungeons each day, Team Dungeons could only be raided once every three days . There were only so many Team Dungeons available . They could not acquire nearly as many Magic Crystals as they consumed .

Meanwhile, if there was another option—other than Team Dungeons—for one to obtain Magic Crystals, this was not an opportunity one could miss .

“A hidden treasured land?” When Shi Feng heard these words, the first place that popped up in his mind was the Stoneclaw Mountains .

In the past, when Stoneclaw Mountain had been discovered, it incited a great war between every Guild in Star-Moon Kingdom . The war had been the first kingdom-level war in Star-Moon Kingdom . Hundreds of Guilds involved themselves, all wanting to get their hands on a share of the profits .

That war had caused caused every Guild in Star-Moon Kingdom to suffer massive damages . Moreover, Ouroboros and the Star Alliance had even started an all-out war with each other . In the end, taking advantage of the situation, Heaven’s Burial, the Yin Yang Court, Cloud Nine, and several other second-rate Guilds had banded together to form a massive alliance and took over the Stoneclaw Mountains, splitting the profits .

Afterward, any players who wished to enter the Mountains were required to sign a contract, agreeing to hand over 30% of the Magic Crystals they harvested . In addition, players were required to pay a fixed fee before they could enter . The various large Guilds then split the profits .

The Stoneclaw Mountains was a Regional Dungeon that had formed a space of its own . However, it was not just any Dungeon, but an Asura Mode Dungeon .

Ordinary Team Dungeons were divided into three difficulties: Normal, Hard, and Hell .

However, Regional Dungeons were divided into five difficulties: Normal, Hard, Hell, Asura, and God .

The Stoneclaw Mountains existed within the fourth difficulty level of Regional Dungeons . The Dungeon was Level 30 to Level 49 . In other words, only players that were within the range of Level 30 to Level 49 could enter the Dungeon . Unlike Team Dungeons, however, there was no limit to the number of players who could enter . It was like White Fog Canyon . Inside the Dungeon, players could obtain items that were normally unattainable elsewhere .

In White Fog Canyon, players could obtain Starfire Ore that increased the success rate of forging . There was also the Warfire Set Equipment . Unfortunately, Shi Feng had already ruined White Fog Canyon . As of this moment, the Level 35 Great Lord, Anubis’s Gatekeeper, still roamed the map . As a result, no players dared to approach .

Meanwhile, White Fog Canyon was merely a Hard Mode Regional Dungeon, whereas the Stoneclaw Mountains was an Asura Mode Regional Dungeon . Survival was far more difficult in the Stoneclaw Mountains .

However, Magic Crystals were vastly were vastly important . They must be obtained, regardless of the sacrifices . Even Zero Wing was no exception to this .

“Currently, several Guilds from Star-Moon Kingdom are contesting over the rights of this hidden treasured land . If Zero Wing is willing to help, I can offer 50% of the income,” Gentle Snow offered a relatively attractive price .

To Gentle Snow, offering 50% of the profits was a big concession on her part . The Stoneclaw Mountains were within the Star-Moon City region . It was impossible for Zero Wing to send a large number of players to supervise the map . Hence, the responsibility of supervising the map would fall to Ouroboros . However, Zero Wing possessed extraordinary strength . As of this moment, even Shi Feng’s strength was a mystery . If Ouroboros and Zero Wing banded together, their chances of coming out on top would be a lot higher . Furthermore, working with other Guilds was simply not an option for Ouroboros .

“Alright, but I have a condition,” Shi Feng responded after giving it some thought . Zero Wing was based in White River City . There was a limit to how much combat power it could display in the faraway Star-Moon City . Even though the Guild was powerful, it could not move on the Stoneclaw Mountains by itself . Moreover, it was not realistic for a single Guild to monopolize the Stoneclaw Mountains .

“Tell me . ” Gentle Snow rolled her eyes at Shi Feng . Her offer had already been bountiful, yet Shi Feng still had conditions of his own .

“It’s not really a condition . I just need Ouroboros to help me obtain some materials . I’ll even purchase them for 20% above market value,” Shi Feng laughed .

He currently had very few of the materials required to construct the Stable and Teleportation Magic Array . It would take a long time to gather the necessary materials if he relied on Zero Wing . However, it would be much easier if he used if he used Gentle Snow’s connections to purchase the materials because most of these materials could only be obtained by large Guilds . It was practically an impossible task for independent players . Yet, even if he tried purchasing these materials, other Guilds would only sell them to their allies .

“Give me the list, then . ” Gentle Snow released a sigh of relief upon hearing Shi Feng’s condition . She had thought Shi Feng intended to take advantage of her current predicament, but it turned out that he still had some humanity left in him .

“I’ll send it to you now,” Shi Feng then sent a list of the materials required to construct the Stable and Teleportation Magic Array to Gentle Snow .

“You really are daring . Most of these materials are rare drops from large-scale Team Dungeons . Although my Guild can obtain some, 20% above market value is too cheap . I’ll need 50% at least . ” Surprise flashed across Gentle Snow’s eyes when she read the list Shi Feng had provided . Even if she worked with the Star Alliance, the two Guilds could not gather all the materials listed . The cost alone was more than 2,000 Gold .

“Okay, just get them as soon as possible . ” Shi Feng did not care about spending a little more money . If he could get his hands on the materials, he could earn back the money in the blink of an eye .

Hearing Shi Feng’s lack of hesitation, Gentle Snow was slightly shocked .

A 50% increase in price would mean more than 3,000 Gold . Even to a first-rate Guild like Ouroboros, that was a massive amount of money . Yet, Shi Feng thought nothing of it .

After both sides established a contract, Shi Feng contacted Aqua Rose and the others, instructing them to gather .

The Stoneclaw Mountains could only be dealt with sooner, and not later . The earlier they occupied a favorable location, the greater their advantage would be when the war began .


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