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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 646


Chapter 646: 646

Chapter 646 - Killing Multiple Birds with One Stone

Shortly after Shi Feng used a Return Scroll and returned to White River City, the Shelter of District One hummed with activity .

Now that the Shelter’s population potential had increased so drastically, many players in the Evil Ghost Domain planned to migrate to District One to enjoy the benefits of a Large Shelter .

Hence, reviewing the invitations demanded a considerable amount of work .

In addition, the promotion to a Large Shelter did not mean that players could purchase Mounts immediately . There was a need to construct a Taming Facility first, and the construction of a Taming Facility required a massive amount of Soul Crystals .

Meanwhile, after District One’s Shelter became a Large Shelter, many Guild Forces based in the Evil Ghost Domain began to consider it a target . They all wished to conquer the Large Shelter .

In the past, although District One occupied valuable land, and the Shelter was relatively strong, to Guild Forces, it had been a trivial opponent . After all, independent players ran District One . It was of no threat to Guild Forces . Now, however, things had changed . District One had become the first District to own a Large Shelter in the Evil Ghost Domain . This would greatly affect the situation in the Evil Ghost Domain . The Medium Shelters under their control held no advantage against a Large Shelter .

If they could take control of District One, not only could they extinguish any looming threats, but they could also increase their own strength . They also wouldn’t have to waste effort collecting and pooling their Guild’s resources to obtain a Large Shelter for themselves . Most importantly, District One’s Large Shelter had not been promoted by a Guild Force . As far as they were concerned, District One was like a heap of loose sand;its residents were not united . They could take advantage of this and take the Shelter by storm .

With this, they could kill two birds with one stone . Why wouldn’t they do it?

For a time, the many Guild Forces in the Evil Ghost Domain secretly plotted to insert their own men into District One’s Shelter .

Meanwhile, although Blue Frost and the others had predicted these Guild Forces’ intentions, not only did they not attempt to stop them, but they also actively encouraged it .

After all, they were not afraid of anyone trying to replace them .

They earnestly wished the various Guild Forces would come and offer them more resources .

The matter of District One joining Zero Wing was only known by a few of District One’s upper echelons . In the eyes of outsiders, District One had only obtained a Large Shelter due to its managers being very united, powerful, and lucky .

Moreover, there were only so many Guild Forces in the Evil Ghost Domain . Everyone knew which Shelters belonged to which Guild Forces . Hence, everyone believed that District One’s Shelter had yet to ally themselves with a Guild .

Normally, if players wished to join a Shelter, the Shelter’s managers would welcome them with open arms . After all, more players would strengthen the Shelter itself and increase the number of Soul Crystals the Shelter could obtain . For District One, however, other than those who had been recruited by the Shelter’s upper echelons, any player who wished to join District One was required to pay a fee of one Soul Crystal .

Although the price was high, current players were much higher leveled than before . As a result, the difficulty of obtaining Soul Crystals and the price of Soul Crystals had decreased . Compared to Shi Feng’s initial arrival in the Dark Den, Soul Crystals’ prices had fallen by two to three times . Currently, every elite party had at least one Soul Crystal on hand at all times . If they worked hard for a week or so, they could collect six Soul Crystals . Obviously, Guild Forces’ elite teams had a far easier time of collecting the Crystals . .

Even after Blue Frost and the others recruited some players, there should still be 50,000 spots remaining . Charging one Soul Crystal per person, if they managed to fill all 50,000 slots, they would receive an additional 50,000 Soul Crystals . A player’s ownership of 50,000 Soul Crystals was vastly different from a Shelter’s ownership .

Take the Lions Bar’s promotion for example . If Blue Frost and the others funded the promotion themselves, they would only have to spend 500 Soul Crystals to promote the bar to 3-stars . However, if they used the Shelter’s cumulative resources, they would have to spend 10,000 crystals .

With 50,000 Soul Crystals, not only could they easily construct a Taming Facility, but they could also construct two more buildings that supplied Specialities and upgrade both buildings to 2-stars . In addition, they would have enough leftovers to upgrade the Lions Bar to 3-stars, increasing the production volume of the Hundred Berry Wine once more .


Meanwhile, Shi Feng had returned with a large stock of Gemstones and Hundred Berry Wine to White River City .

Gemstones were extremely rare . Ordinary players would be reluctant to embed the Gemstones they had obtained into their equipment;if the item were destroyed, the Gemstones would similarly be destroyed . Players would generally only embed Gemstones in top-tier equipment as it was a safer option . When the need arose, they could simply remove the Gemstones and reuse them with other top-tier equipment .

Currently, Tier 1 Gemstones were very cheap in the Evil Ghost Domain . Each crystal only cost 3 Silver . In Star-Moon Kingdom, however, each Tier 1 Gemstone sold for 9 Silver . As for Tier 2 Gemstones, each sold for 30 Silver in the Evil Ghost Domain, while prices in Star-Moon Kingdom fluctuated around 1 Gold . Star-Moon Kingdom’s prices were at least three times higher .

Shi Feng had obtained 30,000 Tier 1 Gemstones from Blue Frost . These Gemstones had either been secretly purchased from the various Shelters in the in the Evil Ghost Domain or traded for Light Stones . A single stack contained 20 Gemstones . Shi Feng had returned with a total of 1,500 stacks of Tier 1 Gemstones, valued at a total of 900 Gold, which practically filled his entire bag . As for Tier 2 Gemstones, he had not bothered taking any as he had the Philosopher’s Stone . Through Alchemy Synthesis, he could produce Tier 2 Gemstones from Tier 1 Gemstones .

After returning to White River City, Shi Feng first headed towards the Candlelight Trading Firm .

At this point, the Candlelight Trading Firm was the most lively location in White River City . It could be considered the business center of all of Star-Moon Kingdom . The Trading Firm was the organization with the highest number of forgers and other Lifestyle classes in the entire kingdom . There were all sorts of player-made advanced products for sale on its shelves . If it were available in Star-Moon Kingdom, the Candlelight Trading Firm would almost certainly have it . Only certain exclusive items such as the Overwhelming Trading Firm’s Fire Dragon Potion were not available, as not even Zero Wing could obtain the designs and recipes for these items . Even so, the wide variety of products they offered was enough to overwhelm players .

Other than Star-Moon Kingdom, thanks to Phoenix Rain’s help, the Candlelight Trading Firm had also set up Branch Shops in the major cities of neighboring kingdoms and empires . The Trading Firm’s daily profits reached several thousand Gold . However, this placed a heavy burden on the Firm’s manager, Melancholic Smile .

The Candlelight Trading Firm’s ability to earn money far surpassed even first-rate Guilds . Only super-first-rate Guilds and Super Guilds could rival the Trading Firm now . However, as time progressed, super-first-rate Guilds and Super Guilds would definitely surpass the Candlelight Trading Firm due to their massive range of influence in God’s Domain . The resources and contacts they possess far surpassed the Candlelight Trading Firm .

Although the Candlelight Trading Firm could continue to could continue to expand, Zero Wing simply did not possess the required strength and manpower to keep up with it .

Fortunately, Shi Feng had long since prepared for this situation . He had not been the Guild Leader of a second-rate Guild in the past for nothing . Since the first day he logged into God’s Domain in this life, he had been thinking of ways to improve his Guild’s background and had come up with a series of plans . At this point, his plans had finally produced some results .

Shi Feng retrieved the Philosopher’s Stone from his Personal Warehouse and arrived at his exclusive Advanced Forging Room in the Candlelight Trading Firm . He then began to synthesize the Tier 2 Gemstones .

If he sought out the aid of NPC Alchemists to synthesize high-tiered Gemstones, not only would he have to foot an exorbitant labor fee, but the success rate was also not particularly high . For Tier 2 Gemstones, NPCs only had a 30% success rate . Synthesizing a Tier 2 Gemstone required four Tier 1 Gemstones . With acceptable luck, he might obtain one Tier 2 Gemstone for every twelve Tier 1 Gemstones . However, the Tier 2 Gemstones was only ten times more valuable than Tier 1 Gemstones . Hence, it was not profitable to synthesize high-tiered Gemstones .

On the other hand, the Philosopher’s Stone in Shi Feng’s possession had a 100% success rate for synthesizing Tier 2 Gemstones . If he synthesized Tier 2 Gemstones using the Philosopher’s Stone, he could easily multiply his profit . Naturally, Shi Feng could not let this opportunity escape him .

Only, Shi Feng’s goal was not to earn money .

Tier 2 Gemstones have already become a mainstream item among large Guilds . If I want Zero Wing’s main force to clear a 100-man Dungeon even a day sooner, I will have to set Tier 3 Gemstones as the standard . Shi Feng took out his Tier 1 Gemstones and began the Alchemy Synthesis .


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