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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 644


Chapter 644: 644

Chapter 644 - Secret Competition

“How rich is Zero Wing? They’re actually sending so many people to the Trial Tower all at once . ”

“They should be members of the newly-formed Dark Gods Legion . I heard that the benefits they receive are only beneath what Zero Wing’s main force enjoys . ”

“Being a Guild’s core member must be great . They get to enter the Trial Tower every day . On the other hand, independent players like us can only enter once in a long while . ”

“I know, right? Magic Crystals’ drop rate is simply too low in Party Dungeons . It’s only higher in Team Dungeons . ”

“As expected of the number one Guild of White River City . Even Overwhelming Smile can only send 200 members each day, while Heaven’s Burial only sends 100 members . On the other hand, Zero Wing is sending 300 people in one go . Moreover, they are only members of the Dark Gods Legion . ”

Everyone was incredibly jealous . Only the members of large Guilds had access to such a large supply of Magic Crystals each day . Independent players had to struggle just to obtain a single crystal . As for small Guilds, although they could also afford to supply their members with Magic Crystals, they could not afford to offer a large amount every day .

One could gage a Guild’s financial strength in White River City by the number of members that entered the Trial Tower .

“What’s so amazing about Zero Wing? Can its financial strength compare to Overwhelming Smile?” the Level 30 Guardian Knight, Lone Tyrant, sneered as he entered the divine Colosseum .

Ever since the Dark Star’s disbandment, Lone Tyrant held firm to his hatred of Zero Wing .

If not for Zero Wing, Dark Star would have been White River City’s ruler, and he would have stood as its emperor .

Due to Zero Wing’s constant rise, he was now only one of Overwhelming Smile’s core members . He was not even the Guild’s Chief MT;he was nothing more than cannon fodder .

However, it was also because of this that he was able to experience just how frightening Underworld was .

Particularly, after the third evolution of God’s Domain, Underworld had increased its investment in God’s Domain by several folds, pouring a massive sum of money into the game . Not only did the organization begin recruiting a large number of experts, but it had also collected a large stock of Magic Crystals, which were extremely important to current players . Even a first-rate Guild could not compete with Underworld’s financial resources .

Underworld’s influence covered a vast expanse of God’s Domain . It could purchase Magic Crystals through several avenues . This was an advantage that many first-rate Guilds did not possess . With all these Magic Crystals, Underworld could quickly nurture plenty of experts through the divine Colosseum .

God’s Domain was not a game that could be dominated by a single player’s strength .

Even if Shi Feng were stronger, he could only defend White River City . However, White River City was not the only city in Star-Moon Kingdom, much less God’s Domain .

As far as Lone Tyrant knew, Underworld had yet to give up on the feast that White River City offered . Hence, the organization had once more invested significant funding and Magic Crystals, enough to even put a first-rate Guild to shame .

On the surface, Overwhelming Smile sent only 200 members to the Trial Tower each day . Moreover, every member could only challenge the Trial Tower three times a day . In reality, however, Overwhelming Smile secretly sent a large number of hidden experts to challenge challenge the Trial Tower as well . This group of experts consisted of nearly 400 people, double that of what the Guild sent openly .

In total, Overwhelming Smile sent nearly 600 people to the Trial Tower every day, affording each member three challenges .

The public was already astounded by Heaven’s Burial’s financial strength . Unfortunately, compared to Overwhelming Smile, Heaven’s Burial was nothing . After including the additional resources that War Wolf and his group of top-tier experts had received, Overwhelming Smile was spending nearly 2,000 Magic Crystals every day . What did Heaven’s Burial’s expenditure of 500 Magic Crystals amount to?

“Lone Tyrant, control your mouth . It is not the time for Overwhelming Smile to display its strength . Let Zero Wing and Heaven’s Burial bask in the limelight . ” Watching the Dark Gods Legion enter the Trial Tower, a faint smile appeared on Feng Xuanyang’s face . With pride and arrogance, he said, “Black Flame, your complacency won’t last . ”

In truth, Feng Xuanyang had not expected Underworld to continue investing in White River City . He had thought that the organization would just let Overwhelming Smile, the Guild he controlled, fend for itself .

Currently, there were extremely few experts who had managed to pass the fourth floor of the divine Colosseum .

Among them, Zero Wing had the most with a total of 36 people .

Overwhelming Smile came in second . It had 29 people in total .

Next up was Heaven’s Burial . It had 20 people .

Assassin’s Alliance stood in fourth place . The Guild only had 14 people .

At fifth place, Cloud Nine had 12 people .

At sixth place, Yin Yang Court had 11 people .

However, Overwhelming Smile had hidden a large fraction of its forces . For example, their 29 experts did not include War Wolf War Wolf and his team . In reality, the Guild had more than 50 people who had passed the fourth floor . Overwhelming Smile had long since surpassed Zero Wing by leaps and bounds . Moreover, as time passed, that number would only increase . Soon, it would be Overwhelming Smile’s turn to rule over White River City .


While the various large Guilds in White River City competed over the First Clear of a 100-man Dungeon and compared their progression in the divine Colosseum, Shi Feng had used the Bible of Darkness to travel to the Evil Ghost Domain .

After his two-day absence, Shi Feng found that District One had developed rapidly . The Shelter had annexed six other Shelters and invested all of the Soul Crystals they obtained into promoting the Lions Bar, upgrading it to a 2-star Bar .

Now, the Hundred Berry Wine’s production had increased to 50 bottles per day .

According to Shi Feng’s arrangements, 20 bottles would be held for District One’s Shelter, while he would take the remaining 30 with him . Shi Feng had been away for two days now, so he had a stockpile of 60 bottles .

Shi Feng had also brought with him a huge stock of Light Stones for Blue Frost and the others .

The nights in the Dark Den were longer than the days . Hence, Light Stones were far more useful to these players .

“Having a Guild is awesome . I never imagined that we would get our hands on an item like this . Even at night, our top ten parties will be able to grind safely . ” Blue Frost expressed his shock as he stared at the Light Stone in his hand .

Not a single Shelter in the Dark Den had anything like the Light Stones .

Other than grinding and questing, the Light questing, the Light Stones could also be used during monster attacks to weaken the monsters, making it much easier to defend the Shelter .

“Right, my main goal in coming here this time is to give this to you,” Shi Feng said as he retrieved the Chapter of Shelter from his bag .

The Chapter of Shelter was an item that could promote a Shelter by a single rank, up to a maximum of Large Shelter .

When everyone saw the Chapter of Shelter, they were stupefied .

Up until now, Large Shelters were something that only Guild Forces possessed . Although they had thought of upgrading District One’s Shelter to a Large Shelter countless times before, it was simply too difficult for independent players . They would require at least a month to gather the required manpower and resources . That time might be extended further depending on their progression on the quests involved .

Now, however, with the Chapter of Shelter, they could upgrade District One’s Shelter into a Large Shelter without going through all that trouble . They would then qualify to compete for dominance in the Dark Den .

Zero Wing was astonishing!

Shi Feng’s generosity had engraved this notion on Blue Frost and everyone else’s hearts .

The many Guild Forces in the Dark Den had spent a ridiculous amount of effort to upgrade a Medium Shelter to a Large Shelter . They had gathered all of the resources from the Shelters under their control and had spent significant time to do so . On the other hand, Shi Feng had completed a similar feat by casually revealing a Chapter of Shelter .

If the other Guild Forces discovered this, they would definitely be dumbfounded .

“Lotus, begin the preparations . We’re going to upgrade the Shelter,” Blue Frost proclaimed, grinning at the Chapter of Shelter in Shi Feng’s hand .


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