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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 639


Chapter 639: 639

Chapter 639 - Rare Mount

“Guild Leader, don’t tell me we’re going to capture that?!” Blackie inquired . He gulped audibly as he stared at the massive figure in the distance .

The Golden-winged Lion King before him was a bona fide Great Lord .

Moreover, it was no ordinary Great Lord . It was a Level 60 Great Lord . It was definitely part of the ruling class of monsters;it could obliterate them with a sneeze .

[Golden-winged Lion King] (Demonic Beast, Great Lord)

Level 60

HP 30,000,000/30,000,000

“Capture it?” Shi Feng rolled his eyes at Blackie, saying, “You must be crazy . ”

Although the Golden-winged Lion King could be captured, it was a Level 60 Great Lord . He wasn’t that good . Unless they had a 100-man team of Level 70 Tier 2 players or above, they had absolutely no chance of capturing the Great Lord .

Shi Feng’s reply left Blackie speechless .

However, the other members of the party released a sigh of relief . Capturing a monster was several times more difficult than killing one .

“We’ll head over once it leaves,” Shi Feng said in the team chat .

This Golden-winged Lion King was this area’s overlord . Hence, no other monsters dared to approach the area around the lake . However, nobody would have thought that not only was the Golden-winged Lion King a Field Boss, but it was also a Guardian Boss . It was a Boss specifically tasked with guarding a treasure .

In the past, after Fantasy Extinguisher led a team of players to exterminate this Golden-winged Lion King, they discovered a secret . When that secret got out, it shocked the various large Guilds throughout God’s Domain .

Back then, even ordinary players had their own Mounts . The various large Guilds had also realized the importance of rare Mounts and constantly searched for their own unique monster . The commotion these Guilds caused as a result had disrupted God’s Domain’s peace and tranquility . However, nobody would have imagined that the Fantasy Shrine had actually managed to obtain a 5-star Mount .

The star-ranking of a Mount represented its Growth Potential .

A Guild Mount’s rank could be upgraded when properly nurtured . Furthermore, with a higher star-rank, a Mount had a higher promotion success rate . The majority of the Guild Mounts throughout God’s Domain were 1-star Mounts .

A 1-star Mount started out as a Common Mount . It was a general Mount, and most Guilds would not capture a 1-star Mount for a Guild Mount as there was only a 10% chance for it to become a Bronze Mount .

A 2-star Mount started out slightly stronger than a 1-star Mount, and there was a 20% chance that it could become a Bronze Mount . As long as Guild members were willing to pay the price, they could nurture their 2-star Mount into a Bronze Mount . It was much cheaper than just purchasing a Bronze Mount .

As for 3-star Mounts, they were rarely seen . Not only could the additional Movement Speed they provided initially reach 110%, but there was also a 30% chance that they could nurture them to become Bronze Mounts . However, few Guilds were capable of obtaining 3-star Mounts .

A 4-star Mount was a rare Mount . Not only could its initial Movement Speed reach 115%, but there was also a 50% chance for it to become a Bronze Mount . Impressively, there was a 15% chance for it to become a Mysterious-Iron Mount . This was a potential that 1-star to 3-star Mounts did not possess . Hence, 4-star Mounts and above were considered rare Mounts Mounts . Various large Guilds throughout God’s Domain drooled over the idea of their own 4-star Mount .

Although there was only a difference of one rank between a Bronze Mount and a Mysterious-Iron Mount, the latter possessed storage capabilities . Moreover, unlike Bronze Mounts, Mysterious-Iron Mounts’ combat capabilities allowed them to make a difference in a battle .

Five-star Mounts were even more powerful . The additional Movement Speed they provided initially could reach 120%;its speed was practically equivalent to an ordinary Bronze Mount . Only, it did not possess any combat capabilities . However, 5-star Mounts had a 70% chance to become Bronze Mounts . Not only could they be upgraded within a short amount of time, but they also had a 30% chance to become Mysterious-Iron Mounts and a 3% chance to become Secret-Silver Mounts .

The most powerful Guild Mount Shi Feng had seen in the past was a 6-star Mount . Its rarity could even rival that of a Legendary item . There was a 90% that it could become a Bronze Mount, 50% chance for Mysterious-Iron rank, and 10% chance for Secret-Silver rank .

Just the thought of a Guild outfitting its members with Secret-Silver Mounts was frightening . After all, unlike Mysterious-Iron Mounts or below, Secret-Silver Mounts possessed Skills that could assist players in battle, increasing their combat power significantly . This was also why so many Guilds had been so desperate to collect rare Mounts in the past .

In the past, after Fantasy Extinguisher’s team killed the Golden-winged Lion King, they discovered a 5-star Mount and became one of the few large Guilds throughout God’s Domain to possess one .

After over an hour, the Golden-winged Lion King finally quenched its thirst and finished its rest . It then flew from the clear lake .

“Alright, everyone, drink your potions and follow me . ” Shi Feng did Feng did not bother to explain much . Immediately, he retrieved a deep blue potion from his bag and emptied the bottle’s contents .

The Underwater Breathing Potion allowed players to breathe underwater for two hours .

After drinking the potion, Shi Feng led his team and dove into the lake .

Although the Golden-winged Lion King was a Guardian Monster, it did not guard this place constantly . It normally left the area for an hour or so, giving players a loophole to exploit . Otherwise, Shi Feng would not have been confident of capturing 5-star Mount that hid behind a Great Lord .

After swimming for about a dozen minutes or so, the party discovered the ruins of a shrine . However, the shrine’s thick, stone doors were currently shut tight . Even after combining their strength, they could not open the doors . It was obvious that they needed some sort of item to gain passage .

Just as everyone was at a loss on what to do…

Shi Feng activated the Seven Luminaries Ring’s Space Movement and entered the space beyond the stone doors .

A minute later, the stone doors slowly opened .

Everyone was amazed by this scene . They had not thought that the doors could be opened like this .

“I wish I had an item with Space Movement . I could easily teleport into any shrine I find without wasting effort looking for a way to open the doors,” Blackie said enviously .

“This method is only viable for shrines that are not magically sealed . You wouldn’t be able to teleport into shrines with magic seals or their own spaces . ” Shi Feng wished the same, but there were very few non-magically sealed shrines throughout God’s Domain . There were even fewer items with Skills similar to Space Movement .

Normally, in order

Normally, in order to enter this shrine beneath the lake, players were required to obtain the key by killing the Golden-winged Lion King .

“Alright, we don’t have much time left . We have around 40 minutes before the Lion King returns . We need to finish the job within these 40 minutes . ” Shi Feng no longer bothered to explain . Immediately, he swam further into the shrine .

The shrine was not large, being only three-stories tall . The first floor was completely flooded . There was nothing special about the second floor beyond the various idols that cluttered the space . However, upon reaching the third floor of the shrine, the party felt as if they had entered a different space entirely .

The third floor was actually a forest . Various wild beasts and Demonic Beasts lived here, and the monsters were all Level 50 . However, the beasts living here would not actively attack players .

Meanwhile, slumbering in this forest’s heart was a blue wolf that stood over three meters tall . Despite being asleep, blue arcs of electricity flashed around the wolf’s body, preventing others from approaching it .

[Thunder Wolf] (Demonic Beast, Lord)

Level 50

HP 9,000,000/9,000,000

“Such a handsome wolf!” Cola was immediately mesmerized by the Thunder Wolf .

In comparison, the horses of the Red Rain Caravan’s Bronze Carriages looked like ugly toads .

The Thunder Wolf was twice as large as a horse . If he could ride the beast through the city, he would become the envy of all .

“We only have thirty minutes left . Get into position as I taught you . If we fail, we’ll have to spend a long time running back to this place,” Shi Feng hurriedly commanded .

Quickly, everyone stealthily approached the Thunder Wolf under Shi Feng’s command .


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