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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 625


Chapter 625: 625

Chapter 625 - Team’s First Clear

After the Judgement of the Seven Stars suppressed the Bluefire Crow King, the blue flames it spewed posed no threat to anyone . In addition, Shi Feng would always give a timely reminder before the Boss released its flames and . Until now, the Crow King’s flames had not struck a single player .

However, when the Bluefire Crow King entered its third phase, the battle truly began .

They had all fought the Bluefire Crow King dozens of times now, but they always wiped at the Boss’s third phase .

Hence, now that the Bluefire Crow King entered this particular phase, they grew anxious .

If they were facing the Hard Mode Bluefire Crow King, they would not be worried at all . After all, their team’s current combat power had reached a whole new level compared their last attempt . It would be child’s play for them to conquer Hard Mode . However, they were currently in the Hell Mode Ruins of the Crow God . The Bluefire Crow King’s Skills would be far more powerful than before .

After the Crow King released an angry cry, eighteen Bluefire Crows descended from the sky .

Not only had the Hell Mode Bluefire Crow King entered its third phase at 70% HP, but the Bluefire Crows it summoned also started out at Chieftain rank right off the bat…

In Hard Mode, the Bluefire Crows only started out as Special Elites . Every member of the main force was capable of soloing one on their own . However, Chieftains were different . There were less than ten players on the team capable of soloing Chieftain .

Moreover, the Chieftain ranked Bluefire Crows of Hell Mode each had 900,000 HP, 200,000 more than Hard Mode . This raised the burden on the team’s DPS to devastating levels .

The Bluefire Crows activated their Growth Skill once every two minutes . In other words, if they did not die in two minutes, they would become Lords . At that time, they would be far more difficult to deal with . However, the eighteen Chieftain ranked Bluefire Crows had a total of 16,200,000 HP…

“This Boss is bullshit . ” Blackie’s expression turned grim .

If this were Hard Mode, the Stars of Light Skill he had saved would still be of some help . However, against Chieftains with 900,000 HP, even Stars of Light would not do much against them .

“Everyone, activate the Power of Darkness!”

Hearing Shi Feng’s command, everyone did as he said, their Basic Attributes increasing by 30% .

As the lead MT, Cola’s HP instantly soared to slightly over 20,000 . The Shield Warrior Ye Wumian’s HP had also increased to more than 19,000 . Both of their damages and reaction speeds had also improved .

“Turtledove, pull the Bluefire Crows’ aggro . All mages, get ready to cast your AOE Skills on my command,” Shi Feng said unhurriedly .

Immediately, Turtledove, a Guardian Knight with over 17,000 HP, charged into the group of Bluefire Crows and activated Iron Will . All eighteen Bluefire Crows were caught within the Skill’s range and were forced to focus on Turtledove .

Following which, Turtledove activated Protection Blessing .

The Tier 1 Protection Blessing could reduce its target’s damage taken by 70%, 20% more than the Tier 0 version of the Skill . The Skill’s duration was also slightly longer, lasting up to 20 seconds .

However, the Chieftain ranked Bluefire Crows were no trivial matter . Every one of their beak attacks dealt nearly -500 damage to Turtledove . Fortunately, although Turtledove had aggroed all eighteen Chieftains, only six could attack her at a single time . In other words, the Guardian Knight took nearly -3,000 damage with each wave of attacks . To Turtledove, who had over 17,000 HP, this damage was no threat .

Following which, Turtledove received one heal after another, each heal recovering one or two thousand HP for the Guardian Knight . The healers could easily easily stabilize Turtledove’s HP .

However, Protection Blessing only lasted for 20 seconds . Once the buff expired, she could not endure the simultaneous attack of six Bluefire Crows .


Shi Feng smiled . After finding a good location, he activated Skywheel Sword . As golden divine swords rained down from the sky, the eighteen Bluefire Crows were immediately trapped within the Skill’s effective area .

Immediately, damages of over -4,000 points appeared above the Crows’ heads . Of course, Turtledove, who stood in the center of this onslaught, received damage from Skywheel Sword as well . This was why AOE Skills were not suited for Dungeons . However, thanks to Protection Blessing and Ironwill, the Guardian Knight only received slightly more than -700 damage from Shi Feng’s attack .

However, Shi Feng was far from satisfied .

“Blackie, cast Guardian of Light on Turtledove!” Shi Feng said .

Guardian of Light was one of Mavis’s Guard’s Additional Skills . When cast, the target of the Skill would become immune to all magic damage . The physical damage they received would also reduce by 80%, and they would recover 5% HP every second for 20 seconds . It was definitely a super Lifesaving Skill .

When Blackie waved his staff, a golden glow wrapped around Turtledove’s body .

Once she received the proper buffs, Shi Feng no longer held back as he activated Heavenly Dragon’s Power . After his Strength increased by 100%, he activated the Aura of Fire’s Skill, Firestorm .

Just before the roaring flames devoured Turtledove, Shi Feng switched the Aura of Fire to the Aura of Water, casting Life Bloom on her . Due to the Aura of Water increasing healing effects by 100%, Turtledove could recover up to 60% of her HP every second for 40 seconds . With Turtledove’s HP, she was practically immortal for the moment .

Although Firestorm dealt over -40,000 damage to the Bluefire Crows every second, the spell was ineffective against Turtledove as she was immune to all magic damage . Moreover, Moreover, she had Life Bloom, which recovered over 10,000 HP for her every second, the healers’ attention, and the Clerics’ Truth Shield . As a result, the damage the Bluefire Crows dealt was not even a scratch to her . Even if she stood still and did nothing, her life would not be in any danger .

Everyone was immediately stupefied .

Watching the female Guardian Knight Turtledove fight the many Bluefire Crows amidst the raging inferno, it seemed as if these destructive flames were no different than a breeze, safe and harmless . The more Turtledove fought, the more valiant she became . At this moment, she seemed like a Goddess of War and Fire, demanding reverence .

“Everyone, use your AOE Skills!” Shi Feng commanded .

A moment later, the team’s mages cast their AOE Skills . Although they were not as powerful as large-scale destruction spells, these AOE Skills still dealt several thousand damage to the Bluefire Crows .

Among them, Blackie’s Stars of Light caused massive amounts of damage to the Chieftains . The first wave alone dealt over -4,000 damage to each Crow . The damage of every subsequent wave increased by 10%, lasting for a total of 15 seconds .

Shi Feng also looked for opportunities to use Dragon Breath, Thundering Flame, Flame God’s Fury, Earth Splitter, Thunder Flame Explosion, and other AOE Skills .

Fifteen seconds later, the Bluefire Crows were in a half-crippled state, possessing less than 5% of their total HPs . A few unlucky Bluefire Crows that had received one too many critical hits had even died during these past 15 seconds .

Of the eighteen Bluefire Crows that had been summoned, only eleven remained .

Shi Feng’s figure then swayed slightly as he sent several more strikes at these Bluefire Crows . Adding in the team’s damage, they dealt with the remaining eleven Bluefire Crows in less than ten seconds .

Once the Bluefire Crows had been annihilated, it became much easier to deal with the Bluefire Crow King . Moreover, now that Moreover, now that Shi Feng had activated Heavenly Dragon’s Power, his damage against the Great Lord doubled .

Within three minutes, the Bluefire Crow King only had slightly more than 1,000,000 HP remaining .

“It’s finally here . ” Shi Feng smiled calmly .

The Bluefire Crow King had a total of four phases . Everyone had thought that the most difficult phase was the third phase . However, what everyone did not know was that the Crow King used its true trump card during its fourth phase .

The Bluefire Crow King would only enter its fourth phase when its HP fell below 1,000,000 . That was also when the entire raiding team would be the most tired and relaxed . It would be at this moment that the Crow King would transform into a living inferno and become a Fire Crow . During this phase, any enemies within 50 yards would receive -1,000 damage every second . However, that was only in the case of Hard Mode . In Hell Mode, players received -1,600 damage every second . If the raiding team could not deal 1,000,000 damage to the Bluefire Crow King before every member died, they would team-wipe .

In the past, countless teams had repeatedly died at the fourth phase and had been unable to clear the Dungeon all because they had lacked a true ultimate Skill .

Just as the Bluefire Crow King’s HP was about to fall below the 1,000,000 threshold, Shi Feng activated Blade Liberation, increasing both his Strength and Agility by 90% . He then activated Silent Steps and appeared behind the Bluefire Crow King, and both his body and the Abyssal Blade began to release a brilliant glow .

divine Providence!

Flame Burst!

Slash after slash struck the Bluefire Crow King’s back .




After fifteen consecutive strikes, the Bluefire Crow King’s HP, which had been slightly over a million a moment ago, bottomed out . The Crow King released a sorrowful cry before falling heavily to the ground .


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