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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 624


Chapter 624: 624

Chapter 624 - Difference in Strength

The 7-star magic array suppressed the Bluefire Crow King . The Crow King struggled as if it were trapped inside a swamp, its mobility declining sharply .

As a result, the Crow King’s massive wings, which originally descended towards Cola, slowed significantly as well .

“Such a powerful spell!” Cola took the opportunity to roll out of the way, easily dodging the Great Lord’s wing attack .

As the team’s lead MT, if Cola could dodge the Boss’s attacks, it would reduce the burden on the team’s healers . Moreover, the healers would not have to run the risk of attracting the Boss’s attention due to healing too much .

“Good . Everyone, attack!” Shi Feng nodded as he ordered the team’s damage dealers to begin their assault .

The Tier 2 Spell, Judgment of the Seven Stars, was not an Attack-type Spell . Instead, it placed a powerful binding on a single target . The Spell’s effects would even affect a Great Lord .

With the Heart Devourer’s Judgment of the Seven Stars, both the melee and ranged damage dealers could attack the Boss safely . This was particularly helpful to Fire Dance and Flying Shadow as the high damage they dealt drew the Crow King’s aggro . With the Boss’s restricted movements, they could dodge its attacks easily, not having to worry about pulling aggro at all .

This was just like the time Blue Frost’s team had used the Demon Sealing Barrier on the Great Lord Noya . However, even though the Demon Sealing Barrier’s restraining effects were far more powerful than the Judgment of the Seven Stars, players could not maintain the barrier for too long due to a lack of Mana .

On the other hand, there was no need to worry about such problems when it came to the Judgment of the Seven Stars . The Heart Devourer was a Tier 2 Evil Spirit . It possessed an abundance of Mana, more than a dozen times that of a player of the same Level . Hence, the Evil Spirit could maintain the Tier 2 Spell for a very long time, long enough to last until the end of the battle .

Moreover, the team would not have to sacrifice any combat power by using the Judgment of the Seven Stars . They were not required to partition a portion of the team to maintain the magic array . Hence, the overall effect of the Judgment of the Seven Stars was much stronger than the Demon Sealing Barrier .

The Bible of Darkness really is impressive . It is no wonder why Fantasy Extinguisher had been able to lead his team to into large-scale Team Dungeons, one after another, in the past . Shi Feng was extremely satisfied with the Bible of Darkness . Ordinary Fragmented Legendary items could not compare it at all .

Following which, Shi Feng joined in the attack on the Boss as well .

No matter what was said or done, the Bluefire Crow King was a Great Lord . Although various Spells buffed their team, everyone’s total damage was still considerably low .

Currently, the team’s number one DPS was Fire Dance . Each of the female Assassin’s normal attacks dealt roughly -900 damage . She could inflict over -2,000 damage if she used her Skills . Even when she used Absolute Strike, the most powerful Burst Skill available to a Tier 1 Assassin, she only managed to deal around -5,000 damage to the Great Lord .

As for everyone else, the majority of their normal attacks only dealt around -600 to -700 damage . They were only able to deal more than -1,000 damage if they used Skills, and very few among them could deal more than -2,000 damage .

To the Bluefire Crow King, which had 27,000,000 HP, that damage was practically negligible .

Thanks to its battle recovery, the Bluefire Crow King could recover up to 270,000 HP every five seconds;it was the equivalent of recovering 54,000 HP every second . The Crow King’s battle recovery alone negated most of the damage everyone dealt . Moreover, this was a battle inside a Dungeon, not not a shooting range where one could stand still and attack freely . Everyone had to focus attention on dodging the Crow King’s attacks, so it was impossible for them to attack constantly . In other words, if their damage output was insufficient, it was impossible for them to kill the Bluefire Crow King . Rather, the Great Lord would exhaust them to death first .

Shi Feng then activated Windwalk and circled to the Crow King’s side . After activating the Aura of Fire, Purgatory Power, Phantom Kill, and Nine Dragon’s Slash, Shi Feng began his assault on the Great Lord .

As the Crow King’s mobility was restricted, it could not avoid Shi Feng’s attacks .

Every one of Shi Feng’s normal attack dealt over -1,500 damage or -3,000 damage with a critical hit . Due to the Abyssal Blade, he had a 50% chance of achieving a critical hit . The Abyssal Blade also increased the damage he dealt with each successful hit . After landing his tenth attack, his subsequent normal attacks began dealing over -1,800 damage, over -3,600 damage if it were a critical .

As for his doppelganger, although it only possessed 70% of Shi Feng’s Attributes, it had activated Blade Liberation, increasing its Strength and Agility by 90% . The damage the doppelganger currently dealt was actually higher than Shi Feng’s . Each of its normal attacks dealt over -2,400 damage, while its critical hits deal nearly -5,000 damage . The doppelganger’s Attack Speed was also slightly faster than Shi Feng .

Shi Feng’s normal attack damage was already several times higher than Fire Dance’s, not to mention his Skills .

Double Chop!

-11,420, -15,432 .

Double Thunder Flame Explosion!

-14,266, -20,164 .

Damages of over -10,000 appeared above the Bluefire Crow King’s head, one after another, the Great Lord repeatedly crying out in pain as its HP bar decreased .

Everyone’s jaws hit the floor when they saw these damages .

“Guild Leader, are you cheating!!”

“Guild Leader, you’re not giving us a chance…”

Everyone’s eyes twitched every time they saw Shi Feng’s attacks deal over -10,000 damage . damage . It would have been fine if that was the only issue, but, there were also the occasional -20,000, or even -30,000 hits . Shi Feng’s damage was over a dozen times higher than theirs . Their attacks were on entirely different levels .

Originally, everyone had already treated Fire Dance as if she were a monster as every time they raided a Dungeon, Fire Dance’s total damage always ranked at the top of the team . Moreover, her total damage was over 50% higher than the second place .

Yet, what about Shi Feng?

Despite having only attacked for a short time, his damage had already surpassed Fire Dance by more than eight times . His damage was the equivalent of half the team’s total damage…

None of them understood how Shi Feng had achieved such a feat .

“Guild Leader, can’t you give us some tips on how to increase our damage?” Blackie felt as if this were the first time he had ever met Shi Feng . Shi Feng’s damage simply defied common sense .

Suddenly, Shi Feng was the center of attention .

“It’s simple . Increase your Skill Completion Rates,” Shi Feng said . He could not help but laugh at everyone’s serious expressions .

His Skill Completion Rate hovered around 95%, so he could increase his Skills’ effects by an additional 50% or so . In addition to the various powerful items he wore, his damage would naturally be greatly superior to the members of Zero Wing’s main force .

“Guild Leader, how high is your Skill Completion Rate?” Aqua Rose asked curiously .

She knew full well that Shi Feng’s Skill Completion Rate was very high . However, her Skill Completion Rate was not low, either . After a period of arduous training, she had managed to maintain it between 83% to 85% . Throughout White River City, this Completion Rate was definitely considered top-tier . As for Fire Dance and Violet Cloud, they maintained a stable 85% .

“Ninety-five percent . ” Shi Feng stated straightforwardly .

“Ninety-five percent?!” Everyone inhaled sharply Everyone inhaled sharply .

After the third evolution of God’s Domain, all players had discovered the importance of Skill Completion Rate . Hence, they had all begun to train in order to improve . However, even raising it by 1% was extremely difficult . It was especially true after reaching the 80% threshold .

Yet, Shi Feng had actually reached 95%, which was 10% higher than Fire Dance, the most powerful player in Zero Wing’s main force .

They all understood that at 85% Completion Rate, one would display 100% of a Skill’s effect . Meanwhile, every increment of 1% afterward would increase the effect significantly . It was simply inconceivable how high the Skill’s effect would be at 95% Completion Rate .

Originally, none of them had any idea of Shi Feng’s strength . Now, however, they fully understood just how powerful their Guild Leader was .

Ninety-five percent? Fire Dance was similarly shocked . Looking at Shi Feng, she inwardly swore, I will reach 95% as well!

“Is this the Guild Leader’s strength?” Shadow Sword’s eyes glowed . This was the first time he felt that his decision to join Zero Wing had been the right one .

In truth, Shadow Sword wasn’t the only one who had such thoughts . Every team member was suddenly enthusiastic, thinking the same thing .

For a time, everyone’s reverence and admiration towards Shi Feng rose to a whole new level . They all dreamed of the day when they would reach Shi Feng’s standard .

Time quickly passed . Due to Shi Feng’s stimulation, everyone became even more serious about experimenting to increase their Skill Completion Rates . The Bluefire Crow King’s HP continuously decreased .

98% . . . 96% . . . 90% . . .

In just a few short minutes, the Crow King’s HP dropped to 70% .

Releasing an angry cry, the Bluefire Crow King soared into the air .

“Everyone, take caution! The Boss has entered its third phase!” Shi Feng warned .


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