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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 623


Chapter 623: 623

Chapter 623 - Tier 2 Strengthening

Looking at Shi Feng, who was brimming with confidence, everyone’s heavy hearts grew lighter .

Although the Great Lord ranked Bluefire Crow King was powerful, they still had a fighting chance against it .

After all, Dungeons were meant to be raided by players . They just had not figured out a proper raiding strategy yet .

In the next moment, Shi Feng retrieved the Bible of Darkness from his bag and began to chant the incantation recorded within .

“Emerge, Demon Gate!”

With Shi Feng’s light shout, the dark mist in the sky congregated to form a pair of dark gray gates . However, unlike the Demon Gate Sharlyn had summoned, Shi Feng’s was far weaker . Not only was the size of the Demon Gate much smaller, but the aura it radiated was also ordinary . It lacked the ability to instill fear in others .

Although the Demon Gate he summoned was significantly smaller, Shi Feng did not particularly mind it . However, to Fire Dance and the others, who were seeing these gates for the first time, their expressions grew serious as their gazes locked onto the Demon Gate .

As the Demon Gates slowly opened, everyone felt a sense of panic .

A moment later, a purple Demon, double the height of an average player, stepped out from the Demon Gate .

When this purple Evil Spirit swept its eyes across the crowd before it, Fire Dance and the others instinctively raised their weapons, expecting a fight .

“There is no need to worry . This is a Demon that I’ve summoned . ” Shi Feng waved his hand, signaling for the others to calm down . “It seems that my luck is quite good this time . It is actually a Heart Devourer, a Tier 2 Evil Spirit . ”

[Heart Devourer] (Evil Spirit)

Level 35

HP 1,200,000/1,200,000

A Tier 2 Evil Spirit was the equivalent of a Lord ranked monster . Although it did not possess as much HP as a Lord of the same Level, in terms of Skills and intelligence, it was superior . It would be a massive help in a Team Dungeon .

Although players could bring their Personal Guards to a Dungeon, Kite’s current Level was too high . Moreover, in the off chance that Kite died, it would be extremely troublesome to revive him . Most importantly, Personal Guards took up Dungeon slot . Hence, it was not worthwhile to bring a Personal Guard . However, Shi Feng would not have to worry about such matters if he summoned a Demon .

Moreover, every Demon possessed many Skills and was proficient in a specific field . Take the Heart Devourer for example . It was proficient as support . Not only was it capable of weakening its enemies, but it was also capable of enhancing its allies’ strength, which was why Shi Feng was satisfied with his luck .

“A Tier 2 Demon!” Aqua Rose stared at the Heart Devourer in shock .

There were plenty of Summoning Skills in God’s Domain . For example, the Summoner was a class that specialized in summoning creatures . However, even a Tier 1 Summoner would find it very difficult to summon a Tier 1 creature . The majority of the current Summoner players could only summon Tier 0 creatures to fight for them .

If Tier 1 Summoners already found it difficult to summon Tier 1 creatures, there was no need to mention Tier 2 creatures . That was practically a Lord ranked monster . The summoned creature would be able to move unhindered among the current players of God’s Domain . It could even display unimaginable strength in current Dungeons .

“Alright, everyone get into positions . Maintain a distance of 10 yards between each other . Fight the Bluefire Crow King as you would the Hard Mode Boss . ” Shi Feng immediately began to issue commands, not not wanting to waste any more time .

In the past, Shi Feng had raided the Hell Mode Ruins of the Crow God so often that he found it tiresome . Only, at that time, he had conquered the Dungeon by relying on level suppression . Every one of his team members had been above Level 40 . The equipment they wore had also been Secret-Silver rank or higher .

There were not many differences between the Hell Mode and Hard Mode Ruins of the Crow God . Only, the Basic Attributes and Skills of the monsters had been greatly enhanced . The Dungeon’s Bosses had not received any additional Skills, and no new traps had been added into the Dungeon . The Ruins of the Crow God could be considered to be a large-scale Team Dungeon of intermediate difficulty .

“Heart Devourer, support spells!” Shi Feng commanded the Demon once everyone was in position .

Nodding, the Heart Devourer began drawing line after line of runes in the air with its sharp claws .

Tier 2 Spell, Iron Wall Reinforcement!

Tier 2 Spell, Blood Radiance!

Tier 2 Spell, Magic Power Increase!

Tier 2 Spell, Mad Cow’s Power!

The Heart Devourer’s Tier 2 Spells significantly increased the strength of the entire team . It was especially true for Cola’s Defense and HP . Not only had his Defense doubled, but his HP also increased by 60% . Cola’s HP was now over 16,000 . As for Ye Wumian, the second-ranking MT on the team, his HP was also close to reaching 15,000 .

Due to the significant increase in Defense, HP, and Strength, it was no longer possible for the Great Lord ranked Bluefire Crow King to kill them with a single hit .

“Damn, having Tier 2 Support Spells is just too awesome!” Blackie grew excited as he discovered that the magic damage he dealt and healing effects he received had increased by 20% . With this, the team’s damage and healing rose to a whole new whole new level .

Everyone finally understood why Shi Feng wanted to challenge Hell Mode . With the assistance of these Tier 2 Spells, it would be child’s play to fight the Hard Mode Bluefire Crow King .

“Attack!” Shi Feng shouted as he unsheathed the Abyssal Blade .

Cola and Ye Wumian immediately took the lead and charged towards the Great Lord .

When there was still a distance of 150 yards between the two MTs and the Bluefire Crow King, the Great Lord noticed Cola and Ye Wumian .


The Crow King’s cry echoed throughout the shrine . It flapped its wings, sending black feathers, which were as large as the players themselves, flying at the two MTs .

The densely packed feathers descended on the two MTs like raindrops, giving them no opportunity to dodge the attacks . Immediately, Cola and Ye Wumian both raised their Shields to defend against the attacks .

“These feathers deal a lot of damage!” Cola stated, aghast .

In Hard Mode, the Crow King’s feather attack only dealt around -200 to -300 damage per feather . However, due to the high number of feathers, Cola would receive more than -1,000 damage per second, so the overall damage was relatively high . However, the Great Lord ranked Bluefire Crow King’s feathers each dealt nearly -400 damage, and this was after his Defense had doubled .

If he did not have the assistance of the Heart Devourer’s Tier 2 Spells, he would most likely have received around -800 damage from each feather .

When Cola and Ye Wumian were still 50 yards from the Bluefire Crow King, the Great Lord halted its Feather Attack . It then condensed a ball of blue fire in its mouth, launching it at the Guardian Knight Cola and the Shield Warrior Ye Wumian .

Cola and Ye Wumian had long since familiarized themselves with dodging these flames . Immediately, they both threw themselves to the ground, dodging the blue flames and taking the opportunity to charge opportunity to charge at the Great Lord .

Shield Bash!

-1,042 .

Violent Strike!

-895 .

Cola and Ye Wumian sucked in a mouthful of cold air .

“Crap! Why is its Defense so strong?!” Cola’s eyes widened in shock when he saw the damage he had caused .

After being strengthened by Mad Cow’s Power, his Strength increased by 15% . His damage should have significantly increased as well . If he were facing the High Lord ranked Bluefire Crow King, his damage would have easily surpassed -1,500 points, yet, now, his attack had only dealt slightly over -1,000 damage .

While Cola was still in a daze, the Bluefire Crow King flapped its wings and slapped them at Cola . Reacting quickly, Cola raised his shield to protect himself .


The impact drove Cola knee-deep into the ground . A damage of over -4,000 appeared above his head .

“Why is the Great Lord ranked Crow King so powerful?!”

Every member of the team was stunned by this scene . If Cola had received the Crow King’s attack with his body rather than his shield, he would have most likely died . Moreover, if he had not received the buff to his Defense, he would have received over -8,000 damage, even if he had blocked the attack with his shield…

Shi Feng was not surprised .

Without the assistance of Tier 2 Support Spells, Cola would have had to activate the Power of Darkness to withstand the Great Lord’s attacks . Otherwise, the Boss would kill him very easily .

However, due to the Heart Devourer, this battle became a lot easier .

“Your turn!” Shi Feng commanded the Heart Devourer once more .

Having prepared for this moment, the Heart Devourer pointed its finger at the sky .

Suddenly, a 7-star magic array appeared on the Bluefire Crow King’s body .

Tier 2 Spell, Judgment of the Seven Stars!

Immediately, the Bluefire Crow King released a pained cry .


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