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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 618


Chapter 618: 618

Chapter 618 - Target: Tier 2

“Repair the Bible of Darkness?” Shi Feng laughed bitterly .

In God’s Domain, some Fragmented Legendary items could be repaired to their peak conditions, which was Legendary rank .

However, very few Fragmented Legendary items could actually be repaired . Otherwise, Legendary items wouldn’t have been so rare in the past .

In the case of the Fragmented Legendary ranked Heavenly Dragon’s Breath, the ring’s description clearly expressed how it could be repaired . In the case of the Bible of Darkness, however, the description only provided a vague clue . How was he supposed to repair it?

“Of course, it won’t be easy to repair the Bible of Darkness . With your current strength, you can’t repair it at all . Fortunately, you have only removed one seal on Moloch’s Ring thus far . You still have enough time to prepare,” Sharlyn said slowly after perceiving the current state of Moloch’s Ring with her magic .

“Lady Sharlyn, how long do I have?” Shi Feng asked rather anxiously .

“That depends on you . ” Sharlyn smiled as she glanced at Shi Feng .

“Me?” Shi Feng was stunned .

“That’s right . The stronger you are, the more time Moloch’s Ring will need to accumulate enough power to devour you . Based on your current level, you have roughly fifty to sixty days . It would be the best if you reach Tier 2 within fifty days . If you can do so, Moloch’s Ring will require far more power to devour you . Of course, there is a catch .

“If you continue releasing the seals on the ring, the speed at which the ring accumulates power will grow . Hence, the deadline depends on you . ”

Hearing Sharlyn’s explination, Shi Feng immediately came to a realization .

In the past, the first top-tier expert to have been promoted to a Tier 2 class appeared three months after God’s Domain launched .

However, Shi Feng was a Blade Saint . He required twice as much EXP as ordinary classes to level up . Although he was a reincarnator, it would still be somewhat difficult for him to become a Tier 2 class within 50 days . The issue wasn’t leveling speed, but that the Advancement Quest was too challenging and time-consuming . Hence, in the past, even top-tier experts had only obtained their Tier 2 classes three months after the game launched .

The Advancement Quest for hidden classes were far more difficult, and the time required to complete them was much longer . If he had to complete his Advancement Quest within 50 days, he really didn’t have much confidence of succeeding . If he had 60 days instead, then he would have significantly more confidence . Yet, the deadline Sharlyn had given him ranged between 50 and 60 days . Who knew how much time he actually had?

Because of how specific Sharlyn was, Shi Feng even began to wonder if the Main God System set such a deadline purposefully .

“You are already very lucky . If you had not acquired the Bible of Darkness, Moloch’s Ring would not have required so much time to devour you . However, with your current strength, you have no chance of repairing the Bible of Darkness . Look for me again once you are promoted to Tier 2 . ” Sharlyn waved her hand lightly . The Bible of Darkness then floated to and hovered before Shi Feng . “Oh, right . Don’t forget about the task I gave you . ”

Finished speaking, Sharlyn vanished . There was no trace of her throughout the Star-Moon Hall .

“This is… Will Projection!” Shi Feng stated, shocked when he saw Sharlyn disappear .

Will Projection was not a profound Skill or something similar . It was an ordinary Tier 4 Skill . In the past, many Tier 4 magical class players had known how to use the Skill . However, the doppelganger summoned through Will Projection only possessed a small portion of the original’s strength . The doppelganger could not be used as a fighting force . It was a Skill normally used for probing and reconnaissance . Yet, it had not been Sharlyn who had summoned a Demon Gate and suppressed a Tier 4 Great Demon with a Tier 5 Curse, but her doppelganger . Sharlyn had easily completed these feats by relying on a weakened copy . In terms of strength, she definitely stood at the very top among Tier 5 NPCs .

When Shi Feng recovered recovered from his shock, he discovered that the Bible of Darkness had undergone some changes .

[Bible of Darkness] (Fragmented Legendary Item)

The Bible of Darkness had been destroyed during the Great Destruction . However, the Power of Darkness contained within the Bible is extreme . If one can gather the other fragments, they can restore the Bible’s power, gaining dominance over all Demonic Creatures and become the Lord of Demons .

Skill 1:

Demon Summoning: Summons the Demon Gate with the Power of Darkness, calling forth a random Demon that is no higher than 1 Tier and 10 Levels than the summoner (Maximum Tier cannot exceed Tier 5) . The holder of the Bible of Darkness can command the summoned Demon for up to five hours .

Cooldown: 3 hours

Skill 2:

Gate of Darkness: Allows teleportation to the Dark Den . Can also be used in the Dark Den to teleport to the outside world . Can teleport a maximum of five people at a single time .

Cooldown: 1 day

Skill 3:

Light of Darkness: Strengthen a player with the Power of Darkness, allowing said player to wield the Power of Darkness . Can strengthen up to a maximum of 600 people . Every player strengthened provides one Source of Darkness to the wielder of the Bible of Darkness .

Skill 4:

Power of Darkness: Fill your body with the Power of Darkness, increasing all Attributes by 60%, decreasing Cooldown of all Skills by 30%, and increase damage by 50% . Duration will be equal to the number of Source of Darkness*1 second . (Power of Darkness cannot stack . Can only strengthen players up to a maximum of Tier 5 classes)

Cooldown: 6 hours

“So, that’s the case . It’s no wonder Fantasy Extinguisher had stopped using the Bible of Darkness Replica after reaching Tier 4 . ” Shi Feng was overjoyed after seeing the Bible of Darkness’s Attributes .

In the past, there had been two reasons why Fantasy Extinguisher was able to become a tyrant among Tier 3 classes . One was his reliance on the Demon he summoned, and the other was the Power of Darkness . However, the Demons Fantasy Extinguisher could summon had only been as strong as their summoner, possessing the same the same Tier . Moreover, he could only summon a maximum of one Demon at a time . Even so, it had been quite impressive . After all, a Demon of the same Tier was a lot more powerful than a monster of the same Tier . Although it still could not compare to a Fine-Gold ranked Personal Guard, Demons that died could be resummoned . On the other hand, if a player’s Personal Guard died, they would have to go through a lot of trouble to resurrect said guard .

However, the Bible of Darkness replica Fantasy Extinguisher had obtained most likely could only be used up to Tier 3 . On the other hand, the real article in Shi Feng’s hand could be used up to Tier 5 . The gap between the real and the fake was massive . The most frightening aspect of the real Bible of Darkness was the fact that it was capable of summoning a Demon that was one rank higher than the summoner . Shi Feng was currently Tier 1, so he could summon a Tier 2 Demon . When he reached Tier 2, he would be able to summon a Tier 3 Demon . With this, who could possibly challenge him?

The only unfortunate thing was that the skill summoned a random Demon . There was no guarantee that he would summon a Demon of a higher Tier .

Meanwhile, Power of Darkness was a Berserk Skill that was famous throughout God’s Domain . Although the Skill did not increase one’s Attributes much, its duration was extremely long . It was at least two or three times longer than ordinary Berserker Skills . Moreover, there were no side effects .

“Fantasy Extinguisher’s Power of Darkness lasted six minutes, while mine can last up to ten minutes . Even the number of people I can buff has increased to 600 . ” Shi Feng’s heart burned with passion when he thought of forming his own Black Demon Legion .

A Black Demon Legion with a total of 600 members . . . . As long as the members of the Black Demon Legion were around the same Level, they could definitely go on a crusade against a town controlled by the forces of darkness, capturing it and capturing it and constructing their own Guild Town .

Shi Feng then stored the Bible of Darkness .

The Bible of Darkness was not equipment . It could take effect even from inside a bag . Hence, it was extremely difficult for others to plunder it .

Now that Shi Feng had the Bible of Darkness, he would not waste any more time . He immediately departed from the Library and headed towards Zero Wing’s Residence by way of horse carriage .

On his way, Shi Feng contacted Aqua Rose .

“Aqua, have the members of the main force gather at the Residence,” Shi Feng said .

“Guild Leader, the main force is currently raiding a Dungeon . Our efforts will go down the drain if we recall them now . Many Guilds in White River City have already reached the Final Boss . ” Aqua Rose did not understand Shi Feng’s intentions . Currently, the various large Guilds in White River City desperately vied for the First Clear of the 50-man Team Dungeon, Ruins of the Crow God . If they recalled Zero Wing’s main force right now, they would have wasted a lot of precious time .

“Relax;it won’t be a problem . ” Shi Feng was very familiar with the Final Boss in the Ruins of the Crow God . It will not be that easy to raid . Smiling, he said, “Moreover, I’m calling them back to help them clear the Dungeon . ”

“Guild Leader, are you serious?” Aqua Rose grew excited . To conquer the Ruins of the Crow God, the various large Guilds had tried every hand and exhausted every ounce of brainpower they had . They have never encountered such a difficult Dungeon Boss before . They were truly helpless against it . Everyone could only try to force their way through the Boss again and again . If they had a raiding strategy, then they would have a much easier time dominating the Dungeon .

“Of course . When have I ever lied to you?” Shi Feng laughed .

“Okay! I’ll notify them right away!” Aqua Rose’s eyes shone with renewed passion . After disconnecting her call with Shi Feng, she immediately notified Zero Wing’s main force .


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