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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 424


Chapter 424: Chapter 424 - Locked Dark-Gold Treasure Chest

Chapter 424 - Locked Dark-Gold Treasure Chest

The instant the Flame Guards broke out of the barrier, Shi Feng felt a wave of heat wash over him, the surrounding temperature rising rapidly .

This was the Flame Guards’ Flame Domain .

Any enemy within a 50-yard radius would receive a Burning DoT and lose 400 HP every three seconds .

Currently, Level 20 players only had around 2,600 to 2,700 HP on average, while plate armor classes only had around 3,000 . On top of that, most players didn’t have any Fire Resistance . Under the effects of the Flame Domain, most players would not last very long . Hence, compared to other Lords, the Flame Guards were far deadlier to the current players of God’s Domain .

Moreover, the Flame Guards had instantly shattered the powerful barrier that had hidden the cave . One could just imagine how powerful they were .

Even if Shi Feng activated Blade Liberation, he would not be a match for these Guards .

Faced with over a dozen Level 28 Berserk Lords, even as a Tier 1 Blade Saint, Shi Feng’s only option was to flee for his life .

Fortunately, the Flame Guards were not very fast, and with the dense stone forest hindering their movements, they were even slower . Moreover, the most frightening aspect of the Flame Guards, the Flame Domain, was ineffective against Shi Feng .

With 60 points of Fire Resistance, Shi Feng was not even slightly uncomfortable inside the Flame Domain . On the contrary, he felt warm and cozy .

Considering that the barrier had shattered, Shi Feng had an idea . Suddenly, he spun around . He then activated Defensive Blade and dashed towards the Flame Guards .


The dozen or so berserk Flame Guards roared as they watched the
ant charge at them . They raised their war hammers, ready to slam their weapons down on Shi Feng .

Shi Feng smiled faintly as he used Void Steps .

After having rested fully, Shi Feng suddenly felt that the burden on his spirit was much lighter when he used Void Steps than it had been . Moreover, Shi Feng had a sense of familiarity that he never felt before when using Void Steps;every movement felt natural .

Before the gigantic flame hammers could strike him, Shi Feng's figure suddenly vanished from sight .

When the Flame Guards lost their target, their flame hammers paused in midair as they scanned the area for Shi Feng .

After the dozen or so Lords searched for a moment, they still could not find any traces of their quarry . It was as if Shi Feng had never existed . Suddenly, the Flame Guards were at a loss .

By the time Shi Feng reappeared, he had already passed the Flame Guards’ blockade and was about ten yards from the Lords .

Such a long distance!

Shi Feng was shocked when he discovered that he could actually move more than ten yards while using Void Steps .

Previously, he had only been able to move around a distance of five to six yards before reappearing . Now, he could cross over ten yards before he was discovered . Right now, he had almost caught up with the top-tier experts who had reached minor completion of Void Steps in the past .

Before Shi Feng could rejoice about his improvement, the Flame Guards spat scorching flames from their mouths .

Like a tsunami, the fire blanketed the ground, devouring everything in its path as it swept towards Shi Feng .

However, although the flames moved swiftly, Shi Feng was not any slower . With the 150% Movement Speed increase Wind Rider Rider provided, Shi Feng had easily shaken off the inferno chasing him as he dove into the Final Cave .

Immediately after Shi Feng entered the cave, a notification sounded out from the system .

System: You have discovered the Final Cave .

The Final Cave’s interior was dark . However, the cave walls looked like the starry skies, softly illuminating the gloom . With
the weak starlight, Shi Feng could see up to fifty yards around him . If he encountered a monster, he could respond in time .

Meanwhile, inside the cave, the footprints that Shi Feng had previously lost track of had appeared once more . Shi Feng then gradually advanced while following Aqua Rose’s footprints . Along the way, the more Shi Feng observed the Final Cave, the more he realized that this cave was not as simple as it appeared .

Many mysterious runes and pictures were engraved onto the cave walls, and they gave off a similar feeling to the runes found in the Eternal Courtyard . They felt ancient and full of divine power .

Other than these runes, there were also many Earthen Puppets roaming inside the Final Cave . These Puppets were around the same size as a player . Though they were somewhat slow, their flesh consisted of stone
;their bodies were extremely tough . Ordinary weapons would only dull, and Durability would decrease if they struck these Earthen Puppets .

[Earthen Puppet] (Special Elite)

Level 27

HP 100,000/100,000

Although there were many Earthen Puppets, Shi Feng could easily outdistance them after activating Windwalk . Once he was a certain distance away, he would simply use Void Steps . As these Earthen Puppets lost their target, they discontinued their pursuit .

After Shi Feng had followed the tracks for over half an hour, he finally discovered his Guild members who were currently resting currently resting .

After not seeing each other for more than a day, everyone had leveled by at least one .
The lowest leveled player in the team was Level 23 . Blackie had even reached Level 26 . Their leveling speed was something to behold . On the contrary, Shi Feng had become the lowest leveled player on his team .

When everyone noticed Shi Feng’s arrival, their eyes widened in shock . It was as if they had seen a ghost .

“Guild Leader, how did you manage to get in here?” the Guardian Knight Cola asked, concerned .

They knew full well just how powerful those Earthen Puppets were . Not only did they have high Magic Resistance, but their Defense was also powerful . Their attacks were just as frightening . To kill just one, they had to spend a long time wearing it out . However, those Earthen Puppets respawned indefinitely . Sometimes, if they took too long to kill one another would respawn the moment it died .

Meanwhile, when those Earthen Puppets discovered an enemy, they would not rest until their target was dead . If they did not kill them, these puppets would overwhelm them .

They had spent over half a day to reach their current location, yet, Shi Feng had arrived so casually . Moreover, only two hours had passed since he had started to search for them…

“I ran here, of course,” Shi Feng laughed .

“Guild Leader, did you not encounter any Earthen Puppets?” Aqua Rose asked curiously as she stared at Shi Feng who did not appear exhausted in the slightest .

“I met them, but I managed to throw them off . ” Shi Feng smiled . “Alright, let’s not worry about that . Let’s leave . ”

“Guild Leader, we can’t leave,” Aqua Rose leave,” Aqua Rose said, shaking her head . “Previously, when Fire Dance scouted ahead, she discovered a locked Dark-Gold Treasure Chest not far from here . She is currently trying to unlock it, while we’re helping her fend off the patrolling puppets . ”

“A locked Dark-Gold Treasure Chest?” Shi Feng could not help his excitement upon hearing those words .

Shi Feng could count on one hand the number of Dark-Gold Treasure Chests he had encountered in the past . Countless Guilds would drool over a Dark-Gold Treasure Chest because there was a certain chance to obtain an Epic item .

Dark-Gold items were extremely rare in God’s Domain at the moment . As for Epic items, most players dared not even dream of owning one . Shi Feng had only obtained a few due to good luck . No other Guild had one .

“Let me have a look at it,” Shi Feng said as he walked over .

The Seven Luminaries Key Shi Feng had obtained from the God’s Grave allowed him to unlock up to three Dark-Gold Treasure Chests . He still had two uses left .

When he arrived at the Dark-Gold Treasure Chest, he noticed Fire Dance trying to unlock it . However, the difficulty of opening a Dark-Gold Treasure Chest was too high . Fire Dance’s Unlock skill level was not insignificant, and she had a very small chance of unlocking a Dark-Gold Treasure Chest . However, after trying over a hundred times, she had not succeeded .

“Let me try . ”

Shi Feng walked over and took out the Seven Luminaries Key, inserting it into the ancient magic lock .

In the next moment, a faint blue glow emerged from the Seven Luminaries Key and flowed into the lock . With a click, the chest unlocked .


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