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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 422


Chapter 422: Chapter 422 - Warfire Set Equipment

Chapter 422 - Warfire Set Equipment

“ . . . ”

Shi Feng was rendered speechless by the red-haired beauty .

If possible, he really wanted to say that he had not transmigrated, but had reincarnated instead .

“Are there players from other countries as well?” Shi Feng looked at the surrounding players . Confused, he asked, “The teleportation fees between countries are not cheap . With an elite player’s income, it is simply impossible to accumulate enough unless they sold a majority of their equipment . However, if they did so, why would they come to White Fog Canyon?”

Previously, Shi Feng had spent close to 300 Gold to teleport Aqua Rose and her hundred-plus subordinates to White River City . On average, each person had spent over 2 Gold .

Of course, this was a little higher than average because the Storm Empire where Aqua Rose and the others had originally resided was very far away . However, even if a player came from the Black Dragon Empire, they would need to pay around 1 Gold 40 Silver to reach White River City . Only those powerful players might be able to afford such a fee . As for the party of independent players before him, even if they emptied their pockets, at most, they would have 20 to 30 Silvers .

Accommodations, food, potions, repairs, and such things required a lot of money, so it was not possible for players to save too much .

Yet, among the crowd of players in White Fog Canyon, many had traveled across countries to visit . This was simply madness .

“You came to White Fog Canyon without even knowing this?” T
he red-haired beauty’s eyes widened, looking at Shi Feng as if he were a fool .

Suddenly, Shi Feng was momentarily stunned as he thought of a possibility .

Don’t tell me they’ve already discovered the secret of the Starfire Ore? Shi Feng’s chest tightened . He then shook his head, denying his thoughts . No . Even if the secret of the Starfire Ore had been discovered, there had not been this many players traveling to White Fog Canyon from other countries in the past .

Although Starfire Ore was quite valuable, it was not that easy to obtain in White Fog Canyon . The risks outweighed the benefits by far . Even in the past, not many players had risked themselves for the ore . On top of that, the levels of the current player population were much lower than in the past . With far greater risks, the canyon should not have attracted so many people .

Moreover, in the hands of others, Starfire Ore was not particularly valuable .

Each ore was only worth 1 Silver . Only by collecting 100 ore could one earn 1 Gold . However, with the level and tier of the current players, the difficulty of collecting 100 Starfire Ore was more difficult than clearing a 20-man Hard Mode Team Dungeon .

Shi Feng had considered Starfire Ore profitable because he had the Horizon Alliance, a Lifestyle Guild, working under him . There were even a large number of amazing forgers working for him . With the Starfire Ore, he could produce various high-level equipment and make a huge profit .

“Cloud, let’s stop wasting time with this brat . If this continues, the others will steal all the remaining Crimson-eyed Battle Monkeys . How are we supposed to make a profit then?” the Elementalist grumbled indignantly . “Don’t forget;we borrowed a lot of money to come here . If we waste any more time, our equipment will belong to someone else . ”

“You really do not know?” the red-haired beauty asked again again . However, seeing Shi Feng’s confused gaze, she didn’t think he was lying .

Previously, she thought Shi Feng belonged to another party when she saw him . However, after observing him for a while, she discovered that Shi Feng was alone . A Level 22 Assassin would find it very difficult to venture so far into the White Fog Canyon, much less a Swordsman . For this reason, she was optimistic about Shi Feng’s strength .

If their party had another strong player, they could explore further into the canyon . At that time, they would have fewer competitors, and their opportunity to make a fortune would grow .

“I really do not know . I haven’t logged into the game for over a day now . What exactly happened while I was gone?” Shi Feng spoke truthfully, a bitter smile on his face .

“So that’s why . However, you really are amazing . Despite not logging into the game for over a day, you are still Level 22,” the red-haired beauty laughed . “I’ll tell you, then . One day ago, one of the monsters in White Fog Canyon dropped an amazing item, so we hurried over . We’ll make a fortune if we obtain that item . ”

n amazing item? Making a fortune?” Shi Feng searched his memories . Soon, he laughed and said, “Might you be talking about the Warfire Set Equipment?”

“That’s right! It’s the Warfire Set Equipment!” The red-haired beauty nodded . Immediately, she rolled her eyes at Shi Feng, saying, “So, you do know about it!”

“I was just wondering if you had some other method to earn money,” Shi Feng apologized . “However, the drop-rate of the Warfire Set Equipment is extremely low . Also, even if one did drop, it would not be sufficient to cover your travel expenses . expenses . ”

The Warfire Set Equipment was unique to White Fog Canyon, and any player could equip it . If a magical class wore it, the set would generate Attributes suitable to magical classes;if a physical damage-dealing class wore it, the set would generate Attributes suitable to physical damage-dealers . If a tank class wore it, the set would similarly generate Attributes suitable to tanks . Overall, the Warfire Set Equipment was very special .

In addition, the Warfire Set Equipment was evolvable . It started out as Bronze rank, and if one was willing to sacrifice a sufficient amount of EXP, they could evolve the set to Fine-Gold rank .

Meanwhile, the Warfire Set Equipment’s Level ranged from 20 to 30 . Similar to Epic items, it would level up according to the player’s level . The Attributes of the equipment would similarly improve .

A Level 30 Fine-Gold Set Equipment . . . To the core team of any Guild, equipment of such quality was extremely precious . It was incredibly hard to obtain even from a Dungeon . Not to mention, Dungeons had a Cooldown time, making it far more difficult to obtain a complete set . Hence, in the past, the Warfire Set Equipment had been highly sought after by the various Guilds .

As long as they sacrificed sufficient manpower, time, and EXP, they could obtain a Fine-Gold Set Equipment . The Warfire Set Equipment was the easiest Fine-Gold Set Equipment to obtain .

“What do you know?” the Elementalist said disdainfully . “Someone has already offered to purchase each set piece for 5 Gold Coins . If we collect all seven set pieces, that person is willing to pay 80 Gold . Moreover, this price was offered up ten hours ago . Now, it’s definitely higher than 80 Gold . ”

“Eighty Gold?” . ”

“Eighty Gold?” Shi Feng could not help but laugh .

If they could really farm the full Warfire Set Equipment, Shi Feng was willing to spend even 180 Gold .

Not to mention a Level 30 Fine-Gold Set Equipment, even the Fine-Gold ranked Arclight Shields Shi Feng previously made had sold for over 30 Gold Coins .

In the past, there were many players who had sought to make a fortune through grinding for the Warfire Set Equipment . However, the set’s drop-rate was abysmally low . Only when Guild Teams had spent a long time grinding did they barely manage to obtain a few sets .

“Look at how excited you are . We need to get the full set in order to get 80 Gold,” the red-haired beauty laughed .

“How about this;if you guys obtain any of the set pieces, I’ll buy them for 10 Gold each . ” Shi Feng decided that the red-haired beauty’s party was relatively powerful . If given a few days, they might obtain one or two set pieces .
It was not a bad idea to purchase the Warfire Set Equipment directly . Items such as a Fine-Gold Set Equipment were mainly used for raiding Dungeons . To an independent player, its usage was limited . “If you gather all seven pieces, I’ll buy the set for 180 Gold . ”

Hearing Shi Feng’s offer, the red-haired beauty’s party was stunned .

Shi Feng had so casually offered 180 Gold . It was not easy to obtain so many Gold Coins, even if one had the Credits to afford them . Not even the tycoon players could come up with so many Gold Coins at a moment’s notice . However, they had actually met such a player .

At this moment, all six had the same thought .

They’ve met a godlike tycoon!


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