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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 420


Chapter 420: Chapter 420 - Conditions for Cooperation

Chapter 420 - Conditions for Cooperation

Although Shi Feng wasn’t sure what had happened, he felt better than ever after leaving the virtual gaming cabin . Even his body felt relaxed .

Shi Feng exercised lightly, throwing a few dozen punches at the empty air in front of him . Every time he punched, he could faintly feel his fists piercing the air .

My body has become a lot more flexible . Even the speed of my punches has improved significantly . It seems that the best way to train is with moderation . Shi Feng could immediately tell his body’s current condition after his workout .

Previously, Shi Feng had trained relentlessly, constantly maintaining physical tension . Over time, he would become exhausted . Even when he drank Nutrient Fluids, the effect was limited and would never fully relieve his exhaustion .

over thirty hours of rest, he was completely relaxed . As a result, he could now display his true power .

Although his physique had not improved, h
e was now more flexible than before . This was something that Shi Feng had always wanted .

After sleeping for so long, I wonder if anything has happened in the White Fog Canyon . Hopefully, Aqua doesn’t risk the team and delve further into the canyon . After Shi Feng’s brief moment of joy, his mind suddenly drifted to the dangers in the White Fog Canyon, and he began to worry .

The White Fog Canyon consisted of two regions: the outer and inner region . The Battle Monkeys in the outer region were tolerable, and there were only a few traps and forbidden areas . However, after entering the inner region, not only were all the monsters there Level 25 and above, but the majority of the monsters were also Special Elites . The danger in the inner region was many times higher than the canyon’s edges .

only Zero Wing’s 500 members, even if they had a few dozen Tier 1 players in their midst, they would suffer terrible losses should they venture into the inner canyon .

Most of Zero Wing’s experts were
on the team of 500 . If they died, Zero Wing would suffer for it .

Worrying about the possibilities, Shi Feng hurriedly ordered takeout . At the same time, he also contacted the game store and purchased a large batch of Nutrient Solutions . He had nearly depleted the Nutrient Solution in his cabin, and although he could use the gaming cabin without it, the Nutrient Solution was meant to counter certain situations .

If he did not replenish the Solution, should he exceed his mental limit again, his body would not recover to its peak condition like it
had this time .

After a short rest, Shi Feng was ready to enter God’s Domain once more . Suddenly, however, his quantum watch rang .

Looking at the caller ID, Shi Feng discovered that it was Manager Xiao of Big Dipper Training Center .

“Why is he contacting me all of a sudden?”

Shi Feng recalled that, regarding the matter of cooperation with Big Dipper, Manager Xiao said he needed to discuss things further with his superiors
before making a decision .

In the end,
four days had passed since they spoke, Manager Xiao had not contacted him . Assuming that negotiations had failed, Shi Feng gave up on the notion of cooperating with Big Dipper . Beyond that, Shi Feng had been busy with his Legacy Trial, so he had forgotten about the matter entirely .

Only after seeing the caller ID did Shi Feng recall it .


Originally, Shi Feng had already
prepared to start his own training center . In any case, he had thirty million Credits from Gentle Snow, so he had the funds to start one on his own .

After a moment, he answered the call . However, upon seeing Manager Xiao’s appearance, he had to ask, “Manager Xiao, what’s wrong with you?”

In the image displayed by his quantum watch, Manager Xiao
looked exhausted . It looked as if the man had not slept for days . There were even dark circles beneath his eyes .

Manager Xiao was a martial artist, so his physique was far from
that of an ordinary person’s . He also had the benefit of the Nutrient Fluids . Even if Manager Xiao had stayed up for a few nights, he shouldn’t look this miserable .

“Hahaha! It’s nothing! It’s nothing!” Manager Xiao laughed . “Master Shi Feng,
regarding our previous discussion, I’ve reported the situation to my elder brother . My elder brother held a Director’s Meeting specifically for this purpose . In short, we agree to your conditions . However, we have a condition of our own . ”

“A condition?” Shi Feng chuckled before continuing, “What condition?”

Although Shi Feng was physically only 22 years old, he was mentally over 30 . He had experienced many negotiations before, so he could instantly tell that Manager Xiao was hiding something .

Currently, God’s Domain’s popularity
had exploded . An increasing number of people had become addicted to the battles in God’s Domain, and many had lost interest in the fights in real life . Naturally, this would affect locations such as training centers and dojos .

Based on Manager Xiao’s appearance, Shi Feng was sure of it .

Big Dipper Training Center’s business was declining rapidly, so much so that it that it had caused even those in power in Big Dipper to tremble . Hence, they needed
someone that could revitalize Big Dipper .

Although fighting competitions were becoming less popular, there was still a market for them . Only, other than possessing first-class facilities, Big Dipper
had nothing else to offer . Compared to the dojo commanded by Jin Hai City’s champion fighter, Chen Wu, Big Dipper Training Center was significantly inferior .

If they
had a martial arts master to lead the training center, helping them forge a name for themselves and acting as a combat instructor, they could save themselves from their current decline . After all, the combat techniques displayed in God’s Domain were mostly evolutions of the combat techniques found in real life .

We require Master Shi Feng to compete against a well-known fighter . As long as Master Shi Feng wins, we have no issues agreeing with all of the conditions you have previously stated,” Manager Xiao explained . “May I know your thoughts on this?”

Even a fool could tell that the big shots of Big Dipper wished to test Shi Feng’s strength and at the same time, increase Big Dipper’s reputation . Meanwhile, to garner fame for the training center, Shi Feng’s intended opponent would certainly be powerful .

“Fine, but I have another condition,” Shi Feng answered .

“Master Shi Feng, please don’t hold back,” Manager Xiao said excitedly upon hearing Shi Feng’s reply .

“If I win, I want five virtual gaming cabins and fifteen S-rank Nutrient Fluids . ”

Shi Feng coveted
the S-rank Nutrient Fluids . It was something that he could not buy even if he had the money . The virtual gaming cabins were similarly in high demand . Currently, Zero Wing’s Currently, Zero Wing’s Workshop was still in its development phase . If he wanted to improve the Workshop quickly, he needed a large number of experts . However, ordinary experts of God’s Domain would not do . He needed top-tier experts .

With the virtual gaming helmet’s 90% sync-rate, it was simply impossible to nurture a top-tier expert .

However, until this day, Zero Wing only had a measly five virtual gaming cabins . Ignoring the ones dedicated to himself, Fire Dance, and Blackie, there were only two cabins
available for the other core members of the Workshop .

If he could obtain another five virtual gaming cabins, although not every core member could have their personal cabin,
rotating use should suffice .

“This…” Manager Xiao
felt cornered upon hearing Shi Feng’s request .

Fifteen bottles of S-rank Nutrient Fluids . With Big Dipper’s connections, they could barely obtain s
o many . As for the five virtual gaming cabins, there were no problems on that end, either . However, these items together were worth around thirty million Credits . Even to a successful corporation like Big Dipper, this was not a small sum of money .

Normally, they could have afforded to agree to Shi Feng’s request . Now, however, Big Dipper’s business was not doing too well…

“No good?” Shi Feng
frowned slightly as he said, “If you can’t do it, I can only look elsewhere . ”

His demands were not particularly extravagant . After all, as long as he won the match, Big Dipper would double their profits . Moreover, thirty million Credits was spare change to Big Dipper . If they were unwilling to pay such a small price, Shi Feng might as well start his own training center .


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