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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 413


Chapter 413: Chapter 413 - White Fog Canyon

Chapter 413 - White Fog Canyon

As Shi Feng marked locations on the system map, more players continued to arrive at White Fog Canyon .

When Shi Feng had arrived, he had changed his appearance to Black Flame . As a result, he received an extraordinary amount of attention .

“Wow! Isn’t that Guild Leader Black Flame?”

“He’s so powerful! Just looking at him makes my heart pound! It would be great if I could become friends with him!”

“Why don’t you look in the mirror first? Guild Leader Black Flame is the number one expert in Star-Moon Kingdom . Meeting him alone is a rare chance, much less becoming friends with him . ”

“Sure enough, One-hit Asura is here as well . Things in the White Fog Canyon will be more interesting now . ”

“No duh . Overwhelming Smile’s influence in White River City continues to grow . If Zero Wing fails to achieve anything in the competition over White Fog Canyon, it will become the laughingstock of White River City . ”

“However, Overwhelming Smile has dispatched an impressive army of players . Look;even Overwhelming Smile’s Branch Leader, Lone Tyrant, has shown up . A huge war is going to break out over the canyon . I hurried here specifically to watch this war unfold . ”

Upon seeing Shi Feng, many players began to discuss Zero Wing and Overwhelming Smile .

Currently, the atmosphere surrounding White River City grew increasingly tense with each passing day . Despite Overwhelming Smile’s clear attempts to suppress Zero Wing,
it had not acted directly . Thus far, it had only employed various plots to poach the members of Zero Wing . It was as if Overwhelming Smile was dead set on stealing every single member from Zero Wing . Meanwhile, Shi Feng’s Guild showed no signs of taking action . The Guild had only declared that all members who withdrew from Zero Wing were permanently barred from joining the Guild again in the future . At the same time, Zero Wing also lowered their recruitment criteria .

Both sides appeared strangely calm
as they maintained a delicate balance . No one knew what these Guilds were thinking .

There was a faint feeling of a storm brewing
behind the scenes .

Now that these Guilds had gathered in the White Fog Canyon, they were both on high-alert for each other .

When Lone Tyrant saw Shi Feng, his eyes turned bloodshot as killing intent radiated from his body . He glared at Shi Feng as if the man was his greatest enemy .

Any expert could feel Lone Tyrant’s killing intent . Naturally, Shi Feng was no exception .

“Guild Leader, it seems that Lone Tyrant’s hatred for you is quite intense . Despite the fact that you’ve killed him several times, he refuses to learn his lesson,” Aqua Rose giggled .

“He can only act this rampant because he has Overwhelming Smile backing him . Why don’t we head over and kill him again? We can use this chance to massacre Overwhelming Smile and relieve some stress,” Blackie snarled .

Fire Dance stepped forward and said, “I alone will be enough to kill him . ”

Shi Feng, who had busied himself with the system map all this time, simply smiled and said, “Ignore him . We have more important matters to tend to . Fire Dance, you, especially, have much to do . ”

Shi Feng thought little of Lone Tyrant . The one Shi Feng was truly worried about was the Overwhelming Smile branch based in Maple City and the several surrounding cities controlled by Underworld .

At this moment, a graceful and quiet woman standing beside Lone Tyrant softly reminded him, “Brother Tyrant, Tyrant, we have not come here to wage war with Zero Wing . Don’t forget our goal . ”

Listening to this woman’s words, Lone Tyrant shot Shi Feng a glare before turning to enter the White Fog Canyon .

The graceful woman then looked at Shi Feng and the others, sending them a faint smile before she followed after Lone Tyrant and led the army of over 6,000 players into the White Fog Canyon .

I remember seeing that woman the last time I killed South Wolf . I think she was called Youlan? For Lone Tyrant act so subserviently, it seems that her status is quite high . Naturally, Shi Feng noticed the woman who had smiled at them, uncertainty filling his gaze .

Shi Feng had only paid attention to Youlan because of his intuition . He could feel an indescribable sense of danger from the woman .

Yet, after using Omniscient Eyes to inspect Youlan, Shi Feng discovered that the woman was merely a Level 24 Tier 0 Summoner . There was nothing special about her at all . Shi Feng began to doubt his intuition .

After Overwhelming Smile entered the canyon, the other Guilds promptly followed . Only Shi Feng and the others lingered at the entrance .

“Guild Leader, Overwhelming Smile, Emperor’s Light, and Assassin’s Alliance have already entered . Are we not going in yet?” Aqua Rose asked as she watched Guild after Guild enter the White Fog Canyon .

“In a moment . I’ll be done soon,” Shi Feng leisurely responded .

White Fog Canyon was a Level 20 to Level 30 grinding area . Or rather, it had been originally . However, after the meteorite shower, the monsters inside had gone Berserk and had become far more difficult to deal with . At the very least, the White Fog Canyon Fog Canyon was no longer suitable for ordinary players around Level 20 .

When in a Berserk state, monsters’ damage and Attack Speed would increase by a minimum of 30% . With this increase, a Common monster would possess the combat power of an Elite monster and so on .

However, this was only the beginning .

As time passed, the monsters within White Fog Canyon would also grow stronger and more numerous . Soon, even the weakest monsters inside the canyon would become Elites, while a majority of the monsters would be Special Elites . There would also be quite a number of Chieftains and Lords .

Moreover, all these monsters would have also entered a Berserk state…

Just thinking about this gave one
goosebumps .

Based on how long it had been since the meteorite shower, Shi Feng could say with certainty that there were no longer any Common monsters inside White Fog Canyon . At the very minimum, the monsters inside the canyon would be Elites . Moreover, the monsters would move in groups and respawn very quickly . There would also be many danger spots inside the canyon .

Meanwhile, the core area of the White Fog Canyon spoke for itself . The results of rushing in unprepared were obvious .

Currently, the baseline for entering White Fog Canyon was Level 20 Tier 1 or around Level 30 Tier 0 .

Although players could improve their chances by going in with larger numbers, this canyon was still significantly dangerous .

Therefore, Shi Feng had sketched out a new map of the White Fog Canyon based on his memories of the past . On the new map, he had made sure to indicate locations that they needed to avoid . He had also marked a few mining spots and danger spots .

Although it was a time-consuming task, a time-consuming task, this new map
would undeniably reduce the losses his Guild members suffered .

The minutes crawled by .

While Shi Feng was busy trying to recall the White Fog Canyon, over a dozen minutes had passed since the crowd of independent players and Guilds
had entered White Fog Canyon .

Suddenly, the members of Zero Wing, who had waited silently at the canyon’s entrance, noticed many players exiting the canyon . These players looked pitiful . They left in parties of twos and threes;not a single complete party passed the watching Zero Wing players .

Unable to contain his curiosity, Blackie walked over and asked, “What happened to you guys? It’s only been around 10 minutes since you went in . How did you guys end up in such sorry states so quickly?”

These players had relatively powerful equipment . They were fully geared in Bronze Equipment at the very minimum . Logically, a party of such caliber should not have any issues dealing with a Level 22 or 23 Special Elite . Yet, all of these parties had lost at least half of their members…

“What do you know? The monsters inside White Fog Canyon are all Berserk Elites . Even our Level 21 Shield Warrior could only take a dozen hits at most . Facing one was hard enough . Yet, for some reason, the monsters in there move in
groups of three at least . They also have a massive aggro range, so they are easy to pull . Many had party-wiped, and we only managed to escape after much difficulty . We’ve decided to level elsewhere until we hit Level 25 at least . ,” a Level 21 veteran player replied, sighing . At this moment, his heart still trembled when he thought back to those groups of Elite monsters .


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