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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 411


Chapter 411: Chapter 411 - Victory and Defeat

Chapter 411 - Victory and Defeat

Violet Cloud’s easy victory had rendered everyone speechless .

Nimble Snake, one of the Twelve Apostles of Ouroboros, had been effortlessly manipulated, so much so that he failed to inflict even a single point of damage to a Cleric . If this matter reached the public, nobody would believe it .

“We won?”

Although Zhao Yueru had prayed that Violet Cloud could win, she had not expected that the girl could so easily .

However, Violet Cloud’s skills were peculiar .

It was especially true for her final skill . It had complemented Black Coffin perfectly, allowing the skill to display its full potential .

Violet Cloud’s and Ye Feng’s combat styles were clearly different .

Violet Cloud had not used any stunning attacks like Shi Feng . Instead, she utilized her skills to their very limits . From beginning to end, Nimble Snake had no chance to employ his advantage of techniques . Violet Cloud practically had him in the palm of her hand this entire match .

Regarding combat techniques, Zhao Yueru did not think that Violet Cloud was much stronger herself . Unlike Ye Feng and War Wolf, Violet Cloud’s techniques were not at an unreachable level . Only, the skills Violet Cloud possessed were simply too powerful . Despite Nimble Snake’s techniques being far superior, he still lost in the end .

“Ye Feng, is she really a Cleric?” Although Gentle Snow rejoiced, she was also incredibly curious . She refused to believe that a Cleric could possess such powerful skills . Moreover, from the looks of it, Violet Cloud’s Basic Attributes were significantly higher than Zhao Yueru’s .

“Yes and no,” Shi Feng said, smiling . He could guess what was going through Gentle Snow’s mind right now .

“What do you mean?” Zhao Yueru piped in .

“Violet has already class-changed from a Tier 0 Cleric to the Tier 1 hidden class, Astromancer . Not only does she possess the inherent skills of a Cleric, but she also possesses the skills of an Astromancer,” Shi Feng explained slowly . “Meanwhile, she defeated Nimble Snake just now using the Tier 1 Legacy Skills of an Astromancer . As for the might of those skills, you’ve seen them for yourselves . ”

“Tier 1 class? You’re saying that Violet has already obtained her Tier 1 class?” Zhao Yueru’s little mouth gaped, her eyes filled with disbelief as she looked at the girl smiling happily beside Shi Feng .

Tier 1 class!

This was a completely unknown concept to God’s Domain’s current players . Though, as an expert, she knew that a Tier 1 class was stronger than a Tier 0 class . However, the Class Change Quest was cumbersome . Not only would it be time-consuming, but the quest also quite difficult . As a result, she had chosen to focus on her level first .

However, she never imagined that there would be such a huge gap between a Tier 0 and a Tier 1 class .

“So this is the gap between a Tier 0 player and a Tier 1 player?” When Zhao Yueru thought back to how effortlessly Violet Cloud had defeated Nimble Snake, her heart was suddenly eager to challenge her Class Change Quest .

Meanwhile, after listening to Shi Feng’s explanation, Gentle Snow had also come to a realization .

It was no wonder the two of them were only Level 22 . It turned out that they had taken the time to complete their Class Change Quest .

Zero Wing is indeed filled with crouching tigers and hidden dragons . Gentle Snow inwardly sighed as she looked at Violet Cloud . It seems that Ouroboros needs to to challenge the Class Change Quests as well .

A Tier 1 class was actually so powerful . If Zero Wing had a large number of Tier 1 players …

Could Zero Wing even find a Dungeon they could not raid?

With such strength, leveling up would also be much easier .

In comparison, they had only been wasting their time and efforts by leveling up and raiding Dungeons .

At this time, the five matches of the competition had come to a close . Naturally, Gentle Snow was the overall winner . As for Cao Chenghua, the loser, at this moment, his eyes were bloodshot . He glared at Nimble Snake as thoughts of strangling the assassin filtered through his mind .

Despite all of his calculations and machinations, he had never expected that the two outsiders Gentle Snow had invited would be so powerful .

However, his thoughts were meaningless now because the Main God System had already begun enforcing the conditions of the contract . Cao Chenghua’s body began to slowly fade out of existence as the Main God System expelled him from God’s Domain permanently .

Just like that, the Acting Guild Leader of Ouroboros, a relatively influential character in the virtual gaming world, could not log into God’s Domain ever again .

Without Cao Chenghua supporting them, Blackhearted Arrow and the recently resurrected Nimble Snake were at a loss .

From now on, Gentle Snow would be the Guild Leader of Ouroboros . It would be a piece of cake for her to deal with them .

Regret turned Nimble Snake’s stomach .

Originally, he thought his future would be set if he followed Cao Chenghua . Yet, now…

Just as Nimble Snake and Blackhearted Arrow began to panic, War Wolf, the outsider invited by Cao Chenghua, stood and walked up to Gentle Snow .

“Miss Snow, we meet again,” War Wolf War Wolf greeted, a faint smile on his face .

“Do you have any business with me?” Gentle Snow asked, somewhat surprised .

In the past, War Wolf had felt only disdain towards Guild players like her, refusing to even speak with her . Now, however, he had actually initiated a conversation . It was beyond unusual .

Even Shi Feng was curious as to what War Wolf had to say .

“I only wish to congratulate Miss Snow for becoming the Guild Leader of Ouroboros,” War Wolf spoke softly .

“Thank you,” Gentle Snow answered politely .

In regards to the man named War Wolf, Gentle Snow could not see through him in the least . Moreover, the Shield Warrior gave her a sense of extreme danger, and she was quite uncomfortable .

Following which, War Wolf shifted his gaze to Shi Feng, saying, “I truly did not expect to meet a fellow martial arts practitioner here . Although I wish to exchange a few moves with you, unfortunately, I am only a Tier 0 class right now . I can only seek you out once I receive my Tier 1 promotion .

“However, before I leave, I have something I need to say to Brother Ye Feng . It is best if you leave Zero Wing quickly and look for a better Guild to develop yourself . ”

“Brother War Wolf, what are you trying to say?”

Shi Feng did not think that War Wolf was someone who would speak nonsense .

“This… It could be dangerous for me to go into detail, but recently, Zero Wing
has attracted too much attention in God’s Domain . Some people can no longer sit by and have begun to take action . ”

“Are you referring to Underworld?”

“No . Even I get a headache just thinking about dealing with those people . If you can hide from them, hide from them, then hide . In the off chance that Zero Wing provokes them, the consequences would be unimaginable . ”

War Wolf simply smiled and shook his head before departing from the room .

Watching War Wolf’s departing figure, Shi Feng grew confused .
He could not figure out who else had targeted Zero Wing . Even an expert like War Wolf feared of them .

“Forget it . There is no point overthinking things . Let’s just take things as they come . ”

Since he could not figure it out, Shi Feng no longer bothered thinking about it .

Why worry about trouble that might not even come?

After War Wolf’s departure, Gentle Snow had immediately expelled Nimble Snake and Blackhearted Arrow from Ouroboros .

Although the two of them were experts, who knew what sort of schemes they would concoct in the future? It was especially true for a sly and treacherous bastard like Nimble Snake .

Afterward, Gentle Snow gave both Shi Feng and Violet Cloud 30 million Credits each as remuneration for their help .

Violet Cloud was stupefied upon seeing the numbers in her virtual bank account .

This was her first time seeing such an astronomical sum of money .

Shi Feng, on the other hand, was rather pleased after receiving the money . With this, he would not have to worry about the Guild’s development funds for some time .

As Gentle Snow had just become Ouroboros’s Guild Leader, she still had a ton of things she needed to handle . Shi Feng and Violet Cloud did not linger either, and they left the Underground Arena .

Just as Shi Feng and Violet Cloud were about to return to White River City, the sound of his communicator ringing suddenly reached his ears .

“Brother Feng, I have bad news! Something big has happened!” Blackie announced .


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