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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 403


Chapter 403: Chapter 403 - Boiling Fury

Chapter 403 - Boiling Fury

Cao Chenghua’s team, who had fallen silent due to Gentle Snow’s display, suddenly smiled upon seeing the names for the third match .

Third match: Fierce Snake vs . War Wolf!

Fierce Snake was a Berserker, while War Wolf was a Shield Warrior . Regarding combat power, Berserkers held the advantage over Shield Warriors . However, Shield Warriors possessed high HP and Defense, as well as plenty of lifesaving skills, making them far more difficult to deal with than other classes .

In general, neither class had an edge over the other . Hence, the players’ techniques would determine the outcome of this third match .

Gentle Snow looked at the Shield Warrior who had remained silent and calm throughout the competition . Despite doing nothing, War Wolf exuded a faint pressure that made one unconsciously distance themselves from him .

No matter how Gentle Snow examined War Wolf, she could never mistake him for an ordinary expert . Even her core team’s MT, Ghost Chop, had admitted that he had only started playing a Shield Warrior because of this man . Furthermore, Cao Chenghua and the rest of his team treated War Wolf with great respect . This showed that War Wolf’s standards were top-tier, and he should not be any weaker than Nimble Snake .

Of the Twelve Apostles, Soaring Snake ranked first, Nimble Snake ranked third, and Fierce Snake ranked ninth . If Fierce Snake fought Nimble Snake, his chances of victory only hovered between 30% and 40% .

If War Wolf was stronger than Nimble Snake and was about equal to Soaring Snake, then Fierce Snake’s chances of victory were only around 20% to 30% .

However, War Wolf did not play a damage-dealing class;his attacks would not be very powerful . On the other hand, a Berserker also wore plate armor . Unlike leather and cloth armor classes, Berserkers would not die so easily . Knowing this, War Wolf was prepared to fight a battle of attrition and slowly exhaust Fierce Snake to death . After all, that was the Shield Warriors’ specialty .

“Fierce Snake, your opponent is not simple . Make sure you don’t cross swords with him for too long and give him any openings,” Gentle Snow whispered a reminder to Fierce Snake . She then took a gold-rimmed skill book from her bag, carefully handing it to Fierce Snake, saying, “Learn this skill . If you use it at a crucial moment, you might defeat him . ”

Fierce Snake’s heart pounded the moment he read the introduction of this skill book .

This skill book was an extremely rare burst skill for Berserkers, Boiling Fury . For a short time, the skill increased the player’s damage by 40%, Strength by 15%, and Attack Speed by 30% . Moreover, the less HP the player had, the faster their Attack Speed would become . To a Berserker, this skill book’s value far surpassed that of one or two Dark Gold Weapons .

“Big Sis Snow, Boiling Fury is too valuable . I can’t learn it,” Fierce Snake said, shaking his head .

“War Wolf will not be easy to deal with, and you know this . You don’t want me to lose, right?” Worried that a powerful enemy would appear, Gentle Snow had prepared for this competition . As the Underground Arena prohibited players from using any tools, the only way to raise a player’s combat power was to learn new and powerful skills . Boiling Fury was one such skill Gentle Snow had prepared . She also had another Advanced Skill for Nimble Snake . Unfortunately, that skill book would not come into play during during these matches .

Sitting a short distance away, Shi Feng was slightly surprised upon seeing the skill book Gentle Snow passed to Fierce Snake .

Gentle Snow had actually obtained such a super-rare skill book .

Boiling Fury would only drop from High Lords ranked Field Bosses, and its drop-rate was 2% . One needed immense luck in order to obtain it .

“I understand .

“I will not lose . ”

Fierce Snake nodded and chose to learn Boiling Fury . He then watched the thin War Wolf walk into the arena, his eyes blazing with fighting spirit .

Originally, he only had a 30% chance of defeating the Shield Warrior . Now that he had obtained Boiling Fury, he had a 70% certainty of coming out victorious .

Following which, Fierce Snake also entered the arena .

“Snow, you’re simply too amazing! I can’t believe you had something so powerful hidden! Fierce Snake will win for sure!” Zhao Yueru hugged Gentle Snow excitedly, her previous depressed mood scattering to the winds .

In response, Gentle Snow lightly tapped Zhao Yueru’s forehead and revealed a faint smile .

Meanwhile, inside the arena, the battle between Fierce Snake and War Wolf had begun .

“I’m interested to see just how powerful you are . ”

The moment the battle started, Fierce Snake lifted his silvery-gray battle axe and charged at War Wolf . When his axe descended, even the air roared . However, without even retrieving the shield and saber from his back, War Wolf simply took a step back and allowed the battle axe to brush past his body, slamming into the ground .

War Wolf immediately stomped down on the battle axe, the weapon becoming completely embedded into the ground . He then unsheathed the saber covered in
golden magic runes from his back and slashed at the Berserker’s neck, the weapon creating a beautiful arc . arc .

The entire process flowed like water, and everyone who witnessed it was amazed .

Before Fierce Snake could respond, a damage of -536 points appeared above his head .

Although War Wolf’s attack had not dealt a significant amount of damage to Fierce Snake, who had over 3,200 HP, this strike had dealt a heavy blow to the Berserker’s mentality .

Before he could even react, War Wolf’s attack struck him . In Fierce Snake’s memories, this had never happened in any of the PvP battles he had participated in before .

Seeing War Wolf’s saber slashing at him again, Fierce Snake hurriedly used Whirlwind Slash . At this moment, War Wolf lifted his shield, blocking Fierce Snake’s skill and taking a single step back .

Fierce Snake took advantage of his small victory to follow up with a series of attacks, using skill after skill to force War Wolf into a continuous retreat . Yet, to everyone’s surprise, Fierce Snake’s HP continued to decrease despite being on the offensive .

Every time Fierce Snake attacked, War Wolf would effortlessly block it with his shield and counterattack with his saber .

Fierce Snake had no idea what was happening . Although he had tried to dodge and block War Wolf’s counterattacks, the Shield Warrior’s saber would always somehow land a hit .

Even when War Wolf took the initiative to launch an attack, he couldn’t dodge or defend himself .

War Wolf’s saber would always disappear in mid-swing before suddenly appearing elsewhere . By the time War Wolf’s saber reappeared, it was too late for him to react . He could only watch as his HP fell, powerless to do anything about it .

“Damn . ”

Seeing that he had less than 1,000 HP remaining, Fierce Snake gritted his teeth and activated Boiling Fury .

At this point, if he hesitated to activate Boiling Fury, he Boiling Fury, he would die in a few moments .

However, even after activating Boiling Fury, Fierce Snake was no different than a baby swinging a large axe to War Wolf . This time, the Shield Warrior did not even bother to use his shield and relied on his reflexes to dodge every one of Fierce Snake’s attacks . It looked as if Fierce Snake’s axe actively avoided War Wolf as the weapon brushed past him, never hitting his body .

Fierce Snake nearly crumbled .

This scene dumbfounded both Gentle Snow and Zhao Yueru .

They were familiar with Fierce Snake’s strength . Yet, War Wolf could toy with him so effortlessly . Even Gentle Snow admitted that she was not capable of such a feat .

“Just who is he?” Gentle Snow could not believe her eyes . Cao Chenghua had actually found someone so impressive . Most likely, only Zero Wing’s Guild Leader, One-hit Asura Black Flame, could contend with such a powerful expert .

Inside the arena, War Wolf walked up to Fierce Snake, utterly relaxed . After swinging his saber twice, Fierce Snake’s body fell to the ground, reluctance and frustration filling his face .

Their strengths were on different levels entirely .

“Gentle Snow has definitely lost . The difference between our external player and hers is like heaven and earth . ”

“However, this is fate . Not everyone has the chance to connect with such an expert . ”

“If Cao Chenghua becomes the Guild Leader, he might be able to invite more experts into our Guild . This would benefit the Guild’s future development . ”

The Elders seated in the spectator stands expressed their admiration of War Wolf’s performance . They began to anticipate the future of the Guild . As for Gentle Snow, they no longer expected anything of her .


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