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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 402


Chapter 402: Chapter 402 - The Terrifying War Goddess

Chapter 402 - The Terrifying War Goddess

“What is Gentle Snow trying to do?”

Everyone in the spectator stands was baffled .

Even Zhao Yueru, who was very familiar with Gentle Snow, was dumbfounded by her friend’s actions .

Gentle Snow had thrown her blue greatsword the moment the battle started .

Any player who lost their main weapons was tantamount to a beast without its claws and fangs . Yet, Gentle Snow took the initiative to discard her main weapon in order to attack her enemy…?

Berserkers were not ranged fighters . Although the greatsword she threw possessed some power, its attack pattern was very straightforward . The greatsword was not very fast, so players could easily dodge it .

Meanwhile, if Gentle Snow lost her main weapon, she could not attack or defend . If she relied solely on a Berserker’s mobility and dodging capabilities, an expert Ranger like Blackhearted Arrow could defeat her effortlessly .

Zhao Yueru’s loss had already forced Gentle Snow to the edge of the cliff, and she could not afford carelessness in the second match . If Gentle Snow lost her match as well, their hopes of victory would be dashed .

“It seems that Zhao Yueru’s loss was quite a blow to Gentle Snow . ”

“Why is she acting so impulsively?”

Many of the Elders who silently supported Gentle Snow lamented at this sight .

Before this battle had even begun, the victor of both this match and this competition had been determined . If even Gentle Snow lost, the other members of her team didn’t have a prayer . The only person who had a chance at victory was Fierce Snake . However, Cao Chenghua still had Nimble Snake and Soaring Snake fighting for him . As for War Wolf, even Cao Chenghua treated the Shield Warrior respectfully . The man must be astonishingly powerful .

In the arena, Blackhearted Arrow discovered the blue greatsword soaring towards him . He grinned .

Gentle Snow, you’re seeking death;don’t blame me for being merciless .

Blackhearted Arrow immediately adjusted his footwork . Side-stepping, he twisted slightly . His movements were incredibly subtle, and his dodging techniques were reminiscent of a martial arts master . In the next moment, Gentle Snow’s Blue Sky flew past Blackhearted Arrow, missing his side by a few centimeters .

At this moment, Blackhearted Arrow revealed a savage expression . Whenever he had fought Gentle Snow in the past, the latter would always beat him into a pulp . Even today, he was not absolutely confident that he could triumph over the Snow Goddess . However, she had foolishly thrown her greatsword, assuming that he couldn’t dodge it . Now that she no longer had her main weapon, she could not deflect his rain of arrows .

Blackhearted Arrow retrieved the deep-blue longbow from his back and retrieved the precious Wind Breaking
Arrows from his bag . He then nocked the arrows, aimed at Gentle Snow, and drew his bow into a full moon .

Wind Breaking Arrows . There was also an additional Knockback effect when the arrow hit its target . Furthermore, the bow Blackhearted Arrow used, Blue Wings, had an effect that increased an arrow’s speed by an additional 15% .
Compiling both of these effects, even an agility-focused agility-focused Assassin would struggle to dodge his attacks . At most, they could use their weapons to deflect the arrows .

Previously, Blackhearted Arrow had tested the Wind Breaking Arrows with Nimble Snake . Within 20 yards, even with Nimble Snake’s skills and extremely fast reaction speed, he could only use his daggers to defend himself against the arrows . Hence, there was no way a low-Agility and unarmed Berserker could protect herself from them .

This was one of the reasons why Blackhearted Arrow was confident that he would defeat Gentle Snow .

Just as Blackhearted Arrow was about to fire three Wind Breaking Arrows at Gentle Snow, the Snow Goddess suddenly revealed a faint smile .

“Watch how I’ll get rid of…


Blackhearted Arrow suddenly felt a sharp pain in his back, and he plunged, face-first into the ground . A damage of -1,342 appeared above his head, his HP decreasing by almost half .

Blackhearted Arrow’s mind was blank as his body fell to the ground .

What happened?

Hadn’t he been the one attacking? How had he fallen?

There was even an additional Heavily Injured debuff on him now;his Movement Speed and Attack Speed had decreased by 20% for six seconds .

Moreover, by the time he looked up, the blue greatsword Gentle Snow had thrown had somehow returned to her, and the Berserker was charging at him .

Wasn’t that Death Throw? When did Gentle Snow learn it? Moreover, the skill’s level has actually reached Tier 1 . Is it an innate skill of her weapon? With his wealth of experience, Shi Feng had immediately discerned the skill Gentle Snow had used .

Death Throw was not a skill unique to unique to Berserkers .
Rather, it was a Special Skill with a two-staged attack .

Those unaware of this skill would simply think that Gentle Snow
had thrown her weapon . However, Death Throw basically made her weapon boomerang . Normally, after players dodged the first attack, they would launch a counterattack, failing to notice the second attack from behind . Moreover, Death Throw’s second attack contained far more speed and destructive power than the first . At Tier 0, Death Throw would inflict a Heavily Injured debuff upon hitting the target . It was even more powerful at Tier 1 . This two-staged attack fooled many players, and as a result, they would lose their lives .

Blackhearted Arrow knew that he was in
danger at the moment . However, Gentle Snow was still more than 10 yards from him . Hurriedly, he climbed up from the ground, intending to escape while firing the Wind Breaking Arrows at Gentle Snow, knocking her back .

However, the moment Blackhearted Arrow stood, he suddenly discovered Gentle Snow slashing down her blue greatsword despite the
distance between them . In the next moment, over a dozen blue wind blades flew towards him .

With both his Movement Speed and Attack Speed reduced,
Blackhearted Arrow would have a difficult time blocking or dodging . The Ranger immediately released an angry bellow, intending to activate a lifesaving skill, Backward Jump . However…

“Why can’t I use any
of my skills?!” Blackhearted Arrow discovered that he could not use Backward Jump . He then looked at the blue wind blades that were suddenly before him, crying out in confusion .

Shua… Shua… Shua…

The dozen or so wind blades shredded Blackhearted Arrow’s body and damages over -300 appeared above his head, one after another . In . In the end, his HP fell to zero . As the Ranger’s body transformed into particles of light, a deep-blue longbow had been left behind in his place .

Victor of the second match: Gentle Snow!

Cao Chenghua, his teammates, as well as the Elders of Ouroboros standing at the spectator stands, were dumbfounded .

Gentle Snow had only used two moves to defeat Blackhearted Arrow, Ouroboros’s Third Branch Leader . It was simply unbelievable .

“Is this her true strength?” Cao Chenghua watched Gentle Snow’s figure as she departed from the arena with a grim expression .

Fortunately, Gentle Snow’s opponent had been Blackhearted Arrow, the weakest of the five on Cao Chenghua’s team . If she had fought anyone else this round, Gentle Snow might have had a chance of becoming the victor of this competition and the Guild Leader of Ouroboros .

“Big Brother Ye Feng, Big Sis Snow is so amazing! She took out an expert with just two moves!” Violet Cloud exclaimed with awe .

“Indeed . ” Shi Feng nodded, smiling faintly .

Blackhearted Arrow did not know that, if struck by the Tier 1 Death Throw, players would also suffer a Silence effect, which prevented them from using any skills for a short time . This was why the skill was known as the Death Throw .

Gentle Snow’s brilliant victory had undeniably increased the morale of her team . They now only needed to win two of the three remaining matches . Moreover, Gentle Snow’s intense domination had given the opposition some pause .

Just as Zhao Yueru and Fierce Snake celebrated Gentle Snow’s victory…

The next combatants were announced .


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