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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 400


Chapter 400

Chapter 400 - A Strange Blow

After the system revealed the first set of opponents, Zhao Yueru and Cao Chenghua promptly entered the arena .

Zhao Yueru was an Elementalist, while Cao Chenghua was a Berserker . In terms of levels and equipment, both were evenly matched . Though Cao Chenghua was slightly superior to Zhao Yueru regarding techniques, Zhao Yueru had the class advantage in this matchup . Hence, the victor was not apparent at first glance . Yet, Nimble Snake and the others revealed playful smiles as if victory was already in their grasp .

Seeing these reactions, Gentle Snow grew slightly confused .

Gentle Snow had a fair grasp on Cao Chenghua's strength and ability . Although his techniques were slightly superior to Zhao Yueru's, there was a limit to how much of an advantage that could bring him . At most, it would help him bridge the gap between classes . Hence, it would not be easy for Cao Chenghua to obtain a victory .

Yet, why were Nimble Snake and the others behaving so confidently?

’’Yueru, be careful . Cao Chenghua seems odd today . Don't let him approach you, no matter what,’’ Gentle Snow secretly sent a whisper to Zhao Yueru .

’’Mhm, I understand . Don't worry . For the competition, I prepared and completed a high-level quest, obtaining a powerful skill . I will definitely make Cao Chenghua suffer,’’ Zhao Yueru replied with a carefree smile .

Although Zhao Yueru appeared relaxed at the moment, inwardly, she was on full alert .

Although her match was only the first in this five-round competition, it was also a crucial fight . If she won, then their chances at winning this entire competition would increase beyond 50% .

’’Big Brother Ye Feng, is that Cao Chenghua an amazing expert?’’ Violet Cloud asked when she saw the confident Cao Chenghua .

’’He is an expert . However, he doesn't have what it takes to defeat Zhao Yueru with a 100% certainty . After all, other than mentality, there are other factors that can contribute to the result of a battle . ’’ Shi Feng shook his head .

In the past, Cao Chenghua had been the Guild Leader of Ouroboros . Meanwhile, Ouroboros had been a Guild that mainly focused its development in Star-Moon Kingdom . Hence, as the Guild Leader of Shadow back then, Shi Feng had collected plenty of information on Cao Chenghua, and he had an acute understanding of Cao Chenghua's strength .

While Shi Feng and Violet Cloud secretly conversed, the battle at the arena had begun .

The moment the battle started, Cao Chenghua held nothing back and immediately activated Flame Charge, followed by a Violent Strike . Cao Chenghua was like a violent beast, baring its fangs and brandishing its claws .

Naturally, Zhao Yueru would not give Cao Chenghua a chance to close in on her . Chanting an incantation, one of her hands waved the staff it held while the other swiftly traced lines of divine runes in the air . When Cao Chenghua was only 20 yards away from Zhao Yueru, an Ice Sphere appeared, blocking his path . If the Ice Sphere struck him, the damage would only be a secondary problem . The main problem was the Movement Speed Reduction of the spell .

After all, Berserkers were not exactly known for their mobility .

Hence, when Elementalists fought Berserkers, kiting was their basic strategy .

Responding quickly, Cao Chenghua turned sharply and circled the Ice Sphere from the right . However, immediately after he dodged the Ice Sphere, multiple Frost Arrows flew towards him . Cao Chenghua smiled disdainfully at this sight . Swinging the Dark-Gold ranked Iron Cutter, he smashed and shattered the Frost Arrows coming at him before renewing his charge once more .

However, as if she had expected this outcome, Zhao Yueru waved her staff once more and cast Ice Dragon Blast, sending a large serpentine dragon at Cao Chenghua . She then cast Ice Wall to seal off the Berserker's Berserker's surroundings .

’’Shatter!’’ Cao Chenghua gripped his sword with both hands and swung the weapon at the ice dragon, activating Horizontal Slash .

However, the instant the ice dragon shattered, a layer of frost appeared on Cao Chenghua's body, reducing his Movement Speed sharply . Zhao Yueru immediately followed up with three Ice Spears . Although Cao Chenghua wanted to block the incoming attacks, the frost covering his body drastically slowed his movements . In the end, he only managed to block one of the spears, allowing the remaining to reach their mark .

-215, -221 .

Two damages appeared above Cao Chenghua's head .

However, at Level 24, Cao Chenghua possessed 3,320 HP, so these two attacks only managed to decrease his HP by slightly over 10% .

At this moment, Cao Chenghua frowned . He had clearly shattered the ice dragon, yet, why had the Freezing effect still taken hold?

’’It seems the effect of this new skill is quite powerful after all . ’’ Zhao Yueru was very satisfied with her previous attack . Ice Dragon Blast was the Advanced Skill Zhao Yueru had recently learned .

Opponents could defend against ordinary spells . However, Ice Dragon Blast was slightly different . Even if her opponent blocked the attack it, although it would not deal any damage, it would still inflict a speed reduction effect lasting 5 seconds . When used against classes with low mobility like the Berserker, it was extremely useful .

Now that Cao Chenghua's speed had fallen, Zhao Yueru would take advantage of it . First, she cast Frozen Circle, freezing the slowed Cao Chenghua . A magic array then appeared by Zhao Yueru's side, and five fireballs the size of washbasins circled the Elementalist .


Zhao Yueru cast Flame Barrage and bombarded Cao Chenghua with attacks .

Ice Spear was a fast attack spell . It possessed speed, but not power . Hence, the two previous attacks had merely been a scratch to Cao Chenghua . However, Flame Barrage Flame Barrage was different . If all five fireballs struck the Guild Leader, he would lose over half of his HP .

At this moment, Cao Chenghua was still frozen in place, unable to move . He could not dodge the bombardment of the five incoming Great Fireballs .

’’Good! We've won!’’ Fierce Snake shouted excitedly .

Just before the five Great Fireballs struck Cao Chenghua, however, the Berserker's skin suddenly flushed red, and his body seemed to grow . The layer of frost binding his legs instantly shattered . Nobody would have thought that Cao Chenghua had learned a control removal skill .

In the next moment, Cao Chenghua released a thundering roar . He then brandished his greatsword with both hands as he charged at the nearest Great Fireball . With a slash of his sword, Cao Chenghua split the spell in half . Meanwhile, the remaining four Great Fireballs merely rubbed past Cao Chenghua's body, each dealing slightly over -100 damage .

After breaking through Zhao Yueru's Flame Barrage, the distance between Cao Chenghua and Zhao Yueru was only eight yards . Launching himself into the air, Cao Chenghua activated Death Leap and arrived by Zhao Yueru's side . He followed up with a Thunderclap before twisting his body and using Cleave . In a panic, Zhao Yueru hurriedly used Blink . However, she was too late . Not only had Thunderclap reduced her speed, but she also took the full brunt of Cao Chenghua's Cleave .

Instantly, Zhao Yueru's HP of over 2,600 points fell to around 1,700 points . Fortunately, Zhao Yueru had kept Magic Shield active, absorbing a certain amount of damage . Otherwise, Cao Chenghua's Cleave would have destroyed at least half of her HP .

However, just after Zhao Yueru used Blink to pull a distance of 15 yards between Cao Chenghua and herself, the Berserker used Charge for the second time, approaching the Elementalist at high speeds .

Zhao Yueru waved her staff, sending out multiple Ice Spears . Spears . Facing these attacks, Cao Chenghua had no choice but to defend himself with his greatsword, slowing him down . Meanwhile, Zhao Yueru took this chance to widen the gap between them further, not forgetting to use control skills like Ice Wall and Ice Sphere while she made her escape .

However, due to the debuff from Thunderclap, Zhao Yueru's Movement Speed had greatly reduced .

Meanwhile, ever since Cao Chenghua's body had increased in size, he had been able to shrug off control effects . After fending off Zhao Yueru's attacks, he charged at the Elementalist and activated Trisecting Slash . Three crescent-shaped blades of light flew at Zhao Yueru . Zhao Yueru used Frost Shield to block the attacks, taking the chance to jump away and dodge Cao Chenghua's Trisecting Slash .

However, as if he had predicted what Zhao Yueru would do, Cao Chenghua charged towards her new position, swinging his greatsword violently .

Horizontal Slash!

Zhao Yueru knew that she could not avoid this attack . Blink was still on Cooldown;she needed a little more time before she could use it again . With no other choice, she could only block the attack with her staff .

Although mages had low Strength, they could still use their weapons to block attacks, reducing the damage received . Not to mention, she still had Magic Shield . As long as she endured a few hits, she could use Blink to escape . Normally, control skills like the one Cao Chenghua had used did not possess a very long duration .

Moreover, Zhao Yueru had already seen through the trajectory of Cao Chenghua's attack . She could easily angle her staff to utilize the force of the impact to pull away from Cao Chenghua .

However, after Cao Chenghua's Iron Cutter landed on her staff, Zhao Yueru did not feel any force transmitted to her hands .

Instead, the greatsword appeared at Zhao Yueru's side . Cao Chenghua's attack shattered the Magic Shield and struck Zhao Yueru viciously .


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