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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 3-4


Chapter 3-4

Chapter 3 - Lonely Snow

Shi Feng walked on the path towards the town hall, crowded with people.

The less than spacious road was filled with players. They were conversing with the NPCs, taking the chance to obtain a Quest. Such a scene gave one a feeling of arriving at a market.

Unfortunately, it was not an easy task obtaining a Quest in God's Domain. The main reason being, the NPCs had high intelligence, giving them the capability to hold one-to-one conversations. Also, players must watch what they say or risk being given the cold shoulder by the NPCs. And there was a tide of players as competition;obtaining an easily found Normal Quest was truly difficult.

After more than ten minutes since God's Domain started, there had yet to be a single player within Red Leaf Town to receive a Normal Quest.

In comparison, Shi Feng's advantage as a reincarnated person was truly great. Not only has he received a Quest, but it was a Unique Quest;albeit a slightly damnable one. However, a Unique Quest's reward was incredibly generous. Even top-tier players who had played God's Domain for a month would drool at the reward of this Unique Quest.

As a person who had been reincarnated, Shi Feng had the experience of leading thousands of people while he was in Shadow Workshop. They had even built ten City States. The amount of information on God's Domain that was within his grasp far surpassed what the average player knew. It was especially true when it came to strategies on leveling up and earning money. These were the must-have essentials for a Workshop with thousands of players to grow in strength.

Now that he had been reincarnated and was playing God's Domain again, Shi Feng wanted to use this information to accumulate a significant amount of advantages. It was all to build a better foundation for his future development. So naturally, he would not be imitating the average player, wasting hours on the streets just to fight over a single Normal Quest. Even more so, he would not be emulating those skilled players, using their refined techniques to kill monsters in the wild, because, at this moment, there were probably more players than monsters in the wild.

What Shi Feng wanted to do was to avoid these piles of players;hence why he chose the Unique Quest which had an absurd difficulty.

However, completing this Quest required money, something Shi Feng did not have right now.

Every player would receive 10 Copper Coins at the start of the game. Although it was not enough to buy a Weapon or Equipment, purchasing HP or MP replenishing refreshments was not a problem.

When Shi Feng arrived at the front of the two-storied Town Hall, he was met with a scene of hundreds of people, queuing up into a long line.

Regardless of which game it was, the Village Head or Town Mayor was unquestionably a target to receive Quests from. Naturally, no player would let this chance go.

"Hey newcomer, queue up if you don't wanna cause a public outrage," from within the queue, a simple and honest looking male Warrior looked at Shi Feng. The Warrior held up his hand, pointing towards the back of the line of people.

"I'm not here to receive a Quest." Shi Feng said indifferently as he looked at the long line in front of the Town Hall.

Compared to the other locations, this place had great order and efficiency. Although it would take more time to receive a Quest, it was much better than some who could not receive one at all.

The male Warrior cautiously looked at Shi Feng. Everybody was frantically trying to receive a Quest right now... but there was someone who actually said that he wasn't interested towards it? Not even a ghost would believe that!

"I'm honestly not here to receive a Quest," Shi Feng looked at the male warrior. Seeing the person's hostile eyes and how he thought Shi Feng had wanted to jump queue, Shi Feng said with a smile, "However, I advise you to receive a Quest somewhere else. You'll just be pointlessly waiting here."

"Why would it be pointless? There were already a few people who came out after receiving a Quest." After determining that Shi Feng had no intention to jump queue, the male Warrior let out a sigh of relief. He had already been in the queue for over ten minutes now and he definitely would not want someone to cut in line. However, hearing Shi Feng's firm tone made him curious as to why he would be waiting for nothing.

Shi Feng smiled but did not elaborate. Instead, he changed the topic saying, "Seeing as you're not a bad person, I'll point you towards a brighter path. Kill mobs in the fields. You'll have a better future than remaining here."

"I'm not going. There are too many monsters in the wild and I can't compete with those other people. This place is still better" the male Warrior shook his head. He was not an idiot. At this moment, there were definitely tides of people out in the Field Area. With just his skills, he probably couldn't even snatch a monster, so he was better off just waiting here.

"That's because you went to the wrong place. If you go somewhere with few monsters, naturally, there wouldn't be anybody to compete with you. Compared to the areas packed with both players and monsters, the leveling efficiency there is several times better. Not only that, the respawn rate of the monsters there is slow, so a single person could easily handle themselves," Shi Feng said with a smile.

"Is there really such a place?"

The male Warrior was excited after listening to Shi Feng. He was extremely interested in such a location. He still needed to wait for more than an hour to receive a Quest and the rewards he could obtain would only be EXP and some meager amount of money. If he could grind on monsters for an hour unhindered, the EXP he could obtain would far surpass that from the Quest.

"Of course there is. I'll give you a preferential price of 20 Coppers if you want to go to such a treasured location. Don't mention EXP;after grinding for a day, the materials you could obtain would earn you more than 40 Coppers. If you're lucky, you could make a ton more if a piece of equipment drops," Shi Feng walked closer to the male Warrior, whispering into his ears.

"You're not tricking me, right?" the male Warrior looked at Shi Feng with hesitation in his eyes. If there was such a treasured location, he could definitely surpass the other players by a lot;but 20 Coppers was not a small amount. The monsters in God's Domain rarely drop money or equipment, so Copper Coins were incredibly precious.

"If you don't believe me, you can pay 10 Coppers up front first. You'll know just from trying after you arrive at the spot. If it's true, you can then pay me the other 10 Coppers. I'm only telling you this because I see that you're a good person. Just forget it, if you don't believe me." Shi Feng turned and left after saying his piece.

Shi Feng wouldn't be doing this if he didn't lack money. At worst, he'll just use some other method to earn money.

Just after walking a few steps away, Shi Feng was stopped by the male Warrior.

"Expert, hold on a moment. Let's talk about it, alright? Isn't it just a deposit of 10 Coppers? Here, take it. I trust that an expert like you won't trick me." The male Warrior revealed an honest smile, resolutely trading 10 Coppers to Shi Feng.

"Seeing your performance, I'll give you a good location. Although this place is slightly far-off, there is only a single mage-type Level 0 Green Gnome. It has low defense and a quick respawn rate. Chances are also greater of money dropping. A Berserker would be great at killing there." Shi Feng gave the Warrior a good grinding location after happily receiving the ten Coppers.

The male Warrior was relieved when he noticed how familiar Shi Feng was with the wild monsters, even to the degree of knowing the amount of money dropped. He never imagined he would be so fortunate as to meet an expert of God's Domain and not just any expert;Shi Feng might even be a Beta Tester. The male Warrior became even more excited as he thought of this possibility.

"Brother Expert, do you know a location that drops skill books for Berserkers? It's really hard to fight against mobs with only a single skill." The male Warrior was more fond of Shi Feng now, even treating Shi Feng as his superior.

"It's fine if you want to know., but it'll cost you 2 Silvers," Shi Feng smiled. Who would give out such valuable information after only a short conversation? Shi Feng would not unless there was money involved, of course.

The male Warrior paled when he heard the price. Two Silvers equaled 200 Coppers. Not even the average Guild would have that much money.

"Expert, let's add each other as friends. I'm Lonely Snow. I'll contact you again once I've saved up enough money." The male Warrior sent Shi Feng a friend request.

"Alright." Shi Feng accepted Lonely Snow's request.

"Then I'm off to fight mobs, Brother Expert. I'll mail you the 10 Copper immediately after I've saved up enough." Lonely Snow happily parted with Shi Feng, leaving the long queue and dashing towards the grinding location.

Now that Shi Feng had money, he walked towards the fruit stall by the Town Hall.

"Boss, how much for this Tomato?" Shi Feng asked as he held up a ripe, red Tomato.

Both Fruits and Vegetables could aid in recovering a player's HP and MP. Their tastes were also quite delicious. The only downside was the bad recovery rate. In normal circumstances, players wouldn't buy them at all, especially during such a period where money was a big problem. Spending money on Fruits and Vegetables was just wasteful behavior.

"2 Coppers each."

"Give me ten of them."

Shi Feng paid the 20 Coppers. He walked into the Town Hall after receiving the 10 Tomatoes.

"Hey newcomer, queue up. Can't you see others are queuing up as well?"

"Swordsman over there, what do you think you're trying to do? Do you know how many people are queuing up behind?"

The players in the queue became enraged and started criticizing when they saw Shi Feng cutting the line, walking directly towards the Town Mayor. They would've long since murdered Shi Feng, were it not for the fact that they could be jailed for attacking another player inside the town.

"Sorry, but I'm really not here to receive a Quest. I'm just here to take a look." Shi Feng smiled at the players;he turned to look at the fat Town Mayor, Cross.

[Cross] (Elite, Friendly)

Level 15

HP 2400/2400

MP 1500/1500

There was not a single player who could beat him at this stage. It was not possible, even with a team.

Subsequently, Shi Feng took out a ripe and red Tomato, taking a bite out of it.

"What is this person doing?"

"Hell! He's actually eating a Tomato! Each of those costs 2 Coppers! Such luxury!"

The other players could not understand what Shi Feng was trying to do. By coming to the Town Hall to eat Tomatoes... was he trying to show off how rich he was?

Halfway through his Tomato, Shi Feng suddenly threw it towards Town Mayor Cross' face.

The Tomato accurately landed on Cross' face, spreading bright red liquid all over.

System: Cross' favorability towards you has been decreased by 100 points.

Unsatisfied, Shi Feng took out another Tomato from his bag, throwing it at Cross.

"Hypocrite! Fatty! Bloodsucker! You're not fit to be the Town Mayor!"

Shi Feng kept cursing as he threw Tomatoes, whereas Cross' favorability kept decreasing. Cross' body turned bright red as tomato juice kept flowing down his body. Adding to his enraged expression, it created an incomparably funny sight.

However, nobody within the Town Hall was laughing;it was exceptionally quiet. All of the players became slack-jawed and dumbfounded at Shi Feng's actions.

Just after twenty minutes since God's Domain's opening, there was a player that dared to actually attack an NPC and not just any NPC;he was attacking the leader of a town, the Boss of the Beginner's Area!

This person was insane! Wasn't he afraid of being jailed until his death?

Did he no longer want to stay in Red Leaf Town?

Even taking your revenge on society shouldn't be done in such a way!

Just when the other players were expecting the Guards to detain Shi Feng or for the Town Mayor to kill off Shi Feng in a rage, none of these things actually occurred.

None of the players knew that insulting an NPC was not considered an attack. Hence why neither the Guards nor Cross attacked Shi Feng. Shi Feng's actions would only lead to the NPC hating him to the bones and he could forget receiving Quests from the NPC in this lifetime.

As Shi Feng's last Tomato landed on Cross' face, Cross' favorability fell towards Hostile. Cross' Level became question marks and the yellow marker above him quickly turned a crimson red.

"Damnable insect! I'll send you down to hell!"

The bright red Cross roared loudly as he rushed at Shi Feng.

Chapter 4 - The Sensation Caused By Death

Town Mayor Cross' furious roar reverberated throughout the entire Town Hall.

With a high speed, Cross instantly arrived in front of Shi Feng, his fist stretching out towards Shi Feng.

The other players were currently reveling in Shi Feng's misfortune, taking the chance to gauge Town Mayor Cross' strength.

Cross was a Level 15 Elite, and a single slap from him was enough to swat the current players to death. However, Shi Feng was foolish to the degree of actually angering the mayor. Not a single person in the entire Red Leaf Town could save him now. He would be jailed until he was on his deathbed or he would be chased out of Red Leaf Town.

However, Shi Feng's surprisingly calm attitude puzzled the other players. Was he already prepared for death?

When Cross was about to hit Shi Feng, the stationary Shi Feng finally moved. Like a hunter waiting for his prey, Shi Feng immediately unsheathed his Novice Sword. With swift motions, he used the sword to defend his body.


Cross' fist landed on the Novice Sword, sending Shi Feng's entire person flying. Just as Shi Feng was about to fall, he flipped his body, landing steadily on the ground with the flexibility of a cat. However, his HP had instantly decreased by 84, and the Novice Sword in his grip trembled uncontrollably. The sword's durability had even reduced by 1 point;the weapon would become useless once its durability dropped to 0.


All the players drew in a cold breath.

Seeing Shi Feng's troublemaking, they had initially thought of him as a mere rookie. However, after Shi Feng's recent performance, anybody with a discerning eye could tell he was a very skillful person. Even if Cross had low physical damage as a mage, as a Level 15 Elite, he could still kill any of the current players in a single strike. Yet, Shi Feng was alive. He had used his weapon to block the attack, reducing the damage to a minimum.

"He's clearly a mage, and yet his strength and speed are truly shocking." Shi Feng silently marveled as he at looked the lamenting Novice Sword in his grip. Fortunately, he had added all his points to Agility, increasing his Attack Speed to 4. Otherwise, he would surely be dead by now, having to start his Quest all over again.

"Die, insect!"

After failing his strike, Cross was further enraged. Suddenly, his clothes were ripped apart, revealing a body covered in pitch black fur;Cross had turned into a Werewolf with sharp fangs.

Every player was shocked at this moment. Never would they have thought the mayor was an evil Werewolf.

Cross arrived at Shi Feng's back in an instant, raising his bright snowy claws and slashing them at Shi Feng's heart.

However, Shi Feng revealed a cold grin, even though he only had 16 HP remaining.

Cross' claws suddenly stopped;they were only a few centimeters away from dealing with Shi Feng. Unfortunately, Cross was hit by a Level 25 Guard's [Charge], entering a Fainted state for 1 second.

Shi Feng took this chance to quickly move away.

Just when Cross was about to rush Shi Feng after awakening, he was interrupted once more by another Guard.

Both of the Guards were Level 25 Warriors. Although neither of them was Elites, the damage they dished out was relatively high. A Charge, coupled with a normal attack, had quickly taken 300 HP away from Cross. Two Guards had taken away a total of 600 HP, causing Cross' HP to fall to 1700 in an instant.

"As expected of the Guards, their attack power sure is high." Shi Feng chuckled as he looked at Cross' sorry state.

Guards were the protectors of the town. They were specialized in protecting the town's civilians and resisting against the invasion of evil beings. At this moment, the mayor had transformed into a Werewolf;proof that he was not a human, but a spy for the powers of evil. The guards would naturally not let him go, killing him as if he were no different than the monsters in the wild.

On the surface, the conditions of Sherlock's request seemed harsh. In reality, however, players only needed to actively attack the mayor, subsequently surviving the mayor's first strike. Afterward was just smooth sailing. The Guards would handle the rest after the mayor revealed his true self.

In Shi Feng's previous life, the reason this Unique Quest could shock the entire White River City, was because the Town Mayor was a spy for the forces of evil. This Quest had allowed players to have a new perspective towards God's Domain;the NPCs were not entirely reliable, as they might be one of the forces of evil in disguise.

Simultaneously, the player who completed the Quest had shocked everyone with his method of baiting the Town Mayor. The player had racked his brain to complete the Quest and, naturally, he wanted to show off his efforts by revealing his strategy. Now, though, it was being taken advantage of by Shi Feng.

As such, Cross was now being attacked by the two Guards. Although the damage dealt by the Guards was very high, Cross' target had never shifted away from Shi Feng. He continuously aimed to kill Shi Feng but, unfortunately for him, the two Guards stuck to him like glue. One of the Guards used [Bone Crusher], while the other used [Thundering Strike], causing Cross' Movement Speed to plummet. Fortunately, Shi Feng was able to escape death with his 5 points of Movement Speed.

Just like that, Cross' over 2000 HP was nearly depleted.

When the other players saw Cross dying, many of them started becoming restless;they wanted to land the last strike on the mayor. They did not understand why the Guards were attacking Cross instead of Shi Feng but a Town Mayor who was also a Level 15 Elite…… if he died, he would definitely drop some great items.

Hiding some place far away, Shi Feng smiled in disdain in regards to their thoughts.

Was the Town Mayor someone they could have ideas about? Although the mayor had become one of the forces of evil, this was only a part of the Quest's plot. In the eyes of the other players, the mayor was still in a Friendly state;it was not possible to attack the mayor at all.

When Cross only had 100 HP remaining, all the other players started moving. All of them simultaneously rushed towards Town Mayor Cross. All of them wanted to give the final strike, snatching away the dropped items.

Seeing that Cross was only a hit away from death's door, Shi Feng, too, dashed out.

Unfortunately, Cross still died under the Guard's blade in the end. Not a single one of the players was able to strike at Cross. Although Shi Feng could attack, he did not want to risk it. After the mayor's death, he immediately took away the [Mayor's Insignia] and disappeared into the crowd.

NPCs within a city would not yield any EXP or loot if killed. Shi Feng wouldn't even be able to obtain the Mayor's Insignia were it not for a Quest.

"Crap! The System's bugged! Why can't I attack the mayor?"

"I want to complain! Why didn't the mayor drop anything after death?"

Some of the rookie players resentfully complained. A Level 15 Elite had died before their eyes, yet they did not obtain a single advantage;they simply could not accept it.

"Moron. Don't you know you have a Friendly relationship with the NPC? Players can't attack an NPC with a Friendly relationship. If you don't even know such common knowledge, why bother playing God's Domain?"

After ridiculing the rookies, the competent players searched for traces of Shi Feng. A player who could kill the Town Mayor in such a way was definitely an expert, someone they should associate with. However, they could not spot Shi Feng, even after looking for a long time. They also did not know his name. They could not help but secretly feel pity.

Meanwhile, news of Town Mayor Cross' death spread throughout Red Leaf Village, creating a sensation amongst all the players.

At this phase of the game, where players were still worrying over grinding monsters for Levels, the leader of a town was toyed to death so simply. This was just too mind-blowing!

Not even thirty minutes since God's Domain's opening, a news thread appeared on the official site's forums.

Mysterious Swordsman kills off Level 15 Elite, Red Leaf Town Mayor. The leader of a town was actually a Werewolf in disguise. Exactly what kind of game is God's Domain?

This news thread instantly caused a sensation amongst the players. It only took a moment for the number of clicks to the page to go past ten million. Everyone became interested with this mysterious Swordsman. Unfortunately, they could not contact the person since nobody knew his name.

By now, Shi Feng had already arrived at the dark alley.

"Mister Sherlock, this is the Mayor's Insignia that you requested." Shi Feng passed silver colored Mayor's Insignia to the beggar, Sherlock.

With the Quest's completion, bad news came to both the players who had already received a Quest and for those who were currently trying to receive one from the mayor. This was because Cross would not respawn. They would have no place to submit their Quest even if it was completed. Red Leaf Town would also no longer have a mayor, though Shi Feng could care less about that.

"Thank you. Thank you, so much. I have finally attained revenge for my friend. These things should be of help to you."

Sherlock passed Shi Feng a delicate little box. Subsequently, Sherlock took the Mayor's Insignia and left the dark alley.

System: Unique Quest "Sherlock's Request" completed. Rewarding 2000 EXP, 20 Free Mastery Points, 1 [Luxurious Jewelry Box].

With a "Hua" sound, Shi Feng became Level 1, and he was only 1000 EXP away from Level 2. Shi Feng's Level became Red Leaf Town's top one, only thirty minutes after the start of God's Domain. In normal circumstances, the average player required 1000 EXP to rise to Level 1. Such an amount required at least six or seven hours of grinding monsters, as each Level 0 monster only gave 3 EXP. Time was also needed to look for monsters, to recover, and so on. Factoring in the massive amount of players at the start of the game that was fighting over monsters, taking over ten hours to arrive at Level 1 could be considered average.

"Why is the Unique Quest's reward so generous? Was it because I completed it at Level 0?" Shi Feng became slightly uncertain but he was still delighted with such rewards.

In his previous life, the rewards posted were not as luxurious. Although the amount of EXP was the same, the number of Free Mastery Points was not. The other person only received 10 points for it, as well as a Delicate Jewelry Box, while Shi Feng received 20 points and a Luxurious Jewelry Box.

Free Mastery Points were extremely precious in God's Domain. Rarely would a Quest award 3 to 5 points. This Unique Quest had awarded 20 points.

"Hopefully, it won't let me down. Although it isn't a Delicate Jewelry Box, it is still the better Luxurious Jewelry Box. It should come out." Shi Feng carefully held the jewelry box, a nervous gulp coming from his throat. Slowly, he obtained the box.

Though the EXP and Free Mastery Points were great, what Shi Feng really wanted was the item inside the jewelry box. It was an essential item he needed to complete his leveling and money making plans. It was also a top-tier item that many experts drooled over. Shi Feng would cry to death if something went wrong.


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