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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 227-228


Chapter 227-228

Chapter 227 - Master Black Flame


Everyone who wore a mocking smile a moment before was so shocked that their eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when they heard Lady Anna speak to Shi Feng. Their jaws nearly hit the floor. They swallowed the ridiculing words they had prepared as their faces turned extraordinarily pale.

Cream Cocoa was similarly shocked by this scene. However, she accepted this news relatively quickly.

This is too great! I have another chance! Cream Cocoa's disappointed expression instantly shifted to excitement as she looked at Shi Feng.

Seeing Lady Anna's humble attitude towards Shi Feng, even going as far as to refer to Shi Feng as "Your Excellency," Cream Cocoa was sure that Shi Feng was no ordinary character. Since such a great character was willing to give her another chance, the flame of hope within her instantly ignited.

On the other hand, Melancholic Smile's current mood was the exact opposite of Cream Cocoa's. At this moment, she looked at Shi Feng with a face filled with astonishment. She then shifted her gaze towards the beautiful Anna. Melancholic Smile discovered reverence in Anna's mesmerizing bright blue eyes as she gazed at Shi Feng. Clearly, Anna was not acting. Moreover, when Anna noticed Melancholic Smile's gaze on her, she glanced at Melancholic Smile, and the reverence in her eyes instantly transformed into rage.

Melancholic Smile immediately panicked.

It's over… It's over… Why is my luck so terrible? Previously, I got kicked out of the Guild after offending one of its upper echelons. Now, before I have even set foot in the Starstreak Trading Firm, I have offended one of its great characters… Melancholic Smile's thoughts were chaotic, and her heart was distraught. She did not know how she should explain herself to Lady Anna to get out of this mess.

Shi Feng couldn't help but smile when he noticed Anna's furious glare and Melancholic Smile's flustered expression.

However, when Melancholic Smile noticed Shi Feng's smile, her delicate body couldn't help but tremble, dread filling her heart.

It seems that I can no longer stay in the Starstreak Trading Firm, Melancholic Smile lamented. If she had known about this beforehand, she would not have attempted to speak out of turn, interrupting Shi Feng's "happy occasion." In the end, she had dug her own grave.

However, Shi Feng's following words shocked Melancholic Smile."Anna, don't mind me and continue your evaluations," Shi Feng instructed Anna. He then shifted his sights to Cream Cocoa and Melancholic Smile, softly saying, "I will conduct both of your tests. Everyone else, continue as usual." "Yes, Your Excellency," Anna respectfully replied.

Compared to a few days ago, Anna's current Loyalty had risen from 50 to 70 points. Although it wasn't a particularly high number, it was passable. At the very least, Anna would not cause him any trouble.

Do I still have a chance? Melancholic Smile never thought Shi Feng would give her another chance. After all, she had spoiled Shi Feng's "happy occasion." Logically speaking, he should have chased her out of Starstreak instead.Following which, Shi Feng led both Cream Cocoa and Melancholic Smile up to the fourth floor of the building.

"Just who is he?"

"Isn't he too amazing? He had actually made Lady Anna bow before him. If I could achieve a similar feat, I could die without regrets."

Some of the players watched Shi Feng's departing figure with admiration, inwardly guessing Shi Feng's identity.

In the entire White River City, there had yet to be a single player-owned shop. Even Ouroboros, currently most famous Guild, had not accomplished such a thing. Yet, Shi Feng had succeeded in doing just that. Moreover, he was in the upper echelon of the Starstreak Trading Firm;his position was far above Anna's. So, how could this piece of news not be shocking?Just how powerful of a backer must Shi Feng have to cooperate with the Starstreak Trading Firm?Meanwhile, when some of the male players saw Shi Feng leading away both Cream Cocoa and Melancholic Smile, they inwardly cursed and called him an animal. One was not enough for him? He is practically abusing his authority! Inwardly, these male players felt both envy and disdain for Shi Feng.


Inside a forging room on the fourth floor, Shi Feng prepared five sets of materials to craft Whetstones for each of the two girls.Looking at the materials placed on the stone table, Melancholic Smile's thoughts slightly lagged. She never thought that Shi Feng would truly give them a test and not have any unscrupulous thoughts towards them."What is it? Have you not learned how to make Whetstones yet?" Shi Feng asked curiously when he noticed Melancholic Smile's dazed expression.The Forging Association sold the recipe for Whetstones. Moreover, it was available for only 30 Copper Coins. Logically speaking, every player who aspired to become a forger should have learned the recipe, not to mention players who had managed to enter White River City."Ah, that's not it! I know how to make them!" Melancholic Smile hurriedly shook her head, a faint blush appearing on her cheeks. She felt ashamed of herself for completely misunderstanding Shi Feng's intentions.

On the other hand, Cream Cocoa had a much purer mind than Melancholic Smile. She had not overthought things like the Cleric had. However, she was still extremely nervous at the thought of having to make a Whetstone in front of Shi Feng. She felt deeply afraid that she would fail the test.Shi Feng had given each of them five sets of materials, and his requirement was for them to achieve at least two successful attempts. However, during her time at the Assassin's Alliance, Cream Cocoa could only make one or two Whetstones out of ten sets of materials. "Before you start, I'll give you two a demonstration," Shi Feng retrieved a set of materials from his inventory. With a wave of his hand, he started producing the Whetstone.

"You are a forger as well?" Cream Cocoa and Melancholic Smile asked in astonishment.

"Ah, how forgetful of me. I still haven't introduced myself." As Shi Feng had kept both his name and level hidden, others could not discover who he was. "I am Black Flame, a forger."

"You are the Chief Forger of Star-Moon Kingdom?!"

"You are Master Black Flame, the one that developed the Glimmer Chestplate?!"

Cream Cocoa and Melancholic Smile immediately grew flustered. They would never have believed that they would meet the legendary Master Black Flame. After all, he was the person responsible for elevating the status of forgers, turning it into the most popular Lifestyle class in Star-Moon Kingdom. Simultaneously, he had also given the various large Guilds a reason to support and nurture their forgers. One could say that Master Black Flame had done every forger within Star-Moon Kingdom a favor.What was even more unbelievable was the fact that Black Flame was actually the ordinary and detached-looking man before them. In their eyes, Black Flame should have either been a handsome young man or a strange old man. However, Black Flame did not match either description.Although Black Flame looked different from what they had imagined, that did not stop their growing excitement. If this man before them was the famous Black Flame, that would explain why Lady Anna showed so much respect. It also explained how the Starstreak Trading Firm could possess items such as the Advanced Whetstones.

Noticing Cream Cocoa's and Melancholic Smile's excited and hungry gazes, cold sweat dripped down Shi Feng's forehead. He coughed dryly and said sternly, "I will only demonstrate this once. If you cannot complete two Whetstones, you can show yourselves out. I won't accept you into the firm."

The two girls instantly calmed after being admonished by Shi Feng. Afraid that they would miss out on something, they both heightened their concentration as they watched Shi Feng's hands.However, Shi Feng's actions rendered them speechless.Shi Feng's production speed was simply too fast. Moreover, his actions were as smooth and natural as flowing water;one would easily find themselves mesmerized. Before they could react, Shi Feng had already finished producing a Whetstone."Alright, it is your turn now," Shi Feng smiled calmly as he pointed the two towards the materials on the stone table.

He was already an Advanced Forging Apprentice. Even if he did not utilize the Book of Forging, he still had an 80% success rate when producing Whetstones. However, even if he succeeded in making one, he would not receive any additional Proficiency Points. He had only done so to test the two girls' potential. After all, they were both future Master Forgers. If they could not gain any inspiration after watching him work, it proved that they had only become a Master Forger due to luck.

Chapter 228 - Meteoric Rise

As the level of technique Shi Feng demonstrated was slightly high, in addition to his strict requirement, Cream Cocoa and Melancholic Smile immediately grew serious.

Shi Feng's forging techniques had clearly undergone refinement hundreds and thousands of times. It was not something inexperienced forgers like them could hope to compare to. However, they had, more or less, noticed the key points in Shi Feng's demonstration.Soon after, the two girls stepped up to their separate forging tables. As if they had received some enlightenment, they held up the forging materials and fell into deep thought.

As expected of future Master Forgers. Shi Feng revealed a faint smile when he noticed their actions.

At this point, it was impossible for the average player to possess sufficient materials to practice their forging with, not to mention the precious materials to produce items.

However, Shi Feng was different from these inexperienced forgers. During his ten years of playing God's Domain, he had encountered plenty of Master Forgers. In their free time, these players would usually discuss forging. For players with their skill level, their conversations were no longer about simply "playing a game" but instead, counted as true research. Shi Feng had experienced many such conversations. Coupling that knowledge with an endless supply of materials to use as practice, he had naturally learned the craft fairly quickly. However, in terms of talent, Shi Feng was far from being a match of the girls currently before him. After all, at the end of the day, Shi Feng was still a player more suited to battle and adventure.

The only thing he could do was combine the knowledge he had gained from listening to those masters with his own understanding of forging techniques and display it.

Although it would not be of great help, it would be enough as long as they could realize their own deficiencies.At this stage of the game, a majority of the players had a relatively high success rate when producing Whetstones. They should have at least a 40% success rate;they should be able to produce two Whetstones out of five sets of materials. If they had passable techniques, it wouldn't be unusual if they could even produce three. However, a majority of the players at this stage could only produce one Whetstone out of five attempts.

Although the Forging Rooms in the Starstreak Trading Firm were not comparable to the Intermediate Forging Rooms in the Forging Association, they should still be much better than the Basic Forging Rooms. When making a common item like the Whetstone, the Forging Room should increase a player's success rate by at least 5%.Due to this, Shi Feng required the both of them to produce two Whetstones out of five sets of materials.

After a period of silence, the two girls finally started their first attempt at producing the Whetstone.

Three minutes later, both had produced their first Whetstones. They wore joyful expressions as they handed their products to Shi Feng for evaluation."A failure. The same goes for this one," Shi Feng shook his head after he checked the information on the two items. Both Whetstones were of poor quality, and they yielded zero effects when used.

Cream Cocoa and Melancholic Smile were both disappointed by these results. They knew they did not have many chances remaining. If they did not produce two Whetstones out of the remaining four sets of materials, without a doubt, they would be chased out of the trading firm.

After experiencing failure on their first try, the two girls spent more time reflecting before their second attempt. After reflecting for more than ten minutes...

The next action the two girls took astonished Shi Feng.

Within a single breath, the two had used up all four sets of materials. Moreover, their production speed was much faster than before. After producing all four Whetstones, the two smiled at each other. They then placed their completed Whetstones on the table, awaiting Shi Feng's evaluation.

"You two have really surprised me. Out of four pieces, both of you actually managed three successes," Shi Feng couldn't help his shock when he looked at the information displayed before him. "Very good. From today onwards, you two are officially members of the Horizon Alliance. Here is the contract. If there aren't any problems, just sign it."

"Horizon Alliance?""It isn't the Starstreak Trading Firm?"

Cream Cocoa and Melancholic Smile were confused when they took a look at the contract. After all, their goal in coming here had been to join the wealthy and powerful Starstreak Trading Firm.However, after they read the contract, they discovered that the benefits stated were abnormally good. Even Cream Cocoa, who had come from the Assassin's Alliance, found the offer quite attractive. After all, not only would they be provided with limitless materials and Forging Designs, but they would also obtain 15% of the profits once the item sold. They would also earn a minimum monthly salary of 2,000 Credits. On the other hand, the other Guilds only provided their forgers with 5% of the profits and a low monthly salary. The materials these Guilds provided were also very limited. Under normal circumstances, the best materials would be given to the forgers with better techniques, leaving remaining forgers wanting.

"I can't reveal what kind of relationship the Horizon Alliance has with the Starstreak Trading Firm. However, I can tell you one thing;the Horizon Alliance is a Lifestyle Guild. It is not like your usual adventure and battle Guild, and Lifestyle players will be the core of this Guild. Moreover, in the future, the Horizon Alliance will expand its market much further than the Starstreak Trading Firm. We won't only sell our products in eight cities, but in every city throughout the entire Star-Moon Kingdom. Moreover, you guys will not have to worry about materials. As long as you can produce items of sufficient quality, you won't need to worry about failing to sell the item." Shi Feng calmly smiled as he continued, "Of course, if you don't want to, you can choose to join the Starstreak Trading Firm instead. It all depends on you."Cream Cocoa and Melancholic Smile considered their options carefully. At present, the Starstreak Trading Firm was undeniably the better choice if they wished to develop themselves further. Moreover, they had never even heard of the Horizon Alliance, not to mention a Guild run by Lifestyle players.

"I am willing to join the Horizon Alliance." However, Cream Cocoa signed the contract without hesitation.

Melancholic Smile simply shook her head at this sight, thinking that Cream Cocoa was simply too naive. However, although she thought in such a way, she had similarly signed her name on the contract she received from Shi Feng.

The reason she had chosen was the man currently before her. Not only was he the Chief Forger of Star-Moon Kingdom, but he also had deep ties with the Starstreak Trading Firm. One could also say that, without the Advanced Whetstone, the Starstreak Trading Firm would not be enjoying its current popularity.Most importantly, it was the Horizon Alliance's future potential.

"Good. Since you two have signed the contract, you are now official members of the Horizon Alliance. From this moment onwards, you two can use the Forging Rooms in the Starstreak Trading Firm any time you want. If you lack materials, just notify Anna, and she will provide them for you. You two only need to focus on advancing into a true Forger," Shi Feng said, smiling.With two potential Master Forgers joining, Shi Feng felt much more optimistic about Horizon Alliance's future.

Shi Feng also made Melancholic Smile the Horizon Alliance's temporary manager. While she managed the Horizon Alliance, she was also tasked with poaching some of the Forgers and Potionmakers with potential from the Starstreak Trading Firm. After all, Shi Feng was only an acting president of the trading firm. Starstreak Trading Firm's Forgers and Potionmakers belonged to Starstreak only, not the Horizon Alliance.

When Shi Feng completed the second phase of the Epic Quest, he would no longer have any relation to the Starstreak Trading Firm. He would not be able to sell items through the Starstreak Trading Firm any longer. In other words, he and the Starstreak Trading Firm would draw a line between each other. So, he naturally had to recruit players with potential to his side.

Soon after, Shi Feng placed the Basic Mana Armor Kit for sale on the second floor of the Starstreak Trading Firm.He priced each Basic Mana Armor Kit at 20 Silver Coins. Although this price could rival that of a piece of Level 10 Bronze Equipment, Shi Feng did not mind. After all, he had no fear that this item would not sell. He only feared that it would sell too quickly;thus, he had set such a high price.

Shi Feng then returned to his Forging Room and resumed forging Basic Mana Armor Kits. The 600 Basic Mana Armor Kits were just a drop in the bucket. He still needed to produce a lot more to meet demand.

Not to mention, Shi Feng still had a mountain in the form of 30,000 Gold Coins weighing down on him.

Moreover, plenty of Guilds had started growing greedy after seeing Shi Feng make so much money from selling the Advanced Whetstones. They all started thinking up of plans to obtain the recipe for themselves. Hence, during the past few days, many Guilds had started investigating the origins of the Advanced Whetstone. Shi Feng couldn't help but admit that a Guild was indeed far more powerful than an individual. Within a short amount of time, these Guilds had discovered the origins of the Advanced Whetstone. They had even managed to obtain its recipe.


The Moonlight Forest.

Treasures filled this place. Aside from having plenty of Treasure Chests and Field Bosses, the drop rate for Gemstones here was much higher than other maps. The various large Guilds in White River City had long since regarded the Moonlight Forest as a cash machine. On the other hand, independent players had no share of these bountiful resources.

"Guild Leader, the Intermediate Forging Apprentices in our Guild have successfully produced Advanced Whetstones. The Intermediate Apprentice Potionmakers have also managed to produce Intermediate Recovery Potions and Intermediate Mana Regeneration Potions," a Ranger reported.

"Very good. It just so happens that White River City's bazaar will be held tonight. We can use this chance to show off Dark Star's strength," Lone Tyrant smiled satisfactorily. He had long since grown impatient after witnessing the Starstreak Trading Firm rake in an ocean of wealth. Now that their Guild could similarly produce and sell Advanced Whetstones and Intermediate Potions, he was one step closer to becoming the true tyrant of White River City.

Chapter 220 - Tier 4 Magic Scroll

First-floor reception hall of Starstreak Trading Firm.

The Starstreak Trading Firm's store was different from normal stores. As it specialized in big businesses across cities, it had its own specialized reception room set up in the building. At the same time, there was also a sales area located on the first floor of the building. The sales area sold various merchandise such as clothing, weapons, equipment, potions, alchemy products, magic scrolls, and much more. This place was just like a supermarket in reality.

A trading firm was different from the Auction House. As the Auction House charged players exorbitant processing fees, the items sold there were far more expensive than the items sold in normal stores. Earning money in God's Domain was no simple task. Hence, rather selling their wares at the Auction Houses, losing 15% of their profits in the process, a large majority of the players in God's Domain would prefer to spend more time, selling their wares at trading companies or stores."Esteemed Sir, how may I assist you?" The beautiful and dignified young lady at the receptionist counter smiled at Shi Feng."I wish to meet President Henry. Please tell President Henry that Lady Sharlyn sent me to speak with him," Shi Feng said."Please wait for a moment. I will notify the president immediately."

The receptionist immediately took out a Multicolored Communication Crystal, transferring Shi Feng's information through the crystal. After several minutes…

"Mister Ye Feng, the President is waiting for you in the President's Office on the third floor.""Thank you."

Immediately, Shi Feng walked towards the spiral staircase in the distance.

When he arrived before the President's Office on the third floor, he met two Level 150 guards who stood by the office's door. Average players were absolutely not allowed to enter the President's Office.In the past, countless Guild executives had queued up in front of this office. They had wished to meet with President Henry to discuss matters of renting out the first floor of Starstreak Trading Firm's store for business. Unfortunately, they did not manage to catch even the shadow of President Henry.

However, when Shi Feng walked up to the office, the two ferocious-looking guards immediately parted the sturdy, mahogany doors for him.

Inside the luxurious and spacious office, a man in his fifties sat on a sofa in the middle of the room. The man had an elegant and dignified appearance. This person was indeed President Henry of Starstreak Trading Firm, and he was a well-known financial magnate in White River City.

"Your Excellency, Ye Feng, please, sit," President Henry said when his eyes met Shi Feng's, his finger pointing to the beastskin sofa before him.

"President Henry, this is the contract that Miss Sharlyn wanted me to bring to you." Shi Feng sat down. He retrieved the contract from his bag, handing it over for Henry's inspection."No need. Before you arrived, Her Highness Sharlyn had already notified me of your coming here. I've also learned some information about you from Her Highness Sharlyn. The young truly are promising," Henry praised. He then said, "Since you are here now, I feel reassured.""Reassured? What are you reassured about?" Shi Feng had a bewildered look on his face. Just what was President Henry saying?

Also, just what did Sharlyn tell Henry?

"Oh? Did Her Highness Sharlyn not tell Your Excellency about it?" Confused, Henry said, "This contract was set between me and Her Highness Sharlyn. As long as Her Highness can save the Starstreak Trading Firm from its current predicament, she will obtain 20% of Starstreak Trading Firm's shares and the Tier 4 Magic Scroll that was obtained from the ancient ruins."

"You say 20% of the company's shares and a Tier 4 Magic Scroll?" Shi Feng's expression froze.Sharlyn was simply ruthless. Sharlyn had sent him to deal with the predicament, yet, she would receive a Tier 4 Magic Scroll in addition to 20% of the company's shares?

"That's right. I've already mentioned this to Her Highness. As long as Your Excellency can save us from this predicament, that Tier 4 Magic Scroll will belong to Your Excellency," Henry said, nodding his head."May I know what kind of magic scroll it is?" Shi Feng was incredibly curious about the Tier 4 Magic Scroll.

In the past, the most powerful magic scroll Shi Feng had seen was only a Tier 4. If he sold the scroll, the minimum price for it would be 500 Gold Coins. If it were an amazing Tier 4 Magic Scroll, he could even sell it for over 1,000 Gold Coins. However, players who obtained a Tier 4 Magic Scroll were not usually willing to sell it.

"It is a Tier 4 Position Teleportation Scroll. With it, one can teleport to anywhere they wished within an instant. However, this scroll was made using the technology of an ancient civilization. In our current era, we have no way of replicating such technology. Hence, this scroll is the only one that currently exists in Star-Moon Kingdom. It is priceless," Henry said pridefully. This scroll was his most precious treasure;he had always been reluctant to part with it. If it were not for the trading firm facing a great predicament, he would never willingly offer this Tier 4 Magic Scroll as a remuneration.

Hearing Henry saying so, Shi Feng came to a realization.

If he had the Tier 4 Position Teleportation Scroll, he could teleport directly to the Dark Den. He would not even have to waste time searching for its exact location. It was no wonder Sharlyn was so confident in her information."President Henry, I wonder what sort of predicament your trading firm wishes me to solve?" Shi Feng asked.

"To be honest, bandits have snatched one of our shipments carrying precious merchandise, costing the trading firm massively. To make up for the loss, our trading firm had to pay a large sum of money as compensation, which in turn, resulted in our trading firm facing its current crisis. So, I hope that Your Excellency can help us resolve this predicament. Otherwise, if this problem drags on for another month, our trading firm will have to declare bankruptcy," Henry unhurriedly explained."Then, President Henry, are you telling me to get rid of those bandits and retrieve your stolen merchandise?"

"It would be best if that is possible."

"Then, which band of bandits stole your merchandise?"

"The Black Scorpion Corps of Black Cloud Ridge, led by Black Scorpion himself. He is a Level 180 Tier 3 Shadow Warrior. If you can get rid of him and retrieve our merchandise, I would greatly appreciate it."

Hearing the words "Tier 3 Shadow Warrior," Shi Feng nearly fell off of his seat.Was President Henry telling him to deal with a Tier 3 NPC? Only players who did not know how to write the word "death" would accept this request! Not to mention a month, Shi Feng would still fail this task even if he had two years to complete it!This had to be a joke!

Shi Feng had originally thought that the Epic Quest's difficulty had been reduced. Rather, wasn't this the exact opposite?!

Noticing Shi Feng's troubled expression, Henry once more unhurriedly said, "If Your Excellency feels that this request is too difficult, there is a second option. It is also for this reason that Her Highness Sharlyn sent Your Excellency here."

Shi Feng slightly recovered from his shock as he heard that there was a second option."In reality, our trading firm also feels that it is impossible to retrieve the merchandise. The only possibility for Starstreak Trading Firm to get through this predicament is for us to collect 30,000 Gold Coins within a month.

"Her Highness Sharlyn has always praised Your Excellency as a business prodigy. If Your Excellency manages our Starstreak Trading Firm, I believe that we can achieve that goal."Seeing Henry's anticipating gaze, Shi Feng only wanted to curse.Just because he managed to earn a few Coins, he was suddenly a business prodigy...What kind of sick joke was this?Earning 30,000 Gold in a month! Moreover, he didn't actually have 30 days at all! Considering the time when the great demon would appear, Shi Feng would, at most, have 20 days to earn 30,000 Gold Coins. Even if he currently earned 100 Gold or so per day, ten days would only net him 1,000 Gold, while 30 days would only net him at 3,000 Gold. That was only one-tenth of the required amount!Players were still stuck in the initial stages of God's Domain right now, so it was impossible for anyone to make that much money.

If one added a week's earnings of every player in the White River City region together, it might equal 30,000 Gold. How was he supposed to earn that sort of money?

He might as well become a bandit and snatch the money from someone else.

No, that's not right! Even if he tried to steal it, there was no way he could get that much money!

Before Shi Feng could reject the quest, a system notification popped up before him.

System: Epic Quest Phase 2 'Gospel Project' accepted.

Quest content: You have become the manager of Starstreak Trading Firm! Earn 30,000 Gold Coins within a month and resolve Starstreak Trading Firm's predicament! Rewards Unknown.


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